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Shut up and be Patient


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What a wonderful trap we find ourselves in.




You can view the news and look at some newspapers for a while to reconfirm that we are living in a place that is filled to the brim with ignorance, rage, suspicion, doubt, fear and pain. Most of the readers may agree that fun, happiness, success and peace of mind have a very short shelf life in this dimension. Our moments of happiness and feelings of love and satisfaction are often ripped out of our hands by new cycles of unpredictability.

I am also convinced that many readers will agree with the well documented observations of most individuals that ever lived that there is something invisible out there that can make us feel secure, safe, loved and respected. It is the yearning for parental protection and a loving “something” that caused the many God perceptions to come into being historically. Man speculated that they would be able to escape this dark and pain drenched condition if they could gain the favour of the God perception that would then hopefully love them and protect and look after them like a responsible parent.

The mistake they made was that they listened to “enthusiastic” visionaries that convinced them that they could only expect protection, love and healing if they remained loyal to the church and the dogma filled laws, rules and regulations depicted in their holy books. This activated an endless cycle of moments of joy followed by downpours of guilt and despondency when they once again fell short of the unsustainable rule structure.

What a wonderful trap we find ourselves in. We today live in a world that is nothing more than an illusion. Tribes understood that the matrix (this world) is nothing more than a collective dream or is it a nightmare of everyone that ever lived. This place was dreamed up by us millions of years ago. The tiny portion of us that protrude into this dimension created what we see around us today. We are still creating today. Look around you and you will notice how many new creations came about even in your short current lifetime.

We enjoyed our visits to this dimension so much many millions of years ago that we gradually forgot who we are and where we come from. We became so intrigued by our creations that we lost track of time. We in the beginning returned to our higher self with ease, but in time got stuck in this much slower and denser dimension. This is how the amazing and wondrous union with the God force got severed. This is how we got stuck in the current dimension that we work, play and suffer in.

It was our anxious search for re-connection with the God force that resulted in the thousands of different suggested paths promulgated and promoted by religion and spiritual movements. The fact of the matter is that we simply return and reconnect with our higher self when we die and leave our earthly vehicle (body) behind. We are not judged or put on trial as depicted by most religions. We return to our higher self and retain our current level of evolution. We can then in time (note there is no time in the universe – time is man-made  decide to return to earth zone for additional schooling.

It is important to understand that our higher self do not match the vibration level of the God force. It is one of our goals to in time evolve and improve our vibration until we ultimately match the vibration of the God force and return “home”. Our periodic exercises to plug into the God force as explained in earlier posts thus benefit not only our quality of life in this dimension, but at the same time enhance the vibration level of our higher self. It is quite natural to become skeptical when you read information as depicted in this series. It is extremely beneficial to become skeptical about anything while you operate in earth dimension.

I recommend that you ask questions and that you will take nothing at face value. Do your own research and question not only what I wrote in this series, but those that presented you with your current perceptions that you believed in to date. I understand that many of the religious and spiritual movements don’t want you to question and probe the dogma that they present as truth. Questioning the church could cost you your life not so long ago.


Spend today comparing your historical perceptions against the material presented in this document. Remain open minded and fair while you look at the various possibilities. It is not a contest and there should not be a winner. You however might in time begin to feel that the above depiction just make more sense. The bottom line is that the one option work on a “one lifetime and you are either in or out”. My proposition in turn is that you are a student at earth school that you periodically return to evolve and learn. I will continue with this series tomorrow.


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Life is not FAIR get used to it.

They feed off your energy, money, insecurity or some other benefit that their association with you brings them.


Science fiction writer William Gibson famously once said, “The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” As leaders, how do we embrace the elements of the future that are here, and the ones that are just around the corner? By thinking more like a futurist.

In times of increasing change and complexity, it can be difficult to envision bold new futures with any certainty. Our go-to strategies for thinking about the future typically start with the elements that are known, such as projecting out historic results to future performance, analyzing existing competitors, or focusing on executing near-term results.

What’s missing are systematic approaches to understanding and taking advantage of the unknown. This is why leaders need to embrace skills, practices and behaviors of futurists.

Futurists don’t have secret powers to predict the future. They don’t have a Magic 8 Ball or special basket of fortune-cookie predictions. Rather, futurists discipline themselves to question the status quo. They regularly scan external trends, adjacent industries and underlying forces. They consider diverse perspectives. And they boldly tell stories about the future before all of the data is available to back it up.

MindTrip MagazineWhy Thinking Like a Futurist Is Valuable

We’ve been trained to think of the future as a linear extension of what we know, typically imagining change as a 10 percent improvement (or decline) from what we see around us.

We think we have a better understanding of the future than we do. Our implicit views about the future are so ingrained in business plans, financial models, and strategy conversations that leaders often don’t take the time to articulate underlying assumptions. When they do, they may discover plans rely on variables that are far from given and perhaps not the only options.

The future lives in a very broad set of possibilities, and these can unfold surprisingly quickly.

Technological, environmental and political changes will likely disrupt your business. How can you prepare for a different, even unimaginable world that will arrive faster than projected?

This is where methods commonly employed by futurists can help you strengthen your plans. Disciplined methods of strategic foresight systematically scan, analyze, probe and project the future beyond what we intuitively think might be possible.

How to See Ahead Like a Futurist

The first step is identifying the most important and uncertain macro forces shaping your business. These can usually be divided into five broad categories: social, technological, economic, environmental and political. (Tip: Recall these with the acronym STEEP.)

Under each of these categories, there are a number of driving forces and external variables that might lead to very different futures.

An insurance company, for example, might track variables related to the extension of human life (social), technologies disrupting treatment of chronic health conditions (technology), the rate of change from traditional employer-driven work arrangements to more independent “gig” jobs (economic), the frequency and impact of natural disasters (environmental), and the government’s stance toward regulation and potential new laws (political).

Once these high-impact variables are identified and prioritized, futurists gather diverse inputs to establish a range of how the variables are likely to play out over time. The further ahead they go, the wider the range of possibilities.

Futurists call this the cone of possibilities and carefully organize their forecasts into four buckets.

What are possible futures? This is the full range of events that could unfold.
What are plausible futures? This is what we believe is possible but unlikely.
What are probable futures? This is what’s most likely to happen.
What are preferred futures? This is what we want to happen.

Although these futures stem from a common set of identified variables, the derived outcomes are significantly different.

This can be an enlightening strategic exercise for leaders: Is your organization overemphasizing its preferred future and neglecting the full range of possible futures? If so, perhaps there isn’t enough hedging of investments. Does your organization default to the plausible future? Consider broadening the view by investigating new technologies, adjacent industries and early startups to inform alternative strategic options.

Paul Saffo, Singularity University’s Chair of Futures Studies and Foresight, repeatedly warns us that “sacred cows make the best burgers.” A quick way to make your organization more future-focused is by asking team members to dive into their networks and scout for evidence related to the key variables you’ve outlined and post them on an analog or digital wall.

How to Create Preferred Futures

Once you’ve identified your preferred future, you can start to identify key activities and milestones that would help create that future.

Backcasting is the act of imagining a preferred future and then stepping backward toward the present, repeatedly probing what has to happen to enable each step.

Backcasting is anchored in an aspirational future state rather than being constrained by limitations of the current state. This allows people to create their own richly detailed stories of the future and leads naturally to the discussion: “How can our product/service do that?”

To dream up bold, new possibilities, try imagining an outcome 10 times better, cheaper, or more impactful than what exists today. What if, for example, we all had access to personalized artificial intelligence wellness care providers through emotional robots? Or what if the majority of our transportation services were provided by autonomous vehicles?

Now step backward from each vision to discover what’s needed to turn it into reality.

Like forecasting, backcasting can be improved by seeking diverse input. For example, consider carving out a few hours in a company-wide meeting to craft “headlines from the future.” Just a few hours of collaboration can spark new thinking and ignite fresh ideas. Such exercises can also fuel interdisciplinary engagement and encourage a sense of collective responsibility.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and even ditch the PowerPoint slides. Lowe’s Innovation Labs’ director Kyle Nel uses narrative driven innovation to imagine new futures. To jumpstart his efforts, Nel brought in science fiction writers and illustrators to create comic books that showcased possible alternatives stretching far beyond smaller, incremental changes, helping the company’s leadership concretely imagine and visualize the Lowe’s store of the future.

Getting Comfortable With Ambiguity

One of the most challenging aspects of practicing the skills of a futurist is getting comfortable with the reality that we simply cannot predict the future. For many senior leaders, this is deeply unsettling. How can we possibly make big bets on the future without all the facts and data?

Most of us are uncomfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. Boldly looking ahead elicits doubt, fear, and anxiety — emotions we’d rather hold in check. We can learn to overcome our discomfort with the unknown, and even begin to revel in it, by continuously pushing ourselves to learn new things and seek out new experiences and people.

We are all capable of becoming better futurists. In doing so, we not only architect hope of new possibilities, we also build more flexible, adaptive and resilient organizations in the process.


By Lisa Kay Solomon / Singularity Hub


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