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History – Still Stunning – Dr. Maxwell Maltz on Psycho Cybernetics.

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Success is a journey. Failures are nothing more than stepping stones.


There is a serious misconception in the minds of many that concluded at a young age that it is scandalous to fail. Poor programming cause waves of negative and destructive thoughts and feelings to flood our minds with feelings a depression, despondency and shame. Well meaning parents, teachers etc. created the impression that we should feel like shit when we fail to achieve a desired objective or fail to come first in a race. I have been assisting several professional athletes to mentally prepare for major upcoming events. It was almost sad to watch them phone their parents immediately after such event to break the good or bad news to them. I heard how they justified or made excuses when they lost and how they rightfully take the credit if they succeeded. I am using this example to show you the endless lifespan that our memories have that are dormant in our minds until triggered. The same athlete that strutted around with confidence before the race, match or event become almost childlike in his actions when the old shame and guilt feelings are woken up. Success is a journey. Failures are nothing more than stepping stones. What I am saying is that you in a way can fail your way to success. Failure is nothing more than an indicator that there are still work do be done. It is silly to beat yourself up when you failed. I am not saying that you must go into a race or a boxing match with a mindset that winning is not your ultimate goal. You must do what need to be done in the game of life. Play hard and play to win. Give your very best every time you enter the arena of life. Give yourself the best chance possible by preparing well and by executing all your actions at the highest level. Play until the final whistle. Be happy and rejoice when you win, but don’t make the fatal mistake of wallowing in self-pity when you lose. Life is not fair. There are many occasions where the winner has been decided long before an event. Things are often manipulated and contrived to create a certain outcome. We should teach our children at school how to lose with dignity. I have seen many teachers that make children feel like shit when they achieve less acceptable outcomes. They are minimised and belittled before their class or team. A sane teacher or coach will never break down and destroy a player that fell short of expectations. An outstanding coach will rather spend time making adjustments or upgrading areas that need some additional work. We do not blow up a building and start over every time a worker made a mistake. We rectify the mistake and then move on. You cannot blow up your building of self-confidence every time you hit a barrier and allow silly negative guilt driven feelings to cloud your mind and judgement.



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The main reason why we avoid goal setting is because we are afraid that we might fail.


I don’t think that there are any of you that read my blog that are ignorant about the extreme value of setting goals. Many of us read books or attended seminars on goal setting. Many tried this goal setting thing for a while and then gradually slowed down. Other in turn never even started setting goals. The main reason why we avoid goal setting is because we are afraid that we might fail or fall short of our expectations.  We worry what others may say or do when they notice that we failed or gave up on our dreams and desires. It is your false self that is the real coward here. Your false self is obsessed about what other may say or do or how you might be perceived by family and friends. It is easy to know what to do. It is however a totally different story when you KNOW what to do and you UNDERSTAND deep inside that it is vital that you to stop drifting through life like a leave swept along by a river. You yearn for love, acceptance, recognition, more money, status or success, but neglect the most vital tool available to you. You are your own worst enemy my friend. The false self do not have any hold over you. Your false self is nothing more than a cluster of perceptions in your head. You gave this culprit the power to run your life a long time ago. You gave your false self the power because you noticed that everybody else that worked with you while you were still young also handed over their passion and power to this useless imaginary entity in your head. It is imperative that you change your knowledge about the importance and purpose of goal setting into sustained action. You are like a person that got lost in a desert. You crawl through the hot boiling sand desperately looking for help and water. Look down my friend. You have a bottle of water on your belt. All you need to do is to grasp (understand) that this container holds what you need to survive. Stop looking out there for your source of power. Your perfect self is ready to assist you if you are brave enough to detach from the false self that is currently running your show.  Knowledge not acted on is useless. It is only when knowledge is applied diligently that huge changes rush into your life. Your false self is a passive coward while your perfect indestructible self will never let you down. 



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You have to learn how to deal with the negative while seeking out the positive.



Believe it or not…life is not fair. Occasionally the bad guy wins, people do play favorites, some good people die young, some people will let you down and not everyone is honest. While we can accept this, it shouldn’t stop us from dreaming big, working hard and doing what is right.

Sometimes it’s who you know and not what you know that matters. It won’t matter that you are the better qualified or the obvious choice. Some will always select people who they personally like better than you. Others who you rely on will let you down. The is especially hard to accept if you are someone who always keeps their word and does what is right. If you’re like that, you automatically think others should too. We could have all saved ourselves a lot of emotional stress if we’d have known all this before we venture out into the real world.

If we’d have learned the way the world worked a young age, we’d have never invested so much in the opinions others have about us. We’d have realized that it’s simply not advantageous to always try to please others. However, it’s still important to keep in mind that life is worth living. The secret is to always keep an optimistic outlook. You simply have to learn how to deal with the negative while seeking out the positive. Once you’ve learned this lesson, you will have the ability to still go out and enjoy a full and rewarding existence no matter how unfair life treats you.




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Most people you think is your friends only remain attached to you because of the benefits you offer them.




We will have problems, small and major problems until our final day on this plane. We will never reach a place where we are jumping with joy, in perfect health or find ourselves in amazing relationships all the time. The sooner we understand that we need to be happy and successful notwithstanding the shit we go through and the problems we face the quicker we will achieve peace of mind. Earth zone is not paradise. It is a place where we come to hone our skills, evolve and grow. Earth school will teach you unbelievable skills if you stop living out a fantasy that life and people should be fair. Most people you think is your friends only remain attached to you because of the benefits you offer them (money, time, a shoulder to cry on) They will drop you the moment you stop feeling their emotional needs. Wake up and see things as they are! Fall in love with problems, because they are your road map to success and growth.




Neville Goddard2


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Learn how keeping secrets can have a detrimental effect on health/wealth/happiness.


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Travel – Namibia Himba Tribe


The Himba day starts early. Women arise before or at dawn and apply Otjize. They milk the cattle, which are then herded to the grazing areas by the men. If the grazing pasture is poor, the entire village will move to a place with lusher grazing land. Young men often set up separate, temporary villages and move around with the cattle, leaving the women, children and older men at the main homestead.


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