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Extreme Sex How Far Man Will Go for Sex.

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Why have we been domesticated like pets in to believing that we are our history?


Are you a WRITER who does not write a PAINTER who does not paint, an ENTREPRENEUR who never starts a venture? Do you feel that SOMETHING prevents you from ACHIEVING your full potential? Then it might be an appropriate moment to take a hard look at how your RESISTENCE arrested your ability to take decisive and sustained action. New Series – No. 3


You have free will and make an endless number of choices daily. You can choose to accept “what is” and manage “what is” to the best of our ability or you can choose to ignore “what is” and base your actions and reactions on illusions, nonsense and outdated perceptions. Illusions and false perceptions can make our days depressing and unproductive. We suffer and experience pain and rejection because we base most of our actions and reactions on data that is not valid or accurate. We became trapped in deadly repetitive daily cycles. Very few of us take the time to stop for a moment and ask ourselves why we are persisting with our self-sabotaging behaviour. We forget that we are acting on our stage of life to learn and experience. We are not the actor. We are and will remain a spiritual being even while we are “in character” on our stage. One of the biggest travesties done to us during our childhood was when they convince us that we are the actor on our stage. We are as I indicated earlier just a student at Earth School. Actors remove their make-up and go home when the show is over. Why have we been domesticated like a pet to believe that we our history? This social control system warped our perception about our self-worth and stopped many of us to “move on” after we learned our lessons and experienced what we desired.





Actors remove their make-up and go home when the show is over. Why have we been domesticated like pets into believing that we our history? 



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Can you see how you were captured in a mental stray jacket since early childhood?



It is amazing how myths control our thoughts and feelings on many fronts in our lives. We for example are taught a range of myths when it comes to religion at a very young age. A child in the west is taught that he or she has been a defective sinner since birth and that changes are outstanding that he or she will end up getting toasted if a certain deity is not accepted as his or her saviour. The moment that this child accepts this myth as truth it is programmed into his automatic reaction patterns and will govern a huge percentage of all his daily thoughts and the choices that he or she makes. The same programming takes place when it comes to children that enter this life experience via parents that believe in different deities. It is these myths that have been responsible for millions of murders during wars in the name of a certain God or deity perceptions. The point that I am making is that our thoughts and feelings govern everything we create in our little words that we live and die in. Our thoughts create absolutely everything that we encounter in all our day-to-day activities. Thoughts based on myths cannot produce offspring that is different than its original norm structure.


It is myths that caused mankind to shatter into millions of tiny fragments. It is myths that created the huge voids between religions, tribes, nations and groups. Myths have been used to indoctrinate you into believing that your political party, church or race is superior to those that believe otherwise. Stories (myths) are told about your forefathers and how they like super heroes fought for the little fragment of land that you now live on against those that presented a different perception than your own. The leaders and fighters are amplified to almost God like status. They were wise, brave and bold in the myths told to you around camp fires or while you went to school. You were brainwashed to become loyal to your specific group. The brainwashing is so effective that many are prepared to give their precious lives for ideologies built on mythical foundations. You have been discouraged to look at the other fragments and their ideologies and myths. You were threaded with everlasting agony in a place called hell if you dared to waver on the path set by the deluded programmers that uploaded the software that is still running your life. Anyone or thing that was deemed not within your warped mythical zone was depicted as evil, inferior, the anti-Christ or from the Devil. Can you see how you have been hypnotised and how you were captured in a mental stray jacket since early childhood? The dogma, myths and legends were punished and often beaten into you when you were still young and vulnerable.


Look around you and you will begin to notice that a lot of the myths told to you can actually be classified as insane. They say a sure sign that a person is insane is the habit of repeating the same old action while such person expects a different outcome. We are now living in a time where we must be brave and test the dogma and myths taught to us against the reality of life. We must wake up and venture outside our comfort zones and listen to those that we have been taught to despise. We must stop judging each other through our perceptions (myths) and realise that we are in actual fact one. It is as I mentioned above our myths that stuck us in the boxes that we called home for so long. We will in the near future destroy this planet if we continue to fuck forward in our old habitual ways. 



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This discovery explains why some people are successful and some are not.


I recently read where scientists discovered one tiny atom’s behaviour replicates the entire universe. Incredible!

Each atom – there are billions upon billions of them – creates alternative universes, time lines, and parallel realities where duplicates of you and me (and everyone else) are living simultaneous, yet… different lives.

And that’s the keyword… ‘different’ lives!

Hey, most of us dream, at one point or another, that our lives were different. Right?

And you can see why this discovery explains why some people are successful and some are not. Some are rich or poor. Why some enjoy health and some are sick. Why some have great relationships, etc., etc. They were able to access a different reality!

Apparently, where we place our focus has everything to do with it.

So, how exactly do you focus on an alternative universes and parallel realities?

I sure can’t remember anyone teaching me that in school…

Well the good news is, someone HAS discovered a way to jump the time lines into parallel realities…


By Tom Murasso, Creator of The Sourxe


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