Lies told to your great/great grandparents still influence the choices you make daily.

06 Jan



Your mind is like a fertile field that is prepared to grow concepts, ideas and opinions until they are mature enough to gain a life of their own. If we are lied to and we believe what we are told the seeds of these lies will sprout and grow in the fertile soil of our minds. A single lie can grow like a tree and ultimately spread millions of seeds of deceit that will not only contaminate our own lives, but the lives of everyone that come in contact with us. A single lie believed and acted on can thus continue to cause pain and disaster decades after it germinated in your head.

Knowledge captured and believed becomes like a structure in our minds that we use like a filter system to validate everything that we are exposed to daily. This filter system will accept and act on things that match our belief system and will react or reject anything that fail to match what we deem as truth. Most of the knowledge that we currently use through this filter device in our heads is defective and based on lies and half truths. You often have no idea of the source of the “truths” that you currently use. The original defective seed may have been planted in one of your ancestor’s heads many, many decades ago. Lies told to your great, great grandparents may be some of the false seeds that your own father or mothers planted in the fertile soil of your mind when you were still a child.

We all have a voice in our heads that talk persistently. Some of us call this voice that we hear thought, but if you listen carefully will discover that it sounds like a voice of someone that resides in our minds. This voice continually judges everything and everyone that we are exposed to. It tell us what is right and what is unacceptable, what is good and what is bad and what it think is to our advantage or disadvantage. This mystical voice can be compared to a commentator crossed with a critic. It gets up with us when we open our eyes in the morning and will sometimes babble on while we attempt to get a good night sleep at the end of a taxing day. This commentator/critic appeared early in our lives and continue its often toxic dialogue until the last breath leave our lips when we expire. This unwelcome guest in our head knows all our stories and survives because we feed it with our faith. We for some mystical reason seem to think that it knows best under all circumstances.

You arrived on this plane with a “hard drive” that contained no data at all. You were thus uncontaminated, loving, caring and spontaneous in the initial period of your life. You arrived from a higher dimension where you enjoyed the camaraderie of the fellow souls that shared this higher dimension with you. Some call this place heaven while call it paradise. You were then exposed to a wide range of “programmers” that started uploading knowledge (data) onto your mental hard drive in your head. You soon became aware of this voice in your head that started telling you stories about yourself. This voice told you when you were a good boy or girl and when you performed according to the program. This is the same voice that you still hear today when you are faced with choices or situations.

We were created at the same time that the “Big Bang” took place. We operated in collective consciousness. Our vibrations were high and our spiritual bodies perfectly merged with the endless number of other souls that occupied this dimension where love, joy, compassion bound us together in a unified field. We did not even know about the voice in our heads that would later cause us so much serious problems and distress. We were innocent like children at this stage. We were created initially with freedom of choice. It was our freedom of choice that allowed us to develop distinct personalise. Freedom of choice was necessary to prevent us from acting and reacting like robots. Some of us started experimenting with a wide range of projects. We even tried our hand at manifesting objects by focusing on energy clusters until they vibrated at a level where they solidified. We felt like the authors and painters that crystallize the thoughts and images in their heads on paper and canvas. It was an amazing experience that unfortunately went horribly wrong. I cannot say as time slipped by because time is an illusion.




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