Only a fraction of the population will dare to attempt to venture outside their fixed mental boundaries.

16 Jul

Most people at an early age reach a stage where they accept certain realities. These realities include stuff like the layers in society where they will most probably live and die in. We also develop fixed political and religious perceptions. Only a fraction of the population will dare to attempt to venture outside these fixed mental boundaries. We are either too lazy or too afraid to look what is going on behind the walls that we are encased in. Many of us simply forgot that there is something other than what is going on inside our walls. People that dare to remind us that there might be something better outside our barriers and perceptions are often attacked or avoided. We become like a community that live, go to school, marry have children and finally die in the same town. The boundaries of our tiny town become the size of our universe.

Say you are a person that discovered a place where people can go that would double their potential and solve many of their current and future problems. Are you obligated to attempt to convince those that are so set in their ways that there is hope and peace of mind just around the corner? You should keep in mind that those that you will attempt to tell about this place are often happy with their current circumstances, difficult as they might sometimes be.

I came to the conclusion that there is no obligation to inform anyone of anything, especially if such person is pretty happy with his current circumstances and future prospects. I am as such directing my attention and message to those that are no longer happy with their circumstances. Some of them are still living within the walls of perceptions that enveloped them since early childhood, but there is large a number that already packed their vehicle ready to leave town. Most of them have no clear idea where they want to go. All they know is that there is some kind of feeling that are calling them out of their current mental or physical vocations. I am writing this document for those that feel that there might be more to life than what they experienced to date.

There is nothing as exciting as the discovery that we consist out of two distinct elements. We are in an ongoing battle with the duality of our nature. We consist of a spiritual or higher self and a lower or ego self. I used the word battle because these two elements are up against each other until one of them gains the upper hand. Our actions, reactions and thoughts either support or oppose one of these contenders. It is easy to spot which one of these two contenders are in control. A person’s actions, reactions and choices display peace, wisdom, composure and compassion when the spiritual or higher self is in control. The opposite is however visible when the lower or ego self runs the show. You then find that a judgemental spirit, frustration, self-interest and problems are present in such person’s actions, reactions, relationships and choices. No real progress can be made until we become cognisant of this extremely important fact. We cannot wake up to our true potential until we become aware of the duality of our nature.

The key to victory over the false or ego self is only possible when we acknowledge that it gained the upper hand. You cannot change something that you are not prepared to admit. The act of acknowledgement of the ego’s control equips us with a powerful antidote. We are then able to substitute negative and destructive thoughts with compassionate productive thoughts. It is the admission or acknowledgement that helps us to pause long enough to replace the destructive thoughts with beneficial thoughts. We automatically and mechanically act and react to stimuli until the day we acknowledge the control that the ego self holds over us.

Our thoughts are the seeds that create our futures. What we thought yesterday, last week and last year manifested into our current moment. It is vital that we understand that we are creators in our own right and that we created whatever we are faced with today somewhere in our past. We use a powerful method in this creation process. We use the power of our imagination in a constructive or destructive way. What we fear or hope for becomes a reality. It is easy to check if we used this powerful instrument in a constructive or destructive manner. Look around you and you will soon discover if you are happy, relaxed and at peace with your life or sad, lonely and worried. The art of visualization release powerful energies that speed out into the universe to fulfil its mission. You are and have always been a creator in your own right. You think of something, act on it and soon see the thought materialise in the world of matter. When we visualize something, anything we boost its creative process many times. Everything that you see around you today was a thought in someone’s head first. It is thus not God punishing or blessing you when things work for or against you. It is the law of cause and effect that you are seeing in action. You cannot plant apple trees and expect a rich crop of oranges at the end of the season.

Thinking is the first phase of creation. Thoughts, negative or positive, constructive and destructive can be compared to seeds that you plant in your garden. The seeds need water before they will germinate and grow. Our emotions, good or bad start the germination process. This process will follow its natural path and finally yield the outcome that we yearned for or feared. Visualization of the desired outcome that you want to achieve speeds up the process many times. Doors in your heart and mind that you never new of will begin to open. An energy field will awaken in you and around you that will call into life whatever you “ordered”. The pictures that you see in your mind will manifest in your life. They might sometimes take on different shapes and forms, but cannot deny your wishes. We usually love this principle because it provides us with a powerful system to expand our influence and affluence in the world of matter. You will in time discover that everything created in the world of matter is temporary. Nothing that you create in the physical world will stand the test of time. Everything will finally return to the source where they came from originally. You will later in this document see how you can use this same powerful method to create on the spiritual level. What you create on the physical level is temporary while what you create on the spiritual level will last forever.

We must take time and take a careful look in the mirror. We must analyse in a calm and reflective manner the conditions that surround us currently. You must be bold enough to ask yourself a few serious questions. You need to for example question your motives and intentions that you currently display in all areas of your life. You must ascertain if they are selfish or unselfish, honest or dishonest or compassionate or inconsiderate. You might find that you have a mixture of constructive and destructive habits. Nothing can change or improve until we admit to or take ownership of things we do or fail to do that is expected of a person that wants to live a more spiritual life. The ego or false self hates to admit mistakes or to acknowledge failures or shortcomings. It is our confessions to the higher self or spiritual self within that starts the healing process.

It is important to see the physical world for what it is. The physical world of matter is an illusion. It is a dimension where we come to learn and to grow. It is not a place where we come to prove our ability to create affluence. There is nothing wrong with the creation of what we need while we are visiting the physical plane. The creation process takes time. We cannot spend most of the time of our mission on the creation of the physical. We came to this plane to learn and to grow spiritually. We should spend the bulk of our time working on the development of our spiritual garden. The crops on the physical plane are temporary while the yields on the spiritual plane will sustain us even after we discarded the temporary physical body that we loaned from nature. The false or ego based self can only create on the physical plane.

The identification of your own flaws and mistakes boosts your courage and provide you with joy. Your admission of mistakes and your effort to overcome your false or ego self blasts you into a brand new dimension. You are on this plane to overcome your false self. You are not on this plane for any other reason. The setup on this plane provides your false self with a very wide range of tools. These tools come in handy when used to divert your attention away from your perfect self. You must see yourself as a person that is busy with a construction task. Every time your ego or false self successfully divert your attention and energy it succeed in delaying the completion of your construction task. Visualize and mentally see how your construction sight is deserted while you gallivant around earth plane to build stuff with a very limited lifespan.

We must not allow fear and the illusion based concepts of sin to stifle our attempts to purify the false or ego based self. A far healthier way to cope with mistakes, failures, so-called sins and setbacks is to view such lapses as lessons. We said earlier that the false or ego self have at its disposal a wide range of tools on the physical plane. There are an endless range of situations that we are confronted with daily that provides the false self with opportunities to retain its hold on our minds. We have been conditioned to experience guilt and shame when we fail to meet the ego based expected standards. Guilt and fear is a very destructive system that serves no real beneficial purpose. Our objective is to purify the false ego based self. We are inundated with opportunities daily to act and react in a detached spiritual manner. We grow and learn when we overcome our desire to do the first thing that comes to mind. We reduce the influence of the false self every time we act and react in an appropriate spiritual manner in the face of adversity and provocation. It is what we do or fail to do that cause the most damage. Pause for a moment before you act or react. Ask yourself if the action that you are on the verge of taking is the same that sages like Buddha or Jesus would have taken if they were faced with a similar set of circumstances.

The ego base false self creates the impression that our ability to generate affluence or accumulate possessions indicates our viability. No spiritual progress will take place while we fail to grasp that brotherly love and toleration holds the key to our mastery of the false self’s perception. It is only when we understand the duality of the world that we grasp how our weaknesses strengthen what we are attempting to overcome. We must not attempt to withstand the negative and destructive. All we need to do is decide not to empower what we fear. Nothing is good or evil until we create a perception about it in our thoughts. We create what we fear when we focus on the things that we are trying to avoid. Do not focus on poverty if you want affluence. Do not focus on retribution if you want to experience love. You draw what you think into your life experience. Your intentions become the power source of the thoughts you think. Your perfect self intend positive and productive outcomes while your false ego based self in turn twist and turn things so he will gain the advantage.

We create the pattern of our day the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Our first thoughts should be how we can make the coming day beneficial for others and ourselves. We discussed the amazing power of our imagination earlier in this document. What we mentally see on the screen of our minds when we rise in the morning will lay the foundation for the rest of the day. When we see joy in our imagination we gravitate towards people and events that will provide us with joy and satisfaction. When we experience frustration and anger when we begin our days we soon find a person or situation that will feed our anger. The perfect self will be our companion for the rest of our day when we get up with pure thoughts of love and good intentions. The false self will lead us into countless complications and problems when we start our day with judgemental and fear filled thoughts. You can sabotage the quality of your day long before you step out of bed in the morning. Take five minutes before you jump out of bed in the morning and create a pleasant and productive day that will draw into your life the things , people and circumstances that you desire.

It is helpful to do some stock taking before you finally drift into the world of sleep. Mentally see if you can spot the opportunities you had to learn lessons during that day. See the situations you found yourself in or the people that you interacted with. Make a mental note of the things your learned, especially where you can improve when you are confronted with similar situations. Do this in a constructive manner. This is not a period where you feel guilty because you fell short of your objectives. This is a brief period where you pat yourself on the back for tasks well done. This is also a period where you validate the things that turned out different than expected. You must remain a spectator while you do this short summary of your day. Drift off to sleep with positive thoughts of love, understanding and compassion in your heart and mind. This day and all that happened to you is minutes away from final completion. The only way you can resurrect anything that happened to you on any given day is to replay it in your imagination.



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