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Wayne Dyer’s 13 Most Powerful Life Lessons. (Wayne passed away on August 30th.)



When Your Erroneous Zones came out it was banned in all of the countries behind the Iron Curtain. So Dr. Dyer smuggled copies into Prague. That’s how much he believed in the message he was spreading.


Dr. Dyer grew up in an orphanage, an incredibly hard experience and one that many people might not be able to overcome.

But difficult experiences are what sculpt the soul. Now he’s thankful, he told me, for those experiences.


At the beginning of his career, someone told Dr. Dyer “The only way to reach everyone in America is by getting on a nationally syndicated TV show.”

“No matter how many times he contacted the big shows, they rejected me every time.”

So he packed his car full of books and drove across the whole country to connect with people face-to-face.

Today everyone wants to “go viral.” They want the internet to make them an overnight success. But sometimes you just need to work insanely hard and go to the people. One at a time, face-to-face.

“Viral” often is a disease you want to get rid of. But “connection” can lead to lifelong benefits.


He said everyone today is so eager to blame their situation on the stock market or the economy.

But whatever meager resources you have, make it work for you. Find a way to move forward.

He said that since he was 9 years old he’s never been unemployed, even if it meant he had to carry bags of groceries at the supermarket for a nickel.

The key to an enriched life is having a burning desire. Wayne says that you must “have an inner flame that no matter what goes before you it never flickers.” This desire will enable you to seize every opportunity and create the life you want to live.

Don’t let someone tell you you can’t do XYZ because there’s no money in it.

“People used to tell me ‘Don’t be a teacher, you can’t make any money doing it.’ ,” he told me.

But now he says he’s a teacher with the largest classroom and the most amount of students.

Every day, don’t try to jump into another box. Just try to think a little bit more outside of the box society has put you in.


Wayne says that If something isn’t working in his life he always tells himself “It must be because I haven’t used enough determination or I haven’t been fearless enough or I haven’t been willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

He never lets himself make any excuses. Because even if there is an external explanation, he can’t control external factors. He can only control himself.


On June 26, 2013, Wayne announced to his whole family that he was done writing books.

He explained in great detail why he felt like that chapter of his life was done.

Then on June 27th he started writing his next book! He had 100% intended to be done with books, but when he felt the urge to start writing that morning he embraced it.

Rather than resisting and forcing his own plans, he accepted what came his way and let it direct him.


There are somethings that we can’t change. Our hardwiring, our bodies, our physical limitations.

But within that framework we have the power to make choices. We choose how to use the resources we were given.

Improving (or not improving) 1% a day is not even noticeable. That’s why it’s so easy for people to say, “nothing is happening” and inadvertently cost their lives 1% a day. Focus on that 1% improvement and everything changes.


You might be saying “OK James, a bunch of these lessons are about following your purpose, but what if I don’t know what mine is?!”

Wayne asked “What’s the difference between good and God?”

The answer is “o”. Not just ‘oh’ but ‘zero.’

So whatever makes you feel good, whatever energizes you and lights you up inside, that’s God. That’s God telling you that that’s what you are meant to be doing.

I don’t believe that anyone has one purpose in life. And I don’t like attaching any one religious philosophy to being content in life.

But I like the idea of taking that “zero” and filling it up, if only for today, with something you love.


Life is a gift. Don’t let your ego get in the way of fully experiencing and appreciating it.

When we were kids, we laughed and asked question. When we’re adults, we cry and shout answers.

Sometimes it’s good to feel like a kid again, even at age 75.


It’s hard living the life you want. It requires determination and strength and wisdom and fearlessness. And those are all difficult things.

You only find the alternative waiting for you on your deathbed.


Not in a woo-woo, intangible way with no connection to the real world. Too many people try to scam with that word.

“Enlightenment is all about improving your relationships. Being more loving with your spouse. Being more patient with your children. The quest for enlightenment is about improving your daily life in real ways.”


Suffering: reflecting on pain in the past and learning from it;
Being present: learning from what you’re going through right now;
“Getting out front”: being proactive rather than reactive.


No matter what happens in the world around us, no matter what happens to us, there is a place inside of you where you are 100% in control of what happens.

“Maybe you can’t control the terrible things that happen to you, but you’re in control of how you respond.”

You’re in control of your feelings and your own happiness. That’s not to say that it’s not incredibly difficult, but the point is that NO ONE ELSE has the power over your mindset. “Inside your chest, you are sovereign.”


Read full interview at link below


James Altucher is the author of Choose Yourself and The Power Of No.



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Travel – Wild Namibia


This poem is more of a hymn really – in praise of the beautiful country of Namibia.


Somewhere in Namibia

a leopard is lying beneath a tree –

blind siding us tourists, would be hunters –

with its leaf dappled camoflauge,

its limpid torpor, energy inert

yet a creature so readily explosive.

Nearby, cheetahs will be splayed in threesomes

on a red dirt road

a regally indifferent display.

And so begins the day,

the iron aged redded

silvered grassed, bed spreaded

yellowed mountained, dry fountained day.

At Etosha, the jackels will still be bewildering

in their dog like innocence,

concealing a vicious core,

slinking, sylph like,

across the yellow flowered savannah floor.

And so begins the day,

the wilderbeest, kudu, springbok freckled day,

the guinea fowled, goshawked, startled starlinged day,

as ostriches primp and pirouette

unlikely ballerinas

silhouetted against the elephant skinned hills.

At Doro Nawas, the fort like, bush burnt walled cabins

will be staring at the purple mountain rimmed prairie.

And so begins the day,

the eleven elephants trailed, green grassed and water holed

Egyptian goosed, African shelducked, blacksmith plovered

warthog clovered day.

Would that we could have stayed

to watch these desert adapted, brown dirt slapping

done and dusted, skin crusted

matriarch led

cooled grasses ahead, sublime group

marching solemnly along the Namibian parade.

At Erongo

the sun will already be lingering upon

early morning baboons and dassies,

embracing the dawn ritual of greeting the sun,

whilst this yellow warmth

falling pink upon precariously placed boulders,

is that of youth, renewal, the beginning:

throughout the ever baking day

it falls more harshly, less sympathetically

and, like us, it ends the day


But, so begins the day

the quietly tented, spread eagled , mountain valleyed day,

the cuddling dassied, plump doved, love birded,

yellow canaried day.

At Kulala Wilderness Lodge

even now

the greened mountains are peaked by balloons

and the plain is buttered by creamy dancing grasses.

A weaver sociably passes by my balconied morning

and, sadly for me at least, this dawning

also heralds a return, a parting

for this day , we too, take flight,

no worries (we hope) of being predated,

simply put – repatriated.

But still, so begins the day,

the red duned, sharply shadowed,angled and sand sculpted day,

the dancing while lady spidered, snaked , lizarded and jackel tracked,

haring through the dunes

film crewed, acacia strewed, desert safaried day.

To come, the road to Windhoek

and the return to our own home bound herd

African sky embedded, emboldened and enamoured,

undiminished, undeterred.

Going back, it’s not that bad.

And so begins the day,

African adored abroad,

and journeying along side lovely you,

is to be,

ever glad.


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Anchors are extremely powerful when it comes to keeping things in place/preventing them from drifting away.


A Simple NLP Trick to Get ‘In the Zone’

Isn’t it amazing how you can stop a 200 ton boat dead in its tracks by simply dropping an anchor into the sea? Anchors are extremely powerful and useful when it comes to keeping things in place and preventing them from drifting away.

Well what if I told you there was a way to do this with your positive emotions?

We’ve all had time in our lives when we felt more confident, more powerful and more skilled in a certain area.

And we’ve all certainly had those times were we felt like no matter what we tried, nothing seemed to work. Did you ever notice that in both positive and negative mind states, we seem to build momentum in both cases?

In other words, when we’re in a state of positivity, we just seem to build on that and enter what is known as the “zone”. And when we’re in a state of negativity, we feel like “when it rains, it pours”.

Let’s talk about positivity for a moment.

I can’t think of a better example of someone being in the “zone” then Reggie Miller in the game-winning performance that he put on during game five in the 1994 NBA playoffs against the New York Knicks.

Coming into the game, the Indiana Pacers had lost 11 straight games at Madison Square Garden; but this game would be different.

In the fourth quarter of the game, Reggie scored 25 of his total 39 points and nailed five 3 pointers leading his team to a 93 – 86 win. Keep in mind, the Pacers also came into this quarter down by 12 points.

This kind of positive momentum takes place in people’s lives all the time, the problem is that most people don’t know how to consciously make it happen whenever they want.

They know the feeling when they experience it and they know they’re in the zone but very few people can actually get into that state whenever they choose.

But there is a short-cut to the “zone” and it’s a very well-known and powerful NLP technique called anchoring.

Anchoring will basically allow you to effectively achieve the positive mental state of being in the zone and then remain in that place just as an anchor holds a ship in place.

Anchoring is a very useful tool. As the word implies, anchoring has to do with setting something up that will take firm hold in place. What makes anchors so powerful is that you can use them to hold positive mental states in place including confidence, attraction, intelligence, humor, etc. But you can also anchor alders to you to prevent them from drifting away.

Anchors are also talk to the concepts around you and when bringing all of these elements together, you can achieve things like making someone think you are funny even if you are generally not a funny person.

How to Anchor Confidence

You can also anchor someone into thinking that you are extremely confident; here’s how:

Anchoring yourself with confidence happens alone. When you anchor someone to yourself, that happens with someone else.

Do not do this while driving, but what I would like you to do is to close your eyes and remember the time when you were confident. It can be anything. Examples are a birthday party, walking across the road and doing a good deed or anything else — even something very basic — that you can pick out that made you feel confident.

With your eyes closed, I’d like you to remember yourself in that situation. Whatever was going on is going on now in your mind. Paint the scene; see the colors and the people, if there are any. Smell the scent in the air. Does it smell good or bad? Does it smell like you are indoors or outdoors, like something new or old? Perhaps you just smell the clean air? What do you hear? Are people applauding, talking? Are their other sounds like those of birds?


Most importantly, how do you feel? How does it feel emotionally? Pretty good? Of course you do because you accomplished something and that feels good. It does not have to be an accomplishment; it can simply be that today I feel good.I have some sunglasses on, my hair is fixed up just so and I am wearing certain clothes as I sit in a nice car. I feel good. It can be anything but you are there now, in your memory. At that time when you felt really good, you felt confident.

Notice the calmness that comes with that. Once we accomplish something and feel good, we can relax and think that we are worthy and we are a good person. Just kind of soak that in now and feel how good that is.

I now want you to turn everything upside down a bit — the sounds, the smells and everything. Feel it more intensely and feel the clothes on your body. You notice how we are using the three major representational systems, auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Something to see, hear and feel inside and out.

Also, pay attention to the odors and any other senses that you want. Make everything intense now and especially that sense of feeling good. It feels good to be you right in this moment in your memory. Feel the moment more intensely.

Good. What I want you to do is make the OK sign with your right hand. That means touching the tip of your right index finger to the tip of your right thumb, as if you were saying ‘okay’ to someone.

I want you to also say the word ‘power’ and to do that now. Good. I want you to slowly open your eyes. What we’ve done is installed an anchor for confidence. The next time you feel the lack of power or confidence in any situation, all you have to do is make the okay symbol with your right hand and say the word power. That feeling of confidence will come back to you.


By Steve G. Jones, Clinical HypnotherapistCreator of NLP Master Practitioner Training Program

Reproduced with the permission of Mind Power News



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As we sail along on the sea of life’s journey, we stop at many ports.


Sailing the Seven Seas of Life

When we arrive into this world, we enter as a ship that navigates by the forces of nature and propelled by the power in the invisible auras of Spirit. It takes a few years for us to launch our ship with a self-propelled man made motor. During this process, we are taken to many shipyards for a refit to our intellect’s knowingness. We are trained by man-made ideologies and our natural awareness starts to go down deep inside the “Davy Jones locker” within us. We are taught to accept a new identity that will become the captain of our ship. We have to pass many tests of approval by our Admiralty of misguided intellects. Once we believe we are qualified to be our own pilot and navigator, we set out to chart our voyage of a lifetime.

As we sail along on the sea of life’s journey, we stop at many ports of call to pick up passengers and cargo. Some of these passengers become permanent guests in our lives. Some come for a short trip as they were sent to us to fill a need. Our thoughts advertised we were in need of advice and guidance so they came along for that part of our journey, for they knew the waters we were sailing. They steered us clear of dangers and helped us weather passing storms. Then they went on their way. Some died of a sickness or old age, but their souls stay with us for guidance, as long as we know where they are located in our inner sanctuary. They are the angels that we asked to help steer our course. We still have our trusted physical crew all around our ship, and we have to be aware that we need to treat them with love and respect or else we may encounter a mutiny.


We should always be on guard, for there are dangerous sharks and pirates in these waters. Many are after our cargo of money and treasures, whilst a few wish to take the joy out of our lives. The stock market is a vast ocean of scurvy forces that lie in wait to ambush us when we have lost our direction. There are many other unknown, hazardous ships, we will encounter on our travels and many fly the flag of friendship from a distance, but when we get up close, they hoist the skull and crossbones. Our lookouts fell asleep and we were attacked because impostors penetrated our vigilance. Enemies posing as friendly sailing vessels, in the seas turbulent cross currents of information. And so, we battle the storm and survive, but each battle leaves its scars on our vessel.


Once we journey beyond our half way mark, we suddenly get the feeling we might be heading in the wrong direction. We start to understand the real enemy is within our own ship, and the pilot we have so much faith in is an impostor. It is the same type of impostor that we have been battling in the other pirate ships, only this foe was planted in our thoughts for many years and has grown in stature and strength. So much so it thinks it can control the ship in heavy raging seas, even when it knows the ship is aging and does not have the power it once had. When it realizes it does not have any real power, it wants to abandon the ship as it begins to sink. It wants to forsake the vessel and allow it to crash on the rocks of worry and anxiety.


The captain of our ship is a wimp. A false-hearted scalawag, with no care for anything, except its own importance. It is a stowaway, which dresses up in a captain’s uniform recognized by society’s elite and panders to their whims. That is why we believed it to be so real, for we have all been flying the wrong flags, because our captains are nothing but sophisticated, adulterated, decoys. The real captain named Soul is still on board but held captive in the deep recesses of our vessel.

Captain Ego needs to retire and become a quiet member of the crew.


The time has come to unlock the chains of imprisonment and allow our authentic, trusted captain to gain mastery of the controls of our ship. To escort us to safe waters, where we can float on a tide of supreme bliss. Each day we will set out to achieve new goals and visit places beyond distant horizons. We will still encounter many storms along our cruises but with a steadfast captain at the helm, we will never fear any assault on our peace and tranquility. We have a twenty-four hour watch in the crow’s nest. Our finely tuned awareness is enjoying the true order of command. We have turned off the old worn out motor and we are sailing into the sunset with Spirit’s forces supervising our sail.


Within our life span, everyone will sail the seven seas. We come into this world as a newborn baby and some of us leave within a day or two. We have still sailed the seven seas, only we did it in a pure vessel and in super fast time. Others may sail for over one hundred years. The time-scale is not that important. The quality and value of time spent joyfully is important.


The seas are the same for everyone. Only the time frame is a little longer for some. In cosmic terms, there is little difference in a second or a hundred years. The first taste is the banquet. The first sail is the experience of a lifetime. So we sail the seven seas of life, until the time comes to set our ship adrift. We then sail into the infinite calm waves, in the imponderable galaxy seas of eternity. Until that day comes, let’s sail our charter on the authentic sensations of love and joy. Only Spirit can award us with a true captain and navigator. Allow each moment to become a soul-filled adventure of unsurpassed bliss.


An essay from the book, The Joys of Live Alchemy by Michael Levy


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You will sooner or later discover that blind faith cannot move mountains.




Everything in this dimension was created by words acted on. We use words to tell other’s the story of our life. We use words to identify, explain and express things. Can you think what the world would have looked life without these powerful instruments? We create pictures in the minds of those that we interact with my playing with words. We express our anger and joy with words when we feel discomfort or joy. We explain to our partner, friends and family what we expect from them and what we dislike about them. I think you will agree that words can be compared to the different colors used by an artist to shape and mould the subject that he is busy painting. 

Words have little meaning until they are plugged into the power of faith. It is only when we believe what was said or what we said that the words and the images depicted by them become engraved in our minds. Words and images that we judged as truth will remain unscathed and unaltered in the archives in our heads. The magic cement that locks in words, images and feelings in our heads is our faith in their validity. It is the words of those that “programmed” us that still today decide what type of dreams we dream while in earth dimension. We live by and are prepared to die for the words that we were taught while still a child. It is important to understand that we had very little control over the barrage of words that came our way in the early years of our lives. Many of these words were laced with strong emotions that varied from love to disgust. The moment we accepted what was said as truth they passed into our memory system. I mentioned several times earlier in this series that the biggest percentage of these words spoken was not based on truth or reality. They came from the lips of your programmers in rapid succession and convinced you that there is something seriously wrong with you.

Words fly over our heads or are simply ignored if they are not directed at us. It is only when the speaker grasp your attention that his/her words find a channel into your decoding system. The speaker must find the porthole into your decoding system if he/she wants to get your attention and create two way communication. It is only when you provide the speaker access that his words paint pictures that can influence you. The decoding system in your head is manned by your ego. Your ego will do its best to repel any words that my clash with any perceptions you formed earlier in life. This is why you often run into conflicts when you talk to individuals about politics and religion. Any words, even if they are expressed honestly charged with pure love will be repelled by the ego if they differ from its frame of reference. Your reference might be based on myths and half-truths and miles removed from reality, but your ego will still block or fight anything that failed the entrance code. This is the reason why it is so difficult for individuals to break free from the half-truths and lies that is keeping them incarcerated mentally. I want to repeat that it is your blind faith in the historical words expressed by your programmers that keep you bound mentally and spiritually.


It is blind faith in a program stored in your head by often incompetent and ignorant programmers that cause most of your painful experiences and moments. Take for example the concept of a God that resides billions of miles away in “heaven” that measures your every thought, mood and action. A God that will one day decide if you will be allowed to reside in one of his bliss filled mansions or condemn you to a place where you will we toasted forever. The above picture was programmed into many by enthusiastic religious programmers.

The moment you believed this story it infiltrated virtually everything you said or did. Your blind faith in this myth caused you untold anxiety and trepidation since you went to Sunday school the first time. You believed that God is judgmental and take nonsense from nobody. You tried hard to reach out to him, but found that your tendency to sin destroyed the bridge that connected you with him before the sin program was downloaded in your head.

Faith based on false data will never provide you with peace of mind. Only faith based on truth and reality can assist you to re-unite with the source that permeates everything. The truth that has been withheld from you by the gatekeeper in your head called the ego is directly responsible for your fumbling in the dark. The only way you can wake up from the nightmare that you currently live and attempt to survive in is to get rid of the defective lies that blinded you for far too long now. You will sooner or later discover that blind faith cannot move mountains.



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You can often lead a human to KNOWLEDGE but you can’t make him think.


Trojan Horses, or Trojans, are named after the “gift” horse the Greeks used to gain access to, and capture, the city of Troy. Computer Trojans use the same technique to compromise computer systems. A Trojan Horse neither replicates (like a virus) nor copies itself (like a worm). Trojans, like worms, differ from viruses in that it they are self-contained programs. Trojans differ from worms in that they do not move from one computer to another on their own; they require someone to deliberately run them. So Trojan Horse designers use social engineering to trick people into executing them, often hiding a Trojan in an email attachment, or offering the “containing” application for download free of charge.


I want you to think how the principle of the Trojan Horse is applied to you in most areas of yourself daily. Nothing is often as it seems. You are offered products like a credit card or a bargain second hand vehicle. You act on the offer and only discover later that your were loaded with a wide range of obligations that you never noticed when you signed on the dotted line. Someone offer you a free book or Bible study. You never realize that this person is actually using what he/she offers as bate to recruit you into the cult he/she belongs to.


Grasping this principle and sustaining awareness for potential Trojan Horses that come in all shapes and sizes and that is introduces by many will serve you well my friend. Please leave examples how someone breached your walls and surprised you with a Trojan Horse that caused you discomfort and loss. Remember “something for nothing” is a fallacy. 



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