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The size and shape of breasts, to tell you who you are!




Men have always been fascinating about huge boobs of ladies, that has prompted women to do anything within their power just to get it. But naturally the size and shape of the breast can really determine their personality.

Find out below, the size and shape of breasts, to tell you who you are!

Round Breast (Orange Shape Breast)

This type women may always have problems with frigidity, although they are so popular with the opposite sex, they’re not interested in sex,  and hardly reach orgasm.

However, women with round breasts can be very open sexually and even go extra mile to try new positions if they get the confidence from their partner.

They are very attractive without being massive, although she is self-confident sharp minded and hardworking, yet still do not tend to help husbands in their career, but rather dedicated to the nuclear family.

Triangular Breast

These women are not loyal, and may have several sex partners. They always break the forbidden rules and are mainly the manufacture of extramarital affairs. These women often become great actresses or hookers.

Very open-minded and profit from plenty of sensuality. Sometimes everything seems to do without making an effort and get what they want rapidly

Small Breast (Cherry Shape Breast)

These types of breast indicate excited women. They are fun-loving, clever but always hides their real intentions. They don’t fantasize about sex but always ready to carry out their partner’s sex fantasies.

Pear Shaped Breast

Tends to be heavily endowed, very independent and always willing to fight for what they want. This kind of woman want to be on top of anything they do, because they are strong minded, can drive you crazy in bed too.

Curved Breast

These women don’t usually get high positions as far as business is concern, but very industrious.

They are the kind of wives every man dream of, very faithful, good in bed and a good housewife.

Grape Shape Breast

She looks like a very strong sex Desirer, but on the other hand she lacks the enthusiasm. Simple and shy in reality. She may love her partner, but considerate and gentle than sexual desire

Lemon Shaped Breast

These women are always full of fun, very lively, unique and outstanding.

They love life but undervaluing their self, upon all that they live a harmless and peaceful life.

Oval Shaped Breast

The oval breast types of women are very smart. Though generally have their own occupation, she still be very romantic. They are very faithful too, Just win her heart and she will be with you alone.

Full Breasted

These kinds of women are proud of their breasts because it shows evident of femininity.

They look like the dominating type (in bed), but rather lacking a whole lot. Do not move and do not give interest, considering that the man should do all the work.




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Wayne Dyer’s 13 Most Powerful Life Lessons.



When Your Erroneous Zones came out it was banned in all of the countries behind the Iron Curtain. So Dr. Dyer smuggled copies into Prague. That’s how much he believed in the message he was spreading.


Dr. Dyer grew up in an orphanage, an incredibly hard experience and one that many people might not be able to overcome.

But difficult experiences are what sculpt the soul. Now he’s thankful, he told me, for those experiences.


At the beginning of his career, someone told Dr. Dyer “The only way to reach everyone in America is by getting on a nationally syndicated TV show.”

“No matter how many times he contacted the big shows, they rejected me every time.”

So he packed his car full of books and drove across the whole country to connect with people face-to-face.

Today everyone wants to “go viral.” They want the internet to make them an overnight success. But sometimes you just need to work insanely hard and go to the people. One at a time, face-to-face.

“Viral” often is a disease you want to get rid of. But “connection” can lead to lifelong benefits.


He said everyone today is so eager to blame their situation on the stock market or the economy.

But whatever meager resources you have, make it work for you. Find a way to move forward.

He said that since he was 9 years old he’s never been unemployed, even if it meant he had to carry bags of groceries at the supermarket for a nickel.

The key to an enriched life is having a burning desire. Wayne says that you must “have an inner flame that no matter what goes before you it never flickers.” This desire will enable you to seize every opportunity and create the life you want to live.

Don’t let someone tell you you can’t do XYZ because there’s no money in it.

“People used to tell me ‘Don’t be a teacher, you can’t make any money doing it.’ ,” he told me.

But now he says he’s a teacher with the largest classroom and the most amount of students.

Every day, don’t try to jump into another box. Just try to think a little bit more outside of the box society has put you in.


Wayne says that If something isn’t working in his life he always tells himself “It must be because I haven’t used enough determination or I haven’t been fearless enough or I haven’t been willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

He never lets himself make any excuses. Because even if there is an external explanation, he can’t control external factors. He can only control himself.


On June 26, 2013, Wayne announced to his whole family that he was done writing books.

He explained in great detail why he felt like that chapter of his life was done.

Then on June 27th he started writing his next book! He had 100% intended to be done with books, but when he felt the urge to start writing that morning he embraced it.

Rather than resisting and forcing his own plans, he accepted what came his way and let it direct him.


There are somethings that we can’t change. Our hardwiring, our bodies, our physical limitations.

But within that framework we have the power to make choices. We choose how to use the resources we were given.

Improving (or not improving) 1% a day is not even noticeable. That’s why it’s so easy for people to say, “nothing is happening” and inadvertently cost their lives 1% a day. Focus on that 1% improvement and everything changes.


You might be saying “OK James, a bunch of these lessons are about following your purpose, but what if I don’t know what mine is?!”

Wayne asked “What’s the difference between good and God?”

The answer is “o”. Not just ‘oh’ but ‘zero.’

So whatever makes you feel good, whatever energizes you and lights you up inside, that’s God. That’s God telling you that that’s what you are meant to be doing.

I don’t believe that anyone has one purpose in life. And I don’t like attaching any one religious philosophy to being content in life.

But I like the idea of taking that “zero” and filling it up, if only for today, with something you love.


Life is a gift. Don’t let your ego get in the way of fully experiencing and appreciating it.

When we were kids, we laughed and asked question. When we’re adults, we cry and shout answers.

Sometimes it’s good to feel like a kid again, even at age 75.


It’s hard living the life you want. It requires determination and strength and wisdom and fearlessness. And those are all difficult things.

You only find the alternative waiting for you on your deathbed.


Not in a woo-woo, intangible way with no connection to the real world. Too many people try to scam with that word.

“Enlightenment is all about improving your relationships. Being more loving with your spouse. Being more patient with your children. The quest for enlightenment is about improving your daily life in real ways.”


Suffering: reflecting on pain in the past and learning from it;
Being present: learning from what you’re going through right now;
“Getting out front”: being proactive rather than reactive.


No matter what happens in the world around us, no matter what happens to us, there is a place inside of you where you are 100% in control of what happens.

“Maybe you can’t control the terrible things that happen to you, but you’re in control of how you respond.”

You’re in control of your feelings and your own happiness. That’s not to say that it’s not incredibly difficult, but the point is that NO ONE ELSE has the power over your mindset. “Inside your chest, you are sovereign.”


By James Altucher,
Author of
The Power of No



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The key ideas that Every Self Help Book Ever Published is based on.


Why pay a fortune for books or to listen to speeches or sermons that are more often than not based on the following foundations? Grasp these principles and save yourself a fortune in time and money!




Roughly 90% of Self Help books contain the same advice repeated over and over. Don’t believe me? Stop by your local book store sometime and read the Table of Contents of a dozen or so Self Help books.

The advice may be worded differently or geared toward a specific target audience (eg. men, women, various enthnic and social groups), but the underlying message is pretty much always the same. Here’s a list of that advice:

You Create Your Own Life

You are not a victim. You are 100% responsible for the life you have right now. If you are unhappy, you have the power to change your attitude and actions to begin making your life better. Always remember, whether you think life sucks or you think life is great, either way, you’re right.

You Make Yourself Feel The Way You Feel

Ever notice how some people are able to brush off insults, while others get furious and start throwing punches? Realize that nobody can “make” you feel anything. You are the one that “chooses” to feel good or bad about a particular event or action that occurs.

Fake It Until You Make It

If you want to be more confident, happy, or positive, then “pretend” that you already are this way. Eventually, after practicing this long enough, you’ll realize that you’re no longer “pretending”.

Follow Your Purpose

A purpose is what you enjoy doing that you never get tired of and you will do for the rest of your life. Is your purpose to write screenplays? Is it to help sick people? Write down on index cards a list of purposes and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

Set Goals and Schedule Your Day

List out 5 to 10 goals that you want for your life. Break each goal up into smaller sub-goals and then break those sub-goals into individual tasks and action steps. Every night, plan the next day in advance. Create a daily “to-do list” with those tasks that you need to do to accomplish your goal.

Live in the Present

Regret and shame come from dwelling in the past. Worrying and anxiety come from living in the future. True peace of mind comes from living in the present. The more you become aware of being in the present, the more it becomes a part of your daily life.

The Power of Attraction

The power of attraction is a powerful mental tool. The process works by focusing on something that you want while visualizing that you already have it. You then have a heightened level of awareness for recognizing opportunities that occur around you. These opportunities will then assist in bringing what you want into your physical reality.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone (what you feel comfortable doing) is always in a state of either expanding or contracting. The more you get out in the world and do what you feel uncomfortable doing, the less inhibited you become, thereby allowing you to live a richer and fuller life.

Be Thankful For What You Have

Every morning before you start your day, give thanks and appreciation for what you have. It’s only when we are thankful for what we have that life gives us more blessings and abundance to be thankful for.

The Power of Asking

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s the reason that children ask their parents for the same thing over and over again, because they know mom and dad will eventually cave in. The same concept works in the real world. If there is something in the world you want, ask for it…or at least ask how to get it.

Learn from the Pros and Copy Them

Find the successful people in your field and ask them for advice. Ask them what they do to be successful, take notes, and then copy them. A lot of people think that the pros don’t want to share. The opposite is actually true. Most successful people are more that willing to share their knowledge if you ask them.

Ignore the Trolls

Trolls are people that will try to discourage you from your dreams. Don’t listen to them. Realize that the only reason they are doing it is because by seeing you chase after your dreams, it’s reminding them that they aren’t chasing theirs. Misery loves company.




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It is NATURAL to experience UPS AND DOWNS in life




It is NATURAL to experience UPS AND DOWNS in life. There has never been anyone ever in the history of man that only experienced UP (high) periods in his or her life. Look around you and you will notice that everything presents unique CYCLES. Everyone goes through GROWTH and REDUCTION cycles. It will be crazy to feel like a victim when you experience a DOWN period in any area of your life. You are not in a DOWN period because some kind of punishment is metered out to you. You are not in a DOWNWARD phase because you are a SINNER or because you are INFERIOR in any way. Repeat as often as you can today. It is NATURAL to experience LOW periods in any area of my life. It is NATURAL to experience a general DOWN period as well. See the following image in your head while you repeat these words of wisdom.



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Do not take it upon yourself to show people on the error of their ways.



During the dark ages, the kings often killed the bearer of bad news. People still today do not appreciate hearing bad news. Do not take it upon yourself to show people on the error of their ways. Your intentions might be pure, but will rarely be appreciated.


Earn the goodwill of people and you will make your journey much more pleasant and purposeful. It is an attribute to be self-reliant, but it is sometimes vital to lose your individuality for the sake of the team. Teams that consist out of a bunch of highly skilled individual players often find it difficult to win. Teams that consist of average players that can gel together and play as a single unit will usually outperform any highly talented team where its members perform on an individual basis.


Emotional, off the cuff decisions always bring disaster into your life. Never make important choices or decisions while you are feeling, rushed, depressed, pressurised or defeated. Never quit when you feel down. If it is time you need, then buy some time. Rushed decisions will lead to disappointment and loss.


Emotions play a major role during conflict resolution. Allow the other party to express how they feel. The obstacle is often not what happened, but how it made the person feel that you have the dispute with.


Enjoy your moments of applause because it can fade like snow in the morning sun. The less informed thinks that the lustre will last forever. True champions know that they must persist with their hard work if they want to sustain peak performance. They are champions because they can perform at their peak even if there is no support from the crowd.


Enthusiasm and passion assists you to overcome serious obstacles and help you to make your dreams a reality. Enthusiasm is like a power additive that you add to your mission in life.


Establish what people need if you want to make a fortune. The formula is simple. If you know what a person really desires you can find ways to assist such person to achieve his objectives. If a man urgently wants some water, do not give him bread. If a man wants recognition, do not swear at him. The formula is quite simple. You will be blessed if you help enough people to achieve their objectives.


Even the most stubborn person can be convinced if you can learn to listen to his perceptions in a non-judgemental way. How can you structure your debate and achieve success if you have only one goal in mind and that is to enforce your will onto the other person? The magic key to success in debate and dispute resolution is not to shout and intimidate, but to adapt your arguments so it will make sense to your opponent from his point of view.


Every decision that you make has some kind of side effect. Remember you cannot please all the people all the time. We are sometimes forced to make choices that make certain people very unhappy. The key is to make a decision that is most appropriate at that moment. We need to sometimes remove our emotions from the arena if we want to make objective decisions.






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