Book Review – Heaven is a state of being… enjoying creativity and love DURING life.

11 Oct



Grand Master Illuminatus Jesus Christ sat fasting by his favorite stream on a hot summer afternoon, pondering how he could help his peasant brothers and sisters discover the glorious rewards of harnessing their own individual conscious power.

He had no sacred texts, no quantum physics research, no YouTube… He was armed only with his own integrated thoughts and a love for all mankind.

“How can I speak… in a way they might understand me? And if I cannot speak in a way they might understand me… how can I  speak in way they might do what is best for themselves… that which they are forbidden to do by the Church? How might I lead them to their benefit, without their resistance, without the use of force?” 

Little did he know, the breakthrough he experienced that day (when he first envisioned how to effectively teach his ideas to the peasants suffering in a zombie-like state of non-consciousness) was the teaching method that would eventually continue on without him, freeing men and women who still suffer in that same zombie state 2000 years later.

Jesus passionately wanted to help those pre-consciouspeasants. He understood that human beings were not subject to the authority of a non-existent God, as the Bible now describes, nor were they living only to reach a make-believe spiritual realm upon death, such as a non-existent Biblical heaven.

He knew instead that “God” (the hallucinated voice of God those ignorant peasants “heard”), was not out there, or up there, but INSIDE. He knew that “Heaven” – the idea of an afterlife those peasants imagined – wasn’t to come from sacrifice, subservience to authority, or an eventual death… No – Heaven was a state of being… the experience of enjoying creativity and love DURING life.

Jesus discovered nature’s most coveted secret,and he was murdered for trying to teach it.

A few hundred years passed, and by the time of Constantine, the Church elders knew they couldn’t stop Jesus’ discovery of the secret… So they took the only available action they had left to hold on to their parasitic power and continue ruling over the feeble-minded public.

But they did this only after twisting and manipulating Jesus’ words, and the words of his Apostles, in order to suit the Church’s criminal authoritarian agenda – to remain in control… to continue carrying out acts of parasitism… and continue feasting upon Jesus’ flock.

Humanity was then thrust into the Dark Ages, and although tyranny has been fought off valiantly since the Renaissance, the tradition of mental and physical parasitism still carries on today, in the Churches of nearly all world religions. But no matter how badly the Churchelders twisted and manipulated Jesus’ message to suit their pathological goal of controlling the minds of his followers throughout the years — No matter how badly those manipulations crippled the potential for billions of people over the centuries who took faith in corrupted, fallacious Church-controlled interpretations of Jesus Christ’s integrally honest conscious conceptions — the true message lingerson… Indestructibly… Eternally… Invisibly.

The establishment responsible for murdering Christ is the same establishment that warped, plagiarized, and distorted his message throughout the dark ages and fed lies to his followers for two millenia.

That same establishment holds our peasant brothers and sisters down today, hiding the knowledge that will free humanity from the bondage of mysticism and authoritarian subservience. That establishment is being sabotaged by the New World Order. Its days are numbered. As silly ancient religions began to wither away, becoming nothing more than a collection of elite power structures intended to hold an ignorant populace in mental and sexual bondage, a much greater authoritarian menace grew in sophistication to threaten the natural-given liberty of each global citizen on Earth…

That menace is the State.

Today, the religion of the State is not one of subservience to the invisible man in the sky, but one of sacrifice and suffering to support the politically enabled criminal behavior inside the business world, and to combat the illusionary scarcity of Earth’s resources – schemes fully supported by a destructive political agenda of deficit spending and environmental pseudo-science.

The State drains the productive class in order to support the livelihood of the ruling class, while leaving a trail of dead bodies in its destructive wake. The message Jesus brought forth 2000 years ago (the same message that was silenced by Church elders) is successfully bringing about the demise of mystical religions today.

That same message, based on nature’s greatest secret, is also bringing about the demise of the State – no matter how big and believable their leviathan Ponzi schemes might grow. Don’t be fooled, Jesus was not the son of a mystical God. He was just another person throughout history who discovered nature’s greatest secret and sought to share it with the world (as did Da Vinci,Locke, Jefferson, Napoleon Hill, Gandhi, Malcolm X, and John Lennon too…)

Just like you have.


By Eli Rook, Author of The Big F*cking Secret

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