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The Path I Am On Now.


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You can Change the Meaning of the Past.


Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams


In the Western world we’re taught to perceive time based on the clock ticking forward linearly.

However, spiritual wisdom challenges this notion through the possibility of parallel universes and time travel. And while we may not be able to magically click our heels and end up in a different time and place, we can allow our minds the joy of time travel by visualizing and creating the type of existence we seek to have.

1) Change the Meaning of the Past

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, theoretical physicist specializing in quantum physics, suggests that when we forgive ourselves and others, we are literally time traveling.

This is because we are travelling with our mind, back into the past and then changing an imprint or meaning we gave to an event. And by changing a meaning or our perspective, we change our world.

For example, when we feel anger or resentment towards another, or to life in general, we carry this feeling forward through time and create a future that attracts such feelings too.

So forgiveness isn’t about making another person right, it’s about saying you will not take your suffering forward with you into the future.

2) Jump Into the Future

When you visualize the life you want to live, you’re sending that message to the Universe and stating the type of future you desire to have.

And with so many realms of the Universe being unknown, including that of parallel universes, it’s exciting to visualize and connect with a “greater you” in the Universe, and then project this person into your future.

As through this visualization process and the Law of Attraction, and the more you focus on the type of future you want (and who you want to be), the stronger that possibility becomes.

This is the fun that comes from living the “wish fulfilled,” as by imagining the future you would like to play a part in, and feeling the gratitude as if it existed right now, you can let go and make choices that move you in that direction.

3) Embrace the Now

Have you ever experienced moments where you’ve been so consumed by creativity that the passing of time has only seemed like minutes, when in fact, it’s been hours because you lost your perception of time?

So when we allow our minds to venture off into a creative space, without looking at the time (and when free from the ego), our minds connect with the divine power that resides within us and time travels to another place.

According to Indian sage, Patanjali, there are even more joys and ways to experience “time travel” as we progress along our path of inner knowing. But for now, use your days to transcend time with some of the above suggestions, and become your own quantum creator.


By Matthew Ashdown / Source: MindTrip Magazine


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Time Travel using power of your Subconscious Mind.

Antique pocket watch.


The following method enables you to engage both your conscious and subconscious mind to make a better-informed decision about career (or any other facet of life.)

In a way, you’re about to experience a form of time travel that engages your imaginative capacities in any decision-making process.

With practice, this time-travel process becomes simple and straightforward, and it represents an investment of just ten to fifteen minutes.

You simply let your imagination travel through time. This process can help you choose the best of two, three, four, or more options. But for the sake of presenting the process, let’s say someone’s choosing between A and B.

Examples are Kristen deciding between two colleges; Mahmoud weighing whether to look for work in his current city, where his girlfriend lives, or to accept a good job overseas; and Maliha considering the offers of two admirers who have both proposed to her.

Or there’s Caleb and his start-up software company, which is beginning to take off, and he can either expand or accept a buyout from a software giant; Samantha can accept a high-paying corporate accounting job or start her own firm; Curtis has to choose whether to undergo expensive, high-risk surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation or settle his affairs and let go; and Sarah must decide whether to take an early-retirement package and minimum Social Security payments or to push on for a few more years so she’ll receive maximum Social Security benefits.

The decision you face may be similar to or quite different from the examples above, but the process is the same. So here’s the time-travel exercise.

The Subconscious Time Travel Exercise

1. Choose A. Settle into the idea that you have fully committed to A. This step is essential.

2. Ask yourself this three-part question: Having committed to A, What will I be doing, what will I be feeling, and what will I look like one hour from now?

Ideally, write down the answers to the three parts of the question. Your answers may be brief, but write them down. At the very least, imagine the answers vividly. See what comes up. It’s not likely to be too difficult to imagine one hour from now.

3. Ask yourself the same three-part question, but instead of one hour from now, imagine one day from now. Again, write down the responses that come up.

4. Same three-part question, but imagine one month from now.

5. Same three-part question, but imagine one year from now.

6. Same three-part question, but imagine ten years from now. At this point, you may feel like saying, “Wait a minute. How can I possibly know what I’ll be doing, be feeling, and look like (having committed to A) a decade hence? That’s just my imagination.” Right. It’s your imagination – a bridge to intuitive sight. After all, why do you imagine one thing and not another?

When this process is complete, repeat it for option B. That is, say to yourself, “What was I thinking? Clearly, B is the best choice!” And commit to that. Feel into it. You have chosen B. Now go through all the steps just mentioned.

When you’ve written down (and/or vividly imagined) all your responses for both A and B (and C, if there’s a third option), you will have transformed tunnel vision into a more expansive, intuitive depth and breadth of vision. This doesn’t mean you will now have absolute certainty, but you’ll be better prepared to make a firm decision.


By Dan Millman,
Author of 
The Four Purposes of Life

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