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Humans can broadly be divided into two types – those with a Tribal Mentality and those with a Humanist Mentality.



Humans can broadly be divided into two types – those with a Tribal Mentality and those with a Humanist Mentality. Both mentalities exist in most people to varying degrees.

Tribalists tend to be loyal to their own group, community or society. They tend to be nationalist and conservative. In extreme cases Tribalistsdehumanise and demonise outgroups. They tend to focus on the conflicts of interest that can exist between various groups. They suffer from what behavioural psychologists call the outgroup homogeneity bias (individuals tend to see members of their own group as being relatively more varied than members of other groups).

Humanists tend to look at people as individuals, and to see the similarities that exist between different societies, rather than the differences. They tend to be cosmopolitan and progressive. They tend to focus on co-operation between groups, rather than conflicts of interest.

People with a Tribal Mentality regard those with a Humanist Mentality as treacherous, cowardly and naïve. People with a Humanist Mentality regard those with a Tribal Mentality as bigoted, narrow-minded and irrational.

Examples of very Tribalist groups would include German Neo-Nazis, Russian nationalists, Japanese supremacists, Muslim fundamentalists, extremist Irish Catholic Nationalists, American Exceptionalists and so forth. The point is: the tribal mentality is found in all societies. In Sri Lanka, many Buddhist monasteries are hotbeds of ultranationalist, reactionary, anti-Tamil extremism. So even a peaceful religion like Buddhism can be co-opted by Tribalists. All these tribalist groups tend to be xenophobic, but the irony is that they have much more in common with each other than they do with Humanists. For example, an American Exceptionalist has more in common with a Muslim fundamentalist, than either type does with a Humanist – because both the American Exceptionalist and the Muslim fundamentalist have a Tribal Mentality.

Often, the anger of Tribalists is not focused on other tribes, but on what they call “the Liberal Elite” (i.e. Humanists). Humanists also exist in all societies and, what is more, they tend to agree with each other even though they are from different societies. In other words, Humanists everywhere in the world form alliances in a way that Tribalists cannot. The real danger for Tribalists comes not from other tribes (extremists need opposing extremists in order to exist) – the real danger comes from Humanists, who tend to be shrewd. Hence the diatribes from Tribalists about the “Liberal Elites” whom they suspect of trying to take over the world by taking control of universities, internationalist institutions, the media, human rights organisations and so forth. In one sense, the Tribalists are correct – the Enlightenment revolution in philosophy, with its humanist concepts of human rights, democracy, rationality and personal freedom, has made great progress in taking over the world. Humanism has a universal appeal that transcends any particular tribalism. So don’t worry, if anyone is going to take over the world, it is not going to be any particular group ofTribalists – it will be the Humanists. So be happy!



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Many of us live in denial and don’t want to accept or admit that we are in deep sh*t.







I have been doing training and motivational consulting and lecturing for many years. I concluded a long time ago that there is one major flaw that is mostly responsible for the demise of relationships, businesses and even empires. This deadly virus that infests and kills initiative is non-action. Many of us tend to go into a paralysed non-action frame of mind when we are confronted with problems or projects that pose perceived insurmountable challenges. I grew up in nature and often watched how a frog or bird seems hypnotised when they come face to face with a snake. They often have ample time to evade becoming a meal, but just sit there. We often do the same when we are confronted with challenges. We also just sit there and hope that the problem or challenge will go away. Adopting an action orientated frame of mind is imperative in the game of life. Waiting, hoping and praying that things will get better is just not good enough. The solution to most problems is action. The moment you take deliberate action you create momentum. I am not promoting random, run around panic action, but simple deliberate “one step at a time” action. The first thing that you need to do is to “accept what is”. Many of us live in denial and don’t want to accept or admit that we are in deep shit. We cannot take decisive action if we deny that we have a huge hole in our boat that need urgent fixing. The fairies will not mystically come while you sleep and wait and fix the problem. I have seen many executives that seemingly have a magnetic backside that glue them to their chairs. Their factory is burning or the financial vultures are circling their business ready to attack and remove while they wait and hope that a miracle will rescue them. Things are never as hopeless as they seem. The biggest proportion of the challenges we face can be overcome and often even sidestepped if we take positive and decisive action. Logical action is only possible the moment we fully understand what we are faced. Most problems lose their potency when we expose them to scrutiny. The more quality information we have the easier it becomes to take decisive action.




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Agoraphobia Treatment and solutions – It is the fear and anxiety with regards to open spaces.



Agoraphobia is a type of phobia that is connected to the experience of emotional stress attacks. It is the fear and anxiety with regards to open spaces or of to be present in a new public and crowded area such as a busy mall or an a crowded city street. It is actually typically relevant through leaving a place regarded as as a safe zone area, such as the home.

The huge sentiment of susceptability someone suffers from when undergoing this specific terror sometimes suffers from anxiety and panic attacks whenever come across these particularopen situations. The levels of worry over suffered by people who have repeated panic attacks vary in strength. From a lurking worry with regards to straying away from a safe zone into an entirely immobilizing fear which can prevent one from leaving home even for brief amounts of time.

The prevailing reflection behind agoraphobia is often intense fear that would an anxiety attack transpire, presently there might possibly be no aid or assistance accessible for that person. An agoraphobia sufferer desires reassurance to feel safe and secure and since none is available in these open spaces, he or she believes insecure and at the complete mercy of theconditions and the unknown people out there them where they feel they could be all of a sudden struggling to deal with by themselves.

A few of these issues might possibly consist of:

. Heading anywhere without the companionship of a “safe and secure” companion
. Getting well away from your own home
. Operating a vehicle. Going to places where escape is not readily available (e.g. theaters, public transportation, restaurants, stores )
. Vigorous physical effort (because of the notion that it may well lead to a panic disorder)

In extreme occurrences, agoraphobia and panic attacks lead to circumstances in which the sufferer are not able to get out of their residence for years. It’s be aware that this is definitely certainly not a hopeless issue and we all need to reinforce that something becomes hopeless only if the individual seriously believes that that as being so.

Agoraphobia Treatment and solutions

Lets have a look at the reasoning here of any secure zone. This makes reference to any where in which the person believes that anxiety attacks do not happen at least it can be someplace in which you are capable of keep on top of any sort of minimal emotions of nervousness. The security felt in such a place may possibly make a person suffering from agoraphobia commonly spend almost all of their time within this specific spot.

Such so named secure zone is actually a myth carried out as a habit of thought that such a location is the only possible spot where you will fully keep clear of anxiety attacks and agoraphobia. Why do somebody believe this sort of a spot is safe and sound whereas some other won’t be? The reasons why may possibly vary from convenient easy access to aid, being individuals you depend upon, familiarised places that seem safe etc.

In actuality, there is really simply no such thing as a secure zone because you will find practically nothing life threatening about an panic attack and therefore being in a safe zone like as your residence is certainly no different from sitting down in an open space under the clouds. Ones own mind can automatically validate that simply being in this type of an open space will keep you nearby to any help, doctors, medicines, hospitals. Safety.

Take a better look at your former anxiety attacks and check if you are still alive and good shortly after going through those experiences at which you had been so convinced you were going to die. If the similar panic attack took place in an open field under the clouds or a desert island, that would have passed on, even if you were all by yourself. True, in the case you had critical physical health issues that actually be dependent on swift medical help, then having medical aid close by is a huge help, but no health specialist would advise their medical patient with stress and anxiety that there is primarily specific safe zone areas in which they
need to stay in.

I know how distressing it can truly feel to move out of ones safe zone as the feeling of panic is rising inside of you, this isn’t suggested to be harsh. This isn’t about putting down people for their personal behaviors. It is just a system of looking for together at alternatives and seeing through the misconceptions that form prison walls. The purpose is to allow you to bring back to a richer and much more purposeful life and finally overcome your agoraphobia and panic attacks. I also recognize that those around you could not fully understand why a trip to shops would induce you such agony. You will need to be more forgiving them and make an effort to not be annoyed by their lack of insight.

If somebody such as someone close or partner has not had a similar panic and anxiety issues, that person may possibly generally find it challenging to comprehend and sympathise with what you are dealing with. I am sure you have been dragged outside of the your home several instances against your will. This may very often encourage to tensions and fights and could be very disturbing as it could make you actually feel misunderstood by all those around you. People around you are often simply aiming what they assume is best. If you can see that their wishes are good even though they are in many instances misguided, then you may be able to relate to them far better and help get over any potential disputes.

The one takeaway I am sure you will recognize with is that the one person who could take you out of agoraphobic thinking is yourself. These are your emotions, and only you could possibly start to replace that pattern. Dealing with long-lasting agoraphobia and anxiety attacks is a progressive task to begin with, but when the outcomes start happening, it goes faster and faster until eventually you reach a place where by you will see it hard to imagine that going out was on one occasion such an extremely tough activity.


By: Ryan Norwood


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The Teacher appears when the Student is ready…


Ramtha has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide for 30 years. His teachings have empowered tens of thousands of people to consciously create their reality and change their lives in ways that exceed their expectations and what they thought possible.


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