View life through the eyes of a student.



We all fall into a deep hypnotic sleep early in life. The noise, problems, pain and broken promises that we experience fail to resurrect us from our sleep like state. We dream that we are our history, body, successes and failures. We dream that we are measure by God while we bounce around in this machine called life that give us false hope only to knock us down again. The cunning slanted system that we live in secured us in a slave like state. You are daily confronted with survival issues. The only way to escape from this trap is to wake up and notice the deadly web that snared you in its ruthless claws. You must wake up to the reality of the religious dogma and the political rhetoric that encased your mind with lies and deceit. Cunning operators kept you mentally, physically and emotionally paralysed in a state of fear. You were forced to swallow their deadly poison made up with ingredients like guilt and sin. It is only when you wake up and grasp that you are not your body, history or story that you break the chains that kept you under their hypnotic trance. You are only using your body as a vehicle while you attend earth school. You are in this dimension to experience and learn. Your spiritual self have been waiting for your awakening my friend. View all painful experiences today as lessons. Be gentle with yourself. View life through the eyes of a student and not through the tarnished filter of sin.




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The concept of freedom must be the most warped and misunderstood concept ever. It is words expressed by many, but understood by a precious few. I believe that nobody survive their childhood and come out mentally and emotionally free on the other side. There are just too many individuals, parties and institutions that meddle with the mind of an infant. A newly born baby might be “free” for a few days after his arrival, but soon begin to undergo a domestication process that will be sustained and enforced for many years.


I advocate complete freedom for everyone, everywhere. The concept of real freedom is to live and experience your life in a manner that will nullify the influence, rules, laws and directions of any individual or group. I also believe that every person must be allowed to live his life in a similar manner. Nobody must be allowed to impose his will or agendas on anyone under any circumstances.


The pleasure and advantages derived from the enjoyment of any activity should be allowed at the individual’s own discretion. No laws or rules are necessary to control and direct responsible free individual’s choices or activities. A free person will act within acceptable boundaries.


A free person will participate in activities in a spontaneous manner because he accepts full responsibility for all his actions and choices. He will not need laws, rules and regulations when it comes to sex, drinking and shopping because he will be fully aware that any acts that could cause any other individual a loss could result in a return to the opposite of freedom – mental and physical incarceration. His sexual activities will be conducted with other consenting adults and his drinking will be within the bounds of moderation. A person that is really free will not allow any activity (sex, drinking, eating etc.) to threaten the joy of his freedom brought him.


I am sure you noticed that laws (religious and otherwise) and harsh penalties do deter or reduce the activities of those that they are meant to arrest. A free person understands that he have the final say when it comes to things that involve his happiness. It is not the laws, rules and regulations that guide or force a free person to remain within acceptable norms. It is his desire to be happy and remain free of guilt, control, fear and obsessions that direct his choices. The free person does not need anybody or a system to tell him what actions and activities could impact on his well-being or the well-being of others.


Laws, rules and regulations are set in place to control and govern all citizens. The laws and rules are constructed in a manner so that it will curb or address any perceived eventuality that might occur. There are thousands of these laws and regulations on the books that limit or prevent individuals to use own discresion. There are also endless religious laws that make this web of control even more claustrophobic. The child that arrived on this plane free end up entangled in a web that contains thousands of laws, written, cultural or verbal that control virtually every breath he takes or every move he makes. It is a fallacy to think that you are free if you understand the bleak picture that I painted above. You might labour under the misconception that you have free will, but might by now notice that you in many aspects have no choice at all.


It is also a fallacy to think that you have rights. You will discover that there are always individuals and institutions that seem to have more rights than you. These individuals and institutions often impose their wills and perceived rights in a ruthless manner. Governments for example structured the rules and laws to always provide them with the upper hand. Every law or rule by the government or even with the company where you are employed weighs more than the rights that you perceived you have. There is always fine print in all agreements. They more often than not protect and provide most of the power to the other party. This is how governments impose their will on minorities. Minorities might think that they have protection in a democratically elected government only to discover that they have little or no rights at all. Freedom and liberty is thus often a figment of our imagination.


Individuals, groups, churches and governments own most of us (mentally and physically) because of these laws and rules. It is the illusion of the laws and rules web that rob us of our ability to become free in our choices and the way we conduct our lives. We must become free-thinkers and begin to live our lives with a freedom frame of mind. Mental liberty and freedom is a way of life and a worthy goal to strive for. Look around you today and you will discover that there are always those that think they are your master and you their slave. They might have thousands of rules and laws that they use to intimidate, own or control you, but more often than not make up new rules on the run to further intimidate and dominate you. The controllers might often come at you in uniforms, but they could also be a family member, boss, partner or even a child.


The time has come to take ownership of your life and your choices. You are not inferior to anyone or any institution. You have the right to live, speak and protect your property and everything that is yours in a vagarious and assertive manner. Do not allow anyone to wrap you with imaginary or superficial laws that do not provide you with equal status and rights. You must understand and master personal liberty and freedom if you want to live a happy and successful life. Remember that “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free” (Johann W. Goethe (1749 – 1832)




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249 YOUR PORTABLE WISDOM GUIDE – The luckless person blames God or the Devil.



249. It is not a mystical force that makes lady luck smile on you. You create your own luck by making quality choices. The more quality choices you make the luckier you become. The luckless person blames God or the Devil, but the wise man understands that he can amplify his luck potential many times with a positive attitude and focused frame of mind.


This series will be continued tomorrow

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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Chapter 17, If you don’t trust the people they will become untrustworthy.

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Longevity Formula”Retain a calm heart, sit like/turtle, walk swiftly/pigeon, and sleep like/dog”.



According to the official records, herbalist Li Ching-Yuen was born in China in 1677 (although he himself claimed that he was born in 1736). Throughout his long life, he constantly practiced herbalism and martial arts. In 1930, the New York Times newspaper printed an article in which they published official Chinese government documents that were uncovered.

These documents, dating back to 1827, contained official congratulations on Li Ching-Yuen’s 150th birthday. Later documents, dating back to 1877, contained official congratulations on his 200th birthday.

How did he do that?

The Longevity Formula

Li Ching-Yuen expressed his longevity formula in one sentence: “Retain a calm heart, sit like a turtle, walk swiftly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog”.

Let’s add a few more interesting historical facts to this story. Chinese army general Yang Sen invited Li to visit him, and offered him an opportunity to teach Chinese soldiers martial arts. The general could not believe how youthful his guest was, even though he had reached an age of 250 years old.

Li Ching-Yuen died on the 6th of May in 1933. He told his friends:

“I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home.”

After Li’s death, General Yang Sen investigated the truth about his claimed background and age and wrote a report about his findings that was later published.

It is possible to find other interesting stories about Western health prodigies and Eastern Yogis who lived for over 100 years. Not only did they survive for this long, they also thrived—youthful, active, and full of enthusiasm. What could we learn from them?

How Negative Thoughts Create Illness

These days, even modern medicine agrees: 70% of all illnesses materialise because of negative thoughts or emotional stress. Illnesses attributed to this cause are called “psychosomatic,” and they are the biggest headache of the whole mainstream healthcare system.

Sometimes several days of elevated stress is all that is needed to open up a gastric ulcer. Sometimes several years of it is all it takes to develop diabetes or heart disease, not to mention poor general health, lowered productivity, and lack of happiness. Doctors and scientists unanimously agree that our thoughts directly affect the activity of our organs and the state of our bodies in general.

Ancient medicine is classified as holistic, because it takes care not only of the physical body, but also of the psyche, as well as one’s personal lifestyle. This method allows one to remove the cause of the illness, rather than merely treating the symptoms, therefore stopping it from reappearing. Modern medicine, on the other hand, deals with the consequences of the illness—bodily ailments. This is why the illness often comes back, since the cause of the illness is not actually being treated.

This is where one of the biggest secrets to health reveals itself—our thoughts can heal us. There are multiple recorded stories that discuss people who were severely ill and healed themselves with the power of thought, despite doctors losing all hope. One of such impressive story tells us about Morris Goodman, who, in 1981, was involved in a plane crash and was supposed to die due to irreversible spine damage and a punctured diaphragm.

The man’s life was supported by a breathing ventilator, and the only movement he could do was blinking. However, this man was aware of the power of thought, and in just a few days successfully regenerated his own diaphragm and could breathe independently. He also consciously regenerated his damaged spinal cord and started to move all of his limbs. Doctors could not understand the situation at all because this just “could not be happening.”

After a few months, however, Morris Goodman began to walk again, and eventually fully recovered. This is only one of many cases that are happening all around us. Thoughts cannot only make the body ill, but can also help it recover from incurable diseases.

Specific Character Traits That Are Linked to Disease

The ancient ayurvedic health sciences not only prove the existence of psychosomatic illnesses, but also present a list of specific illnesses caused by specific character traits. What else could the thoughts be dependent on if not on the character?

Here are a few examples that could explain the causes of disease you or your loved ones may be suffering from:

1. Jealousy – causes oncological diseases, weakens the immune system.

2. Vengefulness – causes insomnia and throat diseases.

3. Inability to find a solution to a situation – causes lung diseases.

4. Lacking moral principals – causes chronic diseases, infections, and skin diseases.

5. Being too categorical or unwavering in beliefs – causes diabetes, migraines, and inflammations.

6. Lying – causes alcoholism, fungal infections, and weakens the immune system.

7. Aggressiveness – causes gastric ulcers, acid reflux, and warts.

8. Reticence – causes schizophrenia and kidney diseases.

9. Cruelty – causes epilepsy, asthma, and anemia.

10. Seeking conflicts – causes thyroid enlargement.

11. Apathy – causes diabetes.

12. Inconsistency or being fickle – causes infertility.

13. Being rude or insulting – causes diabetes and heart diseases.

14. Anxiety – causes digestive system disorders, heart, and skin diseases.

15. Greed – causes oncological diseases, obesity, and heart diseases.

An interesting fact is that it is enough to cure your character, and the relevant diseases go away permanently. This is especially important to know for those who suffer from diseases such as diabetes and cancer, for which modern medicine does not have a cure.

Three ways to live healthfully and truly feel good

It will involve working on yourself—however, this investment will pay off greatly in the long run. Here are three methods, tested throughout three millenniums:

1. Start monitoring your thoughts. Spend five minutes every evening writing down how you felt that day. Remember the situations you encountered and emotions you felt. What negative character traits does that uncover? What do you plan to do tomorrow to start improving yourself and to change those particular character traits? It is very important to write everything down.

2. Think more about things that make you happy. This is the miracle of positive thinking. When you concentrate on the things that you like, it’s as if you move to a different frequency of vibrations, and the body starts to heal itself. Even better, there will be a greater number of good things in your life, because everything you think about becomes reality, including the problems that bother you. Concentrate on things you enjoy and watch how everything begins to change.

3. Start meditating. During meditation, the body and mind rest and heal themselves. You can read more about meditation in the article “How To Own A New Ferrari And Be As Smart As Einstein, Just By Calmly Sitting On Your Couch”.

Illness is simply our body’s signal about an incorrect (or, rather, non-beneficial) lifestyle. Firstly it manifests as anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts. Only then, if no effort is made to work on oneself, the body sends a more powerful signal to get your attention and make you think about what you are doing wrong, in the form of physical symptoms.

Leave only the useful and meaningful things in your life. Because everything that is useful to you is always useful to others.


By Martynas Jocius, Author of
Mind, Productivity and The Good Life

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248 YOUR PORTABLE WISDOM GUIDE – It is impossible to be independent/intimate at the same time.



248. It is impossible to be independent and intimate at the same time. How many marriages and relationships have not flushed down the toilet because one or both parties insist on living a physical or mental independent life. Only when you are brave and open enough to express and show your true feelings will you merge and bond with the one you love.


This series will be continued tomorrow


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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Chapter 15, Fluid as melting ice.

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