We are all on a journey. Ignorance is the main reason why we are unable to see things as they are.

17 May

You will discover that there is a multitude of worlds and
dimensions currently invisible to you when you open your
spiritual eyes. Each person creates his own world that he
superimposes on the collective hologram that we know as
planet earth. The holographic world that you see is only the
tip of the iceberg. The world as you know it is just an illusion.
There are as many realities as there are people on this planet.
You can only see your current dimension because you have
been indoctrinated to see, hear and experience selectively.
You can travel through a multitude of dimensions and
different realities when you open your spiritual eyes. We
create many illusions that hide information from ourselves
and others. The reason why we create so many illusions is
because of our fear of the unknown. It is only when you learn
how to go within that you begin to see the beauty in other
people and in the many dimensions that are currently
invisible to you.

We are all on a journey. Ignorance is the main
reason why we are unable to see things as they are. We tend
to attack anyone that dares to reveal to us information that
might threaten any of our many illusions. Some of your
current illusions might serve a temporary purpose for now,
but you will leave these fallacies behind when you drink from
the cup of wisdom.

There are currently a number of people and situations that
you think you cannot go without. You will discover that most
of the artificial support systems that you hold on so dearly
serve no real permanent purpose in your life. Everything in
this world of illusion is impermanent. It takes a brave heart to
understand that there is nothing that you currently deem
irreplaceable that will stand the test of time. Look around you
and see how mighty men came and disappeared. Notice how
once majestic buildings eroded and were blown away by the
wind of time. Several powerful nations ruled the world
historically. They are now nothing more than mythical
memories that are fast fading into obscurity. Super stars in
sport take our breath away with their energy, power and skills,
but every one of them ultimately meet their match, grow old
and die. All that keep their historical achievements alive is the
movies that we play of their historical achievements in the
theatres of our minds.

We must learn to detach from events, people, places and
things that keep us locked up in mental illusionary prisons.
We must disconnect from the illusion of time. The only time is
now. You cannot repair or alter yesterday. You can plan for
tomorrow, but will only be able to act when tomorrow
becomes your current moment. We allow our past to haunt
us. We allow the chemical data that are stored in our
subconscious computers to heap guild on our current
potential. We carry heavy burdens on our backs while we
travel on the highways and byways of this illusionary plane.
Most of us think that we are our physical bodies or warped
perceptions. We also think that the people that form part of
our game of life are their physical presentations or the
historical perceptions that you formed of them. They are just
like you also a spiritual being. Many of them may still be
totally unaware who they really are. Treat then in a manner
you would treat a spiritual entity that manifests to you.
Remember they are not their histories or physical
presentations, they are wearing social masks and leave
physical residues far removed from their perfect inners
selves. We are unable to see the power and beauty that are
embedded at our core.

We look for our treasure everywhere. Our treasure is hidden
within at the seat of our soul. We waste our time with useless
time consuming activities that will ultimately bring us no
sustained value. The key to wisdom, knowledge and
understanding is dedicated and sustained action. We want
everything yesterday. We read a book and immediately loose
our enthusiasm and faith if we do not instantly become like
Buddha or Jesus. We feed a hungry man and think we
mastered the attributes of compassion. We forgive a single
person and think that we pleased God. We go to a building or
a temple once a week to listen to a speech and suddenly see
ourselves as holy. The only way to get rid of illusions and
warped perceptions is to take in knowledge on a daily basis.
Knowledge not applied is futile and a waste of time. We are
here to evolve and to grow our spiritual skills.

Many of us measure who we are with the money we
accumulate or victories we achieve in this illusionary world.
All our achievements on this plane are temporary and will
mean nothing when we come to the end of our current
journey through this plane. You enter this dimension with
nothing and will leave this plane empty handed. All you will
retain is your experience, growth and the new lessons you
learned. This information will be uploaded to upgrade your
spiritual software for future visits to this plane or for that
matter any other dimension that you might select. You are
already spiritually rich and exceedingly beautiful.

Do not minimise who you are by confusing your ego driven
physical self and the indoctrination that took place from early
childhood with the perfection at your core. Make the invisible,
visible by taking in knowledge. Then apply the wisdom that
you learn to all activities that you are faced with daily.
Remember every person or event is just a cluster of thoughts
or perceptions that is projected onto the screen of the
holographic dimension that we currently find ourselves in.
You are not the character that you currently play in the
collective ongoing movie that you think is what life is all
about. The truth will cause you to shed your ignorance, false
perceptions and historical judgements like certain trees shed
their leaves just before winter. Look forward to the day that
your new leaves of insight and wisdom will unfold that will
dress you in the beauty that was always part of who you really


From my book – The Hidden Treasure Within



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