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DOWN AND OUT: I suffered with the delusion for the best part of my life that setbacks, failure, loss, letdowns and broken promises indicate that God was punishing me for my inadequacies and sins or that I became the focus of Satan. I was taught virtually since birth that Satan is alive and well and out to get me. This evil force must be well organised and extremely active because there are virtually no person on this planet that are not confronted with failure, pain, disappointment and loss on a daily basis.

Apparently these attacks on people are “tests” of their faith by God to see if they are still loyal, worthy and qualify to go to heaven or an attempt by Satan to steal their souls. It is obvious that God and Satan are enemies and according to the Bible there will shortly be a major showdown between these two forces. What confused me was that God would employ or make use of this shady character (Satan) to “test” his peoples’ faith. I found this concept very difficult to comprehend when I was just a young boy and must say that notwithstanding all my years of research and study still cannot work out how this mechanism works.

I am not going to focus on this paradox in this thought, but focus on the hidden blessings that are often disguised in most failures. I came to the conclusion many years ago that most of our problems and setbacks are caused by our own mismanagement, lack of vision and just pure laziness.

When you study the dynamics of problems you will see the law of cause and effect in action. Most of the setbacks and problems that you faced in the past are as a “result” of poor choices that you made in the beforehand. It might be on an indirect basis, but you are more often than not the one that is at least partially responsible for the discomfort that you experience.

You might counter and say that you were unexpectedly struck down by a heart attack, but think back how you neglected staying fit and how you ate every thing that was not nailed down since childhood.

You may blame Satan for your financial disaster and select to forget your total mismanagement of your financial affairs.

You might blame the government when the river sweeps your home away, but forget that you were warned on several occasions that you are building your home below the flood plane.

Our own lack of insight and procrastination is usually at the root of most of the “evil” that befall us. It is not some invisible force or God that are teaching you a lesson, but just simply the reaping of your own poor choices. In fact I want to go so far and say that people that believe this fable are making a mockery of the creator of the universe. They are reducing God to the level of tyrant, a vengeful and unstable entity that apparently enjoys seeing his creations cringe with fear or crawl with pain and sorrow.

Accept the harsh reality of life that you are the “creator” of your own fate and destiny, nothing more and nothing less. How many times did we not in the past look the other way and hoped that the problem would go away? How many times did we not “feel” that the person that we are doing business with might have a “double agenda” and still ignored these alarms to our peril?

We might get away playing the role of the innocent victim for a while, but deep inside we know that we could have often prevented our loss or shame by simply being more vigilant. You and me will face problems for the rest of our lives. If I listen to some of my “religiously focused” friends the major problems will only come after our deaths when we will be toasted for all eternity if we are not selected for some heavenly destination. Seeing that we will always have problems it might be a good idea to see if we can understand the dynamics of this phenomenon that sour our lives and relationships. Let us see if we can possibly find something that we can learn from the setbacks and discomfort that became an integral part of most people’s lives.


HIDDEN BENEFITS: When you look at the biggest inventions and innovations since the beginning of time you discover that most of them came after periods of disaster or discomfort. In fact I found that my best periods of growth always came after difficult periods in my life.

Most people stop thinking and become lazy when their lives move along in a smooth and predictable manner. Most people only act, react and become creative when the chips are down or when their survival is at stake. They then feverishly work and strive to overcome the problem and usually do. They suddenly do the things they neglected to do in the first place. They suddenly start to manage the area of chaos and take control of matters in an attempt to minimize the damage or better still to make the problem go away. Once they steered their ship into calmer waters they become complacent again until the next crisis.


The next time you run head-on into a problem, relax and start looking for the hidden opportunity. Once you have identified the hidden opportunity it will be easy to dismantle the problem and turn the problem into a victory. Your attitude when faced with any problem must always be that of courage and trust in your own ability.

Once you know that there is virtually no problem that you will be unable to handle you begin to look forward to problems. Remember that most problems are caused by our own mismanagement and procrastination. If you can minimise these problem-creating factors you will remove most of these inconveniences before they even get a chance to germinate and grow!

When you stop blaming God or Satan and accept full responsibility for your mistakes problems usually stop following you. It is not a shame to make a mistake, but it is a shame not to admit your mistakes.



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