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The seminary educated me to be a quack. What is a quack?



The seminary educated me to be a quack. What is a quack? A quack in short is one who pretends to have an inside wire or track. No priest, rabbi, minister or bishop or cardinal or pope has inside knowledge about heaven, hell and god but to hear me exhort you would have thought that I had influence with God. That is how all ministers sound when they pray (bray) with that old paranoiac voice of divine authority, which so many clergymen quickly develop, while thundering and re-echoing their god’s fiendish and diabolical warnings of future punishment. Pause and listen some Sunday to these circus freaks peddling their wares over the radio and please notice at the same time how subtly yet how brazenly they beg for gold to carry on their quackery. Listen to the tent revivalists who are the high pressure artists of the world’s greatest and cruellest racket. These pious swindlers prey on the aged, the widows, the poor and the sick. They deserve your censure. They should not be allowed to operate. If they were selling anything else but religion the police would be after them in a hurry. But our laws have made this racket legal.

Dealing with distant and unknown and invisible powers has been a profitable field for fakers and racketeers from time immemorial, and I am sorry to say that rabbis, priests and ministers must be included in this category. Everyone of them are quacks. You heard me correctly. The man in the pulpit who makes you think he is publicly praying to god is a quack. The man who comes to your home and offers to pray (or beg) to a god for a cure of anyone’s soul or body is a quack. He may not know it but he is. When the priest does his mumbo jumbo for fee or salary he is indulging in quackery. No, I will not exempt the protestant clergymen. Of course most of them are sincere just as many quacks of medicine are when they try to sell you their pet remedies. Do not be taken in. Do not be fooled by the clergymen’s neatly tailored black clothes and their cultured manners. It is all window dressing. Beware of these wolves (some of them are wolves) in sheep’s clothing. Have you ever noticed that the women far outnumber the men in every church service? It is not hard to know why. But I am not going to stick my neck out and say. I will let you think that out for yourself. I only know that many men who do go to church are dragged there. A few are henpecked. These male wolves in their black frocks go after the rich as well as the poor bleeding them of large amounts of their financial blood. As for the widows they love to be fleeced and buncoed by their good looking pastors. Why should they mind writing out those fat checks for the church? They figure they will receive a mansion in the sky in return. These rich communicants may not know it but they are very unbusiness like. They are buying a pig in a poke, buying blindly, as the eastern suckers used to do when they bought distant Florida real estate by mail, only to find out later that they had bought worthless swamp land. These rich contributors eventually will die without ever a deed for their heavenly real estate which they bought sight unseen, and which actually does not exist. After death it will be too late for the deceased to come back to get even with their fast talking pastors, who by then will have moved on to other cities to reap additional harvests.

Newspapers and magazines, TV and radio give these pious swindlers and sellers of heavenly property free space and time to publish their gibberish and double talk. Local governments unconstitutionally subsidize the churches by exempting them from taxes. This should be stopped. Churches be it known are our largest landowners. That is one reason why your taxes are so high. They pay no taxes and the remaining taxpayers such as you and I have to make it up for the expenses of government are enormous. Politicians are no help for they bow and scrape before the clergy as though these hypocritical salvationists were better than ordinary men. We put these glorified parasitical quacks who enjoy begging for a living on a pedestal. Yet they are on a level with fortune tellers and similar racketeers. Fortune tellers bad as they are do less harm because their racket is not so well organized nor are their teachings systematized to church proportions. The fortune tellers lack press agents to build up good will for them and to glorify their magic powers, and particularly the invisible supernatural powers, from whom they draw their secrets. These crystal gazers like the clergy are peddling mystical nonsense and false information. Both are pretenders of knowledge and both de al with the realm of the unseen and invisible. Did you know that fortune tellers in Los Angeles now operate under the cloak of religion in order to operate legally? They use the title Reverend before their names. Quite fitting isn’t it?


Did I hear you say that the clergy are well educated and therefore not in the same category with the fortune tellers and other quacks who claim to do business with the supernatural powers? Ah yes there is the rub. Your pastor has been to school true, but he has never been taught to think. He is a parrot. Forgive him. He can’t think for himself. His thinking has been warped because he has been indoctrinated with religious superstition. His education has been slanted. He has been told what to believe. It has been poured into him through a funnel. When he is graduated he is a beautiful bird who wears a colorful robe on Sundays and repeats the same lingo week after week. A moron could do just as well.

Actually the educational level of the average clergyman has always been low though slightly higher than the people in the pews. There are of course exceptions. His little education formerly never mattered as long as the people in the pews were ignorant but it matters now because church members today are getting higher education and they can be greatly bored by a 2×4 preacher who does not know what he is talking about. Some denominations have higher standards than others, but mark you, thousands of ministers have had no college education.

Many take non-accredited home study courses of required reading, designed to make them full fledged shouting robots. Some of these non-schooled clergymen when not too lazy to stick their noses in books do pick up a degree of culture and if they possess literary or oratorical ability are able to put on a good show. Ministers of the literary type produce some brilliant essays. These essays if stripped of meaningless pious phrases would be worth listening to. Many of these men are creative and original. It is too bad they are confined to a mental cage. They should be on the lecture platform speaking their wisdom secularly. In my humble opinion all the good that is done in the name of religion could be done just as well if not better secularly. For diversion I attend the movies once a week. I have perhaps learned more good moral lessons from selected movies than from any other source in life. You do not need to go to church if you are a sincere seeker after that which is good. You can find it in books, in plays, in forums, in lectures, in night schools, in art galleries and music academies. You can waste your time in church. On Sundays both radio and television offer their best educational programs. Relax and listen to them. Improve yourself. The people in the pews are often fooled by the gift of gab of their pseudo-educated pastors who are nothing but ventriloquists’ dummies speaking their pieces. Some of the pulpiteers in the nicer sections of the city dispense discourses that are polished with a little more veneer than the emotional sermons of the shouting ranting revivalists more often found in the poorer sections of town. This is how many people are fooled. The better class of trade must be taken care of.


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Energizing Power Nap.


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Napping is not just for dogs/children. A Power Nap Might Save Your Life


Napping is not just for dogs and children. Some of the world’s most influential thinkers and leaders have catnapped every day.

Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, John F Kennedy and Calvin Coolidge all found that a short snooze left them refreshed, recharged and ready to work.

Science confirms that napping can help beat the post lunch slump and boost cognitive performance, but now there is evidence that a siesta could also save your life.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that a nap can make you feel better; more alert, sharper and less grumpy.

Research has shown that naps can improve our problem solving abilities and our memories, naps can also enhance perceptive skills and speed up reaction times.

But the benefits go way beyond that.

Short daytime sleeps have been shown to be good for the heart, decrease blood pressure, help our bodies cope with stress and even help us battle the bulge.

Naps and the heart

Regular naps have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Those who have a siesta at least three times a week were shown in research to be more than a third less likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

A leading scientist from the extensive study, Dimitrios Trichopoulos of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston said: “Taking a nap could turn out to be an important weapon in the fight against coronary mortality.”

The effect proved to be particularly strong for working men. Those who regularly took a little time out from their working day to have a short snooze had a sixty-four percent lower risk of death from heart disease. However, even non-workers showed a benefit.

Those occasionally napping had a twelve percent lower coronary mortality rate and those who systematically napped had a thirty-seven percent reduction in death from cardiovascular events.

Naps and stress

We’ve all been there, after a few late nights it can be difficult to deal with the stresses and strains of the working day.

Little problems suddenly seem insurmountable and it’s not just our minds that struggle when we’re sleep deprived, our bodies suffer too.

When we’re under psychological pressure the body releases chemicals designed to help us fight or flee. When we’re tired even more of these stress hormones flood through the body.

That was great when we were cavemen fighting sabre-toothed tigers, but in the modern world when stress is sustained and psychological the results are potentially deadly.

The hormones can ramp up blood pressure and blood sugar levels predisposing to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

The good news is that research shows that naps can mitigate the effects of too little sleep, decrease the release of these stress chemicals and help protect our bodies from the negative effects of stress.

So if napping is so good, why are many of us so embarrassed or ashamed of it? I mean let’s face it, whether it’s called a siesta, bhat gum or rice sleep, an afternoon snooze is ingrained into many cultures.

But in the US, the UK and many other western societies, sleeping in the daytime can be seen as laziness, a sign of getting old or lacking drive.

With 650,000 Americans dying of heart disease every year, maybe it’s time to change the way think and the way we work.

How to have the perfect power nap

Keep it consistent. Try to nap at the same time every day. This helps your body adjust its normal circadian rhythms and ensures you get maximum benefit. Schedule it in your diary and make it a regular part of your daily routine.

Sleep or stimulants? Do you slug back a strong cup of coffee to beat that post-lunch slump? If you do, you may not be taking the best approach. A study compared the effectiveness of caffeine, day time naps and getting more night-time sleep as ways of overcoming the afternoon dip and the nap won hands down.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to bin the Java. Both napping aficionados and scientific researchers at Loughborough University recommend having a cup of coffee immediately before your nap.

When you wake twenty minutes later, the caffeine will have kicked in so that you get a double boost.

It’s all about the adenosine. Adenosine is the chemical responsible for our feelings of tiredness, it slows down nerve cell activity making us sluggish and slow.

Adenosine levels naturally decrease when we snooze and caffeine blocks our body’s response to the chemical- so together you have the ultimate power nap.

Afternoon delight. Most of us start to flag between one and four pm. It’s the result of our in-built body clock and the build-up of adenosine. Stop the slump by scheduling a short snooze after lunch.

Short is sweet. Do you wake up from a nap groggy, confused and fit for nothing but rolling over and going back to sleep?

If you do, you may be sleeping for too long. Avoid this “sleep inertia” by setting an alarm and aiming for no more than twenty to thirty minutes max.

Turn off the lights. Our bodies are programmed to respond to darkness and light. Flicking the switch or using an eye-mask will help you doze off and plenty of bright light will reenergize you when you’re awake.

Cover up. When we sleep our metabolism slows down and our body temperature drops, a light blanket or an extra sweater will help you stay comfortable.

While you’re waiting for the culture at work to catch up with medical research, it’s still possible to enjoy a siesta and avoid getting fired. Try snoozing in the car, under your desk or even in a stationery cupboard during your lunch hour.

Napping could improve your work performance, your health and your wellbeing. So what are you waiting for?

Remember, It’s not laziness, it’s a way of rebooting your system so that it is better able to cope with challenges.

So if you find your eyelids drooping when the clock ticks past midday, make like Coolidge and Kennedy and catch some ZZZZs.


By Dr. Jane Gilbert /

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ANTIFRAGILE? The Most ANTIFRAGILE Mental Operating System



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What People Are Not Getting about Trump.


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People move towards pleasure provoking experiences and away from pain provoking experiences. They move towards people that make them feel good and away from people that make them feel worthless and defective. This law must always be kept in mind if you want to influence people in a positive manner. 

It will be idiotic to constantly say and do things that cause somebody pain and expect loyalty and dedication from such person. How can you kick a person in the teeth and expect him or her to love and respect you. We might not always physically kick people, but some of the things we do, fail to do or say often cause more pain than a kick in the teeth.

Everything you do or refrain from doing is governed by your perception you have of such event. If you for example find it difficult to motivate yourself to do something that you know need to be done you will find “potential pain avoidance” at the root of you resistance. We usually select the potential pleasure route in all our actions and decisions. If we have any idea that we might be exposed to potentially pain we try our level best avoid such contacts. 

Just think for a moment about this principle. When you see or think of certain people what reaction do they evoke in you? If a person activates any level of discomfort in you, you will always react and respond accordingly. An opinion is formed quickly and usually takes years to modify. Most people lives their live according to this law or principal. Once they formed a perception about something or someone it takes a massive jolt to dislodge perceptions. Because we are pleasure seeking entities we tend to run on tracks for the best part of our lives. We thus get stuck in a pattern and will continue to follow this path until the day we expire.

Leaders and champions are bold enough to break these patterns and confront their fears. They know that mediocre and substandard performances are caused by the avoidance of potential pain. You can never grow, learn and win while you remain in your comfort zone. It is only when you go beyond your comfort threshold that progress can be made.


We often know what we need or want in life, but we hardly ever do something about it. The main reason for this is because we amplify the potential pain so much that it outweighs the potential pleasure that reaching our goal would provide us. 

If you want to stop smoking or lose weight you have to make your perceived “outcome” so exciting and pleasure provoking that it will make the effort that will be needed to work through the potential pain part less dominant. You will never reach your desired objective while the fear of the pain outweighs the potential pleasure of the outcome. It is thus imperative that you desire your outcome more than the obstacle that you may encounter along the way. Only when you become excited and motivated about your outcome will you have enough staying power to hang in until the objective (pleasure) is achieved.

If you want to become influential, you will have to learn to use this law to your advantage. You will make it easy for people to be with you and do business with you. You will say and do things that will activate expectations of potential pleasure not pain. All your actions and reactions must show people that you respect their point of view and that you are there to help them to achieve their own objectives. Always remember that most people you deal with are running on preconceived tracks or perceptions.



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