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Many bask in their “leadership” roles and need war/fragmented society.



We are faced with the problem of serious violence today. Not only the revolts that are currently sweeping the middle east, but the spreading of hatred and violence, black against white or Christian against Muslim – or the other way round. There is the brutality of extraordinary violence that humans carry in their hearts and minds notwithstanding outwardly educated, conditioned to repeat prayers for peace and stability.


This form of violence is the result of political and racial divisions and religious distinctions. The violence of man has obviously been inherited from the animal and from the society in which he lives. Man is committed to war and accepted war as the way of life. There may be a few pacifists here and there that carry anti-war slogans, but there are those who love war. We must not forget that many that bask in their current “leadership” roles need war and fragmented societies. The more problems that they seem to attempt to solve the more respect they receive from the societies that support them.


It is their job to see to it that wars and problems are retained. It is their bread and butter to role play the role of mediator and leader. Unity between races for example will not be conducive to their careers. Job security for these individuals can only be achieved by for example reminding the people about the past when appears as if previous fractured groups (race or religion) begin to find mutual ground for cooperation. The fires need to be stoked about the past and the potential future if such individuals want to continue to bask in the sunshine of the current benefits (financial or egotistical) that they enjoy.


Most gestures by the war in their hearts type of leaders is not based on a desire for a successful outcome. I explained earlier that these people need war, violence, division and desperation. They need to wake up from horror dreams of a society that put the past behind them and decided to stop stoking the fires of division and hate. Their nightmare is an equal society where people work shoulder to shoulder to rebuild this country notwithstanding the past. Can you think what shock will it be for those that will then have to come to the office and do a job where they will be held accountable? It will be a difficult time for many that have little or no knowledge and skills when it comes to problem solving and management. Let us remove violence and war from our hearts and strive to build and grow with or without those that might still go around with their warmongering habit patterns.




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The fool rush into disputes and war ill prepared.




One of the biggest attributes of a true warrior is his patience. He can wait for the right moment for a day, a week or even years. He is never in a hurry to do battle. It is fear of failure and the potential of a wrong outcome that causes losers to get panic attacks. The fool rush into disputes and war ill prepared.




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Observe your performances/notice/things you do/say that sabotage your success/happiness.


When you arrived on this plane you were already loaded with some software. You have a unique combination of your father and mother’s personalities that is embedded in your DNA. You also have your own “personality” that you developed during previous incarnations. You developed certain character traits during previous incarnations that are unique to you. You project who you “think you are” to everyone that come into your space. You are also exposed to a wide range of perceptions via your parents, the rest of the family, teachers and preachers. All this data is also embedded in your DNA.


Your body have a range of energy receptacles and transmission ports that is spread throughout your body. There is energy flowing through your system all the time. You thus have a unique frequency code that is broadcasted outside your body in the form of an aura. The collective energy that drives your body forms a shield or filter outside your body. There are some gifted individuals that can see this energy field. This energy “bubble” that encases your body contains all the data (previous incarnations, parent’s DNA plus new conditioning that took place). Most people then experience life through this shield and act out the perceptions embedded in this field. Many of us then concluded that we are our history and our personality. We then “spontaneously” and automatically slip into the many roles that we stored in this field and act and react according to the scripts we gathered (often over many lifetimes). This is how we get stuck in the same old habitual reaction patterns. This is also the reason why many of us endlessly duplicate our actions and reactions. Very few of us question the various roles that we play on the stage of life.


Actors take their make-up and characters off when they leave the stage. We in turn tend to stay in character. Very few of us understand that our character is nothing more than a range of roles that we are playing on the stage of life. We think we are the character in all the stories that we drag with us from early childhood. We become mad, sad, and aggressive or cue. We sulk and we fight, we dance and jump with joy or fall into a deep depression when specific emotions are triggered. The triggers in our life can be our thoughts, but it can also be something we detect via our five senses. I hope you notice from the above that we often remain in our sometimes silly little roles while the days, weeks and often a lifetime slip away.


It is only those that wake up and grasp the above that escape from this perpetual theatre. Only those that understand that they can create new and more effective roles for themselves can escape the often deadly and endless cycles that they live and die in. No growth or wisdom can penetrate the energy field that I mentioned earlier. No modifications can be made to our perceived perceptions without a concerted effort from our side. We must change and modify the recipes that we use or endlessly confront the same outcomes we achieve historically.


How do you modify the software in your head? You do this by finding a comfortable chair and where you can close your eyes and for a short period of time can re-write the scripts that fall short of your expectations. Just relax and close your eyes. First look at yourself in your old role. Decide what you are not happy with. Don’t be critical and avoid going on a guilt trip. Become an impartial observer. Simply observe your performances and notice the things you do and say that often sabotage you success and happiness.


Now visualise yourself under the same circumstances acting and reacting in a manner that will make you happy and produce the outcomes you desire. Observe how you look and feel in your new role. Feel the joy, excitement and stimulation that the character in your mind’s eye must be experiencing. Let your imagination run wild and free. Do not allow any of your old fears to contaminate your creation. Know that there are no limitations in this dimension. There is no lack and no shortage of anything in this dimension. Then open your eyes and start acting according to your new script. You will be amazed if you repeat this exercise for a few days how you will begin to manifest things, experiences and breakthroughs that you never thought possible.


Please feel free to question me on this technique.




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