Are we slaves to our PAST or potential FUTURE



Many of us are convinced that we need to fight for what we deem is ours. We find ourselves in constant battles against the will of others that also approach life from this perspective. It is our ego based outer self that must forever win arguments, disputes, debates and confrontations. It is vital that we grasp that we build walls and barriers as long as we internally, verbally or externally resist “what is” in the current moment. It is these walls erected by the ego based outer self that prevents you (the perceived ego based outer self) to re-unite with the spiritual perfect self at your core. Our spiritual perfect self is one with God. Can you see how you make it impossible to experience the love and purity of the force that everything is made of? Your acceptance “what is” and your act of living your life in the now carve a doorway in the barriers that your outer self erected. When you resist “what is” happening in the current moment you are at the mercy of such event. You allow the outer world with its ego driven individuals to decide your happiness or unhappiness when you resist “what is” in the current moment in your relationships or any other experience. Your acceptance of “what is” will allow your perfect inner self to guide you through “what is” in the most efficient manner. Your outer self is always spoiling for a fight or ready to defend what you currently perceive who you are. You are not your ego based outer self and there is no need to defend the majestic inner self. The inner self understand that it is more advantageous to be happy than to be the victor or right in a silly ego based drama or dispute.



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Most of the stuff you fear/nothing more than toothless paper tigers.



Man fear failure, pain, loss, embarrassment, rejection, and a wide range of other stuff. Why do we allow the element of fear to play such a devastating role in our lives? The main reason seems to be that we don’t want to endure pain, discomfort and anxiety because we don’t enjoy the feelings that flood our body and mind. Have the thought ever cross your mind that we don’t fear the same stuff universally? Some of us will allow a spider to sit in our hand without showing any anxiety or fear. Some of us will give a speech in front of a massive audience and enjoy it. There are those that seem to be immune to verbal abuse and rejection. A thick skin repels verbal abuse like a rug treated with a soil repellent. The reason why we have different fear patterns is because those that conditioned us during childhood had different things that they feared during your formative years. There are certain fears that are more universal. Religion and politics in the area where you grew up is usually responsible for specific fears. Fear became a universal control system that is used openly, but more often than not subliminally by governments, religion, banks etc. to put you in an almost endless state of fear. Look around you and you will discover that the whole system was designed to control the masses. The more we fear the thicker the walls become around us that keep us a prisoner. We fear rejection and take endless abuse by our partner. We fear financial pressure and eat the abuse of a slave driving boss daily. We fear crime and build prisons with high walls with barbwire that we live in. We are also controlled by our fear of other races, religions, political groups and the potential of disasters like earth warming or the second coming of Christ. We often fear Muslims and Muslims hate (form of fear) Christian. Can you see the endless invisible chains that keep us locked in a state of mental paralysis? The only way that you can escape the fear trap is to see things as they are and not the way that your controllers want you to view them. Take anything you fear and start researching it. Make it your business to fully understand the dynamics of the subject of your research. Dig deep and ask questions. Knowledge will set you free. Knowledge shines a light in the dark dungeons where fear hides in your mind. Most of the stuff you fear is nothing more than toothless paper tigers that make a lot of noise. Be bold and select one subject today that you would like to expose to the light. I guarantee you that there is virtually nothing that can threaten you once you start applying this principle. Remember someone is benefiting from your fear. Ask yourself who is benefiting from your state of fear and you will identify your fear source and at the same time grasp his/her or their motivation.




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This Story Can Change How You Look At The World!

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Top Professor says Climate Change is a Hoax.

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The reason most people think they are not creative.


What if someone stated that this only thing stopping from achieving your dreams was you?

The incredible mind energy that every one has inside of us is literally unstoppable if harnessed correctly plus the proper way.

In reality, the electricity your brain exerts over us influences our way of life, career, families, relationships, and every aspect we may never have even seriously considered.

People have been proven to use the power in the subconscious to alter even physical aspects inside their lives. For example individuals can control where or otherwise not to feel pain by using this power. It has been seen to be effective specially in activities like walking through hot surface and never feeling any pain whatsoever, walking along with sharp objects without getting cuts, getting ones tooth removed at a dentists without feeling extreme pain, this are merely just a few factors that were able to prove this aspect.

The reason most people think they are not creative is because they think they don’t have the required steps. The secret of folks using the capacity to think away from box just isn’t what they’ve got, but what they do not have. What they don’t really have are mental blocks keeping them from discovering new and fresh ideas.

To look youthful naturally; to have a youthful-looking body in addition to a youthful-looking face; to feel happy, content and delightful on the inside; to feel confident and empowered; to take charge of ageing; to feel fabulous and look wonderful at ages young and old; to realise your lasting youth potential; to experience a sense of personal fulfilment; to take your overall health and vitality one stage further.

If, when you stop and perform your quick self-check, you aren’t in the clear and present frame of mind, bring yourself to that state by coming to now. My friend asked “But how do I make it happen? What do I come returning to?”

You simply come to what more than one of one’s five senses is actually experiencing in the present moment. This means that you’re taking a few minutes to cover full attention to exactly what is before your very eyes.

For example, if you’re in the ending up in someone that is raising your stress threshold or, if like my pal, you discover your head so all in the place who’s just can’t weigh up the choice to be produced, simply smell the aroma with the mug of coffee in your hand (or whatever!), understand the way the sunlight dances on the liquid’s surface, feel the warmth from the cup in your hand, require a sip and taste the bitterness and hear the ambient sounds surrounding you – may be the hiss of air-conditioning, the noise of passing traffic, whatever.


Source: The Ancient Secret of Kings


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Review – Miracle Switch Hidden Inside Your Mind.



I was ready to give up. My business had been running on fumes for months, and I couldn’t afford to even pay my rent, let alone the one employee I had.

I was running a small Public Relations consultancy, and things just weren’t going well. We’ve been losing clients, and even my sole investor pulled out. I used almost all of my remaining savings to keep the business alive, but there was little hope. I had little hope.

Then I came across the Instant Switch. I don’t know what came over me, but I bought it and started reading. I was always skeptical of these things, but I guess at that point, I was looking for a miracle. God knows, I needed one. I remember making the purchase and thinking that this probably won’t help me get out of the hole I’ve dug for myself. I mean, can you really instant switch a dying business into a successful one?

Of course you can’t. But what this book did for me was something even better than some miracle cure for my PR firm – it changed my mind. And I don’t mean in a figurative, decision-making sense either.

In the Instant Switch, Sandy talks about something called neuroplasticity, and how it was possible for the brain to actually, physically change the brain. The resulting change stretches the mind to get results. Results like wealth, and success. I learnt how to control my brain plasticity and realized that it was my complete choice. How I feel, how I react, is not controlled by my clients or my investor, or even the state of my business. I started looking at all the positive things in my life. I was 30 years old. I have experience in PR. I wasn’t bankrupt – yet.

This revelation changed my life. Like Sandy said in Chapter 1, I realized that the diamond necklace was indeed around my neck. It wasn’t out there, in a place I can find. The greatest prize I needed, had always been inside. I was looking externally for a solution to solve my problems, trying to find new clients, and attending networking events in hope of land an investor or two. I thought those things were the diamonds that I needed.

At that time, I was so sure that my entire reality was bleak and hopeless, and I was a failure. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! All I’ve been seeing is “no”, a perpetual sea of no, no, no. My life was exactly how Sandy described it.

It was time to start switching to “Yes”. I also picked up the “Mirror” technique from Chapter 3, and I must say, it has led to so much personal growth to me. I don’t want to give away too much, but it involves doing something a little… unorthodox. But take my word for it… It definitely works.

My self-esteem, confidence and zeal in life skyrocketed. My life turned a complete 360 degrees. What I loved about the Instant Switch is that it wasn’t all dry techniques. Sandy uses a lot of her personal experiences to relate back to the techniques she’s trying to get across, and that really made the book so much easier to digest. There’s also very little confusing jargon for me to get through, which helped in understanding every single technique being taught.

Speaking of techniques, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that there was really nothing complicated involved in transforming myself, in transforming my brain. Most of what Sandy advocates are small, almost negligible changes in a person’s every day routine, which is great because some techniques I’ve read in other books recommended such stark changes that no one would realistically be able to immediately apply to their lives.

The Instant Switch is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who seeks a better life. Having applied the techniques that Sandy put forth in the book, I found a new lease on life. I got myself a new job that’s giving me a ton of experience and a stable (and significant) income. I found someone who’s truly been a blessing to me. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, Sandy really changed my life for the better through the Instant Switch.


Review of The Instant Switch

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On the Shortness of Life – Seneca


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