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How would you like it if a complete stranger offers to give you money or solve a problem for you that you thought will remain unsolvable?


How would you feel if a friend that you lost contact with phone you and ask you to become his partner in a lucrative business venture?


Would you be surprised if you suddenly sell your house at an above expected price notwithstanding the serious deflated market?


How would you feel if you suddenly discover that you have above average skill in writing and publish a bests selling book?


Would you be blown away if you suddenly get a brilliant idea that becomes a huge success in the market?


Would it not be wonderful if you out of the blue meet a person that becomes your soul mate or best friend?


What will you do if you suddenly get promoted to a much higher position with much better benefits?


Are you aware that you have millions of duplicates of yourself that operate in the endless number of parallel universes that make up the quantum soup that we live in? Each universe vibrates at its own unique frequency and cannot be seen or experienced by those that operates outside its own unique frequency range.


We all know that you can tune a radio or TV to a desired program or station. Once you tuned into your desired station or program you become oblivious to the other radio and TV programs broadcasted in a slightly higher or lower frequency range. It would be stupid to insist that only the program that you are looking at or that you are listening to is real.


It is now a well proven scientific fact that we are nothing more that a cluster of atoms and molecules that are vibrating at a specific frequency. It is only because our “vibration” can be detected by others in this dimension that we appear real to them. The same goes for everything and everyone that share this dimension with us.


The same holds true in other dimensions as well. Everything and everyone in the limitless number of dimensions also appear real and solid to those that are calibrated to tune into the unique frequency band that they operate in.


Your house or office can theoretically be slap, bang in the middle of a very busy shopping mall in one dimension or a factory in yet another dimension. You are thus sharing the same space with an unlimited number of parallel universes.


What might astound you more is the fact that you do not only operate in the current universe that you are living in now. You might be a salesman in this dimension while you are a plumber, doctor, dentist, artist or professional athlete in other dimensions. All this might be difficult for you to absorb or digest at this stage, but will soon become clearer to you.


This revelation came to me many years ago. I accompanied my father one day when he visited a very wise old lady that could detect these parallel universes. I can still recall as if yesterday how she expressed serious discomfort to my father. She told him that they are busy building a shopping mall in one of the parallel universes adjacent to our own that will place her house in the middle of this construction. She told him that the noise and activity is driving her crazy and expect things to get worse once they completed the shopping mall.


I studied all aspects of metaphysics, spirituality and quantum physics for more than forty years now. The unveiling of this principle to me was a very slow and gradual process. It was only when the principles of “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” gained so much acceptance that I decided that society evolved enough to grasp and accept what I am sharing with you in this document.


Everything in the endless universes has a unique frequency range. Not a single blade of grass has the same frequency than its neighbour. Everything operates on its own unique frequency. Every hair on your head boasts with its own unique frequency. Every cell in your body transmits at its own unique frequency. You can almost say that everything has a unique bar code.


The collective symphony of all the frequency transmissions in your body merges to form a unique symphony that not only make you visible in your current dimension, but also transmits your tone throughout the quantum sea of possibility that contains the collective frequency of everything. This collective sea of consciousness is called God, Allah or Mohamed by many. Everything in all dimensions is thus contained in a collective pool of consciousness.


Let us go back now and re-visit the concept that we simultaneously operate in millions of different dimensions at any given moment in time. We are not trapped in earth dimension. Many tried in vain to convince us that we can only upgrade to higher dimensions after our death if we do what they tell us to do. I am sure you can also see now that death is also an illusion. Your earthly vehicle might run out of steam in this dimension, but your spiritual self that operates on millions of other dimensions continue as if nothing happened.


We can, if we know how, travel between these various dimensions. We can for example consult with our duplicate selves in other dimensions. We might for example be faced with a specific problem that we find daunting and difficult to overcome. We can go to our parallel self in another dimension that is an expert in the field that is causing our current discomfort or stress and consult with him or her. We will not only receive guidance on the subject matter at hand, but come back to our current dimension tuned to the right frequency needed to solve our problem or achieve our desired goal. Our short visit to one of our duplicate selves in another dimension will recharge our energy levels and download vital information that will help us to overcome a problem or help us succeed with a project that we are working on.


This is obviously a fairly complicated subject that might at this stage boggle your mind. I want you to put all your questions out of your mind and first “test drive” it for a while. You have absolutely no idea how electricity works, but use it all the time. I am sure you never really sat down and attempted to figure out how the electricity in your TV produces the wonderful programs that you watch daily. You never questioned this magical energy that cooks your food or wash your washing. I am sure the thought never crossed your mind that this amazing force that we use to drive our economy is something produced by the devil.


The process to shuttle from one dimension to another is very easy once you get your analytical mind out of the way. All you need to do is to apply the following technique. You can do this exercise anywhere. The best time however is before you fall asleep at night.




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The SHOULD HAVE TRAP – My partner should have/could have – My neighbour should have/My son should have/My boss should have etc.


Dear Fellow Bloggers,


The only reason why we suffer is because we resist, argue or fight with “what is”. When we become convinced about the facts of “what is” we stop sabotaging our ability to enjoy, progress and succeed with whatever we are busy with at any given moment.


If you insist in your attempt to change, modify or enjoy a different “what is” then you might as well attempt to train your dog to sing like a canary. You can try all you like, but will end up with a dog that still barks like crazy notwithstanding all your effort. Wanting your reality to be different than what you are faced with at any given moment is just stupid and a waste of time. You can send your dog for singing classes or you can hire a tutor for him, but will end up with a dog that still barks like the day he got this stupid notion in his head. All you willpower, money and effort will not provide you with the outcome you desired.


I want you to sit back for a moment and think how many time in the last day or week did you think thoughts like – My partner should have or could have – My neighbour should have – My son should have – My boss should have etc.


These thoughts clearly illustrate that you wanted reality to be different than it was or still is at this moment in time You experienced frustration, anger, anxiety, rejection and stress because you argued against the hard cold facts of “what is”.


You might think that you can see in what direction my message are moving and would like to tell me that if you simply accepted the reality of “what is” you would become passive and nothing would change or improve in any area of your life. If you posed this question to me I would ask you which of the following questions sound more logical and sane to you. “I wish I never made that stupid investment and lost all my money” or “What can I do, starting today to generate more income so I can make up for the money I lost?”


Accepting the reality of “what is” does not mean that you condone or approve of the way things are or of the behaviour of someone, it just means that you give up all your resistance and inner struggle wishing that things were different. I know that no one wants to lose his money, experience the moaning of a partner or boss or struggle with a sick child. It is however vital that you understand that it is much more helpful not to mentally argue with the reality of the moment. This might sound extremely logical, but the fact of the matter is that we have been doing this since early childhood and achieve nothing beneficial from this habitual responds pattern. We know that our resistance to “what is” is counter productive and futile, but be sustain this mode of operation and hope that one day we will achieve an acceptable outcome.


You will be amazed how your life will change when you learn to accept “what is”. It will not be easy initially to just accept “what is” because you have been playing this game since early childhood and your ego is of the opinion that it is the right thing to do. The problem that you are faced with is that you always lose when you play this silly game. When you argue with “what is” you always lose my friend.


Just awareness of this fact will bring a new perspective into the way you do things. You will stop the futile arguing and fighting against “what is”, what could or should have been. You will accept “what is” without mentally fussing and straining and start working on ways that you can avoid a repeat performance in the future. You will stop wasting energy on what you hoped or whished for. Progress is only possible when you accept “what is” and boldly start working towards the outcome you desire.


Kind regards




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Oh My God!!! Do I Have Anger “Issues”?



Oh My God!!! Do I Have Anger “Issues”?


Do you often lose your temper? Do you often say things that later you regret because of anger? Do others consider you a volatile person, afraid to be around you, not knowing why or when you will suddenly erupt? Do you feel entitled to having these angry reactions, do you feel that others “make” you angry? Do you sometimes find that anger gives you power over others? Do you sometimes feel that if you don’t do something like breaking an object, or slamming a door, you are going to burst? Have you ever felt weak and incapable of controlling your anger? Have you become violent towards another person because of anger? Have you damaged a person’s property because of anger? If your answer is yes to just a couple of the above, then, Oh My God, You Have Anger Issues!

What is anger? Is it ok? Yes, anger is ok. It is one of our basic reactions and feelings and a natural part of our lives. It is an emotional signal of displeasure with an event or behaviour we have encountered. One of our basic skills in life is how to feel our anger, how to manage our anger, and how to express our anger appropriately. However, anger, being a reaction to some sort of conflict between our desires and the response of the environment, should not be a permanent attribute of our personality, but rather a temporary feeling which subsides as soon as the conflict is resolved.

What are the many faces of anger? Well, have you ever met a person who is constantly angry about something? There are some people who have integrated anger into their personality style as a permanent trait. They are always angry about everything. They get easily frustrated over small things, get annoyed at events that others simply ignore, and carry their anger wherever they go. No matter what the occasion, they will find something to be dissatisfied with, something they will find very annoying. It seems as if they are intentionally focusing on what can make them mad, as an excuse to let their anger out. Sometimes, such people discover that with their anger they gain control and power over others, and may use their anger deliberately as a manipulative technique. Intimidators, bullies may fall in this category.

Then, there is anger resulting from “narcissistic injury” or a perceived attack on self-esteem and feelings of insult and shame. People with unhealthy self-esteem, who feel unworthy or unloved and carry a lot of shame within them, tend to feel inordinate shame at small insignificant comments made by others, are overly touchy when criticized, ignored, or neglected and may erupt in quite violent anger, often termed “narcissistic rage”. This type of anger turned against the person who has caused the insult or the shaming experience is a way the “insulted” person has found to hit back, get revenge, or release these very intense feelings.

Another variant of narcissistic anger is paranoid anger, often as an extension of the former. In narcissistic anger what is threatened and being responded to is a perceived threat to shaky self-esteem. In paranoid anger the perceived threat is against the person’s basic security or safety. Everyone is out to get such a person, take his/her job, do him/her an injustice, fool and deceive him/her etc. This anger stems from deep feelings of insecurity and lack of trust and is expressed with self-entitlement as a means of protection against the evilness of others. Often, this type of anger takes the form of “moral indignation” – accusing others of being “wrong” or “bad” or “immoral” giving the angry person a false feeling of superiority, while covering underlying feelings of weakness, vulnerability, insecurity, or envy.

The most dangerous type of anger is sudden, explosive anger, which occurs when the individual totally loses control of himself. The causes for this type of anger may be any of the ones mentioned above, and the intensity of the anger reaction can be attributed to faulty impulse control, which may be evident in other forms of extreme impulsivity in that person’s life. People suffering from such anger may harm others or themselves as a way to rid themselves of these very powerful feelings and gain relief.

On the other hand, there are people who are afraid of anger. Perhaps, in their childhood they were taught that it was not appropriate to express anger, or they were so afraid of other people’s anger that they decided that anger was “bad”. Some people are so afraid of anger that not only do they not express it, but cover it up with various defenses so that they do not feel their anger anymore. Such people’s main concern is to keep the peace at all costs, not rock the boat, not gain the displeasure of another person, not make things even worse, not lose acceptance or love. Anger, theirs or other people’s, is just too upsetting, it disturbs their sense of security and safety and such people tend to shrink back from it and systematically avoid it. Frequently, depression or psychosomatic symptoms may result from this constant repression of anger.

Another type of not expressed anger is called passive-aggressive anger. If the people in the previous category get tumors, people in this category can “cause” tumors to others, by their obstinate uncooperativeness. Frustrating others is their specialty and their cup of tea. Late for appointments, dates, “forgetful” of things, professional procrastinators, and all of that under a meak and mild countenance and a guileless smile. In contrast to repressed anger, which is not consciously felt by the individual, passive-aggressive anger is consciously felt and consciously expressed in this indirect and masked style as a way of revenge or control of others.

And, finally, there is “healthy” anger. What are the characteristics of healthy anger?

Healthy anger is consciously felt – not repressed or avoided.

Healthy anger is filtered through our reasoning faculties and modulated.

Healthy anger is verbally expressed in a civilized and controlled manner and its aim is not to injure, attack, insult or otherwise harm the anger-provoking person, but resolve the anger-provoking situation.

Healthy anger is quickly released once the conflict is over and not held onto as resentment or hard feelings.

And when we can do all that, then with a sigh of relief we may proudly say, Thank God, I Don’t Have Anger “Issues”!!!


Ismini Apostoli


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There is a strange/mysterious world that surrounds us – hidden from our senses.

There is a strange and mysterious world that surrounds us, a world largely hidden from our senses. The quest to explain the true nature of reality is one of the great scientific detective stories.



It starts with Jacobo Konisberg talking about the discovery of the Top quark at Fermilab. Frank Wilceck then featured to explain some particle physics theory at his country shack using bits of fruit. Anton Zeilinger showed us the double slit experiment and then Seth Lloyd showed us the worlds most powerful quantum computer, which has some problems. Lloyd has some interesting ideas about the  being like a quantum computer.


Lenny Susskind then made an appearance to tell us about how he had discovered the holographic principle after passing an interesting hologram in the corridor. The holgraphic principle was illustated by projecting an image of Lenny onto himself. Max Tegmark then draws some of his favourite equations onto a window and tell us that reality is maths before he himself dissolved into equations.


The most interesting part of the program was a feature about an experiment to construct a holometer at Fermilab described by one of the project leaders Craig Hogan. The holometer is a laser inteferometer inspired by the noise produced at the gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO. It is hoped that if the holographic principle is correct this experiment will detect its effects.


Clues have been pieced together from deep within the atom, from the event horizon of black holes, and from the far reaches of the . It may be that that we are part of a cosmic hologram, projected from the edge of the . Or that we exist in an infinity of parallel worlds. Your reality may never look quite the same again.



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