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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Chapter 10, Nurture the darkness of your soul.

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243 YOUR PORTABLE WISDOM GUIDE – It is important to know when to retreat.



243. It is important to know when to retreat and when proceed. When you get this right, success will be achieved. Remember that abstention is usually not a good option.


This series will be continued tomorrow

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You have been lied to since early childhood.


The force of RESISTANCE is very cunning and will use any means possible to stop you from doing what needs to be done. The endless stream of voices and feelings that activate when you are confronted with a task that might be risky or beyond your comfort zone is mind blowing. The voices will come at you from all angles. It will fabricate any story, myth or examples that it can dig from the archives in your mind to stop you from taking action. It exaggerate, belittle, seduce and attempt to bully you into submission. It will cry, scoff and take on any form in an attempt to deceive you and discourage you. You might recall how bewildered you became when you were faced historically with a decision that could send your life in a new direction. This force that is a master at building RESISTANCE will stop at nothing to convince you to stick to the well worn path that you are currently travelling on. This force will one moment talk to you as if you are a helpless child and the very next moment attempt to flood your mind with guilt and fear. Look around you and you might notice that everyone that made a success of anything did not fall for the dirty tricks used by this force. This force will create the impression that the threats are out there waiting for you if you dare to think or act outside the box. You have been lied to since early childhood. The source of your pain and discomfort is generated from within. It was the stories and bullshit myths that brought on the RESISTANCE and RELUCTANCE that you experienced every time you attempted to venture out of your comfort zone. The world you created for yourself and the relationships that you formed was heavily influenced by this invisible, but powerful force. You are not only up against your own history, but also against all the stories and myths that your parents and teachers shared with you in your formative years. It might not surprise you when I tell you that those that domesticated you faithfully implanted all their own fears and anxieties that they have been fighting against into your mind. They possibly gave their own RESISTANCE force a massive run for its money, but lost. They were defeated. I cannot come to any other conclusion. They finally succumbed to their own force of RESISTANCE or they would not have downloaded so much shit into your subconscious computer. There is nothing you fear today that cannot be traced back to nonsense downloaded into your fragile and vulnerable mind by a wide range of well intentioned programmers.


I would suggest that you today become acutely aware of the RESISTANCE that you experience periodically. Make a note when you feel the RESISTANCE welling up in you. Make a note who you spoke to or what did a person say or do that activated RESISTANCE in you. You might be so used to giving in or up that the RESISTANCE might be feeble and difficult to detect. I can guarantee you that the force of RESISTANCE will come at you in waves as described earlier in this post the moment you stop displaying your usual submissive demeanour. I will continue this series tomorrow.





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We vigorously RESIST anything/anyone that dare to trespass into our space.


a story behind each window



You should by now understand that each one of us has a unique RESISTANCE bubble or energy field that encase us like a glove. Many of us live and die within the perimeters of our RESISTANCE zone. The biggest percentage of us is so dedicated to maintain our zone of RESISTANCE that we hardly ever venture outside its perimeters. We sometimes during moments of courage pull up the heavy draw bridge of our fortress of RESISTANCE and venture into the unknown. Our visits to the unknown zone are usually fleeting. We rush back to the safety of our walls the moment we run into anyone that criticise, question or confront us with stuff that fail to match the blueprints in our perception archive. There comes a time when we feel that we must find a partner. We are then forced to venture out of our fortress. We begin our search for a suitable partner by matching the potential partner’s RESISTANCE against our own. We do our best to avoid bringing in a partner that might cause us discomfort. We reason that it will be very beneficial if we select a partner that closely matches the frequency of our own RESISTANCE level. That is why a partner with the same religious, political or race perceptions etc. is selected. We also know that there will be a gradual merging of the RESISTANCE levels of the partners. We try our level best to find a partner that will preferably enhance our own convictions and strengthen our RESISTANCE objectives. Our fear of the unknown immediately limits the number of potential partners that we have to choose from. When we find someone that we think will be a suitable partner we propose marriage. We then go through the prescribed rituals and gradually become a collective cluster of RESISTANCE. We then when appropriate procreate and begin to produce children. The children arrive in this dimension with no perceptions and no fears. They are free mentally. They are little spiritual bundles of joy that love unconditionally. Both partners soon realise that it is imperative that this new arrival are domesticated and taught how to become an acceptable member of the society that they live in. Can you see how the process of enslavement happened to you as well? This is how the never ending cycle of entrapment is sustained.


Look around you today and see how man has been reduced to entities that live in tiny boxes. Look at the endless rows of dwellings that go on for as far as the eye can see. Inside each of the dwellings (boxes) are living beings with hopes and dreams that are more often than not too afraid to attempt anything that might rock the boat or cause discomfort. We vigorously RESIST anything or anyone that dare to trespass into our space. We create the impression that we are happy and successful from behind our picket or barbed wired security fences. I will continue with this series tomorrow.





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