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What You Don’t Know Can Kill You – Tap Into The Secret “Persuasion” Powers That Big Government, Religion, & Master Mind Controllers Do NOT Want You To Know…




Things are almost never as they seem. For those of us paying attention, you’ve probably noticed there’s something sinister going on. Bankers, politicians and other mainstream parasites have a silent whisper campaign in motion. The goal? Grab all they can get while the grabbing’s good. It’s been going on for years and they’re turning up the heat because even they know the game can’t last forever.

Look around. Our society is out of control. Big business has become a vicious money grubbing machine. Look at the pharmaceutical companies. It seems like every day they introduce a new drug for some vague and mysterious disease.

Here’s a little secret. The TV commercials many of these companies use are often full of subliminal messages designed to make the viewer feel like they need the cure, their drug! And if that’s not enough, the medication usually has worse side effects than the disease itself. But this piece isn’t about the pharmaceutical companies. Far from it.

All The Usual Suspects: The Government

Up front I mentioned a whisper campaign where elite insiders are grabbing all they can while there’s still something to grab. Here’s an example. As a democracy we’re told the little people have a right to participate in their government. But in the last thirty years or so participation has been way down. If people even bother to vote these days it’s rare that they ever follow up on what the elected clowns are doing after they get into office.

Immediately after he was elected, Obama began pushing the trillion dollar bale out bill he’d inherited from Bush. He made a lot of noise about how congress should just pass it even without reading the thing because it was so important.

And with all this going on the people finally woke up and expressed how they felt about such a huge spending program; one essentially designed to help banks that had mismanaged their affairs. Virtually every member of the House of Representatives and the US Senate had full voice and email boxes with their constituents just screaming at them to vote this bill down. And like the pigs they are, they passed it anyway.

If this isn’t blatant fraud and manipulation I don’t know what is. These people actually rewarded banks that had failed by using highly questionable banking practices. And, they saw to it that even the executives responsible for the failures were allowed to keep performance bonuses. Ugh.

The Demonizing Of Hemp – William Randolph Hurst

I’m going to go back in time to make a point. Back to when the media was comprised of just newspapers, magazines, radio and newsreels. William Randolph Hurst was the media baron of the day. One out of every four people reading a newspaper in the 1930s was reading one that was a part of the Hurst news syndicate.

Hurst was heavily invested in timber. Timber that was systematically cut and turned into paper for his many newspapers. But suddenly, out of the blue something threatened his empire. Hemp. Hemp is extremely easy and cheap to produce. It thrives in almost any climate. Hemp is the source for an extremely durable and versatile fiber that can be turned into fabric, rope and paper. So why don’t we use more of this wonder product? Because nearly 80 years ago it threatened William Randolph Hurst’s business interests.

As hemp became more popular Hurst realized he needed to act fast. So, with the help of the government he began a smear campaign against hemp. His newspapers were full of inaccurate editorials about hemp. With the aid of the government he helped produce “educational” documentary films publicizing the evils of hemp. And with relentless anti-hemp propaganda he managed to almost literally remove hemp from American industry.

And who suffers? We all do. Billions of trees have been harvested to produce paper when using hemp would have been cheaper and more environmentally prudent. And as consumers, we’ve been denied an extremely versatile product all so the elite could remain in power.

But fraud and manipulation go far beyond big business, the government and the media. There are plenty of freelance parasites out there looking to eat your lunch.

Fear, Guilt, Intimidation and Manipulation

Look at the four words above. They don’t exactly give you the warm fuzzies, do they? They’re not supposed to. But those are the tactics people use to keep us in line. Consider this:

· Religious organizations of all types have used fear and guilt as a major motivator since the beginning of time. You’ve heard it all before. Stuff like, God only recognizes (name the religion) as providing the path to heaven and if you’re not on board with us, you’re doomed to eternal damnation. And that’s just one of the many guilt trips religions are selling.

· Politicians are famous for guilt trips. They use vague terms like “the rich” “the poor” “the privileged” “the less fortunate” and others to make their points through guilt. Isn’t interesting how they never offer concrete definitions for these terms? They create problems where there are none and then sell the ultra-expensive solution to us using guilt as the motivator. And neither the blue team nor the red team has clean hands. They both use the same slippery tactics.

· Big business is famous for their manipulative practices. Take food labels and expiration dates for example. People are so brainwashed these days that many wouldn’t think of using a product after the expiration date has passed, even water has an expiration date these days! I was talking to an ex-Navy corpsman a while ago and he was laughing about this. He told me that back in the ’80s he had morphine and atropine on board his ship that was left over from World War II and that the department of defense said that the stuff was good indefinitely. Of course, some foods and medications spoil, but we’ve become a society of sissies relying on Big Brother to make us safe from cradle to grave.

Of course, there are many more groups and individuals out there waiting in the shadows to separate you from your money, liberty and free will. Are you hip to their tricks? What tricks? Lies of omission. Apple to oranges comparisons. Emotionally charged words and phrases designed to get you moving where they direct you.


By Charles Steed, Author of Dark Persuasion Techniques



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Power Tool: Keep the following image in mind the next time you feel cheated or devastated about something. You cannot un-fry an egg or change what transpired into what could or should have been according to your expectations. It is vital to accept “WHAT IS” and move on as soon as possible. The best thing to do is to learn from what transpired and then to continue walking forward with bold steps towards you final objective.

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101 Ways To Develop Your Mind

Are you a WRITER who does not write a PAINTER who does not paint, an ENTREPRENEUR who never starts a venture? Do you feel that SOMETHING prevents you from ACHIEVING your full potential? Then it might be an appropriate moment to take a hard look at how your RESISTENCE arrested your ability to take decisive and sustained action. New Series – No. 10

1. Do the Thing You Fear the Most.

If there’s one thing that will change your thoughts quicker than anything else, it’s facing your fears.

2. Stand up For Yourself

A lot of people have difficulty in standing up for themselves. The first time you do it can be very empowering and your thoughts about yourself will change forever.

3. Stop Talking

It’s great to be silent for just a little while. Our thoughts turn inward and we begin to appreciate ourselves just a little more.

4. Strengthen Your Strengths

Sometimes we focus too much on trying to strengthen our weaknesses when we should be concentrating on strengthening our strengths.

5. Take A Walk Around an Art Gallery

You might not appreciate art or participate in it but it’s great to see the thoughts of others on canvas. It can give us a tiny glimpse of what goes on in other people’s minds.

6. Blindfold Yourself for a Day

Walk in the shoes of a blind person for 1 full day, it will forever change the way you think about life.

7. Stand on a Chair for 5 Minutes Per Day

Building self discipline is a great way to take control of your mind and your thoughts. If you just get up and stand on a sturdy chair your mind will be wondering what the hells going on and try and force you to get off the chair. Disciplining your mind is a great way to start changing your life.

8. Dance When There’s Nobody There

It’s a strange sensation to dance on your own, although when I have done this I look like a dog having a seizure, nonetheless it’s a great way to let go of your inhibitions.

9. Give Money to Someone Unexpectedly

Whether it be on the internet, or in the street, just give a larger than normal donation to someone. This again is liberating and your thoughts about money will change for a few moments (that’s all it takes to start the process of changing your life.)

10. Strengthen Your Thoughts About Yourself

Reinforce your thoughts about your good points. If you are good at talking to people, tell yourself this often. If you are good at maths, tell yourself often. This has the benefit of reinforcing and strengthening your self image.

11. Take A Risk

Life would be boring without ever having taken a risk in your life. Do something that you didn’t want to do because you thought you wouldn’t be any good at it. This totally smashes the boundaries of your comfort zone and your life could change forever.

12. Talk To A Stranger

Again this is breaking our comfort zones, but just saying hi to stranger in the street or good morning can have an enormous impact on your day and the person you said hi to.

13. Walk Around The House Naked

I can almost feel the shock at this. I don’t mean when you’ve got guests in, I mean when everybody is out. Lock the door and totally liberate yourself and your thinking of what’s right and what’s wrong. I wouldn’t advise doing it all the time, but from time to time, it’s a great feeling.

14. Read A Book By An Author You Most Avoid

reading books by authors we avoid gives us a chance to take control of our minds and lets us see another side to our thinking. We’ve got to ask why we avoid them in the first place, is it something within us that we are avoiding?

15. Write An Article About Yourself

Imagine a newspaper has asked you to write an article of 1000 words or less about yourself and your life and they want to know what motivates you in life, now write the article. This helps put your life into some perspective and gets you thinking about your childhood and growing up.

16. Stop Contact With Your Down People

If you have people in your life who constantly drag you down, or are negative all the time, drop them. Honestly drop them from your life, you are not serving them and they are not serving you and they are dragging your thoughts down.

17. Believe In Yourself

A lot of people believe their life has been pre-destined and there’s nothing we can do to change it – absolute rubbish. YOU are the only person who controls the universe, yes I did mean universe. Your universe is different from mine so you control your own universe, think about that and start acting upon it.

18. Meditate Every Day

Another powerful thing that has the power to change your life and your thinking for good. Retreating into your mind for a few minutes every day will do you a power of good.

19. Ask For A Discount

When you buy anything from a shop that is over $100, ask for a discount. Tell the salesman you’d like a 10% discount on the item. Most people are so afraid of doing this but it’s a great way to empower yourself and let go of another inhibition, what’s the worst that can happen?

20. Risk Embarrassment

Imagine if you had seen the person of your dreams on a bus, or at the store and you didn’t do anything about it how much would you kick yourself. If this happens to you, do something about it, don’t keep it hidden. Just say to them you thought you would come over and say how attractive they looked and felt you had to tell them. You never know what will happen and how much your life could be changed. Obviously don’t turn into a weirdo and do it with every good looking person on the street.

21. Work Toward, What You Think, Is An Impossible Goal

If you work toward a goal without expectation you don’t care about the outcome as much. When you don’t care about the outcome, you don’t have as much expectation.

22. Practice Gratitude

We all know what we don’t have in our lives because we spend a lot of time wishing we had them, but are we really thankful for what we have? Spend time every single day being thankful for the good things we do have in our lives.

23. Do Something Nice And Don’t Tell Anyone About It

We tell others about our acts of kindness to let them know how nice we are and to seek approval. If you keep your act of kindness to yourself without ever telling anyone the feeling of positive energy lasts much longer.

24. Share Your Skills

Everybody has a skill of some kind. When you share it you not only have the power to help others, but you enhance your own skill by owning it.

25. Don’t Talk Just Listen

Enhance your listening skills by not talking when someone is speaking to you. Resist the urge to speak your views when someone is talking to you, just listen to them and ask them more open ended questions at the appropriate times. This has two benefits: a) You can really listen if you are not formulating the stories in your own head when someone is talking b) you will make the other person feel great as you are actively listening to them.

26. Write Your Future Life Story

Start from the age you are just now and start writing your future life story as you’d like it to be. Be as outrageous as you want and just write about your ideal life and how you interact with it. Words on paper are powerful and can help shape your goals.

27. Give Someone A Gift For No Reason

We always assume someone buys us a gift for a reason whether it be a birthday, christmas or special occasion. Buy someone a gift just because you know they would like it.

28. Pass On Your Good Books

If you’ve read a book and it changed your thinking or life in some way, pass it on to someone else who might benefit.;

29. Spend More Time With Your Kids

Your kids will grow up very quickly, spend as much time as you can with them.

30. Forgive Behavior

The way we behave doesn’t necessarily reflect our true thoughts. Remember this when someone acts out of character and behaves in a way you don’t approve of.

31. Allow Yourself To Be A Lazy Git

We are so used to filling our time with useful things to do and being productive we have forgotten the art of laziness. Being lazy is good every ONCE IN A WHILE and it allows our mind to slow down and relax.

32. What Is Your Best Quality Today

Every morning for 10 seconds just state, out loud if you can, what your best quality is. Try and change it every day. This reinforces your strengths and weakens your perceived weaknesses.

33. Write A Comment

If you visit a blog you like, leave a comment and join in the community of people. Or, if there is not much of a community, be part of starting it.

34. Tell Your Friends And Colleagues How Good They Are

If a friend or colleague does something good, tell them how good they are at that particular task. This reinforces someone else strengths or strengthens their weaknesses and makes them feel good about themselves.

35. Make A Video Of Yourself And Post It To Youtube

Why on earth would you do this? Just because you can!

36. List All Your Worries

Make a list of every single worry you have at the moment. You will notice that you don’t have as many worries as you thought. Worrying consumes our thinking and we think our whole life is one big worry. When you get it down on paper it’s extremely surprising that you don’t have as many as you’d thought.

37. Work On Each Worry In Turn

Now that you have all your worries listed. Go through them and start acting on them in turn. If you find worries you cannot act upon it means there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of that worry, so forget it, why waste mind energy on something you cannot control at all?

38. Read About Successful People

If you want to change your thoughts and change your life read about people who have already done it and use them as guides.

39. Tweet Your Moods

If you use twitter why not tweet your moods daily and see if there is some kind of pattern after a few months.

40. Stop Watching Soaps

Soap operas actually have the power to alter your state of mind. People get so caught up in the emotions of the soap that they experience what the actors and actresses are doing.

41. Have A News Break

What would happen if you never read a newspaper for a week? nothing at all, your life wouldn’t change, you wouldn’t run out of things to talk about, you would still be as up on the world as everyone else. Newspapers sell because of their doom and gloom, read it and you are buying into it.

42. Do Something Spontaneous

Jump on a bus without looking at the destination, book a holiday, take time off work, take your partner away, buy your kids a gift; do anything and make sure it’s out of character, (expand that boundary).

43. Write To An Author

Authors are people just like you and I and they love getting feedback about their work. If a book touched you in some way or changed you, take time to write to the author and thank them. Don’t look for a reply, just thank them.

44. Follow your instincts

We don’t trust ourselves nearly enough as we should. Follow your instincts more and pay attention to the signals your body is picking up and see where it takes you. You might find that your conscious brain gets in the way of your body signals a lot of the time.

45. If You Find Some Money Give It To Charity

If you find money in the street don’t pocket it, give it to someone who is homeless or better yet buy them a meal with it. If it’s a suitcase full of money, that’s obviously a different story.

46. Your Thoughts Really Do Have Power

When you realize this, it will change your thinking in so many ways. I can’t tell you that it’s true you have to experience it for yourself.

47. Always Admit It When You Have Made A Mistake

Don’t blame others or hide behind someone else. Hold your hands up and admit you made a mistake, no matter what the consequences are. You will be much more respected this way. However, don’t take the blame for others.

48. Do Something Every Day To Improve Your Mind

Learn a new word, do an anagram puzzle, sudoku your mind, read a book, read a stimulating blog post, anything that will help your mind just a little. Just a little turns into something huge.

49. Change Your Thinking Style

If something is not working out, try and change your thinking style and come at it from another angle. This is true of everything in life.

50. What Do You Really Want To Do In Life

You will find most people cannot answer this question simply because they are plodding along with life. When you know what you really want to do with your life then your life takes another path.

51. Pass On Your Knowledge

Knowledge is for sharing, let others know what you know if it’s appropriate.

52. Ask For What You Want In Life

If you don’t ask you won’t get. Asking for your wants puts it out there. I mean literally ask and metaphorically ask. When you want a big house or a mansion, ask out loud and send it out there. When you want the smaller things in life, ask for them from people who can give you them. Always pay it forward.

53. When Someone Does You A Good Turn Pay It Forward

If you receive a compliment, thank the person and look for an opportunity to give someone else a compliment. If you receive a gift, give a gift to someone else at an opportune time.

54. Always Have A Good Breakfast

We underestimate the power of food to keep our brains healthy and our minds alive with energy. If you don’t eat that much, make sure you have a good breakfast to set you up for the day.

55. What Would People Say About You If You Died

This is not a morbid thought, but I often think about what people would say about me at my funeral. The thing is the ones who might say something bad, I can’t really not invite because I’ll be dead. However, the important people are ones I would care about most and I would like to develop my life’s values based on what people would say about me at my funeral; he was a caring man, he was a family man, he always told the truth no matter how hard it might seem, he had integrity etc.

56. Sing Your Heart Out

I love to sing, I hopeless at it, but I love it. We have a radio station over in the UK called gold and it plays music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and I sing at the top of my voice as there is always something on that’s good. My sons are not very pleased about it though :)

57. Love The One You’re With

Always let your partner know how much you love them by telling them and showing them. This way your mind is focused on them for at least part of the day.

58. Pacing Whilst Studying

This has helped me a lot over the years. I paced my way through university. My theory is that the body and mind is being stimulated with the exercise you are doing whilst walking, this makes the blood flow. Blood flow to the brain help you to study and remember.

59. Make New friends

Whether it be online or offline. Keeping yourself busy socially is stimulating for the mind and lets you see the world from others peoples perspective.

60. Make Love Regularly

Releasing the feel good chemicals, endorphins, into your bloodstream is a great way to stimulate the mind. I have to admit to feeling much more creative after making love.

61. Listen To Music

This stimulates the mind and can have tremendous benefits for your thoughts, therefore your life. I love listening to Baroque music whilst driving at night, I love rousing rock driving during the day and dance trance music at the weekend whist driving

62. Listen To A Book Instead Of The Radio

Getting downloadable books from or is a great way to spend long journeys and learn something at the same time.

63. Have A Sleep In

I am not a big fan of sleeping longer than I have to, but sometimes it’s great to lie in bed for a few hours longer than normal. It helps the brain recuperate.

64. Turn Off The TV

There’s nothing more brain numbing than having the TV on all day every day. Exercise your mind and read a book, or at least watch something educational.

65. Look For Evidence Of Your Beliefs

This will develop your mind and your critical thinking. If you look for evidence of your beliefs such as ‘what is the evidence that sea water is blue or green’, you’ll discover some great information on during your research.

66. Take Micro Naps

Taking a micro nap for 10 minutes a few times a day does wonders for your brain energy.

67. Travel Often

Travel really does broaden your horizons especially if you really get into the local food and culture.

68. Tidy House Tidy Mind

There really is nothing better than clearing your house or office space to clear your mind. When the house is not tidy there is always a niggling at the back of your mind. When the house, office and workspace is totally clean and tidy it frees your mind to concentrate on work or your family at home.

69. Exercise Your Mind Not Just Your Body

We all know the benefits of exercising the body but exercising the mind by doing crosswords, maths puzzles, playing chess, reading, anagrams, sudoku etc, all help to increase the minds capacity for learning.

70. Read Philosophy

the beauty of philosophy is that there is no right and wrong. However, reading different philosophers views about the world will stimulate your mind.

71. Ditch The Credit Card

We have forgotten how to wait for the things we want in life, if we see something we like we want it now and using a credit card is too easy. Make the object of your desire more precious by saving up for it. This will discipline your mind as well as your money spending habits.

72. Watch A Motivational Video On Youtube First Thing In The Morning

This is a great way to start the day. Just type in motivational into youtube search box, sort by view count and watch a few videos.

73. Keep Up To Date With New Theories

Whatever field you are interested in keep up to date with new theories and discoveries. New theories in psychology are especially interesting albeit quite thin on the ground.

74. Take One Action Toward Your Goals Every Day

Your Self confidence, self esteem, and goals can only be reached by taking action. The more action you take the more your mind will help you to keep going.

75. Never Let Your Mind Go Out Of Fashion

Keep up to date with the latest research on health, beauty and intelligence. Only those whose thoughts keep searching will stay intelligent for life.

76. Confronting Your Stressors

Whatever you are stressed about the most tackle first. The less stress you have the less your mind has to cope with. Tackle the biggest stressors first and work your way down.

77. Drink Coffee And Tea

Despite evidence to the contrary coffee and tea have been shown to help the brain. Antioxidants and/or caffeine may help fight the onset of Alzheimer’s by 30-60% drinking 30 cups a day is obviously not good but 3-5 cups per day is okay.

78. Carry Yourself With Confidence

People can tell by the way you walk if you are condident or not. Walk with purpose and have a purpose to walk.

79. Make Up Your Own Mind

When reading or listening to the news, do your own research and make up your own mind. The government and large corporations, whether deliberate or not, is a propaganda machine feeding you information to manipulate your thinking.

80. Take Up Yoga

This is meant to be one of the best ways to relive stress and exercise both mind and body.

81. Change Your Hands

Practice doing this with your less dominant hand. If you are right handed start doing things with your left hand and vice versa. If you are ambidextrous, start doing it with your feet.

82. Eat Plenty Of Fish

There is an abundance on new evidence that eating fish is great for our brains and keeping them healthy.

83. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

I had to say this, I am an addiction worker. Don’t cut it out just reduce it to the recommended safe level.

84. Quit The Smoking

Yep it can be one of the hardest drugs to give up but it is worth it. I feel so much better for giving up smoking and have a lot more energy than normal and my mind can function a lot better.

85. Practice Deep Breathing

Getting plenty of oxygen to your brain is key for a healthy mind, deep breathing can help with this.

86. Get A Dog/Cat

If you live alone why not go to one of the pet rescue centres and get a dog or a cat. People who have pets are shown to be less lonely, more active, and show fewer signs of stress.

87. Break your Pattern

If you are the one who always goes shopping swap the routine with your partner. Or if you always go to a particular store, change it and go to the same store in another area. Do anything to break the patterns you have in life. This way your mind is kept more active.

88. Try New Food

We have trained our palettes over the years and have gotten used to eating certain foods day in and day out. Try new foods and train your palette to eat better foods.

89. Stimulate Your Brain By Going To A Concert

Whether it be a rock concert or am orchestral concert, getting out and hearing music live and being with people who enjoy the same music stimulates your mind and your emotions.

90. Join An Internet Group

Join an internet discussion group to further your education on topics of interest. Want to start a business? join a group and get ideas for best practice. Want to know more about tropical fish? join a group. This educates your mind, gives you ideas and lets you meet people who are interested in the same topics as you.

91. Volunteer To Help Others

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and help others learn the skills you have. Even if you don’t think you have skills you can still help someone out in your community just by talking or doing their shopping for 1 hour per week.

92. Read The Tao Te Ching

Has to be one of the best books, in my opinion, for developing your mind.

93. Practice Patience

Waiting in queues, traffic jams, on a telephone call can be very frustrating sometimes. If you use the time to develop your mind and focus on your goals your frustration will dissipate very quickly. Use free time like this constructively instead of getting angry and putting yourself in a bad mood.

94. Practice Divergent Thinking

This is the practice of looking for multiple solutions to problems or issues that arise in your life, whether they be at home or at work. Don’t judge your solutions just put them down on paper until you can’t think of any other ways. get others involved in this as well.

95. Put On A New Hat

Edward De Bono wrote a book called Six Thinking Hats in which he proposed you to put on a different, mental, hat for each area of your life. For example you put on your parent hat when talking to your kids, you can also put on your child hat for playing around with your kids. mentally putting on different hats allows you to better go in and out of different roles in your life.

96. Stop trying To Multitask

Multitasking can’t be done except with unconscious processes such as walking and talking. If you try to consciously multitask like make the kids lunches, have a telephone conversation and try and get the kids ready for school it can’t be done nearly as effectively as doing each task separately. Multitasking stresses out minds and helps to produce bad results.

97. Write A Short Essay On The Books Your Read

Doing this will keep your mind active and helps your to read in a different way as you are analyzing books instead of just reading. this way you retain more information and in a few years time you don’t embarrass yourself by saying ‘yeah, that was a great book but I can’t remember what it was about.’

98. Allocate Time For Worrying

If you are a recovering worrier and you need some help, allocate a certain time each day to worry about everything. Once you’ve done the time of worry, leave it until the next day.

99. Stop Faffing And Just Do It

Faffing is the art of doing small things to avoid completing a bigger task. I am constantly getting on at my son and saying ‘Stop faffing!’. We spend too much time faffing instead on concentrating on the task at hand.

100. Read The Dictionary

Learning a new word every 2 -3 days will increase your vocabulary by 120 – 170 words per year.

101. Always Over deliver On Your Promises

If you say your going to do something, don’t just do it and get the job complete, make sure you over deliver on everything you do.




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Very few people understand the powerful role their composure plays in everything they do and how they feel. You can never act in a positive manner if you go around with a troubled look on your face, slumped shoulders and whine in your voice. How can you think and act in a positive manner if your whole demeanour is that of a loser or fader? What you think is displayed in the image you project to the people around you. I have never seen a person with a negative attitude and poor self-image go up to any rostrum to receive first prize. I have never seen any person with the image of a bird with a broken wing sell like a champion. I have never seen a parent with the image of a bullterrier win the love and respect of his own children. What you project activates chemicals in your brain that will either fuel your passion or dowse the fire in your heart.

How can you expect to feel, act and be positive if you project an image of a dog that got one too many hiding? The point I am making here is that you have the power within you to turn you negative feelings around by simply adjusting your composure. When you feel down and defeated, pull back your shoulders, lift your head and take a few deep breaths. Look life and people straight in the eye. This will immediately trigger positive chemicals in your brain. The dark clouds will lift from your brain and stop smothering your creativity and passion.

This might sound too simple to be worth much, but just try it the next time you feel down and defeated. You will be amazed what power is locked up in your brain that will be unleashed when you use this method. You will discover that the sun will push away the dark clouds of despair and the feelings of gloom that kept you imprisoned in a mental torture chamber will dissipate. You will begin to act in a manner conducive to winning again. Please remember that you cannot think or act in a positive manner with an image that reminds you of a helpless child.




If you want to exert influence, you will have to look at the image that you project while at work and play. People treat you the way you project yourself. People, will use and abuse you if you go around with the image of a defeated man. You will feel exactly what you project. People do not follow losers and cry babies. They latch onto winners and people that make them feel safe and protected.

Will you put your life in the hands of a doctor that project an image of insecurity and hesitation? Will you invest money with a person that presents you with an image of an illiterate person? You must never forget that life is a jungle out there. If you show any sign of weakness or vulnerability, the vultures, and scavengers of life will appear like magic.

In nature the weak always becomes the victim of the strong. When a kudu feels ill or appear injured, the scavengers will target and devour him. In life, it is the same. When your head and shoulder go down you lose your zest for life. Your tone of voice drops to a whisper or whine and your feel drained and tired. Remember the trigger to get you out of this frame of mind is to reverse the process.

Lift your head and shoulders. Take a few deep breaths and walk like a man with a mission. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you feel in control again and how much fresh new energy will begin to pump through your body and mind.



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Most of us FAIL once and then give up. We allow the FEELINGS of DISCOMFORT and DISAPPOINTMENT to paralyze us and STOP us from trying. It is only those that view FAILURES as potential LEARNING experiences that GROW and OVERCOME. Can you see how we allow our historical FEELINGS and FEAR to arrest our potential? Champions compose and reposition themselves until the job is done.

Dear visitors to the Reading Room,


When I started with Rene’s Reading Room I had a vision that I could provide a haven to readers where they can come, sit back and relax while they read and view subject matter that would hopefully uplift, motivate and expand their vision. I diligently expanded on the post data base and in a relative short period of time accumulated over 10 000 posts. I diligently posted articles, clips and even a few book series written by bestselling authors. I often wrote fresh articles or extracted material from my huge data base that I established after many years of writing and lecturing on a wide range of subjects. I invested the time and energy posting this material because I firmly believed that everyone on this planet have the right to be happy, successful and well informed. I challenged the readers to open their minds and look at life, death, religion, work and play from many different perspectives. I gave hundreds if not thousands of lectures during my lifetime and wrote several books and scripts for my audio lectures over the years. I have in the past and will continue to post articles in the Reading Room that will hopefully uplift and challenge visitors to break free from the fixed perspectives that might have been preventing them from being the best they can be at any given moment.


I firmly believe that we are all ONE. We, notwithstanding our differences are all travellers on spaceship earth. We and those that came before us created the collective consciousness that we experience daily. You are a mirror of the collective perceptions that you gathered since your early childhood. Some of us grew up in a Roman Catholic or protestant environment while others in turn grew up in a Muslim home. We call the creator of all universes by different names and perceive this force from many different perspectives. Our insistence that our God is the only true God shattered mankind into tiny vulnerable pieces. We erected walls around our perceptions of God and our understanding of life and death. We were conditioned to perceive life from a “them” and “us” basis. This mindset gradually isolated us into comfort zones with high walls that kept our beliefs in and repelled all other perceptions that fail to match our perceived values. This is how we created our concept of “good” and “evil”. We believed that our God and beliefs are the only truth. Our spiritual leaders ruled the territory behind our high walls and fortified castles with an iron fist. They convinced us that our God is the only God that any other spiritual perception is the work of a fictitious devil. We in our arrogance failed to even attempt to understand or investigate other ideas and perceptions. We were conditioned via guilt, shame and fear from early childhood to reject any data offered by anyone outside our self-proclaimed “perfect” nest.


I will continue to provide many different perceptions on this blog. I am doing this because I concluded after a lifetime of study that we are ONE notwithstanding our walls, boundaries and little the boxes that we hide in. There is only the ONE life force that we live and expire in. We are all on the same path and everyone is following this path to the best of his own ability. We gave this life force many names. Everyone, notwithstanding his current state of consciousness is united with this force. It is an illusion to think that there are a “them” and “us” my friends. This planet is in serious trouble and bleeding profusely from the wounds that we dealt mother earth in our greed for more. We are so divided in our own demarcated zones that we fail to see what we are collectively doing to this place that sustained mankind since inception. We managed to deplete a huge percentage of the vital resources that sustain life on this plane. The time has come for everyone to urgently unite for the collective good of mankind. We need to take urgent action to save us from extension. Mother earth will survive and recover from her wounds, but will we, all seven billion of us still be on spaceship earth as she continues to majestically hurl herself forward on her journey through space?



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Four questions that can change your life – FREE! powerful e-book that you can download that will change your life!


“No one can give you freedom but you. This little booklet will show you how.” Byron Katie


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Find Little book on the right hand side of the page, download and change your life. This little book will show you how you can gain insight and wisdom into anything or anyone that is currently causing you pain or discomfort by honestly answering 4 simple questions!




Bryon Katie

I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.”Byron Katie

The Work

The Work consists of 4 questions and “Turn-Arounds.”
The 4 Questions:


  • It is true?

  • Can you absolutely know that it is true?

  • How do you react when you believe that thought?

  • Who would you be without that thought?

  • -Turn it Turn it Around.

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I am giving you this system free of charge. Will you please post your comments, victories and the miracles that this system blessed you with so future readers can gain from your experiences.






How would you like it if a complete stranger offers to give you money or solve a problem for you that you thought will remain unsolvable?


How would you feel if a friend that you lost contact with phone you and ask you to become his partner in a lucrative business venture?


Would you be surprised if you suddenly sell your house at an above expected price notwithstanding the serious deflated market?


How would you feel if you suddenly discover that you have above average skill in writing and publish a bests selling book?


Would you be blown away if you suddenly get a brilliant idea that becomes a huge success in the market?


Would it not be wonderful if you out of the blue meet a person that becomes your soul mate or best friend?


What will you do if you suddenly get promoted to a much higher position with much better benefits?


Are you aware that you have millions of duplicates of yourself that operate in the endless number of parallel universes that make up the quantum soup that we live in? Each universe vibrates at its own unique frequency and cannot be seen or experienced by those that operates outside its own unique frequency range.


We all know that you can tune a radio or TV to a desired program or station. Once you tuned into your desired station or program you become oblivious to the other radio and TV programs broadcasted in a slightly higher or lower frequency range. It would be stupid to insist that only the program that you are looking at or that you are listening to is real.


It is now a well proven scientific fact that we are nothing more that a cluster of atoms and molecules that are vibrating at a specific frequency. It is only because our “vibration” can be detected by others in this dimension that we appear real to them. The same goes for everything and everyone that share this dimension with us.


The same holds true in other dimensions as well. Everything and everyone in the limitless number of dimensions also appear real and solid to those that are calibrated to tune into the unique frequency band that they operate in.


Your house or office can theoretically be slap, bang in the middle of a very busy shopping mall in one dimension or a factory in yet another dimension. You are thus sharing the same space with an unlimited number of parallel universes.


What might astound you more is the fact that you do not only operate in the current universe that you are living in now. You might be a salesman in this dimension while you are a plumber, doctor, dentist, artist or professional athlete in other dimensions. All this might be difficult for you to absorb or digest at this stage, but will soon become clearer to you.


This revelation came to me many years ago. I accompanied my father one day when he visited a very wise old lady that could detect these parallel universes. I can still recall as if yesterday how she expressed serious discomfort to my father. She told him that they are busy building a shopping mall in one of the parallel universes adjacent to our own that will place her house in the middle of this construction. She told him that the noise and activity is driving her crazy and expect things to get worse once they completed the shopping mall.


I studied all aspects of metaphysics, spirituality and quantum physics for more than forty years now. The unveiling of this principle to me was a very slow and gradual process. It was only when the principles of “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” gained so much acceptance that I decided that society evolved enough to grasp and accept what I am sharing with you in this document.


Everything in the endless universes has a unique frequency range. Not a single blade of grass has the same frequency than its neighbour. Everything operates on its own unique frequency. Every hair on your head boasts with its own unique frequency. Every cell in your body transmits at its own unique frequency. You can almost say that everything has a unique barcode.


The collective symphony of all the frequency transmissions in your body merges to form a unique symphony that not only make you visible in your current dimension, but also transmits your tone throughout the quantum sea of possibility that contains the collective frequency of everything. This collective sea of consciousness is called God, Allah or Mohamed by many. Everything in all dimensions is thus contained in a collective pool of consciousness.


Let us go back now and re-visit the concept that we simultaneously operate in millions of different dimensions at any given moment in time. We are not trapped in earth dimension. Many tried in vain to convince us that we can only upgrade to higher dimensions after our death if we do what they tell us to do. I am sure you can also see now that death is also an illusion. Your earthly vehicle might run out of steam in this dimension, but your spiritual self that operates on millions of other dimensions continue as if nothing happened.


We can, if we know how, travel between these various dimensions. We can for example consult with our duplicate selves in other dimensions. We might for example be faced with a specific problem that we find daunting and difficult to overcome. We can go to our parallel self in another dimension that is an expert in the field that is causing our current discomfort or stress and consult with him or her. We will not only receive guidance on the subject matter at hand, but come back to our current dimension tuned to the right frequency needed to solve our problem or achieve our desired goal. Our short visit to one of our duplicate selves in another dimension will recharge our energy levels and download vital information that will help us to overcome a problem or help us succeed with a project that we are working on.


This is obviously a fairly complicated subject that might at this stage boggle your mind. I want you to put all your questions out of your mind and first “test drive” it for a while. You have absolutely no idea how electricity works, but use it all the time. I am sure you never really sat down and attempted to figure out how the electricity in your TV produces the wonderful programs that you watch daily. You never questioned this magical energy that cooks your food or wash your washing. I am sure the thought never crossed your mind that this amazing force that we use to drive our economy is something produced by the devil.


The process to shuttle from one dimension to another is very easy once you get your analytical mind out of the way. All you need to do is to apply the following technique. You can do this exercise anywhere. The best time however is before you fall asleep at night.


Find a comfortable position.


Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing.


Slowly breathe in through you nose. Visualize how the oxygen is entering your body through the crown on your head.


Feel how the oxygen is making its way down all the way to your stomach.


Now slowly exhale.


Visualize how the carbon dioxide is released out of your body via your belly button.


Repeat this exercise until you feel completely relaxed.


Now for a few moments, focus on the problem that you are faced with or the obstacle that is preventing you from achieving a goal that you desire to achieve.


Keep your eyes closed throughout this exercise.


Now look through your forehead and notice a solid carved wooden door in front of you.


Mentally move towards the door and slowly open the door.


You will almost immediately notice one of your duplicate selves just inside the door that you used earlier to transfer to his dimension. Your duplicate self might be busy working in his garden or he might be busy fishing. Your duplicate self can be busy with a hundred and one tasks or on he might on the other hand be asleep or busy reading a book. I never found any of my duplicate selves at the same place doing the same thing.


It is important at this stage to understand that the duplicate self that you meet outside in a different dimension is the one that is most likely to assist you with the specific project or problem that you want to address. Remember you have millions of duplicate selves that are all busy with their own lives in their selected current dimension. Some of them might appear like a much younger model of you while others on the other hand could appear much older. Don’t forget that the duplicate self that you selected my even be a female or male version of you.


There is no need to go through rituals and other time wasting exercises when you approach your duplicate self. There is also no need to tell your duplicate self all the grizzly details of what led you to find it necessary to consult him or her. Simply state the reason for your visit.


Mentally listen very carefully for clues or information while you consult with your duplicate self from another dimension. He might telepathically only say a few words or project a certain feeling to you. He might show you something or may simply decide to download what you need to know directly into your subconscious mind.


It should be obvious from the above that this visit is usually brief. Turn around and go back to the door when you feel that the meeting is over. Do not attempt to question and probe your duplicate self. He might give you a simple sentence that is the key to your project or problem. Accept the thoughts, feelings or concepts that come to mind. You will later discover how the key or keys provided unlock the situation or problem for you. Your duplicate self might decide to reveal nothing to you, but could implant a vibration in you that will attract the right person or circumstances to you in the next couple of days or weeks. Thank your duplicate self for the assistance and then leave his dimension. Close the door behind you when you move back into your own dimension. You can then open your eyes. I found that I often drift into a deep natural sleep, especially when I visited another dimension just before I go to sleep at night.


You will soon feel that your vibration changed. You will begin to feel more energized and ready to do what need to be done. I always detected a change in my mood and general attitude. I am convinced that a visit to another dimension will compare well to a full night sleep after a busy day.


It is important to remain vigilant after your visits to other dimensions. You will be given clues or run into people that want to assist you to make your problem go away. Watch out for clues all the time. You might get a strong feeling to buy a book, make a phone call, write a letter, visit an old friend or contact someone that you never met. You might get an urge to move, look for another job, walk away from a toxic relationship or start painting the roof of your house. Allow the information downloaded by your duplicate self to direct your actions. I want you to read this again. I used the word “action” deliberately. You must take action on the impulses that you experience. You must remain alert and focused.


You might at this stage ask, “What are some of the things that I can do when I apply this method?”


You can materialize money.


You can sell your house, vehicle or anything else that you want to get rid of.


You can change your mood in minutes when you use this method.


You can change from an introvert into a powerful speaker.


You can do extremely well in any sport that you participate in.


You can invent stuff that could make you a fortune.


You can become an author that write best selling books.


You can become a love machine.


You can become an outstanding cook or photographer


You can become a wonderful and caring father or mother.


You can become salesman of the year.


You can buy that smart vehicle that you always dreamt about.


You can find a dream partner.


You can expand your business or start your own business.


The reason why you can do almost anything or achieve outstanding outcomes is because your duplicate self will download the skills and the matching vibration that you need into your sub-conscious mind. Say for example you want to become an author. Visit your duplicate self that is already a best selling author and allow him to download his experience and skills into your sub-conscious mind. You might decide that you want to become an outstanding leader. Visit your duplicate self that is already a powerful leader.


I am sure you can see from the above that the potential is absolutely limitless. The only thing that can slow down your progress is doubt and fear. Doubt and fear will gradually corrode the new energy and information downloaded into your sub-conscious mind.


You can go back into the other dimensions as many times as you like. Your duplicate selves will not become impatient or think that you are some kind of idiot. Go back whenever you feel the need to recharge your internal batteries.


A final comment that I want to make is that you must not become discouraged if you are unable to see the other dimension like you would view a picture on your TV. If I ask you to think of a donkey an image or picture will immediately come to mind. If I ask you to recall a house that you lived in as a child images and feelings will immediately come to mind. Many of us do not close our eyes and watch a home video of the subject we think of. There are times when you can get completely swept away by the subject that you are busy visualizing. You might on these occasions begin to really see full colour pictures on the screen of your mind. You will in time see and feel more and more on your visits to other dimensions.


Remember seeing actual movies are not important. Everyone can recall events, friends or specific activities without too much effort. This is good enough to obtain outstanding results with this system. I found that certain students get so hung up and frustrated because no “movies” appear on the screen in their minds that they give up.


You find the same problem with persons that want to learn how to meditate. They anxiously wait for lights and weird and wonderful things to appear on the screens of their mind. Most give up soon after they started and walk away feeling like a failure. You can even replace “see how” with “think how” in the script I provided above if it will remove mental obstacles that might stifle your attempts.


I developed a range of alpha brainwave generating sound effects over the years that assist with the relaxation and visualization process. The sound effects that I developed tune your mind to the right frequency for best results. You can even use a CD with soft classical music or sound effects to assist you to achieve the desired relaxed and focused state of mind. I found that earphones produce the best results.


You do not go into some kind of trance. So do not get hung up on the fear provoking possible loss of control that your ego might come up with to prevent you from participating in this amazing experience. You go into this deep relaxed state every night when you go to bed. You cannot fall asleep until the frantic vibration level of your mind reduced to what is known the Alpha level.


I am giving you this system free of charge. Will you please post your comments, victories and the miracles that this system blessed you with so future readers can gain from your experiences.







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