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Start the Weekend with a Smile!


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when construction workers get it wrong15

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Sometimes it’s too late to say the thing you meant to say.





Sometimes it’s too late to say the thing you meant to say – too late to say you are sorry or some kindness to repay. Too late to speak the loving words or lend the helping hand – to show appreciation or to give the gift you planned. Thus we pile up vain regrets that haunt the years ahead – memories of all the things we might have done or said. Save yourself the pain and take each opportunity – of doing all that is in your power for friends and family.


Author Unknown


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La Rochefoucauld


I have had many friends that found it impossible to stop being the doctor, professor or managing director when they arrive home or came for a visit. The same “management tools” that they used at their offices they continued to use at home and in their private lives. They found it impossible to adjust roles when they arrived home or mixed with friends and family.

They expected their families to “consult” with them. They expected their family or friends to continuously “earn” their love. They never really dropped their pose. I got the feeling that they were afraid that they might not be accepted, respected and loved without their title. They become the piece of paper (certificate) that decorates their wall or the position they held in their offices. Without their title or money they felt invisible and powerless. I can still remember a person that held a virtual celebrity status in the community and how he fell apart when he lost his job and title as “Metropolitan Chief Security Officer”. He deflated like a beach ball that sprung a major leak. His “Mr. Big image disappeared overnight. He changed from a leader to a stuttering insecure follower. He lost his imposing and dominating figure and even looked smaller with his bowed shoulders. It was pathetic to see this person fade away when he lost his uniform and title.


It takes real courage to just be you on all occasions. The best doctors do not float around in a God like manner. They are usually warm, kind, empathetic and compassionate people. They are effective and highly professional and only wear masks when they operate. Don’t get me wrong. I do not say that a person that is just himself goes around with a frozen smile on his face all the time. He is also not in a good mood all the time. He is simply a “What you see is what you get.” kind of person.




People play very complicated games with each other. Man is the most devious of all creations. They can change shape, loyalty, form and colour like chameleons. They have a mask for most occasions. Most people position themselves so they can get the best deal for themselves possible from every encounter. A fool convinces himself that friends, family and even strangers have their best interest at heart.


Life is not a popularity contest. When you start living your life without fear of rejection or loss you gain real power. When you can be you, wherever you go you have reached full maturity. When you meet a person that can be honest without a police officer looking over his shoulder, you have met a person of integrity. When you have a worker that can give you an honest days work without constant supervision you have met a person with integrity. It is easy to say and do the right things when you are in the public eye, but to sustain deliberate and honest action when you are out of the spotlight shows real character. Just be you. If someone does not like who you are it is his or her problem. You can only live a stress free life if you love your fear of failure.




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Why Secret Dreams Are So Freakin’ Powerful


It’s a commonly held belief that whenever you set a new goal for yourself — whether it’s scoring your ideal job, writing a screenplay, or yogacizing your bod down a size or two — you should broadcast it to everyone you know. After all, the more people you tell, the more likely you’ll do it because you don’t want to be thought of as a failure, right?


Wrong. New research shows the opposite is true. A study conducted at New York University found that blabbing about your goal can give you a false sense of accomplishment, making you less likely to actually go after it.

Here’s an example: Imagine you tell a friend that you want to train to be a long-distance runner. Your bud has a “Oh, wow, that’s great!” reaction, and you get a jolt of satisfaction and pride. You feel so satisfied, in fact, that you lose motivation to get up early and jog. Why should you, when you’re already reaping the benefits of being known as a runner?

The smarter strategy: Don’t tell a soul. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Keep reading for more reasons to stay mum, plus tips for achieving your dream on the down-low.


Why Secret Dreams Are So Freakin’ Powerful


Okay, so you can at least tell your BFF, right? Nope. “By not telling anyone, you’re making sure your goal is something you’re really doing for yourself,” says K.C. McCulloch, PhD, an assistant professor at Idaho State University who worked on the study. That’s opposed to, say, just wanting to have something impressive to talk about at parties.

Plus, you won’t run the risk of letting anyone else’s opinions get in your way. “What stops a lot of people from doing the things they dream of is other people,” says Susan B. Wilson, a life coach in Michigan and founder of Get Over It, Move On! “If you tell someone you want to apply to a graduate program, they may go on about how terrible the campus is… and you may start to believe them when you really should be trusting your own gut.”


Beyond that, loved ones may have ulterior motives for being naysayers. If you announce that you’re going to be devoting tons of time to a big goal, a good friend or your significant other may worry that he or she will see less of you and subconsciously distract you from the finish line.

Two more reasons why keeping your dream a secret will help your cause: You’ll be so antsy finally to be able to share it with everyone that you’ll put your nose to the grindstone and get it done as fast as possible. And doing something just for you feels selfish in a really good way. “Women tend to overextend themselves for loved ones,” says psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD, author of Find Your Focus Zone. “So if they can have something that is solely theirs, it can feel really special.”


How to Self-Motivate When No One Knows


Staying on task without support from your friends and family might sound impossible, but there are some easy, tried-and-true ways to do it.


“There’s something called the fantasy realization theory that has proven to help people attain whatever they want,” says McCulloch. The gist is that you must fantasize about your goal on a regular basis – think about all the awesome consequences of achieving it. Then think about all the negative things you’ll have to deal with along the way: sacrificing time with friends, paying for expensive classes, etc.


“Often, people think about only either the really good stuff or the terrible stuff,” says McCulloch. “But by considering both, you make the fantasy more realistic, and it will seem more attainable.” Not only that, but it also helps you plan exactly which steps you need to take to get there.

“Surrounding yourself with people who have some connection to your dream is also sure to push you forward,” says McCulloch. If you want to get into the fashion industry, for example, schedule lots of time with fashion-forward pals. They may not know what you’re trying to do, but being around them will keep your eyes on the prize.


If You Have to Blab to Someone…


…Make sure you pick the right person to share your dream with. “Choose someone you trust completely who has never been competitive with you and has been successful at achieving her own goals,” says Palladino. Can’t think of anyone who fits the bill? Zip your damn lips, and try writing an anonymous blog (just be sure to turn off the comments option). That way, you can tell the whole world without suffering any of the negative effects of outing your secret.


By Bethany Heitman / Source: SF Gate




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Sanitizer may be less effective at protecting health and preventing the spread of disease than previously believed.





Frequent hand washing, along with the use of effective sanitizer, is important for staying healthy. However, some studies have recently found that the use of sanitizer may be less effective at protecting health and preventing the spread of disease than previously believed. According to a “Sanitizer Alert” published in the November 2006 Journal of Environmental Health, some products marketed to the public as antimicrobial hand sanitizer are simply not effective in reducing bacterial counts on hands.

Prior to the alert, researchers purchased alcohol-based sanitizer with approximately 40% ethanol as the active ingredient at a local retail store. Although the sanitizer’ labels claimed that the products reduce germs and bacteria by nearly 100%, researchers reported that they “observed an apparent increase (emphasis added) in the concentration of bacteria in hand prints impressed on agar plates after cleansing [with sanitizer].”


Subsequent and more formal hand hygiene tests were conducted to verify – or disprove – the initial findings. The researchers observed similar results in the follow-up tests and concluded that alcohol-based sanitizer with less than 60 to 62% ethanol did not necessarily reduce – nor were they effective against – a variety of germs and bacteria.





Liquid Gloves have built in ANTIBACTERIAL properties. This means that the product doesn’t just clean your hands but also protects against almost all types of germs and bacteria.  Ordinary hygiene soaps only has an initial cleaning action but the moment you touch any contaminated surface your hands are once again exposed to germs and bacteria.  Liquid Gloves is different.  It continues protecting your skin for up to 7 hours and more after correct application.  Thus there is a continuous germ/soil blocking shield on you hands that prevents germs and bacteria adhering onto you skin, helping you remain healthy.



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It is this invisible “perception bubble” that repel us and drive us away from each other.




When will be grasp that we are all one, embedded in the same space trying desperately to minimise and overcome each other in our effort to obtain our version of reality and salvation? All religion, art and sciences are branches of the same tree my friend. The problem is that we look at “what is” through our own filters. We have been programmed since early childhood to see and experience life, death and God in a specific manner. We see, hear and feel only the stuff that match our expectations according to our perceptions. It is this tendency that forces us to stay in our little boxes. We accept those that believe the way we do as friends, brothers and sisters and reject, vilify and minimize those that fail to pass our perception filter test. That is how we got separated from each other. That is the reason why we mount this wild horse called life every morning when we open our eyes and fight for our often lonely existence. We have family, friends and children, but never really connect with them. It is this invisible “perception bubble” that repel us and drive us away from each other. We live in an illusion called life and think we are one nation, group or family, but we are in fact fragmented units that drift through this thing called life. We must strip our perception layers off if we want to really love and unite with each other. We must see things as they are and not as we want them to be. We are fragile and need each other at earth school. Love and forgiveness is to accept others unconditionally in the moment without his or her history.



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