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A good friend is like a good investment. To make good long-term friends be a friend. Friends become a shield in troubled times. Friendship is not a one-sided deal. There are people that claim that they are your friends, but they are often just stranger exploiting you. Several of the friends you make during your lifetime will stick a knife in your back the first time your friendship is really tested.








Let us stop searching for answers and implement a few of the principles we already understand and know. Let us stop looking for new rules, laws and words of wisdom and start using the ones we already know, but never apply!


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Very few of us understand that we are playing a chosen role on the stage of life.



When you arrived on this plane you were already loaded with some software. You have a unique combination of your father and mother’s personalities that is embedded in your DNA. You also have your own “personality” that you developed during previous incarnations. You developed certain character traits during previous incarnations that are unique to you. You project who you “think you are” to everyone that come into your space. You are also exposed to a wide range of perceptions via your parents, the rest of the family, teachers and preachers. All this data is also embedded in your DNA.


Your body have a range of energy receptacles and transmission ports that is spread throughout your body. There is energy flowing through your system all the time. You thus have a unique frequency code that is broadcasted outside your body in the form of an aura. The collective energy that drives your body forms a shield or filter outside your body. There are some gifted individuals that can see this energy field. This energy “bubble” that encases your body contains all the data (previous incarnations, parent’s DNA plus new conditioning that took place). Most people then experience life through this shield and act out the perceptions embedded in this field. Many of us then concluded that we are our history and our personality. We then “spontaneously” and automatically slip into the many roles that we stored in this field and act and react according to the scripts we gathered (often over many lifetimes). This is how we get stuck in the same old habitual reaction patterns. This is also the reason why many of us endlessly duplicate our actions and reactions. Very few of us question the various roles that we play on the stage of life.


Actors take their makeup and characters off when they leave the stage. We in turn stay in character. Very few of us understand that our character is nothing more than a range of roles that we are playing on the stage of life. We think we are the character in all the stories that we drag with us from early childhood. We become mad, sad, and aggressive or cue. We sulk and we fight, we dance and jump with joy or fall into a deep depression when specific emotions are triggered. The triggers in our life can be our thoughts, but it can also be something we detect via our five senses. I hope you notice from the above that we often remain in our sometimes silly little roles while the days, weeks and often a lifetime slip away.


It is only those that wake up and grasp the above that escape from this perpetual theatre. Only those that understand that they can create new and more effective roles for themselves can escape the often deadly and endless cycles that they live and die in. No growth or wisdom can penetrate the energy field that I mentioned earlier. No modifications can be made to our perceived perceptions without a concerted effort from our side. We must change and modify the recipes that we use or will endlessly confront the same outcomes we achieve historically.


How do you modify the software in your head? You do this by finding a comfortable chair and where you can close your eyes and for a short period of time and re-write the scripts that fall short of your expectations. Just relax and close your eyes. First look at yourself in your old role. Decide what you are not happy with. Don’t be critical and avoid going on a guilt trip. Become an impartial observer. Simply observe your performances and notice the things you do and say that often sabotage you success and happiness.


Now visualise yourself under the same circumstances acting and reacting in a manner that will make you happy and produce the outcomes you desire. Observe how you look and feel in your new role. Feel the joy, excitement and stimulation that the character in your mind’s eye must be experiencing. Let your imagination run wild and free. Do not allow any of your old fears to contaminate your creation. Know that there are no limitations in this dimension. There is no lack and no shortage of anything in this dimension. Then open your eyes and start acting according to your new script. You will be amazed if you repeat this exercise for a few days how you will begin to manifest things, experiences and breakthroughs that you never thought possible.


Please feel free to question me on this technique.




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Wish you were better/smarter/stronger/faster? The truth is, your self perception may be getting in the way.



Wish you were better/smarter/stronger/faster? Sure, hard work helps, but the truth is, your self perception may be getting in the way.

We all form our own realities, and those realities aren’t perfect. Your self perception can be very limiting, and shaking up your notion of the world can do wonders for your productivity, creativity, and happiness. Here’s how to recalibrate your reality.

Remember the last time you lost confidence after your boss was disappointed in your work – or maybe you were stood up by a friend? You second-guessed yourself after that, and ultimately your work or personal life suffered.

The idea behind recalibrating your reality is pretty simple. When you get locked into a view of the world you get stuck in routines and you lose sight of different viewpoints. Recalibrating that view can help you solve problems, win arguments, and even be happier.

But how do we actually do it? We’ll take a look at a few of the different methods you can use to recalibrate your perception of the world and yourself, but first, we have to understand how we perceive the world to begin with.

The Basics of How We Perceive the World



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The Divine Matrix by Greg Braden


Almost universally, we share a sense that there‚ more to us than meets the eye. Somewhere deep within the mists of our ancient history, we know we have magic and miraculous powers within us. From the time of childhood, we fantasize about our ability to do things that are beyond the realm of reason and logic. And why not? While we‚ children, we have yet to ‚Äúlearn‚ Äù the rules that say miracles can‚ happen in our lives.


Gregg Braden has spent over 20 years studying spiritual and religious texts and is considered by many an inspired spiritual teacher. Most people interested in spirituality are already familiar with his previous works like ‚ The Spontaneous Healing of Belief‚ Awakening to Zero Point‚ The Science of Compassion‚The Isaiah Effect‚ and ‚The God Code.


The special message contained in Braden‚ new book, The Divine Matrix is that we are not observers but creators of our own personal worlds, and we have the power to transform our lives by gaining a better understanding of our relationship to all-that-is, learning how to listen to its messages, and learning to communicate with it in its own language.


The Divine Matrix is divided into three parts. Part I Discovering the Divine Matrix: The Mystery that Connects All Things‚ examines and combines ancient wisdom with recent breakthroughs in quantum physics to give us an understanding of this net of energy that contains all.


Part II, The Bridge Between Imagination and Reality: How the Divine Matrix works‚ describes in great detail our ability to connect with and re-program the matrix to mirror more desirable effects on our lives.


Part III, Messages from the Divine Matrix: Living, Loving, and Healing in Quantum Awareness‚ teaches us how to listen to the Matrix and how the Matrix reflects our emotions in the relationships we form with others and with our world.




Braden describes it as a field of energy, which provides the container as well as a bridge and a mirror for everything that happens between the world within and the world without. He also invites us to look at the Divine Matrix as a cosmic blanket, which is many layers deep and is everywhere and all the time. Braden tells us that from a quantum perspective, everything in existence from an atom to a whole planet can be thought of as a disturbance in the fabric of this space-time blanket. In the Vedas, this blanket is the unified field of pure consciousness‚ that bathes and permeates all creation. According to Hsin-Hsin Ming (the Taoist Faith-mind Verses) it‚ described as the essence which is the container of all experience and the experience itself.


Combining the wisdom of our oldest traditions with some findings of quantum physics, Braden concludes that there are three principles that govern the Matrix:


1. Everything exists within the Divine Matrix and everything is inter-connected.


2. The Divine Matrix is holographic, which means that any portion of the field contains everything in the field.


3. The past, present and future are intimately joined. As a container of time, the Matrix provides continuity between the choices of our present and the experiences of our future.




We connect to the Matrix, not by thought, but through the language of emotion. Our feelings of love, hate, fear, forgiveness etc. are actually instructions that program the Divine Matrix. Within this emotional communication and connection to the Matrix lies our power to bring healing, more joy and peace to our lives. According to Braden, the Matrix can be thought of a huge computer into which, through our beliefs, feelings and emotions, we program commands that produce the results we see in our lives.


In Part III, Braden provides us with 20 keys to conscious creation which if studied, understood and applied can help us greatly in getting in touch with our miraculous potential to heal and create joy, love and peace in the world.




Key 1: The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created.

Key 2: Everything in our world is connected to everything else.

Key 3: To tap the force of the universe itself, we must see ourselves as part of the world rather as separate from it.

Key 4: Once something is joined, it is always connected, whether it remains physically linked or not.

Key 5: The act of focusing our consciousness is an act of creation. Consciousness creates!

Key 6: We have all the power we need to create all the changes we choose!

Key 7: The focus of our awareness becomes the reality of our world.

Key 8: To simply say that we choose a new reality in not enough!

Key 9: Feeling is the language that‚ to the Divine Matrix. Feel as though your goal is accomplished and your prayer is already answered.

Key 10: Not just any feeling will do. The ones that create must be without ego and judgment.

Key 11: We must become in our lives that we choose to experience as our world.

Key 12: We are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them today.

Key 13: In a holographic every piece of the something mirrors the whole something/

Key 14: The universally connected hologram of consciousness promises that the instant we create our good wishes and prayers, they are already received at their destination.

Key 15: Through the hologram of consciousness, a little change in our lives is mirrored everywhere in our world.

Key 16: The minimum number of people required to a change in consciousness is the 1% of the population.

Key 17: The Divine Matrix serves as the mirror in our world of the relationships that we create in our beliefs.

Key 18: The root of our experiences may be reduced to one of the three universal fears (or a combination of them): abandonment, low self-worth, or lack of trust.

Key 19: Our true beliefs are mirrored in our most intimate relationships.

Key 20: We must become in our lives the very things we choose to experience in our world.


Undoubtedly, Gregg Braden is a great spiritual thinker and visionary of our times. Like many of his contemporaries he also tries to bridge science with spirituality. In part, this is in response to modern man‚ need not to take things on faith, but have his faith backed up by scientific evidence. In The Divine Matrix, Braden attempts to link quantum physics to metaphysics and spirituality. Does really such a link exist? The average lay person, would still have to take Braden‚ scientific ‚Äúevidence‚ on faith. The more scientifically oriented reader would tend to consider the link very tenuous and the evidence presented to prove it, arbitrary and sketchy.


Quantum physics is a highly complex science firmly rooted in reason and logic. Metaphysics, on the other hand, is deeply rooted in feeling, emotion, intuition and faith. Braden attempts to blend reason with intuition in his effort to broaden our understanding of our world. How successful and convincing his attempt is, is up to the discerning reader to decide.


This Review was written by Ismini Apostoli.


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Children that have strict and obsessive parents soon discover that telling the truth can turn into a fairly unpleasant experience.





One of the most corrosive things many of us do is that we often rationalise perceived mistakes we made. I am often astounded with the justifications that some people come up when they fall short of their own or other’s expectations. They will find something or someone to blame. They often blame the weather, racism, historical disadvantages, God or Satan, the government, the recipe, fellow workers, the children, their partner etc.

What we fail to understand is that rationalisation fortifies our habit of living a life of RESISTANCE. Did it ever cross your mind that mistakes you make or events where you fail to conclude a project successfully is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow? The word “sin” originally simply meant that a person fell short of the expectation (goal) that he was expected to achieve. It is only when devious and clever operators noticed the wonderful opportunity to use failure as a mind control system that the concept of sin took on the horrific dimensions still used in many religions.

People were made to feel like shit when they fell short of the so-called requirements that God personally cast in stone. What amplified the fear of sinning and letting God down was the absolute nonsense preached that nobody can escape the all seeing eye of God. People became devious and began to hide, rationalise and justify their failures. Children that have strict and obsessive parents soon discover that telling the truth can turn into a fairly unpleasant experience. They soon develop a wide range of justifications and rationalisation that would make a judge scratch his head. Some children can think up excuses and reasons for poor performance or a lack of progress that would make most defence attorneys blush.

Something else that must be kept in mind is that all of us look at life through our own filter systems. We see our own perceptions as real and valid and often cannot see anything from other’s perspectives. We become mentally blind and cannot for a moment contemplate why someone is making such a fuss about a perceived mistake we made. Empathy (putting you in other’s shoes) fell apart over the years. Showing empathy means that you admit to your mistakes and as explained earlier could lead to pain and punishment. Every time we get away with the justifications we make up we entrench ourselves deeper in our castle of RESISTANCE.

The problem with “making up stories and justifications” is that we must suddenly remember what bullshit story we used to cover up our dispositions. The joke is that we begin to believe our own stories and will often be prepared to fight to the death to keep what really happened under wraps. Admitting mistakes we made provide wonderful learning opportunities and at the same time extract the toxic substance that accompanies whatever transpired. We came to this dimension to experience and to grow. The mistakes we make are wonderful opportunities to learn and to expand our self-image and self-esteem. You can save lots of time, tap dancing and frustration if you admit your mistake and offer to remedy whatever damage you caused.

There are parent that strongly insist that their children tell them the truth (and nothing but the truth). The child often views a hair raising performance from their parents when they tell the truth. Their mother begin to hyperventilate while she rips bundles of hair out of her sculpt while the father clutch his chest while he whisper and wheeze how he is going to beat the child up and force him to stay in his room for fifteen years. Let’s be honest. Very few children will continue to admit to mistakes after a few dramatic performances by his or her parents. Children later become adults and even later parents. They in turn duplicate the examples set by their parents and in the process produce a new generation of children that RESIST admitting mistakes that also find it impossible to show empathy to those that they harmed in with a mistake they made. The solution is to “tell it like it is” and let the chips fall where they may.


Spend today and see if you notice how you or others justify and rationalise when mistakes are made. See how service staff blame the computer when the messed up your account. See how incompetent mechanics flounder and lie when you question the quality of work they did on your vehicle. Try a few time do admit your mistakes without trying to justify your error. You might shock a few individuals that are not used to hearing the truth – but do it anyway. I will continue this series tomorrow.



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The fool is under the impression that he/she can change people.



The fool is under the impression that he can change people. People often change for a relative short period not because they see the error of their ways, but because it seems like a good strategic move to make to achieve a desire objective. The chances of a rotten person making a permanent change are less than a million to one. Accept a person without his history or take note of his history and run for the hills. Getting married will not make him stop drinking, flirting, fighting and will also not make him more caring or responsible. Having a baby will not make him more responsible and caring. Constantly giving someone money will not make him more productive. Punishing him for years will not prevent him from doing it again. Sulking for a day, week or month will not change his mind and heart. We live in a something for nothing world today. Doing as little as you can get away with seems to be a top priority. Using guilt or fear will not change anyone that lacks compassion and empathy. See things as they are my friend.




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