Obsessive pursuit of meaningless goals is a waste of time, money and energy.

13 Mar



Appreciation is the key to understanding. Only when we learn to appreciate what we have will more value be added to our lives. Gratitude and appreciation are the two most neglected emotions in society today. You can never be happy or achieve peace of mind if you lack these vital components. We are what we feel. What we talk about and the way we cope with life is directly linked to our feelings. We can attempt to fake compassion, joy or gratitude but if it is not linked to our true feelings, it will be visible in our eyes. Our feelings on everything in life drive us to fame and fortune or destruction. Our feelings control our destiny.

A person that lives in a safe, moderate middle of the road manner will never experience true living. How can you appreciate victory if you never tasted defeat? How can you appreciate good food if you never went hungry? Dare to go to the outer perimeters of your comfort zone and discover the true spirit of the pioneer. Flirt with failure and learn what passion is all about.

A wise man counts his blessings everyday. He takes nothing and nobody for granted. He appreciates even the smallest gifts that life favours him with. He appreciates the gift of a beautiful sunset or when a new day is born. He is wise because he never lose his ability to appreciate. Appreciation is the key to understanding. Only when we learn to appreciate what we have will more value be added to our lives.

Gratitude and appreciation are the two most neglected emotions in society today. You can never be happy or achieve piece of mind if you lack these vital components. Continue to believe in yourself even when everything looks bleak or lost. Allow time to pass. The tide will turn. Life has many seasons. It might be winter now, but a warm and wonderful summer is just around the corner. Take stock and appreciate what you have.

During the dark ages, the kings often killed the bearer of bad news. People still today do not appreciate hearing bad news. Do not take it upon yourself to show people on the error of their ways. Your intentions might be pure, but will rarely be appreciated. It is important to remember where you come from if you want to appreciate your current situation.

Most people forget their successes or achievements when they run into problems. They are forever starting over mentally. Learn to appreciate what you have. The man that is never satisfied with his current blessings is driven into high-risk decisions. Pace yourself and measure your worth not with what you lack, but with what you currently have.

A true friend or wonderful partner is often worth more than a million Dollars in the bank. A dedicated spouse or loyal children is often worth more than all the gold in the world. A regular meal is often more important than a fantasy of prosperity. A supportive and dedicated partner is worth more than the thrill of a quick “hit and run” fling.

One way of handling change that is forced on you is to accept a worst-case scenario and then to take any improvement on that as a bonus. Things can only become better once you accepted the worst. You become optimistic if you already accepted death as your potential ultimate outcome. The ultimate warrior accepts that he could die in every battle fought. He thus enjoys and appreciates his victories so much more.

Success is hidden in your heart. Stop looking for it in the wrong places. The same holds true for happiness. Happiness in not when people do as anticipated. It is when you can appreciate what you have until you achieve what you need or dream about. Other people can never make you feel unhappy about anything. You become unhappy when you activate the negative feelings that you feel befits what happened to you.

The fool expects life to be an ongoing smooth ride. He constantly yearns for a time when his life will be perfect. The wise man accepts that the path of life will always include the bitter and the sweet. He does not tire himself chasing after fantasies of perfection. He makes the best of every given moment. He appreciates life one step at a time.

There is a saying that prophets are often not appreciated in their own land. Do not remain in a territory, a career or a relationship where you are not appreciated. You might be a small fish in a big pond in your own town, but could become a big fish in a small pond when you change your location. You will never again take any person for granted if you want to influence people in a positive manner. Stop looking at friends, family members and even strangers as if they are invisible. Show them that you care and your world will change overnight. Show people that you appreciate even the small things they do for you and they will think you are heaven sent. Feed this neglected emotional zone and become a person that will never be forgotten.

The fool becomes so obsessed with the plight of the less privileged or the needy that they become enslaved by them. Such individuals find it difficult to grasp that they are robbing themselves and their families in an attempt to achieve a “mother Theresa” status in the eyes of the community. If you give to others at your own peril, you are not a saint, but stupid. The takers of life expect you to open up and give your all while they give very little in return.

There are millions of people that parasite on people. They emotionally or financially suck you dry and then abandon you. Give people entry to your heart and mind, but cancel their entry pass when you discover that you are abusing this privilege. Establish what people need if you want to make a fortune. The formula is simple. If you know what a person really desires you can find ways to assist such person to achieve his objectives. If a man urgently wants some water, do not give him bread. If a man wants recognition, do not swear at him.

The formula is quite simple. You will be blessed if you help enough people to achieve their own objectives. Some are blessed with a royal bloodline or status that provides them a head start in life. The less informed attempt to compare his own achievements and status in life to that of the extremely affluent. You may be a spectacular success in your own right, but when you make unfair comparisons, you will end up feeling totally outclassed and like a failure.

The idiot is swept away by the beauty of a woman. Beauty is temporary and can be compared to a one-day flower. Do not let your lust lead you into endless dead-ends. When you discover beauty, compassion and love in one package you are truly blessed. This combination is unfortunately just as rare as diamonds in the street. Many of these so-called beautiful people use their beauty as a tool to gain access to your mind, heart and wallet.

A man that cannot find enough compassion in his heart to forgive is a fool. We all make mistakes, but the fool continues trying to convince everybody that he is flawless. When you master the art of forgiveness you enter a safe harbour and gain peace of mind. Happiness and success is always just one thought away. You should remember when you find it difficult to cope that one thought could change your life. One fresh thought and one new idea can change your life from pain and suffering to success and peace of mind. You are what you think. Your choices that you make on a moment-to-moment basis decide your fate and future. You can never feel or perform better than the ongoing thoughts that you allow to occupy your mind!

Learn to be satisfied with your current position in life until new doors open for you. The less informed never enjoys his journey and constantly postpones his happiness. Obsessive pursuit of meaningless goals is a waste of time, money and energy. Being busy does not mean that you are actually effective or productive. Peace of mind comes to those that know what their goals are, but who enjoys each step of their quest.

Take care of unfinished business as soon as possible. Take care of all your unfinished cycles and gain peace of mind. The fool always has unfinished cycles that haunt and chase him. Peace of mind only comes to those that know how to begin, follow through and conclude things. The fool acts as if there is only one path. Wisdom is to know that all paths ultimately lead nowhere. Something that seems so vital and important today becomes dust in the wind of time.

Real peace of mind is to understand that a path attempted without passion will be difficult to master. Because you understand that all paths lead nowhere you might as well enjoy the journey. The wise man avoids the habit of spending “future earnings” on current impulsive goods. The fool however spends years of “future income” in advance. No peace of mind is possible while you are continuously trying to dig yourself out of a bottomless debt pit.

You will only get peace of mind and begin to really enjoy life when you start living in the “now” and when you allow other people to do the same. Have you ever been with a person that accepts you unconditionally? If you judge people, you are keeping them trapped in their past. How can any person grow and wipe their slate clean if you mentally put him behind mental bars that prevents him from joining you in the “now”?


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