What can I do to keep a strong/self confidence without being disturbed by events and situations ?


If you are not feeling good and happy in this life, then it is impossible to feel good with yourself. You might feel a kind of anxiety or discomfort in each moment, each event and each situation.

Maybe you would like to have some courage in certain occasions. Maybe you do not dare to speak in public or ask a question because you are afraid from others judgments and misunderstandings. Anxiety and panic attacks will result from such a scheme of thoughts.

In order to overcome anxiety and feel the courage to achieve tasks, the primary thing to do is to be honest with yourself. Honesty is the synonym of courage and self confidence.

If you feel anxious when you have to face something or somebody, you undoubtedly do not believe sufficiently in you. However, more you doubt in yourself and the more you will put barriers in the way of your self improvement. You will have very big difficulties to take yourself in charge.

So you might be asking yourself on how to overcome anxiety and have some courage when you have to face some situations?

What can I do to keep a strong self confidence without being disturbed by events and situations ?

This method is your first step to overcome anxiety. It is composed from 6 practical steps that will help you to feel well and happy. Consider this method as a start for your self esteem and confidence recovery.

1. Learn to know yourself:

Take a sheet of paper and describe the way you see yourself. Without showing your sheet, ask 2 or 3 of your best friends to describe the way they see you. You will be able to note many differences between your own vision and theirs. You have to be sure that the others cannot know a lot about you. But each one of their remarks can constitute a very interesting starting point so you can begin to analyze yourself deeply and honestly.

2. Accept yourself as you are:

If the objective of this analyze will make you notice the good points in your personality, it will also indicates you the wrong ones. You have to be able to handle all the critics from your best friends because all the negative points should appear after this analyze. If you think that what was told to you by your close relations is justified, don not make a drama. No one is perfect. All the negative points can be fixed and substitute by good points that will help you to adapt in society.

3. Be honest towards yourself:

As we mentioned above, honesty is a sign of courage and a first step to overcome anxiety. While becoming honest with yourself, you will admit and agree to be somebody of distressed for example. You will realize that it is not awful. Starting from this recognition and this acceptance, you will be able to accept and love yourself as you are, and on the other hand you will begin to eradicate panic attacks.

4. Act, act and act:

Having recognized and agreed that you have a problem somewhere, being conscious of this problem and wanting to improve, you have to act in a positive way .Acting means that the problem will be solved. Not taking action will lead you to the real failure. Lastly, it is while testing and failing that you will succeed.

5. Shut down your interior criticism:

All of us and certainly you, who is suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, have little voices in your brain that judges you and criticize you. In order to improve yourself and overcome anxiety, you do not really need to hear these voices. Sometimes they might be telling you that you are a loser, you are in late, you have to work 20 hours a day in order to succeed, etc…..These little bottles of poison are not allowing you to be calm and Zen. The way to shut them down is to take several seconds in a day and ask yourself if you are anxious or not. If you are feeling sad and the answer is that you are anxious, then you have to repeat the opposite sentence of what you are hearing. Ex: I should not be late otherwise it will be catastrophic, so you should say, if i am five minutes before the meeting then i will be Zen. Eradicate everything negative.

6. Accept the idea of failure:

You have to know and to be convinced that failure is a very good thing in life. You should know that it is not because you failed to achieve a task or to do something that you are not worth anything. You have certainly in the mind a lot of the big names in history and in the world that knew failures. The failure is a must in order to succeed and achieve our objectives. The small difference between a loser and a winner is that a loser commits the mistakes twice and the winner once. The failure does not kill “What does not kill me makes me stronger” Frederic Nietzsche. When you are convinced of these ideas, all the pressure that you had in the past will go away. This calm will lead you to better results and efficiency.

By: Steve Buffett

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Receiving guidance from our soul and Higher Self, and Releasing/blockages of our ego/lower self.



We have within us two very different sources of direction, guidance, or operating instructions, that tell us very different things – opposite things.

The “lower self” or ego-mind tells us to stay safe, that we’re in danger, that it’s not good to take risks; it tells us why we can’t really have what we want. (Ego is on default setting, so this is what we hear most of the time.)

On the other hand, our Higher Self, if we make the effort to tune into it (and it does take intention) will fill us with feelings of love, peace, support, inspiration, expansion, and joy. It will show us visions of what our life could be like if we stepped beyond the restrictive barriers of fear. It will tell us where our greatness lies and that, if we reach for it, it can be ours.

Sometimes these two sources of motivation collide head-on.

When you have a vision of your highest potential, – and of course it’s a stretch for you – your Higher Self will say “Yes! Go forward! All is well. This is what you are here to do. ”

But pretty soon your ego or lower self will probably step on the brakes and say “Wait a minute. Stop! It’s dangerous to go forward. That doesn’t look like such a good idea. And furthermore, you can’t do that because . …” And it will give you very rational and convincing reasons why you can’t do what your soul longs to.

We have to become conscious of these two motivations, these two voices or sources of direction within us. We have to first make them conscious before we can work with them. Most of the time Ego-mind is what we take to be the voice of truth. We are not conscious of it as a voice within us with a particular agenda, which does not have the whole truth.

It is possible to have a dialogue between these two voices. What are the legitimate needs that our ego doesn’t want us to overlook? How is it trying to protect us? But then, where are its fears exaggerated, coming from its own intrinsic sense of lack and emptiness and are not justified?

And what is it costing us when we’re only following our ego’s suggestions and playing it safe? What does it cost us to ignore our Higher Wisdom?

In order to explore these questions, you need to hear both voices. You need to make room for the message of your Higher Self, with its vision of your highest potential, the purpose your soul took form for in this life. This is what inspires you, and lights you up. And this is where your greatest SUCCESS will come from, as well!

When you receive a splendid vision of your highest potential and let it really soak into you, so that you can feel it in every fiber, so that the vision starts taking form and becoming real – that will be what we call a “compelling vision.” We need a truly compelling and wondrous vision of our possibility to turn to when we get discouraged. That vision will keep us motivated to take the steps that lie outside our comfort zone.

And you also need to clearly identify the voices of your fears, limiting beliefs and self-images that stop you and keep you stuck. These negative voices tend to be louder, more repetitive, and very convincing. We tend to think they are telling us the truth, as I said. But when we can identify them as just a part of us, we can turn toward that part and interact with it, soothe it, even heal its worries.

That’s why we need to put our attention on those messages, to bring them to consciousness. And we need really effective tools and techniques so we can proactively dissolve our limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower us to be all that we can be. This is not as hard as it sounds if you know how.

This is what I base my work on – I call it Receiving and Releasing. Receiving guidance from our soul and Higher Self, and Releasing the blockages of our ego or lower self. First you must uncover the light that shines within you, that wants to come forth and shine in the world. Then, by pinpointing the obstacles that block that light from freely shining, you can release those barriers. When those barriers are released, nothing stands in the way of your soul’s light shining forth and filling the world.

By: Tomar Levine

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Every situation, especially the adverse situations, is an opportunity to learn and to discover who you really are.


Humans enjoy playing board or computer games, provided the games are difficult and there are obstacles. We enjoy planning, scheming, being tested and challenged in order to finish the game. The challenges and obstacles make the game enjoyable and hook us to play for hours. Life would be senseless and meaningless without problems, hardships, setbacks and obstacles. Without the crises we experience, we will not appreciate the successes or peak experiences. The Chinese symbol for crisis comprises two characters, namely dangerand opportunity. Every crisis may elicit feelings of apprehension, but it also presents an opportunity for change, growth and self-mastery. We do not always understand why certain difficult people come into our life, but there are no coincidences.

We do not always believe or accept that every person comes into our lives for a reason. We do not make mistakes or poor decisions because everything that happens to us, happens for a purpose and can be perceived as a lesson. The universe will present you with the problems and challenges that you need for your spiritual growth. Every situation, especially the adverse situations, is an opportunity to learn and to discover who you really are. If people betray or hurt you, it may be to teach you about trust or forgiveness. When faced with adversity, you have the opportunity to develop qualities such as inner strength, courage, resilience, self-discipline, willpower and resourcefulness. When people disappoint, manipulate or use you, they present you with opportunities to control your temper, to transcend your ego and to develop qualities such as patience, tolerance, unconditional love or forgiveness. Difficult people give you the opportunity to behave pro-actively and to access more light in order to attain self-mastery.

Susan Minnaar


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A man from another reality shows up in Tokyo’s airport




A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt.



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Yesterdays failures will remain powerless in your mind if you stop recharging its batteries.



The rain of forgiveness wash away the hurt and pain of yesteryear. No healing can take place while you cling to your historical letdowns and painful experiences of the past. Great purity of thinking and the miraculous healing of wounds usually take place after unconditional forgiveness. Remember that forgiveness does not mean that you approve what was done to you. The act of forgiveness release the person that “sinned” against you from your mind. The lack of the ability to forgive and detach prevent you from moving on. You get stuck in what could or should have been. Wonderful opportunities will pass you by if you live in the past. The train of life is constantly moving forward. You are either on the train (in the now) or stuck on a station hoping that things can return to what could or should have been. The ability to let go of toxic thoughts, events, failures or broken promises with set your mind free. All you have is this very moment. What could or should have been is nothing more than “files” that you recall from your sub-conscious mind. You are the one that supply the past with the power to contaminate your current moment. Yesterdays failures will remain powerless files in your mind if you stop recharging its batteries with your thoughts and regrets.     





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Words are like bullets and can never be reloaded once they leave your lips.


POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude or sarcastic to anyone. Words are like bullets and can never be reloaded once they leave your lips. Look back in your life and think of how many times your words killed the aspirations of your child. Think how what you said or failed to say wounded your partner. Remember how jumping to conclusions cause you to shoot your verbal bullets in all directions. Those that are wise do not pull the trigger and say the first things that come to mind. How many friends, family, strangers still make their way through life notwithstanding the number of your sarcastic or angry bullets that remain lodged in their minds and hearts? Learn that virtually nothing is serious enough to justify the range of wounds that our words leave in those we claim we love. Our objective on this planet is to learn, grow, mature and become love. A loving and mature person understand that their words can also forgive, heal, encourage and repair.





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A lack of staying power is deadly and often at the root of many of the problems we face.





This is one of the most powerful principles you can ever master. You can have all the skills in the world, but if you need this extremely important ingredient in any area of your life you will fail. A lack of staying power is deadly and often at the root of many of the problems we face. Please read this wisdom file for a week. Read it first thing in the morning and again just before you go to bed at night. Use the POWER WORDS daily and you will report a huge difference by the end of the week. You can have all the other skills in the world, but will have to accept second best and mediocrity if you lack stamina and staying power until you one day master this key force that is waiting for you to push the go button.


Use the following method and power words when you feel that you are on the verge of giving up on something or someone. We have all been faced with situations where we came to the conclusion that we just cannot continue to sustain our effort. We know that it could be beneficial to hang in, but just seem to lack the physical and mental resolve to persist until we achieve a successful outcome.

One of the main reasons for failure is a lack of persistence. We live in a society where almost everything is “instant” and available on tap. This “instant” mentality robs many of us of lucrative advantages. Many of us are brilliant at starting activities, but poor at seeing them through.

The character of a person is displayed when he or she can grind something out until the desired outcome is achieved. We do not remember the fast starters in life. We recall those that finished the race. An iron will, will allow you to join a special group of people. They are the top two percent of the population of the planet. They are the leaders and trendsetters. They do not wait for things to happen, they make them happen. They love problems and challenges. Persistent people become legends while quitters become faded memories.

The foundation of quitters is made up of fear and doubt. They are the ones that can tell you endless stories of the “big one that got away.” They always blame something or someone for their poor track record.

Look around you at all the amazing innovations and technological marvels. You will discover that there are always individuals behind them that stuck to their dreams. A large percentage of students that start going to university never make the grade. A large percentage of relationships end up on the garbage heap because of poor persistence.

Many stores open their doors with massive hope and anticipation. The biggest percentage does not make it through their first two years. Would you like to go on an important trip if you knew that the engine of your vehicle tends to break down when least expected? You could end up in a desert with vultures circling overhead. It is a good thing that there are no vultures circling overhead when we fail or give up on some endeavour. I am obviously not including the lawyers that often feast on our failures.

Use the following method and power words the next time that you feel that you are ready to quit. Focus on the project or situation that is causing you to contemplate resignation and repeat the power word “rock”. You will soon feel that new energy is flowing into your system. You will change from the marshmallow man to the man of steel. You will mentally see how your “rock” grinds up the things that stand between you and ultimate success. Nothing can stop a person with a “rock” hard persistency. The “rock” people never consider quitting as one of the options available to them. They know that most people quit when the victory post is just around the next corner. They hammer opposing forces to a pulp.

Use this power word whenever you are faced with a situation where you feel that you are close to quitting. The moment that they begin to mentally or verbally repeat the power word “rock” they feel as if high-octane power fuel is rushing into their depleted fuel tanks. The key is to sustain a positive attitude and to repeat the power word “rock” as explained.

This tool can change your life. It can assist you in all areas of your life. Ad some “rock” to your foundation when it starts crumbling. Repeat the power word “rock” and begin to act and react like a person that knows where he is going. This power word can be used in all areas of your life. It can and will change your life and make you proud of that person that is looking back at you when you look in the mirror. The “rock” people do the stuff that the losers are either to afraid or to fragile to do.

Repeat this power word when you feel that you are running out of steam. Rock. Rock. Rock.

Possible other power words you can use: No guts no glory. No guts no glory. Crush proof. Crush proof. Lighthouse. Lighthouse.



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