It is clear that there is a rampant fear of Mr. Trump in political circles.

09 Aug



Donald Trump’s speech on finance was still echoing when CNN had their “experts” out in full force. It was clear that everyone on their panel that always opposed Mr. Trump was of the opinion that his recommendations hold no water and would cause the catastrophic implosion of the US financial system. It was even admitted that they are frantically hammering their calculators – in their attempt to work out a counter attack on whatever Mr. Trump said during his speech. Amazing that these “experts” could work through his recommendations in a few minutes and come up with the projected horror predictions they made. CNN also immediately sprung into action to “fact check” what he said. It was clear that the objective was to reduce the impact what he said and cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of their audience. It will be interesting to watch if they will go into the same mode when Mrs. Clinton gives her speech on finance later this week. I predict that the same “experts” are already primed to find reasons why they support whatever she have on offer. They might have a single Trump supporter that they will give a few moments to counter whatever she said while the Trump tarnish team interrupt him/her constantly.

It is clear that there is a rampant fear of Mr. Trump in political circles. The fear of this man reached panic proportions. They hoped that the smear campaigns and constant attacks would have caused so much damage by now that he would have folded and run for the hills. Each day that he talks to packed audiences just feed the fire of their paranoia. I cannot recall that any individual that ever ran for office has been so savagely attacked on so many fronts. The political machine is overheating in an attempt to stop his progress. His own party offer little assistance and his opponent dig up stuff that is often quoted partially so it can fit the colour of the mud she want to sling, hoping that some will stick. The media often write comments on his speeches that are so glaringly toxic that even the anti-Trump readers cringe when they read it.

The carefully planned strategy is to create the impression that Mr. Trump will be unfit to take the top job in the US. The main reason why this master plan is executed is because their own candidate has many negatives in the eyes of many voters. They hope that the “monster” image that they are attempting to create for Mr. Trump will outweigh and distract the voters enough so they will stop looking at Mrs. Clinton’s own perceived questionable history and proposed policies. The method of distraction worked well to date and many of her followers stopped thinking about her trust issues. They (well conditioned in) even admit that they will still rather vote for her in an attempt to keep the  unstable Mr. Trump from winning the election.

What they are saying is that they will rather fly with an unqualified pilot that cannot be trusted and hope they arrive at their desired destination.


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