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Crafty operators used/formula to mind fu*k us into entities/can be led/noses.


I have been studying religion, philosophy and spirituality for more than forty years now. I invested labouredly in time, money, energy and dug deep and intensely for the reason why man come to this plane. I even at the age of twelve found it impossible to grasp why a loving God will allow you and me to wake up in this slanted shit hole saddled with a mission to identify the right church, accept a specific savior and live an impeccable life, all in an unknown lifespan or face the possibility to be tormented and toasted forever. What confused me even more was that I might have been “posted” in a wonderful home with caring parents that guide and feed me while I receive a superior education while you in turn were “posted” with a single mother, never knew your father, get inadequate and substandard schooling while you wondered where you next meal will come from. Both of us will be judged, weighed and measured by God when we expire according to the dogma of many churches. There is a possibility that one of us might get a pass to heaven while the other will be shipped off to a place called hell where he/she will be tormented and toasted in the most gruesome manner for all eternity.


Everyone is thus on this plane to attempt to find the right religion, the correct holy book and appease the God perception in that holy book. It must be remembered that we are playing for the quality of our everlasting life during this single exposure to this dimension. Some of us might have a life time to achieve these objectives while others might be extracted after a few years of trials and tribulations. Our mission is not only to find the right God, church and live a quality of life that would allow us to qualify for heaven. We are exposed to a fight for survival financially and otherwise from a young age. We are apparently also exposed to an evil invisible entity that is using all the tricks in the book to corrupt, test our loyalty to God and confuse us. We are as you can see knee deep in the shit virtually from birth. Our chances of success minuscule according to the dogma of those that claim that they are the guides to everlasting bliss.


I concluded after careful deliberation and contemplation that it is absolute nonsense to buy into the rubbish that we were fed in this regard from early childhood. I decided at a young age that I have absolutely no desire to participate in any of these illogical and unrealistic movements that promote this kind of thinking. The more I studied the clearer it became to me that our enemy is fear. We fear pain and we desire pleasure. Crafty operators used this formula to mind fuck us into entities that can be led by our noses. We became like sheep and follow these “spiritual leaders” while they steal our time, money and resources. The God perceptions and dogma that they present to us is figments of the imagination of those that came before them that lay the foundation for their scams. I can tell you that there is not a single person that ever speculated about God, heaven and hell that can present you with a morsel of evidence that what they preach are valid. The first so-called enlightened, inspired ones and philosophers speculated about these matters and the current gurus are still doing the same. Some do it better than others, but it all still remain nothing more than speculations.


Set yourself free my dear friend. You do not need to live your life in fear to be a wonderful and caring individual. You can be compassionate and supportive to everyone that cross your path daily, not because you attempt to qualify for heaven or attempt to escape hell. You can do it because it’s the right thing to do. You can live a wonderful and successful life by living your life ONE MOMENT at a time. Do not fear the future or what might happen when you expire. Stop minimizing yourself because you feel you were born in sin according to the myth. Surviving daily in this dimension is difficult enough. Why load all the speculative garbage on your shoulders while you stagger around trying to appease the imaginary God that you have been sold on since early childhood? All you have is this moment my friend. Be the best you can be, not because you fear God, but because you understand that the quality of your choices and actions today will confront you tomorrow. It is not God that is punishing you. It is your own choices that you made yesterday that you are faced with today.


I believe there is an intelligent energy field that we are part of, that we live and die in. I have no reason to think that this is some kind of super human in the sky that meddle in our affairs. This energy field needs nothing from us. There is no need to endlessly convince this energy field of your loyalty and support. You can never be separated from this force. The quality of your life is decided by you and you alone. So go out from now on and live your dream, love your children, forgive those that cause you discomfort and be gentle with yourself.




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Life, Dating/Business and Not Giving a F*ck.


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You might want to stop telling everyone how stressed you are.


How is it that some people seem to succeed in all areas of life, with a dream job, cool friends, a loving S.O., and a flourishing side hustle?

According to new research, there is actually something that sets thrivers apart from others who are going through life just trying to survive. The secret? Mindset.

Researchers did a deep dive, looking at studies on everything from acing academic tests, athletic performance, career accomplishments, and even longevity.

Through their digging, a common theme kept popping up: People who felt good about about life and themselves—and were good at something—were more likely to hit that “thriving” threshold.

“It appears to come down to an individual experiencing a sense of development, of getting better at something, and succeeding at mastering something,” says Daniel Brown, PhD, a sport and exercise scientist at the University of Portsmouth in the UK and one of the study’s researchers.

MindTrip MagazineDr. Brown found that there were a few key personality traits that successful people had at least one of, which include being optimistic, spiritual or religious, proactive, motivated, adaptable, and socially competent.

He also found that having one or a few of these traits coupled with having a strong support system, a calm environment, or a career that challenges you, resulted in a thriving gold mine.

This shows that life success isn’t 100 percent controllable, but at least some of it does have to do with the way you see the world—not the cards you were dealt.

“Thriving is a word most people would be glad to hear themselves described as, but which science hasn’t really managed to consistently classify and describe until now,” says Dr. Brown.

How to get a more positive outlook to direct your path toward Thrivetown, USA? No need to banish negative thinking, actually—keeping it real by being authentic is a good thing. But word of (anxiety-reducing) advice: You might want to stop telling everyone how stressed you are.


By Emily Laurence / Well And Good


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The Paradigm Shift.




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The endless grind to earn an income/survive start soon after we leave school.




When a miner starts the day deep underground he often works under very testing and dangerous conditions. When the prostitute waits for the phone to ring so she can sell her body she also often works under very dangerous conditions. Her life can suddenly change to a lifetime of pain, drugs and humiliation. When some black workers rise in the morning hours long before dawn to make their way to work, often in bitter cold conditions or pouring rain in over packed trains and buses it take courage and determination. When a doctor work long hours to care for the sick it display the invisible force that control most of the choices we make. This force is money. Every person that do anything attempt to exchange whatever skills he or she might have for a financial reward. Some earn just enough to finance their families for another month. The endless grind to earn an income starts soon after we leave school and will probably continue until we leave this plane of existence.

The merciless cycle of trying to make it financially for one more day, week or month takes up most of our waking hours. There is no guarantee that the source of our income will be sustained. Companies close down and recessions often pulverise those that pay us. We are one of the millions of cogs in this financial machine that feed the overall financial system. There are two factors that we often try to ignore while we are still productive. The first is that we might die too soon and the second is that we might live too long.

Money starvation is like a python that curl its powerful coils around us. The longer we are trapped in these coils the less our change of recovery. Our frantic struggle to escape often allows this snake to tighten its hold on us. We initially fight like a tiger, but soon discover that the financial system have us in a deadly embrace. We rush to the bank and attempt to loan some money or get an overdraft facility. We pray that a miracle will happen that will assist us to evade the claws of the money lenders. The direct and indirect finance charges bestowed on those that dared to seek relief are suffocating and amplify the original problem many times. Those that lived too long often feel that they should have allowed the coils of the python to rather crush them to death.

Our natural instinct is to run away from potential danger or pain. Financial problems leave its victims helpless and stripped of their dignity. There is often nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. We reach out for help, but soon discover that our friends and those that we owe money treat us like a person that carries some dreaded disease.

We are all part of a system where we like worker bees keep the financial system going. We are only worth something and deemed beneficial while we can produce what the hive need to survive, expand and grow. The system was designed so that we not only work like crazy to sustain the hive, but at the same time produce future generations that can take our place when we die or lose our ability to serve the hive. This heartless system will continue to evolve and grow with or without us.

My advice to you is to attempt to build a reserve fund while you are young so you can ride the storms that will come your way while you play the game of life. Make provision to counter the winter periods that most of us are faced with periodically or you will become a statistic in a system that feel nothing for those that run into financial problems, live too long and become too frail and tired to maintain the pace. The system will use and sometimes abuse you until you reached a stage where you no longer serve a productive purpose. Self-sufficiency will help you to retain your dignity. You will then with mixed feelings one day look back on your life and be proud of the work you have done while still a healthy work bee.

Our objective when we visit this plane is not to become rich and drive around in our fancy cars. The law of attraction create the impression that you can materialize anything your heart desire. This law is powerful, but can also become a major distraction. Your objective is to find out “Who are you” and establish what will be the best way you can expand your consciousness. Chasing after stuff and status can take up valuable time. You may end up rich and successful, but remain poor in spirit. There are many distractions that will prevent you from using your experiences and problems as part of your learning experience. You do not come to this plane to make your Avatar better, richer and smarter. Your Avatar is nothing more than a container that houses your perfect self (soul). You are not your ego. It takes a lot of effort to wake up to the fact that you are not your body (Avatar) or history.

Your Avatar is not who you are. Your Avatar is nothing more than a self-perception that you formed of yourself since birth. You are thus not the worker bee that I wrote about earlier. You are a spiritual being that came to one of the most challenging schools in all the universes. You might end up poor at the end of your earth cycle, but rich in the evolution of your consciousness while you successfully confronted the many challenges and obstacles that formed part of your training. I suggest you detach from the dread, disappointments and challenges that you confronted with and remain focused on your real mission (to become love) while you visit earth dimension.

Love is the most powerful energy source in the universe. Our objective is to expand our ability to love. Love rapidly expands our consciousness while dread, hate and fear in turn erode our consciousness. It is impossible to love while you remain in the hive of life playing the silly games that your Avatar tends to get involved in. The solution is to deal with challenges, obstacles and problems on a moment to moment basis. Stop viewing challenges as punishment and see them as part of your schooling.   



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“Believe in your ability and take inspired action”


Dr. Joe Dispenza has an impressive background — studying biochemistry at Rutgers University with a focus on neuroscience, graduating magna cum laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Georgia, and postgraduate education spanning neuroscience, memory formation, cellular biology, and aging and longevity.

He’s a New York Times bestselling author and a featured expert in the films What the BLEEP Do We Know?!, Down the Rabbit Hole and newly released, The People vs The State of Illusion and the Heal documentary.

After an accident involving a sport utility vehicle during a triathlon, Dispenza is also known as the man who miraculously regrew six shattered vertebrae of his spine by using the innate intelligence of his body — without the help of conventional medicine.

His physician told him he would never walk again if he didn’t opt for surgery. Dispenza declined.

Instead, he used the power of his mind, along with diet and physical therapy, to regain his health. Within ten weeks, Dispenza had completely healed himself and was back to work, a new man.

“Meditating is a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. That’s crucial, since the subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Incredible Power of the Mind to Heal the Body and Soul

In the 1990s, neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel discovered that connections in a neural bundle can double with repeat stimulation. The finding earned him a Nobel Prize. During later experiments, he also found that if neural connections aren’t used, they shrink in as little as three weeks.

This is the basis for the concept of “neuroplasticity” — where, instead of the brain having certain developmental cycles (mainly in childhood) and a “set” structure, our brain is actually reshaped by the signals passing through our neural network at any given time in our lives.

“In the same decade that Kandel and others measured neuroplasticity, other scientists discovered that few of our genes are static. The majority of genes (estimates range from 75 to 85 percent) are turned off and on by signals from our environment, including the environment of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we cultivate in our brains.

“One class of these genes, the immediate early genes (IEGs), takes only three seconds to reach peak expression. IEGs are often regulatory genes, controlling the expression of hundreds of other genes and thousands of other proteins at remote sites in our bodies.”

This is believed to be the reason for seemingly miraculous healings that have taken place throughout the ages, where our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are supportive of ultimate health and harmony.

Writes Dawson Church, Ph.D., author of The Genie in Your Genes:

“Joe is one of the few science writers to fully grasp the role of emotion in transformation. Negative emotion may literally be an addiction to high levels of our own stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline.

“Both these stress hormones and relaxation hormones like DHEA and oxytocin have set points, which explains why we feel uncomfortable in our skin when we think thoughts or countenance beliefs that drive our hormonal balance outside of that comfort zone. This idea is at the very frontier of the scientific understanding of addictions and cravings.”

Dr. Dispenza’s research shows that, when we purposely translate a thought into a positive emotion, we can positively influence our health and healing. He explains that it all begins with an intention created in the frontal lobe of your brain, which triggers the release of chemical messengers, otherwise known as neuropeptides.

These messengers then send signals throughout the body, that in turn, are like keys turning genetic switches on and off. Take for example “the cuddle hormone” — oxytocin — a neuropeptide that is stimulated by touch, as well as feelings of love and trust.

With a little practice, we all can learn to efficiently adjust our set points — lowering our stress hormones, while increasing our healing hormones. Cutting edge researchers have named the sequence Dispenza outlines as self-directed neuroplasticity (SDN).

“The idea behind the term is that we direct the formation of new neural pathways and the destruction of old ones through the quality of the experiences we cultivate,” says Church. “I believe that SDN will become one of the most potent concepts in personal transformation and neurobiology for the coming generation.”

Stories of profound — sometimes miraculous — healing are peppered throughout Dispenza’s latest book, You Are the Placebo

Case studies involving spontaneous healing of multiple sclerosis, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Hashimoto’s and more illustrate the incredible power of the mind to heal the body.

Take for instance a double-blind study that found participants were cured of crippling depression that had dogged them for years after taking, what they thought, was a strong pharmaceutical.

Incredibly, after the study concluded, a woman who believed she was “cured” by the antidepressant was told she was actually in the control group and had never received the drug, but, instead, had been taking a placebo.

Another study was conducted on a group of elderly men who were to receive knee replacements. After they went through the surgery, all had typical recoveries and improved mobility.

The thing is, not a single knee had been replaced. The surgeon had only made an incision to make it look as though they had undergone the surgery, when, in fact, they had not. The patients range of motion, mobility and freedom from pain matched those who had received actual knee replacements.

Even for those skeptical that such profound healing could come from changing our thoughts, Dr. Dawson Church reminds us:

“You have nothing to lose by throwing yourself enthusiastically into the process and dumping the thoughts, feelings, and biological set points that have limited your past.

“Believe in your ability to realize your highest potential and take inspired action, and you will become the placebo that creates a happy and healthy future for yourself and for our planet.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza, You Are the Placebo


By Carolanne Wright / Wake Up World



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Tom Campbell World Tour 2017 New Delhi

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