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You are not on Probation my friend.


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There is a spirit of entitlement visible everywhere.


The force of RESISTANCE that envelope us individually and collectively have many different tricks up its sleeve. I mentioned in previous posts that it will use distraction to get us to forgo of activities that we know need our urgent attention. Many have been trained since early childhood that there is no real need to work hard in a sustained manner until the task at hand is completed. Many have been programmed to expect massive rewards in a relative short period of time. There is a spirit of entitlement visible everywhere. Children that leave school or university want to walk into a job where they start with a very attractive income. They immediately expect all the bells and whistles that earlier generations took years to achieve. It is the force of RESISTANCE that created the impression with today’s generation that instant gratification is within their reach. They think that you can become an overnight millionaire if you read “The Secret” book and do a few relatively simple visualisation exercises. You might be surprised what major role sex play in the methods used by the force of RESISTANCE. Sex provides a false sense of progress to those that are slaves to the force of RESISTANCE. Sex provides rapid gratification and at the same time hides serious flaws like procrastination and wishful thinking. Many RESIST the sustained effort that is needed to grow and sustain a relationship. They think that their partner is satisfied with their pathetic general commitment to the relationship because he or she participated in the act of love making. Sex provides them with a welcome escape and a feeling of worthiness while they daily struggle with the cloud of resistance that endlessly follow them around like a stray dog. Overcoming the possible RESISTANCE of a partner or someone they just met make them feel like a winner. Many get so involved looking for their next “sex” fix that they neglect their work and other obligations. Can you see what powerful role instant gratification play in the hands of the force of RESISTANCE? Sex can be a wonderful experience if both partners participate outside the boundaries of RESISTANCE. Sex will never become addictive or a source of RESISTANCE if it takes place outside the perimeters of the RESISTANCE zone. Sex is an amazing natural act when it takes place between two individuals that expect absolutely nothing from each other. Your motives are RESISTANT based if you experience a victory feeling or hollow emptiness afterwards. You are definitely in a state of RESISTANCE if you feel like you are busy making a deal with the person that you want to make love to or experience buyer’s remorse afterwards. Making love to obtain something or fulfill an obligation is nothing more than the deals made by men with prostitutes. Giving up sex to a partner becomes a powerful “control” method of those that operate from the RESISTANCE stronghold. The same holds true if you get the same feelings after you drank too much, bought stuff that you don’t really need or when you used prescription or other drugs.


The key to escape from the claws of RESISTANCE is to become aware of the many different ways that the force of RESISTANCE uses daily to retain you in a slave like not-action state. Become an observer and see if you can identify anything that keeps you in an enslaved state. There are a wide range of activities that we involve ourselves in daily that provide us with no real long-term benefits. I will continue this series tomorrow.




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Being religious does not mean that one cannot be spiritual.


These differences are general and therefore not applicable to all the different organised religions. Some of these differences may not apply to your specific religion. Being religious does not mean that one cannot be spiritual or vice versa. It is also possible to be both religious and spiritual. Some people had no religious education, but they are spiritual in the sense that they live in awe of their Creator. 




1. Externally imposed beliefs, values, dogma and doctrine as interpreted by the clergy, an ordained priest or rabbi.

1. An internal search for the Truth and no external, authoritative body or dogma.

2. Religion provides the answers to most of the fundamental questions. Most religions disapprove of and discourage their followers to think for themselves or to question the dogma.

2. There are no pre-formulated answers. It is essential that you explore different traditions, question and use your enquiring mind. You need to discern in order to determine the Truth.

3. One is to a certain degree dependent on one’s ordained priest who acts as an intermediary or gatekeeper to heaven.

3. One is capable of establishing a direct and personal relationship with the Creator.

4. Some organised religions are fear based as the followers are threatened with hell fire, brimstone and the wrath of God.

4. God is Love and Light and the emphasis is on an unconditional and a non-judgemental Higher Power.

5. There is a specific time and place of worship, such as a cathedral, synagogue mosque, church or temple.

5. There is no specific time or place of worship. You live in awe of God all the time. God is everywhere and now here.

6. Some organised religions tend to induce guilt and attempt to keep people dependent.

6. Spirituality empowers the individual, because God is loving and compassionate and wants one to feel worthy.

7. Some religions demand total obedience, poverty and celibacy if it is your vocation to serve God.

7. God can be served by anyone in any position (even if you enjoy affluence). God is unconditional.

8. Religion has divided people, created friction, conflict and war. Millions have been killed in the name of religion. Polarisation also occurs within the same religious order.

8. People from different cultures, races and religious denominations gather in peace and harmony in their devotion to the Divine. There is no division, discrimination or judgement.

9. Some religions support a patriarchal system and women are regarded as inferior. Women are banned from certain ceremonies, denied an education in certain Holy Scriptures and they may not be ordained as priests.

9. There is no discrimination with regard to gender. We are all equal and children of the Creator; the Creator has no preferences and regards all of us as His children. Nobody is denied access to any Holy Scripture.

10. Discrimination against members of a different faith or denomination. There are also religions that claim exclusivity, in other words their doctrine is the only path to salvation.

10. Unconditional positive regard for one’s fellow man, regardless of his creed. One’s neighbour is loved, honoured and respected, just as one loves and respects oneself.

11. Depending on the religion, one is limited to a specific Scripture, Text or Bible and there are religions that claim that their text is the only ‘Truth’.

11. All the Scriptures and the teachings of all the great Masters are available and perused without judgement. One uses the ability to discern to find one’s own Truth.

12. Many people, who claim that they are ‘religious’, do not practise what they preach.

12. Most truly spiritual people live a life of integrity, in congruence with their spiritual values and in total harmony with their fellow man.

13. Most religious traditions have a more narrow-minded approach and a tendency to be suspicious of information that does not fit in with their doctrine and beliefs.

13. An eclectic and far more open-minded approach, as well as a tendency to focus on Universal Laws and Truths.

14. Some religious orders tend to discriminate against, reject, victimise or condemn other races, prostitutes, illegitimate children and/or homosexuals.

14. Unconditional acceptance and a non-judgemental attitude towards other races, minority groups or those victimised by society.

By Susan Minnaar



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