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Words are like bullets.




POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude or sarcastic to anyone. Words are like bullets and can never be retracted once they leave your lips. Words written or expressed are recorded in the mind of the receiver. Words are packed with a dose of emotions that either build or contaminate. Once you infected the mind of your lover, mother, child or even a stranger with your pain producing judgements you plant a virus in their heads. These viruses then begin to eat away their self-image and self-esteem. Notice how most of your messages start with “me” or “I”. You can change your life overnight when you become “you” focused. Take “me” and “my” out of the way for a while and focus on the needs and desire of those that you interact with. You will suddenly read the story of the person that you interact with in their eyes. You will avoid “attack” mode and go into “compassion” mode. Look around you my friend an notice that you know little about the “story” of those that you interact with. This ignorance includes friends and even family members. Stop being “me” focused for a while and listen your way into compassion and love. Words of judgement come from the head while words of love, compassion, understanding and care in turn come from the heart.




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Detachment is a powerful key when used for self-defence.


rainduck-small.jpg image by drcolossus

Power Tool: Recall this image and win! Detachment is a powerful key when used for self-defence. You must allow the poisonous comments, remarks, criticism and condemnation of others to flow past you like water rolls off a ducks back. If you experience pain or hurt after you tried to “detach” it indicates that you are still absorbing the criticism etc. with your mind and failed to apply real “non-action” and “detachment”.


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It is impossible to remain OBJECTIVE and refrain from JUDGING while we treat CURRENT people and events through our haze of HISTORICAL PERCEPTIONS.



Why the World is Fake – Maxwell Edge & Tom Campbell



We are AUTOMATICALLY ANCHORING images, feelings and emotions to everything that we EXPERIENCE in all our day-to-day activities. Our subconscious minds also develop a KEY TRIGGER that will call back to LIFE all the IMAGES and EMOTIONS stored in our sub-conscious minds. Any CURRENT EVENT or THOUGHT can TRIGGER a HISTORICAL range of emotions that lay DORMANT for years in our sub-conscious minds. We are constantly ASSOCIATING CURRENT events with HISTORICAL data stored in our sub-conscious minds. The problem that most of us have is that we think that we have no CONTROL over these THOUGHT PACKAGES that are endlessly TRIGGERED by new events that we are faced with daily. We become VICTIMS that are AMBUSHED by a never ending stream of HISTORICAL images, feelings and emotions that COLOUR every moment of our day. Most of us find it impossible to look at and experience our CURRENT MOMENTS without the interference of these HISTORICAL thought bundles. It is impossible to remain OBJECTIVE and refrain from JUDGING while we treat CURRENT people and events through the haze of HISTORICAL FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.



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What you think is displayed in the image you project to the people around you.



Very few people understand the powerful role their composure plays in everything they do and how they feel. You can never act in a positive manner if you go around with a troubled look on your face, slumped shoulders and whine in your voice. How can you think and act in a positive manner if your whole demeanour is that of a loser or fader? What you think is displayed in the image you project to the people around you. I have never seen a person with a negative attitude and poor self-image go up to any rostrum to receive first prize. I have never seen any person with the image of a bird with a broken wing sell like a champion. I have never seen a parent with the image of a bull-terrier win the love and respect of his own children. What you project activates chemicals in your brain that will either fuel your passion or dowse the fire in your heart.

How can you expect to feel, act and be positive if you project an image of a dog that got one too many hiding? The point I am making here is that you have the power within you to turn you negative feelings around by simply adjusting your composure. When you feel down and defeated, pull back your shoulders, lift your head and take a few deep breaths. Look life and people straight in the eye. This will immediately trigger positive chemicals in your brain. The dark clouds will lift from your brain and stop smothering your creativity and passion.

This might sound too simple to be worth much, but just try it the next time you feel down and defeated. You will be amazed what power is locked up in your brain that will be unleashed when you use this method. You will discover that the sun will push away the dark clouds of despair and the feelings of gloom that kept you imprisoned in a mental torture chamber will dissipate. You will begin to act in a manner conducive to winning again. Please remember that you cannot think or act in a positive manner with an image that remind you of a helpless child.


If you want to exert influence, you will have to look at the image that you project while at work and play. People treat you the way you project yourself. People, will use and abuse you if you go around with the image of a defeated man. You will feel exactly what you project. People do not follow losers and cry babies. They latch onto winners and people that make them feel safe and protected.

Will you put your life in the hands of a doctor that project an image of insecurity and hesitation? Will you invest money with a person that presents you with an image of an illiterate person? You must never forget that life is a jungle out there. If you show any sign of weakness or vulnerability, the vultures, and scavengers of life will appear like magic.

In nature the weak always becomes the victim of the strong. When a kudu feels ill or appear injured, the scavengers will target and devour him. In life, it is the same. When your head and shoulder go down you lose your zest for life. Your tone of voice drops to a whisper or whine and your feel drained and tired. Remember the trigger to get you out of this frame of mind is to reverse the process.

Lift your head and shoulders. Take a few deep breaths and walk like a man with a mission. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you feel in control again and how much fresh new energy will begin to pump through your body and mind.


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Keep the following image in mind the next time you feel cheated or devastated about something.

Power Tool: Keep the following image in mind the next time you feel cheated or devastated about something. You cannot un-fry an egg or change what transpired into what could or should have been according to your expectations. It is vital to accept “WHAT IS” and move on as soon as possible. The best thing to do is to learn from what transpired and then to continue walking forward with bold steps towards you final objective.


Let’s try a little experiment.

   Just think how you would feel if you didn’t resist what is, just for a few minutes. And I’m not joking when I make this suggestion. In fact it’s a very interesting experiment. So let’s try it and see how would it feel if we didn’t resist what is, if we simply couldn’t resist the way things are. If we could just for a moment allow things to be exactly the way they are, without fighting them.

   If you play around with this idea or mind shift, you will discover that it can be quite liberating.

   So please give it a try.

   You can start by putting this book down and letting yourself feel this thought, this shift in perspective, for the next couple of minutes. Just say to yourself, “For the next couple of minutes, I’m not going to fight what is. I’m just going to totally let whatever is happening, be. Whatever it is, I’m just going to accept it.” If for example you have a headache or you’re not feeling well, you could say to yourself, “I’m not going to fight the fact that I have a headache and am feeling lousy. I’m not going to resist my headache or what my body is doing at the moment. I’m not going to resist the discomfort I’m feeling and think that there is something wrong with me because I don’t feel as good as I think I should feel. Nor am I going to tell myself a story about what this feeling of discomfort might mean. I’m not going to imagine that I’m coming down with the flu or have a brain tumor. No I’m just going to let it be and accept what’s going on right now. Without having any opinion about it at all.” Please give it a try right now.

   When you do this for a couple of minutes, you will probably experience a huge sense of relief almost immediately. No matter how lousy you may be feeling, the moment you accept what is, you will feel everything in you relaxing and falling into place. You will feel peaceful. It’s quite amazing what happens when you shift your focus.

   Why? Because the way it is, is the way it is. And this is what is at this very moment. And when you accept what is, you find strangely enough, that all there is left is a feeling of peace, and then you feel happy despite your troubles!

Barbara Berger

Out of her new Book


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Recall This Image The Next Time You Want to Say Something Rude/Sarcastic.

POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude or sarcastic to anyone. Words are like bullets and can never be reloaded once they leave your lips.

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POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude/sarcastic to anyone.


POWER TOOL: Recall this image the next time you want to say something rude or sarcastic to anyone. Words are like bullets and can never be reloaded once they leave your lips.

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