The deadly energy sucking epidemic that is busy ravaging our land.

02 Feb




Very few of us are aware that we are exposed to a deadly negative and destructive cocktail of mental pollution from the moment we wake up in the morning until we drop back into bed at night. The amazing thing is that very few of us understand the deadly energy sucking soul-destroying epidemic that is busy ravaging our land.

They say that you can cook a frog if you place the frog in a container of cold water and gradually increase the temperature of the water. I am sad to say that most of us are now so desensitised that the massive doses of toxic poison that we absorb via our five senses daily no longer raise an alarm that sound urgent enough to motivate us to take evasive action. We became so used to the hammer blows to our integrity, self-image and self-esteem that virtually nothing moves us out of our dazed daily existence.

We for some reason need to listen to the radio or watch the news when we surface in the morning. We are greeted by and endless stream of reports of death, destruction, political rhetoric, disasters and speculations. We listen to or view graphic depictions of murders, rapes, natural disasters and discover how the value of our currency dropped to a new record low during the restless hours that we slept. We are exposed to virtually the same news several times before we begin to make our way through the gridlocked traffic to our salt mine. We pass hundreds of billboards that attempt to bring to our attention what we urgently need or lack and should urgently acquire if we want to remain in the rat race and sustain our acceptability in society. The newspapers hang “teasers” on hundred of poles with cryptic headlines filled with horror and vague messages that will hopefully entice us to obtain an additional fix of even more fear provoking articles in their paper. The radio in your vehicle might be tuned into some kind of morning show where announcers frantically bounce more negative and destructive “news” off your punch-drunk brain.

We endlessly listen to so-called news about politicians that often either attack or defend some senseless decision they made regarding serious issues that directly influence the living standard of all citizens. We have wave after wave of infighting between political parties. We have serious skirmishes between politicians in the same party that jockey for position in the party’s pecking order. We notice the tension between races because of policies forced into place to “upgrade” so-called disadvantaged groups that suffered because of the apartheid’s years. Qualifications and experience do not form a basis when appointments are made. Farmers and their families are murdered in horrific attacks that often take on the colour of hate crimes. The moment we conclude that there is some kind of conspiracy against white people we discover that some of our black fellow citizens are faced with even worse atrocities.

We live in barbwire camps in an attempt to keep our families safe from prowling gangs that mercilessly break into homes to loot and rob. We upgrade our electronic alarms systems, employ companies with armed guards, and still become victims of these ruthless, clever and often heartless perpetrators. We must always be on high alert because we can be followed home from the bank or come under attack in our driveways. We read about elderly people that are raped and murdered for a mobile phone. Many of us became paranoid and often get up at night when a neighbour’s dog bark to check if everything is still ok notwithstanding the bars on the windows, infrared detection devices and roving armed responds patrols.

Many of us thought that mass action and the huge frantic crowds driven by unscrupulous leaders with political ambitions ended when the mantel of the “Rainbow Nation” fell on our shoulders. We read about or view horrific clashes between the police and crowds of individuals that insist on more pay, better housing, service delivery etc. Huge numbers die and are seriously injured in these volatile often politically driven expressions. We yearn for leadership and clear directions from our leaders, but very little is done to address the real issues that brought our country to the brink of anarchy.

It will be silly to expect anyone to live a normal, productive and happy life in these testing times. Joblessness and poverty is driving the country closer and closer to the brink of disaster. A fair question would be, “What can I do to manage the huge challenges that we face daily?”

It is extremely important acquire a few skills that could alleviate the stress and anxiety that we face daily.

Start by avoiding news broadcasts on the radio and TV.

Stop reading the newspaper.

Stop living your life with a victim mentality.

Stop wasting your energy on stuff that you have no control over.

Stop talking to friends and family about negative and destructive stuff.

Start living your life on a moment-to-moment basis.

Learn to view all your fellow citizens with empathy and respect.

Appreciate the outstanding work that our police are doing under extremely testing conditions.

Serve your community with your special skills.

Learn to stop looking back to what could or should have been.

Accept the current moment with all its challenges.

Teach your family some basic life skills when it comes to observation and crisis management.

Stop taking life and yourself so serious. Make time to relax and recharge.

Develop a good relationship with those that work for you at home, office etc.

Stop looking for flaws and mistakes in others. Accept everyone unconditionally.

Learn to remain vigilant, but in a relaxed and focused manner.

We might not change the country overnight, but a spirit of union and goodwill will go a long way to bring down the red hot temperature that currently fuel the flames. You can continue to live a life of fear blended with deep anger or you can “accept what is” and do the best you can with what you have. We are faced with serious challenges. We can, with the right frame of mind still create a happy and productive life for our families and ourselves. A lot of the substance in this toxic cloud that currently envelope our nation is cause by impatience and our own victim mentality.

A victim mentality causes us to think like losers and slaves. We become sensitised on all the wrong stuff. We go out of our way to find stuff that we can use to moan and groan about or that can justify our sub-standard performances. You cannot think constructive thoughts while you remain focused on all the stuff that is wrong in the country. You cannot see that the unpleasant circumstances that we live under is actually caused by a small toxic group of people. There are millions of wonderful, friendly and caring people that can not slip through your “suspicious mindset” when you are always expecting the worst. We have enough outstanding human potential to make this country a leader on many fronts.


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