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The Utopia Trap is the belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free.




The Utopia Trap


The Utopia Trap is the belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free


It’s a very basic, very understandable belief. It’s easy to see that other people are arranging things incorrectly — passing the wrong laws, misinterpreting things, even maliciously arranging things to the detriment of others. You can see poverty, repression, prejudice, and other conditions that stifle creativity and happiness.


It’s easy to feel that society needs an overhaul (major or minor) before you’ll be able to live freely. As a result, you can devote a great deal of effort to attempts to make others understand what you see, to the passing of laws, to a quest for a better society.


While you’re doing this, you obviously give up a great deal of time and other resources that could have been used to enjoy life. But it’s assumed that once the proper overhaul of society is completed, you’ll be able to live more freely.


There are two basic reasons why I don’t get involved in the quest to change society: (1) because it’s an indirect alternative, it’s a much harder, more permanent job than most people realize; and (2) it isn’t necessary. An individual doesn’t need to live in a free society in order to free himself — and when he tries to change the world, he’s in for a lot more trouble than he may have bargained for.


Harry Browne




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Change comes into being when there is no fear.


If you can really understand this, then the seed of that radical revolution has already been planted. Change comes into being when there is no fear, when there is neither the experiencer nor the experience; it is only then that there is the revolution which is beyond time. But that cannot be as long as I am trying to change the ‘I’, as long as I am trying to change what is into something else. I am the result of all the social and the spiritual compulsions, persuasions, and all the conditioning based on acquisitiveness – my thinking is based on that. To be free from that conditioning, from that acquisitiveness, I say to myself, ‘I must not be acquisitive; I must practice nonacquisitiveness.’ But such action is still within the field of time, it is still the activity of the mind. Just see that. Don’t say, ‘How am I to get to that state when I am nonacquisitive?’ That is not important. It is not important to be nonacquisitive; what is important is to understand that the mind which is trying to get away from one state to another is still functioning within the field of time, and therefore there is no revolution, there is no change. If you can really understand this, then the seed of that radical revolution has already been planted and that will operate: you have not a thing to do.


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Make it easy for people to be with you and deal with you.







John D. Rockefeller


You can boast with several university degrees, have enough certificates to paper a wall and still make very little progress in your career or life in general. Your path through life will be difficult and cumbersome if you are unable to successfully master the art in dealing with people.

I walked out of a chemist a few weeks ago because a rude and obnoxious clown with very limited people skills tried to make me and a few other customers feel like idiots. His manager when I spoke to him later tried to justify what happened by explaining that this person have a very “dry type of humour” and that we possibly misread his intentions. I love people with a dry sense of humour, but I resent it when a person goes into the “parent – child” mode when he or she speak to me.

This man lacked a major tool when it comes to the ability to deal with people. He lacked the ability to listen. He completed your sentences for you and jumped to conclusions before you even got into your stride telling him what your needs are. I noticed that his desk was empty the next time I visited the chemist. I think he possibly took up a job with some second rate circus.

Everybody wants to be accepted, respected and appreciated. You will have a turbulent ride in life if you fail to grasp this important fact of life. I believe that when you use the right approach you are often allowed to enter the more private space in a person’s mind. Our minds are usually a place that is usually only reserved for a small number of friends and family. If ignore this important fact, you will remain an outsider and never achieve your desired objectives. People will not do business with you if you lack people skills. The last thing we need is to wrestle and stumble our way through a person’s sticky personality.

You can make major problems go away or double your income by simple sharpening up on your people skills. I want to give you a very valuable tip today. Treat people the same way you would like them to treat you. This simple lesson is worth its weight in gold. When you start treating people the way you expect them to treat you, you will be astounded how most of them will become more compassionate and flexible. Try to be as fair as possible when you deal with people. You will be richly rewarded if you develop a reputation that you are a fair person in everything you do. Make it easy for people to be with you and deal with you. The worst thing that you can ever do is to attempt to always win arguments and show people the error of their ways.




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Words are like bullets.




POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude or sarcastic to anyone. Words are like bullets and can never be retracted once they leave your lips. Words written or expressed are recorded in the mind of the receiver. Words are packed with a dose of emotions that either build or contaminate. Once you infected the mind of your lover, mother, child or even a stranger with your pain producing judgements you plant a virus in their heads. These viruses then begin to eat away their self-image and self-esteem. Notice how most of your messages start with “me” or “I”. You can change your life overnight when you become “you” focused. Take “me” and “my” out of the way for a while and focus on the needs and desire of those that you interact with. You will suddenly read the story of the person that you interact with in their eyes. You will avoid “attack” mode and go into “compassion” mode. Look around you my friend an notice that you know little about the “story” of those that you interact with. This ignorance includes friends and even family members. Stop being “me” focused for a while and listen your way into compassion and love. Words of judgement come from the head while words of love, compassion, understanding and care in turn come from the heart.




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