Look around you today and you will see that everything is choreographed.

22 Jan



Most individuals that saw the series on the Matrix find it an enjoyable action movie, but some, only a few suddenly, realise that the Matrix is real and have been fucking mankind for thousands of years. Man have been programmed and hypnotised since the beginning of time to serve as the slaves of the system. Man have been used and abused by the privileged few that sit with most of the power and the money. You might venture a smile while reading this and think that I am on a role with one of the endless number of conspiracy theories that a few crackpots run around with periodically. Just answer one question and see if you can give a valid explanation why there are literally billions of people on this planet that are struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis while a few fat cat (politicians and corporations) sit with mountains of money sipping their whisky from crystal glass tumblers. Mankind have been lured into an invisible jail where we (you and me) became paralysed slaves that work our fingers to the bone for a system with no compassion and no love. You may ask, “How was this amazing con trick pulled on mankind?” It was achieved by master manipulators that implanted a virus of RESISTANCE in our forefathers. This virus was transferred from generation to generation via our genes as well as through the domestication process instilled in our parents by society by the church and politicians. A method of fear, pain and pleasure assisted those with their double agendas to turn us into their sheep. The carrot and stick method worked extremely well. Those that did what was expected were rewarded and those that failed to toe the line were punished. False promises and lies motivated us to turn on each other until we went into hiding each in our tiny little box. You were a good citizen if you advanced the agendas of the controllers and painfully punished if you disobeyed any of the religious and political tainted dogma. That is why everyone lives in a world of RESISTANCE. Not RESISTANCE focused on the agendas of the slave drivers, but the perceived intentions of our neighbour, brothers etc. You might be shocked when I tell you that we are not only the source (work) of all the wealth they have, but we police each other and even breed future slaves for their system. We are living in a matrix where we live and die in the illusion created for us by heartless operators. We live in an illusion where we are constantly bombarded by advertising, movies, videos, news on TV and the radio. Everything is choreographed to sustain a spirit of RESISTANCE in you. We all strive to achieve the achievable objectives promoted on TV, in the media and newspapers. We want to be happy, successful and create some kind of future for our children. We run like rats on the treadmill of the matrix and make little or no progress. Our gains today is nullified a day or a few weeks later.


Look around you today and you will see that everything is choreographed. There is a huge greedy money grabbing machine behind the glamour products and services promoted. The glib politicians never tell you from their podiums that they own you and will not hesitate to send you or your children to die for them in their silly wars. The corporations will not tell you that many of their products contain chemicals and ingredients that could destroy your health. (Look at Food Inc video) Listen to the well concealed trigger words used by those in power to motivate you to give them your labour, health, money and votes. Open your mind today and listen. You might discover how the spirit of RESISTANCE shattered society into small manageable clusters. We RESIST each other while our controllers sit in their ivory towers enjoying the fruit of our labour. They know while we RESIST and fight each other we will remain in our sheep like state.



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