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Warrior’s Wisdom + The Mastery of Money

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Notes from the diary of a sex addict



Notes from the diary of a sex addict


There she is. Standing there in her red high heels. So sexy. And I’m in a daze. Something’s moving down below. What a strange phenomenon. From the red high heels to the optical nerve to movement down below… Wonder why? Hmmm. Now there’s a subject for many a scientific paper. But who wants to waste time speculating over the deeper meaning of this or that when those red high heels are on their way towards me (smile)? And now they stop right in front of me. Inviting as hell. And hey, wow, now sound is actually coming from those red high heels. Or rather from the shapely figure that’s growing out of those red high heels. Miss Red High Heels is also wearing Red Lipstick and wow things are really moving (down there). What is she saying? How come I don’t understand a word of it… other than the red lips are moving and the white teeth, tongue, mouth start a chain reaction in me that makes it totally impossible to think clearly. What is she saying? Oh fuck, who cares? Enough that those red high heels and red lips are moving closer. Now I can even smell her… Fantastic how all this red seems to smell of roses and something else indescribably sweet. Weaving a magic spell around me, catching me in her net, like a poor little fly caught by a big spider. Oh yes, I am the fly and you can devour me skin and bones and everything…

And then bang! It strikes me that what I’m experiencing is a first class example of what those dear psychologists call “attachment hunger”… And there I go… misinterpreting the strong attraction I feel for Miss Red High Heels with the thought that a relationship with her could in any way be wise or healthy or good for either one of us…

Oh yeah, I’ve fallen into the trap once again… all the way…boom!

But hey bro, can I still pull out before the ship really goes aground for good?

Yes, yes, there’s still time. And even if she’s standing there swaying and luring me on with those damn red lips and those damn red heels and all the other wonderful, shapely aspects of her that are so delicious to look at – something shifts inside me. Something healthy and wise gets the upper hand and knows that all this is just leading in one direction – straight to hell. So I smile all nice and friendly like and excuse myself. I turn away resolutely and leave. Find a few innocent-looking people who are not wearing red high heels or red lipstick that I can talk to about everything and nothing. And as I stand there, I feel my inner turbulence starting to subside and I begin to feel clear and easy again, right in the heart of me. Because I chose love for myself instead of a few seconds, a few minutes of pleasure followed by days, weeks, months and maybe even years of regret and torment!

Whew, that was a close call!


by my friend Tim Ray –


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The saddest secret in the world is that you’re miserable by choice.




There is something so hard for people to admit that most would deny its obvious truth. The truth is too shameful.

The truth is that wherever you are is where you want to be. Whatever you are doing is what you want to do. You do not need to learn time management. You are managing your time exactly how you want to. It’s not a failure of willpower. You are exerting your will exactly as you want to.

Does your life suck? Do you suffer from some medical ailment? Are you fat? Do you have trouble meeting people? Are you in debt? Does your job suck?

If so, why haven’t you changed? It is 2014. Have you ever looked at this thing called the Internet? Have you been to a public library? Have you shopped at Amazon? Do you know about online message forums?

Pick the most obscure subject in the world and I guarantee there is a web forum devoted to it.

I had a strange skin ailment afflict me. This ailment is so rare that it’s not even diagnosed by most doctors. Yet there is a message board devoted to the subject. There are hundreds of people exchanging stories and tips. I was able to find the leading researcher on this ailment. I also learned that a trip to the Dead Sea will basically cure me. I just need to get “well enough” in order to take the trip.

If I can find out how to cure something that affects something like .0001% of the population, why are you fat and miserable? Why can’t you get laid? Why is your credit garbage?

It sure isn’t because you lack information. There are probably a dozen different dieting books that would help you lose weight. Paleo, vegetation, fruitarian, South Beach, Zone…Pick one. They will all work.

How many books are there with “personal finance” in the title? Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey’s books are cheesy but they undoubtedly work. No one who has actually followed the advice has ever said, “Total Money Makeover doesn’t work!” Buy one and follow it. That’s all it takes to become debt free.

The saddest secret in the world is that you’re miserable by choice. You don’t want to get better. You are content to wallow in your own fecal matter, like a hog.

I personally have no problem with that. It’s your life. Do your thing.

Just don’t act as if you aren’t, with each decision made day after day, singularly responsible for ruining it.


Author Unknown


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Winners push back their fear and venture outside their comfort zone everyday. Courage is the key to success and problem management. When you walk tall and make a stand when others get cold feet you become a leader. Everybody, including champions experience fear, but winners walk through these emotions and do what needs to be done. Champions walk forward notwithstanding their fears and live their dreams. Losers find excuses for their cowardice.


Everything in life works in cycles. You need to learn when to conclude cycles if you really want to become a champion. When you sustain cycles that poison you, you are building disappointment into your dreams and goals. When something is over then it is over and should not be kept alive artificially. Unfinished cycles clutter your mind and prevent you to act in a positive and constructive manner.


Communication is vital if you want to make a success of project, relationships and your career. You need to communicate to others exactly what you feel if you want to avoid speculation and confusion. Remember when in doubt start asking questions or you will make a fool of yourself. Learn when to speak up and when to suspend talking. The ability to listen must be the most important tool when it comes to the art of communication.

Cause and effect

Everything in life works on a cause and effect basis. This principle is a key to success in everything that you will ever do. Every action that you take will have an equal reaction. The more “right” things you do the more successful you will become in everything that you will ever involve yourself with. What you give out you usually also get back. Give yourself the best chance of success by making sure of the quality of all your actions and reactions.

Critical moments

We are often confronted with special moments where the decision we make or action we take could alter our destiny forever. It is very important to allow yourself enough time to do a proper evaluation of the information or situation before you make a decision. Impulsive decisions are usually paid for later in time, money and frustration.


There is nothing that will open more doors for you than unconditional care for others. We are living in a world where people just do really care about the needs of others any more. When you change from a taker to a giver you will win the hearts and minds of many people. You must also be careful not to allow your caring attitude to lead to abuse by others. People often see a caring attitude as a weakness and begin to take your for granted.

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You are not a victim that needs to pay/get punished for the rest of your life.


If you do not like anything you have the right to recreate or modify your creation until you are satisfied with the desired outcome. You are not a victim that needs to pay and get punished for the rest of your life for mistakes you made historically. Many of us just accept our lot in life and suffer in silence, often until the day we expire. Look around you and make a list of the things you would like to recreate ……. starting today!



What you do to other you actually do to yourself. It is amazing when you finally grasp that we are all ONE and part whole. What you fail to do for another you deprive yourself of as well. It is silly to expect love, care, support and understanding if you are ego driven and always “ME” focused. Your world is a mirror image of the mindset that you use while at work or play. It is only brave individuals that are prepared to open themselves in this manner.



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