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Book Review – You may be wondering, “Why can’t I be happy?” “Why do I have such bad luck?”


How to Exercise Enormous Power Over the Events of Your Life!


Say you’ve been to therapy, or bought a self-help book, or thought about doing either of those things. You may be wondering, “Why can’t I be happy?” “Why do I have such bad luck?” or “Why is my boss so unfair?”

One shrink has a novel solution: “F–k happy. F–k self-improvement, self-esteem, fairness, helpfulness and everything in between.”

Because if you can set aside all of these obsessions, you might be able to simply accept that there are lots of things you can’t change — and get over it.

That’s the message of the new book F*ck Feelings (Simon & Schuster), whose authors combine different skill sets for what amounts to the Ice Bucket Challenge of self-help books. The writers who would like to dump a gallon of ice chunks all over your confused little skull are Dr. Michael Bennett, a Harvard Medical School-trained psychiatrist, and his comedy-writer daughter Sarah Bennett, who used to contribute to the improv act the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. So if the book doesn’t fix your life, at least you may get a laugh out of it.

Whenever you have an insoluble “Why?” in your life, the Bennetts offer, the solution is to stop asking the question. “The answer you’ll get from your Maker, when you finally meet Him or Her and get to ask why,” they write, “is the same one you got from your mother when she didn’t know the answer and didn’t want to waste time — ‘because I said so. Now go make yourself useful.’ ”

And don’t expect anyone (except your mother) to pay attention when you’re describing your pains and sorrows.

In the chapter “F–k Self-Esteem,” the Bennetts mock the idea that feeling good about yourself is “an essential vitamin to take before you can gain control of your life.”

Forget that: “Enjoy bursts of confidence when you can and take credit for your hard work, but beware making confidence a goal, because that implies control, responsibility and blame when you can’t make it happen . . . Instead, assume you’re stuck with s- -t.” So do your best to survive, try not to add to your troubles, and behave as if you like yourself.

A more pressing problem no one is doing anything about is ESE: Excessive Self-Esteem. “It would help humanity a lot more if those suffering from ESE adjusted their self-admiration to more reasonable levels,” the Bennetts write. If only Oprah would do shows entitled, “You’re not that great!”

Useful as the book is in counteracting therapy-speak — it amounts to a nourishing slap in the face for those who need to be shocked out of their crybaby habits — it’s really more important than that. Because the way Americans think about civic life is as flawed as the way we think about our own lives.

The book supplies lists of “things you wish for and can’t have” contrasted with “things you can aim for and actually achieve.” For instance, you wish you could have a “an improved heart free of hate, envy, fear and general ugliness.” Fat chance, buddy. What can you actually achieve? “Act decently in spite of the way you really feel” and “bear the pain of living with ugly feelings.”

If Americans ever reached that stage, it would be a natural next step for everyone to think: Hey, other people have feelings I consider ugly. I guess I’ll have to deal with that instead of trying to shut them up, or pretending I need a “safe space” where I can retreat from, say, Christina Hoff Sommers.

Sommers’ speech at Oberlin last spring, in which she said “rape culture” on college campuses is overstated, caused a tiny tantrum among infantile students who warned of “toxic, dangerous, and/or violent” people, as though the scholar’s speech contained arsenic or bullets.

Even more important is the chapter, “F–k Fairness.” Sure, watching bad guys suffer makes for great entertainment, but the Bennetts warn about “the amount of evil you can cause by pursuing fairness.” You can’t undo all of the bad things that happen, at least not in this life. “You need to know when to accept the fact that you’ve been f–ked and know when fighting will get you further f–ked,” is the colorful way the Bennetts put it.

That is sound advice when it comes to your personal life — sorry your Daddy hit you and you didn’t get to hit him back, but there’s nothing you can do about it now.

But it also goes for your existence as a citizen. Putting your psychic energy on a politician who promises an end to all the bad stuff that’s happened in the past, or who heralds a new law that is going to prevent bad stuff from happening in the future, or creates a sparkly new agency that is going to protect you from your own stupidity? F–k that.


By Kyle Smith / NY Post


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A Secret Discoveries of Early Man?




The 7 edged star mystery in Volda, Western Norway


On Friday the 30th of november 2007, a concstruction worker discovered a 7 edged drilling hole on the base of a mountain during construction work on a new parking lot. So far, it appears that no one has seen a hole similar to the 7 edged star, or have been able to explain how it was made.

Various newspapers, both local and national, have been trying to find the solution, but none have succeeded.

Geologists, scientists and drilling engineers across the country have been contacted, but so far no one has come up with an answer to how this hole was made.

The hole was found by a constructionworker working on removing bits from the mountain in order to make room for a buildingproject. After digging a couple of metres into the mountain, chopping out large pieces of rock, he noticed a strange starshaped hole in two of the boulders.

The hole went further on down into through the ground, with a 20-30 degrees downward angle. Unfortunately the hole was covered with mud, and has not yet been recovered. But according to those who saw it, it too was in the shape of a 7 edged star.

Approximately 4 metres of the hole was dug out from the mountain. On top of the mountain was a layer of clay and dirt, which according to neighbours have never been touched.

The last time there was any construction activity in the area was back in the 50s, when part of the mountain was blown off to create parkingspaces. Either way, the hole was found several metres inside the edge of the area where earlier construction took place.

The inside of the hole is completely smooth, and it has a perfect 7 edged symmetric shape all the way through. The hole runs straight through the sedimentlayers, not parallel.

Many different theories have been presented on the origin of the hole. Some have suggested divine intervention, UFO`s, weathering mineral ores, hammerdrills and unbalanced drilling heads. But so far no one has been able to show reference to similar holes.

If you have any information on how a hole such as this may have been made, or if you have seen any similar rock holes, please make contact with reporter Kjell Arne Steinsvik/Møre Nytt ( / phone: (+47)900 74 785)

All the newspapers have been looking for a solution:


 Also view this powerful material as background


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The stunning senses throughout the animal kingdom. The complex systems/communication that exist across species.


Can moths hear? How do sound waves move through water? How do foxes detect mice beneath the surface of snow? These are just a few of the questions posed as the film makers study the many ways the aural senses are used as a mode of communication throughout the animal kingdom.

Further examining the role of aural emission and reception in the lives of cicadas, tarantulas, toads, birds, and even tribal humans, Natural Genius reveals the complex systems of communication that exist across species.


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Why we look at life/people/places through our self-interest one way mirrors.



The first self-help book I ever read was “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I just finished school and was looking for an inspirational book in a tiny, poorly stocked book store in Windhoek in Namibia. I came across Dale Carnegie’s book in the scant selection of books on a shelf right at the back of this dusty store. I unashamedly admit today that although this was the first “motivational” book that I ever owned when it still remains one of the top ten books I ever read when it came to practical advice regarding people skills. Many of you might have read the book or still have a copy on a shelf in your library. I would suggest that you read it again. It will refresh your memory on one of the most important principles when it comes to compassion. It will remind you that you can make more progress in all areas of your life if you develop a sincere interest in others. Dale indicates in this book that you can make more friends in two months by developing an awareness of the interests of others than you could achieve in two years using any other method.


We live in small boxes today surrounded by massive walls to keep intruders out that might dare to enter our comfort zones. We shout at each other over these walls and only on very rare occasions lower our draw bridge and venture out or invite anyone into our domain. Most of us go around with our defence shield up and remain on guard twenty four hours a day. The political climate that we live and work in might also have something to do with this unhealthy behaviour. We need to open up and become more vulnerable if we want to escape the deadly ruts that many of us fell in over the years. Some of us feel lonely and need friends, companionship and fun, but we often forgo on these desires because of our fears and warped self-interest. Everything revolves around us and our own dreams, desires and choices. We look at life, people and places through a self-interest one way mirrors. Our interests always come first and the interests of others never really feature at all. We have this “What is in it for me” attitudes that fail to address the needs of anyone else.



When last did you manage to get yourself out of the way long enough to listen and experience any human being, family member or friend with an open mind? Many of us developed a sick habit of judging everyone. We endlessly scan people for flaws or potential threats. We fail to listen to them when they talk. We listen to the first few words of their sentences and then jump to conclusions. We look at people through eyes that fail to see the pain or desperation in them. We listen to what people say and fail to read the subliminal call for help that they are possibly to proud or ashamed to express. Do we care enough to really hear what our partner or children are telling us? Are we alert enough to feel the emotions of the person that we are communicating with? I think we all of us might have some work to do when it comes to mastering the art of putting the interest of others first.


When last did you compliment anyone on anything? We as parents tend to only give attention to our children when they are sick or when they did something wrong. We as partners only become interested enough when our relationships begin to fall apart. We fail to notice the cracks and peeling paint in our relationships. We are so busy with our own agendas, self-interests and objectives that the pain and frustration experienced by our partner bounces off our egotistical shield. Can you see what major difference a shift in attention can make in your life? Can you accept that life is not only about you and your plans and goals? Can you understand that the formula for success is that your success if virtually guaranteed if you help enough other people to achieve their own goals and dreams?


So I suggest that you shut up the next time anyone talk to you and listen carefully what is said and what is not expressed verbally. God supplied you with two ears and one mouth. You must listen more and talk less. Put yourself in others’ shoes and ask yourself if you really know the story of the person that you are talking to. Stop jumping to conclusions and stop judging people on hearsay and second hand data. Stop forcing people to communicate to you through their history. Start each day with a new clean slate. We have so many prejudices and perceptions about everything that is cast in stone that it became impossible to see thing as they are in the moment. Set yourself free by putting the interest of others first for a while.




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DO YOU FEEL STUCK? Answer the following questions.






CONFUSION IS ALIVE AND WELL: From a very young age you often go through periods where you really feel stuck. You want to take control, but often feel that something is holding you back. You want to tell someone how you feel, but cannot find the right words or moment to express your view. You feel cheated and abused, but hold back from “unnecessary” confrontation.

There is millions of relationships that are held together because at least one of the parties is afraid to face reality. There is millions of people that hate their jobs that drag their tired bodies to work everyday because they are to afraid to start over or make waves.

When you get that stuck feeling you will usually discover that you are held back by self-doubt and fear. It is your ego that is holding you back, using your historical doubt and fear to prevent escape or progress.

When you feel stuck you often feel helpless, frustrated, depressed and angry. When you are stuck you have chosen struggle instead of purpose, fear instead of faith, control instead of openness, pride instead of help. When you experience any of the above emotions you should always ask yourself, “What is this stuck feeling trying to tell me?” When you feel stuck your ego is working day and night to write horror scripts for you.

For every potential escape you think of your ego will find examples from your past in an attempt to convince you that your intended action will result in pain and loss. If the ego fails after bombarding you with historical “pain examples” he will create horror images that you could face at some future date if you dared to escape from the stuck zone.

You might be married to a monster that physically and mentally abuse you all the time, but the ego will caution you and remind you of the saying, “Better the Devil you know”.

You might be working for a slaved driver that work you like a mule, but when you want to hand in your resignation you ego will show you videos of people living in cardboard boxes that scrounge for food in dustbins.

Your ego is a master in manipulation and fear. He can write disaster scripts for you game of life that will make wonderful material for a movie. It is fear of failure, loss, disaster, rejection and pain that are binding you in a place where you would rather not be.

You can often see fun, joy, friendship and success a few meters away, but the psychological hold of fear spun around you like a giant spider web keeps you bound in your own personal hell.


They are selling a devise to keep your dogs from straying beyond selected demarcated areas. All you have to do is to fit this device to you dog’s collar and install the invisible parameters that you want it to stay in. When the dog reaches the outer parameters the collar is activated and will induce a painful shock to such dog. After a few attempts the dog “learns” the “safe areas” that he can operate in and will remain in these areas even when the device is switched off. The reminder of the pain when he went outside the “acceptable” parameters is enough to tame even the most stubborn dog.

I am sure you can see that we allow our egos to also keep us locked in by reminding us of past pain and discomfort if we ever dare to contemplate escape from our “discomfort” zone.


“I AM SO CONFUSED” Being stuck often betrays an inner conflict between “yes” and “no”, “want to” and “won’t”, positive intent and fear. The mind is split between what it wants and what it is afraid to have. When you are stuck, the mind is often pulling in two opposing directions.

Have you ever been faced with too many options? When you want to buy a piece of jewellery and they place ten items to choose from in front of you, you usually become confused and often just do not know which one to select. Often when you arrive at a “crossroad” in your journey through life you get stuck there for long periods because you are afraid that you might make the wrong choice.

In selling the salesperson will usually sell you on one specific product and then close the deal by making you choose between the obvious choice and something else. When you select the obvious choice they close the deal. What they have done is get you to make a buying decision by distracting you. A poor salesperson will ask you to chose between ten items and lose the sale.


WHEN YOU FEEL STUCK: When you feel stuck you need to answer the following questions.


· What am I afraid of?

· What am I resisting?

· What am I blocking?

· What am I not being honest about?

· What am I not looking at?

· What am I holding on to?

· What am I not saying?

· What am I not giving?

· What am I refusing to hear?

· What am I punishing myself for?

· What do I want acting in this manner?


Write down your answers to the above questions. The next step is to take action and to prevent your ego to force you back into the “no win” zone. They key here is action and to continue to operate in the now. When you allow your ego to use the past to predict your future you are in a no-win zone. You run on the treadmill of life and get nowhere.

There is no need to remain in this “fear zone” any longer my friend. This is the area where you recycle all your old garbage and foster a friendship with your useless ego. It is a call to let go of the past and unwrap the present. It is a call to give up your ego and step into your true light. The true light continues to shine in the now, where the past is a dreary place with a rotten smell. There is no purpose living in the past or the future.

When you feel that you are stuck it must always be taken as a warning that you are dabbling with garbage again. I discovered that action is a deadly killer of yesterday’s monsters. These monsters feed on your indecision and doubt and will starve to death when you chose action and progress. Your dominating ego will go to sleep and stop dominating you once you have shown him that you are now a person that live in the now. The reoccurring nightmares will come to an end and you life will take on a brand new dimension.


You will never get stuck at the crossroad of life again. You will love change and take back the control of your life that might have been in the hands of the heartless and gutless ego.



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