How You Are Enslaved And Why You Don’t Know It.

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Many became slaves to Society/Culture and the system.


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Slavery – Our bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical.



The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical.

Human consciousness is the target in a broad war of control where people willingly acquiesce to social conditions which clearly fail to serve their best interests, even doing them harm.

We accept the status quo of warfare, fear, environmental destruction, greed, corruption, poisoned health and false scarcity because we’ve been herded into traps which hold us hostage with false beliefs and the appearance of comfort.

In reality, though, breaking through these traps would allow us to apply the principles of peace, sustainability, exploration, acceptance and progress to improving the human condition.

Firstly, though, we have to see and acknowledge the boundaries of the prison we are in.

“There’s five essential boxes for human consciousness, there’s five things that shut human consciousness down. Five models that attempt to keep people rigidly inside of their walls. And if you’re inside these boxes, you’re not going to expand your awareness to understand the actual truth of what’s going on in our world.” ~Mark Passio

1. Politics

The self-identification with a particular political party is one of the most divisive states of consciousness there is in our world today. This is clearly evident in the quality and character of public discourse and how it merges with financial interests to create stress, pressure and conflict at every level of society.

2. Religion

The major cultural religions of the world are perhaps the greatest trap for human consciousness ever devised and put to use as a means of controlling people. This has been corrupting the world and killing people for thousands of years. The acceptance of the possibility of a better existence after death is an excuse to ignore the quality of life one is living in this existence, and is used as an excuse to participate in wickedness.

We of course see how this paradigm is being used against us today to create a major riff among the people of the earth as global leaders push for a new religious war pitting Islam against Christianity. No one can win if this battle is allowed to escalate.

3. Scientism

Science has become a religion of sorts, where ideas are vetted in a strange process of study mixed with peer review, mixed with corporate and monetary influence, mixed with egos. In this paradigm, there is no room for ideas which challenge long-held assumptions and theories about the world, stifling human progress.

Rebel researchers like Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake, are examples of how interesting ideas about where the human is coming from and where it is headed are shut down by the rigid thinking of a scientific world which pushes wholesale skepticism as affable quality.

“Science places itself on a pedestal and assures everyone it has dispassionately arrived at its conclusions. Meanwhile, however, it is full of assumptions, denials and limitations, and makes the serious mistake of presenting its theories as facts. The errors of mainstream science are gladly seized upon by technocrats, eager to use science and technology to further their own ambitions of control… ~Makia Freeman

4. The New Age Movement

Another box for human consciousness which is relatively new in our world is the New Age Movement, which abandons genuine science in favor of feel good platitudes which keep people sidelined from taking action and fully participating in our world. It is a unique, open source belief system which

It’s tenets are described by the following 10 bullets here:

MindTrip Magazine1. Ignore the “Negative”
2. Never Get Angry
3. It’s All One, So it’s All Good
4. You Can Never Really Know
5. Accept Injustice, Never Resist
6. A Watered-Down Law of Attraction
7. Turning the Other Cheek (it evens out the scars!)
8. Chaos Should Be Feared
9. We Must Feel Good all the Time
10. Truth Doesn’t Need to be Defended


5. The Monetary System – The General Belief in Money

This is the greatest trap of all, enslaving nearly everyone on our planet. At the root of this deception is the general belief in money, that is, in the belief that money has more value than life itself and is therefore more precious than anything life has to offer. Because of this, countless schemes, scams, fiat systems, debt-enslavement programs, frauds, and thefts are able to syphon the energy and time of human beings, leading us nowhere but to our own ruin.

The monetary system we have today operates in this way, with a tiny ruling elite having devised and now controlling an international system of manipulation which gives unlimited power to those who create money without having to produce anything of actual value.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to understand the conflict, chaos and division in our world without understanding the ways in which human consciousness is limited, corralled and enslaved by these paradigms. At this point in the age of communication, however, it takes a certain willfulness to continue to operate within these five boxes.

“It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled — such is the nature of confirmation bias and other psychological tools of manipulation. Breaking free of the ancient, historical ‘constant’ of mind control is an ongoing process of waking up out of a state of denial. Spiritual emergence and awakening involves a physiological break from the consensus social agreements of our planetary cultures.” ~Karlos Kukuburra 


By Sigmund Fraud / Waking Times

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The Lie We Live.


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Lies told to yr great/great grandparents may still govern/choices you make daily.



Your mind is like a fertile field that is prepared to grow concepts, ideas and opinions until they are mature enough to gain a life of their own. If we are lied to and we believe what we are told the seeds of these lies will sprout and grow in the fertile soil of our minds. A single lie can grow like a tree and ultimately spread millions of seeds of deceit that will not only contaminate our own lives, but the lives of everyone that come in contact with us. A single lie believed and acted on can thus continue to cause pain and disaster decades after it germinated in your head.

Knowledge captured and believed becomes like a structure in our minds that we use like a filter system to validate everything that we are exposed to daily. This filter system will accept and act on things that match our belief system and will react or reject anything that fail to match what we deem as truth. Most of the knowledge that we currently use through this filter device in our heads is defective and based on lies and half truths. You often have no idea of the source of the “truths” that you currently use. The original defective seed may have been planted in one of your ancestor’s heads many, many decades ago. Lies told to your great, great grandparents may be some of the false seeds that your own father or mothers planted in the fertile soil of your mind when you were still a child.

We all have a voice in our heads that talk persistently. Some of us call this voice that we hear thought, but if you listen carefully will discover that it sounds like a voice of someone that resides in our minds. This voice continually judges everything and everyone that we are exposed to. It tell us what is right and what is unacceptable, what is good and what is bad and what it think is to our advantage or disadvantage. This mystical voice can be compared to a commentator crossed with a critic. It gets up with us when we open our eyes in the morning and will sometimes babble on while we attempt to get a good night sleep at the end of a taxing day. This commentator/critic appeared early in our lives and continue its often toxic dialogue until the last breath leave our lips when we expire. This unwelcome guest in our head knows all our stories and survives because we feed it with our faith. We for some mystical reason seem to think that it knows best under all circumstances.

You arrived on this plane with a “hard drive” that contained no data at all. You were thus uncontaminated, loving, caring and spontaneous in the initial period of your life. You arrived from a higher dimension where you enjoyed the camaraderie of the fellow souls that shared this higher dimension with you. Some call this place heaven while call it paradise. You were then exposed to a wide range of “programmers” that started uploading knowledge (data) onto your mental hard drive in your head. You soon became aware of this voice in your head that started telling you stories about yourself. This voice told you when you were a good boy or girl and when you performed according to the program. This is the same voice that you still hear today when you are faced with choices or situations.

We were created at the same time that the “Big Bang” took place. We operated in collective consciousness. Our vibrations were high and our spiritual bodies perfectly merged with the endless number of other souls that occupied this dimension where love, joy, compassion bound us together in a unified field. We did not even know about the voice in our heads that would later cause us so much serious problems and distress. We were innocent like children at this stage. We were created initially with freedom of choice. It was our freedom of choice that allowed us to develop distinct personalise. Freedom of choice was necessary to prevent us from acting and reacting like robots. Some of us started experimenting with a wide range of projects. We even tried our hand at manifesting objects by focusing on energy clusters until they vibrated at a level where they solidified. We felt like the authors and painters that crystallize the thoughts and images in their heads on paper and canvas. It was an amazing experience that unfortunately went horribly wrong. I cannot say as time slipped by because time is an illusion.




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It is easy to blame others for our mistakes/discomfort that we experience.



Many of us feel that we are a victim of our circumstances. It is easy to blame others for our mistakes or for the discomfort that we experience. What we fail to acknowledge is that we more often than not have ample opportunities to terminate a drama that we are faced with, but for reasons unknown to us allow them to invade our space (world). Not many understand that there is a software program stored in our mind that kicks in and provide us with a set of direction on how we should act or react when faced with specific circumstances. Who uploaded these programs into our sub-conscious minds? It was our parents and everyone else that had access to our mind in our formative years. The reason why we continue to repeat the same patterns, rituals and mistakes is the “automatic reaction patterns” explained above. You are not going to make better choices and create a better quality life for yourself until you detach from the software that governs all your actions and reactions. The key is not to write a better defensive or offensive program, but to grasp that you are not the programs in your head. You are a spiritual being that are trapped by all these negative and destructive reactions patterns that took on a life of its own (ego). The real spiritual you will experience whatever you are presented with in a detached manner. The real you will learn from these experiences and move on. 


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What if the secret to eternal happiness is a brain implant?



What if the secret to eternal happiness is a brain implant?

If you’re thinking that sounds like the premise of a Black Mirror episode, you’re not alone. Yet at the Society for Neuroscience annual conference earlier this month, two teams demonstrated parts of a new technology that may one day take us there.

Picture this: a series of tiny electrodes sit silently in various parts of the brain, recording the organ’s electrical activity in real time. The data is fed into a personalized algorithm—a “mood map”—that can estimate a person’s general mood based on brain waves alone.

When the system detects patterns that indicate the onset of a depressive episode, it sends out electrical zaps targeting the brain’s mood centers. Under the watchful eye of the algorithm, the system continues its stimulation until the malfunctioning circuits are shocked back into a “happy” state.

Here, the algorithm is in complete charge. Every zap and tweak happens under the hood. The system doesn’t need guidance from a physician, and the person isn’t aware of the zaps—that is, other than a general sense of relief from sadness.

Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), scientists are hoping these futuristic “closed-loop” implants may one day help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or people with severe depression that don’t respond to drug treatments.

“The brain is very different from all other organs because of its networking and adaptability,” says Justin Sanchez, program manager at DARPA. “Real-time, closed-loop neural interfaces allow us to move beyond the traditional static view of the brain and into a realm of precision therapy.”

Although the system is aimed at helping people with mental illness, its potential impact may reach a far wider slice of society.

Without doubt, brain surgery is a high price to pay for “stimulated happiness,” especially for the average person. Yet it’s conceivable that components of the system may eventually be replaced by non-invasive ways to measure and stimulate brain activity.

What happens then? Would you trust others with direct, constant, chronic access to your inner feelings? Would you be tempted to drown out all other emotions with happiness?

Dig Deep

Of course, that’s assuming the system actually works.

The core of the system relies on a decades-old technology, deep brain stimulation (DBS).

First approved for treating movement symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, DBS relies on electrodes directly implanted into the brain to deliver electrical pulses. These pulses interact with local neurons and alter their activity.

Like tossing a pebble into a pond of still water, changes to this core group of neurons ripple out across neural circuits. Although neuroscientists haven’t quite figured out the specific mechanisms, DBS seems to provide relief to a slew of neurological disorders. That is, at least in small, scattered trials.

In one early demonstration of the power of DBS, a scientist turned the stimulation system on and off while asking a patient with depression how she felt. Incredibly, the patient only reported feelings of “a cloud lifting” when the system was on—even though she wasn’t aware that the researcher had flipped on the electrical pulses.

This and other early success stories prompted a recent large-scale trial with 90 people with depression. The bad news: on average, the study did not find any improvements after a year of treatment.

But to Dr. Edward Chang, a neuroscientist at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) who is leading one of the projects, that’s not the end of the story.

Most DBS systems treat depression like the same thing, whether or not the person exhibits different symptoms. These systems pound the brain with constant electrical pulses. The stimulation protocol is set by a physician, rather than according to the patient’s actual brain state.

The key, according to Chang, is to design implants specifically to treat symptoms tailored to each individual—and to turn the system on only when needed.

Mood Map

Together with Dr. Omid G. Sani, an electrical engineer at the University of Southern California, the team developed an algorithm that translates brain waves to subjective feelings of mood.

His team worked with six patients with epilepsy, who already have electrodes implanted into their brains to hunt down the source of their seizures. Over a period of one to three weeks, the team tracked each patient’s brain activity in detail, while monitoring their mood through a standardized questionnaire.

By comparing the two types of information, the team developed an algorithm that extracted a small number of “neural predictors”—dynamic patterns of activity in neural networks—that could accurately predict a person’s ever-changing feelings.

A few “hotspots” emerged, including the limbic system, a previously identified hub for regulating mood and motivation.

“These dynamical mood biomarkers and mood decoding algorithms can provide insight into brain processes underlying mood regulation,” concludes Sani.

This is also the first step towards personalized stimulation therapies for depression based on feedback of the estimated mood, he adds.

According to Nature, Sani and Cheng have already developed a prototype system ready for human tests. Similar closed-loop systems have already been tested in a handful of people, but Cheng stresses that these preliminary results need to be further validated.

The second team, led by neurosurgeon Dr. Emad Eskandar at the Massachusetts General Hospital, takes a slightly different approach.

Dubbed “trans-diagnostics,” the approach looks at commonalities in different psychiatric disorders, rather than a specific mood disorder. The team then develops algorithms that capture and distill brain activity associated with these common traits—for example, increased anxiety, forgetfulness, or lack of empathy.

To Eskandar, brain waves are only a small part of the data. His team also hopes to record the activity from individual neurons, in a bid to identify those that go awry in mental illness.

It’s a highly ambitious goal. If successful, Eskandar would be able to hunt down disease symptoms from single neurons to neural circuits to brain-wide activity—a full, multi-layered atlas for physicians to consult for treatment options.

As a taste of what-could-be, they presented an algorithm at the conference that detects when people have a lapse in attention. The participants were asked to concentrate on a task—for example, identifying emotions on computer-generated faces—while having their brain activity monitored. The algorithm eventually learns to pick out neural activity patterns associated with distraction.

When the team stimulated the volunteers’ brains in a region normally responsible for decision-making, their performance in the task markedly improved. The “scatterbrain” neural activity patterns also disappeared.

The team is now working on automating the process so that the algorithm directly triggers stimulation during lapses in attention.

If realized, these DARPA projects would completely transform our treatment of mental illnesses. But scientists are already worried that we may be stumbling into an ethical minefield.

To fully implement these closed-loop systems, the algorithm has to know at all times a person’s true feelings. Although it doesn’t explicitly report mood fluctuations, the data is accessible to researchers and physicians. And if such a treatment is ever commercialized, could patients trust companies to keep their inner feelings safe and private?

Some scientists are also worried what an electric happy pill would mean for a person’s sense of self.

“With any treatment of any brain disease we risk trying to make everyone the same, and treat any variation from the norm as sickness,” remarked Dr. Karen Rommelfanger at Emory University with regards to DBS.

“We want to have magical thinking. But are we going to eradicate depression? No, and we shouldn’t. Being human means the full spectrum of experience,” she says.

It’s never too early to begin these conversations. But to Chang, the near-term benefits—knowing when someone relapses before the full gamut of symptoms strike—already make the projects worthwhile.

“For the first time we’re going to have a window on the brain,” he says.


By Shelly Fan / Singularity Hub

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