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A Message for Humanity.

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We (black/white) have become hypnotized slaves of old/outdated perceptions.

* Keep in mind the filter system (Racial Profiling expressed above) used by  James David Manning.




I am convinced that the filter system that everyone have in their heads will continue to play a prominent role in many areas of our lives – including how we view individuals of a different race. Our automatic reaction patterns stored in our sub-conscious minds became our guidance system when we are confronted with choices and potential threats. We tend to automatically react without contemplating the reality of the moment and take action (like so many times before) in all our day-to-day activities. Our program that not only display reaction patterns uploaded since early childhood, but that also display data stored in our genes force us to react in what it deems the most appropriate manner to manage the each moment. Our sub-conscious minds attempt to protect us from potential threats or events that could cause us harm. If a child (black or white) receive a message to take evasive action (fight or flight) because their might be a perceive threat he/she usually, without thinking act on these instructions.

The only way we can override our spontaneous reaction patterns is to PAUSE when we receive instructions from our sub-conscious mind and to first evaluate the situation at hand. We need to become objective and study the current moment carefully before we react. A large percentage of our actions are defective and flawed and far removed from reality. We must stop profiling each other on a race based basis. We must PAUSE long enough to neutralise the flood of often negative and destructive unfair messages that often overwhelm us. We will not get rid of the void between races until we master this important simple process. The gap will not get smaller and finally vanish while politicians continue to use messages that revive what happened in the past. Politicians often also paint horror images in the minds of potential voters that warn them that the perceived atrocities of the past will be repeated if the gap is not sustained. We must stop reinforcing what could or should have been and begin to live in the reality of the moment.

The key is to simply PAUSE and allow your conscious mind that can reason to evaluate each and every contact on merit. We (black and white) have become hypnotised slaves of old and outdated perceptions. We cannot undo the evolutionary process that brought us to this point in our history, but can become one nation that stops living in the past.




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Transforming Shame into Magnificence.


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Focus on the reality of your current moment and deal with it on its own merit.




We live in a “button” pushing society today. We all have a natural tendency to push back when we feel someone activated one of our “hot buttons”. We allow people to trigger, anger, anxiety, fear of loss, discomfort in us daily with what they say, do or fail to say and do. The only way that you can get the habitual button pushers out of your life are to stop reacting and responding on their triggers.


We live our lives on a reactive basis. The reason for this mode of thinking is that we spend the best part of our day in “auto” mode. We react without thinking almost all the time. Our sub-conscious mind cannot reason when a request comes in via our five senses. Our sub-conscious minds can only draw from its historical perceptions and belief systems that it formed during early childhood. That is why we often make decisions


The fact of the matter is that people will continue to push your buttons and they will continue to control you and your emotions while you automatically respond to their silly games. I would suggest that you take a few days and observe how you act and react mechanically when your partner, friends or even strangers say or do something that trigger a negative emotional responds in you. Do not judge yourself or the button pushers.


When triggered hit the PAUSE (stop) button and simply become an observer. Just relax and say, do or think nothing. Just breathe in a relaxed and normal manner until you feel that whatever triggered you subsided. Do not jump to conclusions. Treat each case/event on its own merit. Stay in the moment and don’t allow your old and often outdated reaction patterns to influence you. Each event (trigger) is different. It is silly to let your old habitual reaction patterns tarnish the current moment. An inappropriate reaction could cause you discomfort and loss and activate a domino effect that could continue for years.


The “button pushers” in your life domesticated you to react and respond in a specific manner to enhance their control. Watch their faces and listen to their tone of voice when you stop reacting the way you have been trained. You will be surprised how quickly they will stop this destructive habit.


The simple art of detachment from your habitual reaction patterns can change your life. When you learn to let go you bring a brand new dimension into your life. Learn to detach and let go when anyone, yes even someone in the traffic push your buttons. You will be happier, healthier and will most probably live longer as well.


Negative and destructive thoughts can also be arrested using the same method. When you become anxious or uptight – pause and stop mentally delving into the past or projecting horror stories into your future. Focus on the reality of your current moment and deal with it on its own merit.

The void between races has been around for as long as we care to remember. This void will not heal until we stop looking at races on a cluster basis. We look at individuals through a filter system that have been installed in us since early childhood. Race profiling based on outdated and often defective belief systems drove a wedge between tribes and nations. It is unfair and short-sighted to paint everyone with a different skin colour than yours with the same brush. We need to urgently begin to view each person on merit in the moment. We need to stop seeking revenge for perceived atrocities or unfair behaviour by earlier regimes or generations. We will not remove this festering wound that rots the souls of nations until we move on. The only way to overcome this unproductive and destructive habit of racial or for that matter any profiling is to close the book on yesterday. We must immediately PAUSE when we get one of our racial profiling attacks. It is imperative to regain our composure. We need to address each person notwithstanding his/her colour or nationality in the moment without the toxic contamination of our belief systems. You might after an objective evaluation or because of the current unacceptable behaviour of a person decide not to befriend, assist or help such person. You must still refrain judging everyone with a similar skin colour or nationality. One or two bad apples will not motivate you to uproot the tree. Why then condemn a whole tribe or nation? Remember: PAUSE regain your composure when triggered and manage each individual/event on merit.





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