How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions.


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Words are like bullets/can never be reloaded once they leave your lips.



POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude or sarcastic to anyone. Words are like bullets and can never be reloaded once they leave your lips. Look back in your life and think of how many times your words killed the aspirations of your child. Think how what you said or failed to say wounded your partner. Remember how jumping to conclusions cause you to shoot your verbal bullets in all directions. Those that are wise do not pull the trigger and say the first things that come to mind. How many friends, family, strangers still make their way through life notwithstanding the number of your sarcastic or angry bullets that remain lodged in their minds and hearts? Learn that virtually nothing is serious enough to justify the range of wounds that our words leave in those we claim we love. Our objective on this planet is to learn, grow, mature and become love. A loving and mature person understand that their words can also forgive, heal, encourage and repair.




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When we learn how to master thinking, we can create what we want from life.


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We must master the art of DETACHMENT from the endless DISTRACTIONS.


I mentioned in previous posts in this series that you are flooded by an endless range of distractions daily. You are also snowed under by mountains of information. We are exposed to more information in one week than our grandparents were exposed to in their entire lifetime. The distractions via magazines, newspapers, advertisements, financial pressures and work obligations rain down relentlessly on all of us. We are so busy trying to survive and cope with the onslaughts that we became totally disconnected from our original objective when we arrived in this dimension. Our main objective was to wake up to the fact that we are one with the God force. Please note we were never disconnected from this force. We were conned into believing that God got pissed off with our original parents because they allowed a snake that mastered the art of ventriloquism to con them into eating some kind of forbidden fruit. I know it sound absurd, but this myth forms the centre pillar in most religious movements. We must master the art of DETACHMENT from the endless DISTRACTIONS that we allow ourselves to get involved in. A good example is the endless flow of news, national and international that we are exposed to daily. Most if not all of the news that we absorb and react to daily is nothing more than distractions. How does the breaking news that some or other celebrity developed a pimple on her nose become important to you? Sit for a moment the next time you watch the news and see what percentage of the nonsense dished up will impact or change anything in your life. Every morsel of news attempts to push your buttons so you will in a sheep like manner come back for more of their sensation drenched material that they dish up daily. Who cares how many goals a team that you never heard of scored in last night’s game? How can you play any role in preventing Europe to go bankrupt? What can you do about the ship that is busy sinking off the coast of Africa with thousands of people on board? My friend it might be a tragedy, but you can make no contribution to or change most of the stuff you see on the news or listen to on the radio. Shops have wall to wall shelves with an endless range of magazines that focus on and incessant variety of stuff. How will the soppy story of a well known singing idol that almost got robbed put food on your table? You might be a walking encyclopaedia with a massive memory base on an endless range of subjects, but how will your knowledge about setting traps in the Amazon enhance the quality of your life? The key to our awakening is to discover the endless list of things that we react to daily. Our emotions jump up and down and our mood swing like crazy because of our habitual reaction patterns. We have become like sponges that suck in any old shit that hit our senses. Someone told a mutual friend that she is sure that you are an idiot. Your friend shares this piece of worthless information with you. You feel betrayed and in turn share some gossip about the perpetrator that will make him or her look like a gutter rat. Can you see how much time we spend on absolutely worthless activities? We RESIST and fight our fingers to the bone. We act as if we are some kind of system that can be remote controlled. The people out there, the news, magazines etc. push our buttons and we faithfully respond as expected. How about DETACHING and refraining from feeling, thinking or acting for a while? OBSERVE the incoming data and then let it go. Stop the stupid habit of enrolling as a punch bag that absorb all the punishment that all the sources mentioned above dish out to you. You are not a hero or martyr when you stand there and let the pot-shots of life bounce off your head. Someone shares some of the latest nonsense that Malema uttered yesterday. How about a rare moment of NON-ACTION for a change? When you are faced with something that you can do absolutely nothing about, just let it go. Become water and let it flow over and around you. You will not stop a charging bull with your body. Why then attempt to stop all the onslaughts with your emotions? Let whatever was said or what happened slide by and cause no damage. Do the same with your thoughts. Stop thinking up all the fears and anxieties you can dream up about the future for a while. Learn to say, “Fuck the past” and stop reshuffling your historical failures. Detach from your past and know that every moment is a new moment that provides you an opportunity to make a fresh start.


Become still for a moment and think how wonderful it will be if you rid yourself of the desire to judge, control, influence and act and react on the many distractions that come your way daily. Try for a single day to be just you and nothing else. Try not to play the role of a father, mother, child, shopper, manager etc. Just let go of any emotions that stir in you when you are confronted with the usual avalanche of activities (newspapers, magazines, TV etc. Become water and let everybody be who they decide to be at any given moment. Let the ownership of their emotions like anger, criticism, judgement etc. remain in their possession. Do not respond (internally or externally), just relax and go with the flow. You have no obligation to suck in the pollution produce by people. Smile – detach and wish them well.



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Rock Your World!


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Are you a fault-finder that love to show people the error of their ways?



Every one of us has an irrational and destructive emotional side to our personality. This dark side can sabotage your relationship in an insidious way.

Below are the most common characteristics of what Dr. Phil calls “bad spirits,” and how they can impact a relationship.

You’re a Scorekeeper
Competing can quickly turn a relationship into an ugly battle of one-upmanship. How can you possibly be a winner if it is at the expense of making the person you supposedly love a loser? Solid relationships are built on sacrifice and caring, not power and control. Competitiveness can drain the joy, confidence and productivity out of any relationship.

You’re a Faultfinder
There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism if it is designed to improve the relationship. But it can often give way to constant faultfinding — in which you obsess over the flaws and imperfections rather than find value in your partner. Get off your partner’s back and you may see your partner moving toward you. 

You Think It’s Your Way or the Highway
If you’ve always got to be right, then you’re ready to fight till the end. No truer words were ever spoken, says Dr. Phil; you will fight to the end…the end of your relationship. You can’t be self-righteous or obsessed with control and do what’s best for the relationship at the same time.

You Turn Into an Attack Dog
When you get in an argument, do you have a killer stare, a harsh tone and hurtful words? Attack dogs may experience short-term gain, but the target of the abuse becomes filled with bitterness and resentment. While it’s easy to fall into viciousness, it’s much harder to repair the resulting consequences. 

You are a Passive Warmonger
Instead of fault-finding or engaging in character assassination, these toxic partners try to thwart their partner by constantly doing that which they deny they are doing — in such an indirect way as to escape accountability if they are confronted. A passive aggressive person is as much of an overbearing controller as the most aggressive, in-your-face person you could imagine — only they do it insidiously and underhandedly. 

You Resort to Smoke and Mirrors
Because you lack the courage to get real about what is driving the pain and problems in your relationship, you criticize your partner about one thing when you’re really upset about another. What is real never gets voiced, and what gets voiced is never real. The real issues will eventually burst forth in a torrid way.

You Will Not Forgive
When you choose to bear anger at your partner, you trap yourself in pain and agony — and the negative energy can crowd every other feeling out of your heart. If you wallow in resentment and refuse to forgive and move on, you will tear up your own life and your relationship. You can’t change the past but you can deal with the resulting feelings and hurt by truly forgiving. 

You Are the Bottomless Pit
Are you so needy that you constantly undermine your chances of success? Can you never get enough satisfaction, love, attention or appreciation? Your partner will be frustrated by never seeming able to “fill you up.” We all want reassurance, but an insatiable appetite for it never gives your partner any rest. Free yourself from the internalized sense of inadequacy, and find other ways to feel your self-worth and value.

You’re Too Comfortable
If you’re in a comfort zone, you are failing to meet your responsibilities in the relationship. You aren’t contributing, you aren’t stimulating, and you aren’t energizing. If you don’t make a move, it becomes easier and easier to stagnate.

You’ve Given Up
When so many bad spirits crowd your life, you cannot imagine there being any way out. You become so forlorn, lonely, isolated, negative, cynical and far from your core of consciousness that you believe you are trapped. Be strong enough to confront your problems instead of giving up.

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Our lives work on a simple, but effective CAUSE and EFFECT system.


We only attempt change when we become painfully aware that certain of our actions and reactions are just not working for us.


It is imperative to wake up and face it that most of us are as blind as a bat when it comes to noticing our own flaws and mistakes. We thus only attempt change when we become painfully aware that certain of our actions and reactions are just not working for us. We usually remain in a trance like state until something, usually something accompanied by pain cross our path. A negative and passive mindset slows your vibration down. You manifest people and events that match your vibration. It is thus silly to expect happiness and success when you go around with a grumpy, faulty finding attitude. Some of us hibernate and do nothing, but expect wonderful people to break down our door to offer us wonderful opportunities or to shower us with their support. Our lives work on a simple, but effective CAUSE and EFFECT system. What we think, do or fail to do materialize and set up camp in our world. It will be silly to cause pain, discomfort and confusion and to then expect brilliant relationships or success in our business.





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