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The concept of freedom must be the most warped and misunderstood concept ever. It is words expressed by many, but understood by a precious few. I believe that nobody survive their childhood and come out mentally and emotionally free on the other side. There are just too many individuals, parties and institutions that meddle with the mind of an infant. A newly born baby might be “free” for a few days after his arrival, but soon begin to undergo a domestication process that will be sustained and enforced for many years.


I advocate complete freedom for everyone, everywhere. The concept of real freedom is to live and experience your life in a manner that will nullify the influence, rules, laws and directions of any individual or group. I also believe that every person must be allowed to live his life in a similar manner. Nobody must be allowed to impose his will or agendas on anyone under any circumstances.


The pleasure and advantages derived from the enjoyment of any activity should be allowed at the individual’s own discretion. No laws or rules are necessary to control and direct responsible free individual’s choices or activities. A free person will act within acceptable boundaries.


A free person will participate in activities in a spontaneous manner because he accepts full responsibility for all his actions and choices. He will not need laws, rules and regulations when it comes to sex, drinking and shopping because he will be fully aware that any acts that could cause any other individual a loss could result in a return to the opposite of freedom – mental and physical incarceration. His sexual activities will be conducted with other consenting adults and his drinking will be within the bounds of moderation. A person that is really free will not allow any activity (sex, drinking, eating etc.) to threaten the joy of his freedom brought him.


I am sure you noticed that laws (religious and otherwise) and harsh penalties do deter or reduce the activities of those that they are meant to arrest. A free person understands that he have the final say when it comes to things that involve his happiness. It is not the laws, rules and regulations that guide or force a free person to remain within acceptable norms. It is his desire to be happy and remain free of guilt, control, fear and obsessions that direct his choices. The free person does not need anybody or a system to tell him what actions and activities could impact on his well-being or the well-being of others.


Laws, rules and regulations are set in place to control and govern all citizens. The laws and rules are constructed in a manner so that it will curb or address any perceived eventuality that might occur. There are thousands of these laws and regulations on the books that limit or prevent individuals to use own discresion. There are also endless religious laws that make this web of control even more claustrophobic. The child that arrived on this plane free end up entangled in a web that contains thousands of laws, written, cultural or verbal that control virtually every breath he takes or every move he makes. It is a fallacy to think that you are free if you understand the bleak picture that I painted above. You might labour under the misconception that you have free will, but might by now notice that you in many aspects have no choice at all.


It is also a fallacy to think that you have rights. You will discover that there are always individuals and institutions that seem to have more rights than you. These individuals and institutions often impose their wills and perceived rights in a ruthless manner. Governments for example structured the rules and laws to always provide them with the upper hand. Every law or rule by the government or even with the company where you are employed weighs more than the rights that you perceived you have. There is always fine print in all agreements. They more often than not protect and provide most of the power to the other party. This is how governments impose their will on minorities. Minorities might think that they have protection in a democratically elected government only to discover that they have little or no rights at all. Freedom and liberty is thus often a figment of our imagination.


Individuals, groups, churches and governments own most of us (mentally and physically) because of these laws and rules. It is the illusion of the laws and rules web that rob us of our ability to become free in our choices and the way we conduct our lives. We must become free-thinkers and begin to live our lives with a freedom frame of mind. Mental liberty and freedom is a way of life and a worthy goal to strive for. Look around you today and you will discover that there are always those that think they are your master and you their slave. They might have thousands of rules and laws that they use to intimidate, own or control you, but more often than not make up new rules on the run to further intimidate and dominate you. The controllers might often come at you in uniforms, but they could also be a family member, boss, partner or even a child.


The time has come to take ownership of your life and your choices. You are not inferior to anyone or any institution. You have the right to live, speak and protect your property and everything that is yours in a vagarious and assertive manner. Do not allow anyone to wrap you with imaginary or superficial laws that do not provide you with equal status and rights. You must understand and master personal liberty and freedom if you want to live a happy and successful life. Remember that “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free” (Johann W. Goethe (1749 – 1832)




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