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Ignorance create an ideal vehicle for your enslavement.



There is a saying that ignorance is bliss. This might be true for some, but it is as far as I am concerned the root cause of most of our suffering, pain and anxiety. Accepting life, people, religion, politics, perceptions, choices, rules and laws at face value imprisoned the mind of mankind. Looking at anything in life from a single perspective is the lazy way out. Seeing and experiencing from a limited range of perspectives have shackled man almost since its inception. Primitive man could not read, write or decipher the range of threats that confronted them and were forced to turn to priests and other individuals for guidance. This disposition provided a wonderful opportunity for those that claimed that they understood to take over control of their followers minds. The initial flimsy net that these opportunists wove gradually grew stronger and more sophisticated.

You will later see how this initial ignorance created an ideal vehicle of enslavement for those in control. Mankind have been kept in a state of ignorance since the beginning of time by greedy power hungry individuals, groups and organizations. Primitive methods of pain, pleasure and hope were used to restrain the masses. Man experienced fleeting moments of pleasure while they blindly obeyed the “commands” of these controllers. Thousands of written laws, spiritual and otherwise came into being over the years. Those that remained subdued and subservient were praised and rewarded while anyone that questioned anything faced the intricate range of pain that these controllers could bring to bear on them. They were cruelly tortured in the dark ages when they questioned anything to do with religion or the state. 

Mankind became the slaves of the controllers. They were carefully manipulated to let go of a fair percentage of their hard earned income. The state took their pound of flesh while the religious leaders demanded at least ten percent of all income earned as well. The system sucked in mankind to such an extent that only a handful of individuals over the years showed the courage to point out the deadly trap that we find ourselves in up to today. Do you grasp that the slaves of this system not only police the deadly system on behalf of the controllers, but breed the future slaves that will take over from them when they produce children? I can write a fairly substantial book on this subject matter, but believe that you can see what I am addressing in this document.

My plea is that everyone make it his or her business to get rid of the veil of ignorance that is responsible for most of their anxiety, pain and lack. You might have noticed that I post a very wide range of perceptions daily on an endless range of subjects. My motivation is that I want you to look at stuff from many different perspectives. Nothing is as it seems.





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The 12 Universal Laws That Governs Our Lives!



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Many a man flies about like/bee/bottle. He thinks he is busy.

Series - Creating your own life - 15


“Write on a piece of paper all the things you are worrying about. If you were worrying this morning that your slippers were misplaced, write it down. If you were worried that the telephone girl gave you the wrong number, write that down too.

“Then, when the whole dark list of your troubles is on paper, take your pencil and strike out those that do not matter — and see how few there are left.”

When Canadian author Herbert N. Casson wrote Getting Over Difficulties in 1928, he may not have thought his advice would still exist and be relevant in 2015.

I was strolling around a Sydney vintage market, when I stopped to rummage through a treasure chest filled with books, which smelt strongly of once-loved paper.

An avid collector of vintage books, I was immediately struck by the simple cover — a list of some of the difficulties Casson would tackle between the yellowing pages. 

  • Lack of money

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Lack of opportunities

  • Competition

  • Personal Deficiencies

  • Family troubles

  • Ill Health

  • Oblivion

Then I was struck by how relevant his writing is today — we might have come a long way in terms of technology but, inside, our minds are plagued with worries, big and insignificant.

Casson on Worrying

“There are three degrees of worrying. Worrying over serious difficulties, worrying over trifles and worrying over the future. The first is excusable. We are all guilty of it at times. But there is no excuse for number 2 and 3. No one should worry over trifles or over things that have not yet happened.”

Perhaps this paragraph is the best way to illustrate the fact that people in 1928 and people in 2015 will waste time worrying about things they should not be worried about. Many a grandmother has imparted the wisdom, “Worry is like a rocking chair. You go back and forth and you achieve nothing”.

Decision instead of Delay’ tackles a problem many of us wrestle with today: procrastination.

“Delay has become a national weakness. It is caused by timidity, lack of accurate knowledge and weakness of will. Delay! What it’s costing us at the moment will never be known. Hundreds of people postpone improvements in their business and life. If you wait until the dark clouds are all turned inside out, you will wait too long. Decide what to do, and do it. Don’t mark time. Don’t dig yourself in. Now is the best time to move forward. After all, nothing counts but ACTION.”

Casson’s chapter on time management. At a time when the term was yet to be coined, these words still ring true.

“Many a man dashes down to his office and flies about like a bee in a bottle. He thinks he is busy. He thinks he is a marvellous worker. The truth is that he could do far more in half the time if he would sit down quietly every morning for an hour and plan the whole day’s work. The busier you are, the more you should take the time to read and prepare.

“Recently, a large London firm announced to its staff that a lecture on salesmanship would be given at 9 o’clock every Monday morning. The workers grumbled. They were ‘too busy to learn.’ However, they obeyed orders and came to the Monday morning lecture. In a few months, these workers increased their sales by 25 per cent, and they were manly enough to give the full credit to the Monday lectures. Few things are more profitless and disorganising than planless, headless, fussy business, dashing here and there in a spirit of irritation and wrath.”

Other self-help books that have withstood the test of time include Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. First published in 1936, it has sold more than 15 million copies and is still available for sale online. Thomas Anthony Harris’ 1969 self-help book I’m OK You’re OK was a best seller in 1969 and deals with the concept of ‘Transactional Analysis’ as a method for solving problems in life.

Author Katerina Cosgrove told The Huffington Post Australia that while our environment has changed and technological sophistication advanced, the human heart stays the same.

“The primal, universal concerns remain so today: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go after we die? We still ponder the complexities of love, meaningful work, parenthood, joy — much as our ancestors did. We crave their wisdom more than ever in these times of flux,” Cosgrove said.

“Readers will always appreciate wise and insightful writing, no matter when it was written. The classics of literature bear this out. Many of us still dip into Tolstoy and the Brontes to unravel these pressing questions. I think the earliest personal development book was written by the Ancient Greek Hesiod. And many of the Greek philosophers, such as Socrates or the Stoics, could be also be classified today as self-help writers.”

May the last word belong to Casson and his insightful chapter, Fears and Regrets:

“These are the ghosts of the brain. They will haunt a man until he has no will power and no courage. They rob him of his sleep and his health and his peace of mind. They grow stronger if they are not resisted. Fears are caused by the misuse of imagination. Regrets are caused by a misuse of memory. Life is too short and too busy for fears and regrets. You have no time to lose worrying over what has happened or what may happen. The present is worth more to you than all the past and future put together. There is no enemy in the world who can harm you as much as your own fears. Act. Do something. Be positive. Fears and regrets fly from an active mind as darkness flies from the sunlight.”


By Libby-Jane Charleston / Huffington Post

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Let us Never forget/Giants that walked among us – 10 years – RIP Lucky Dube!






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Herd Mentality – Our word for the day.


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