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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?





You might find the following stunning and difficult to comprehend. Self-doubt and fear can be used to your advantage. The natural thing that most of us do is to move away or run like crazy from the source that activate feelings of fear in us. We usually RESIST the source of fear. We attempt to project a brave face while we look for ways that we can leave the stage and still keep our dignity intact. We are here at earth school to learn and experience. We should view anything and anyone that trigger fear in us as our teachers or opportunities to learn. The first basic lesson that we need to learn is to stop RESISTING things and people that cause fear in our hearts and minds. The uncomfortable feelings we experience come from warped messages programmed into us by well meaning individuals. Our parents and teachers taught us how we should feel and act when confronted with an event that might have a negative outcome. The feelings that wash over us would not have had any impact on us if it had no message for us. The faithful alarm system in our heads is calling us to class so we can learn more about the art of DETACHMENT. We would have remained fully composed if we finished our lessons on the art of RESISTING perceived threats. We need to mentally transform the perceive threat into a watery substance that simply wash over and around us. You must learn the skill of allowing perceived threats to roll off you like water off a ducks back. The same principle can be used when we are expected to do a specific task that we fear. Become like water and move towards your goals and objectives in a relaxed and composed manner. When you look at the champions in life you always discover that they might also initially experience a wave of fear, but then stop RESISTING the cause of their fear and do what needs to be done. They do not see the initial fear chemicals released by the brain as a signal to run for the hills. They welcome the trigger because it tells them that it is time to stop RESISTING and FIGHTING. It will be silly to relax when you are confronted with a snake that is on the verge of injecting you with toxic venom. You will in real emergencies still act in a composed manner and remove yourself from the danger zone. Many say that they felt paralysed by their fear when they faced a perceive threat. It is always a sigh of strong RESISTANCE when you experience fear to a level where you find it difficult to breathe or move. Individuals that get anxiety attacks intensify the dreadful feelings that wash over them when they RESIST these feelings. Many that have been suffering with anxiety attacks for an extensive period cannot even recall what initially set the whole cycle in motion. All they know is that they fear their next attack. Individuals that suffer regular anxiety attacks will be amazed when they one day just sit back, breathe in a relaxed manner and stop RESISTING the dreadful feelings that they experience. They will soon discover that the attacks are nothing more than a toothless tiger. The so-called attacks soon run out of fuel.


The key to fear management is thus not combat. Go out today and check how many times you notice feelings of RESISTANCE that attempt to get your attention. Try and figure out what lesson you can learn from that event. Manage any event with a dose of NON-RESISTANCE. Become DETACHED like water or see the attack as nothing more than water as explained earlier. I will continue this series tomorrow.





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A WORK IN PROGRESS – Remember, we’re not aiming for perfection. Rather, we are focusing on progress.”




“You’re a doer, because you’re prepared to make the necessary effort to translate your dream into action.”


“Everyone has the right, the means, and the responsibility to succeed on their own terms.”


“There isn’t a single one of us who hasn’t harvested either the positive or negative effects of a simple choice of behavior.”


“Although the responsibility to succeed ultimately lies with the individual, success isn’t all about self. It’s also about how you deal with other people.”


“Seek out those who are in the process of blossoming, people who’ve got something to teach you, and you will find yourself growing through osmosis. Negativity breeds negativity. Avoid it, or you’ll find yourself knee deep in it.”


“Everything that exists is created first in the imagination, and secondly in reality, through activity.”


“The beauty of lifelong learning is that everything’s a work-in-progress, and improvement is incremental. Remember, we’re not aiming for perfection. Rather, we are focusing on progress.”


“If we strive to work together imaginatively and unselfishly, we will be helping to achieve each other’s personal goals, and the combined legacy that we leave as a result will be brighter and more valuable than any of us could have achieved unilaterally.”


“Ungrateful people breed negativity. No one gets any pleasure from giving to an ungrateful person. When you show appreciation, the object of your attention blossoms and flourishes.”


Some Quotes from Feed the Good Dog by Paul McCabe


Feed the Good Dog




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Success comes to those that transform their ideas into positive/sustained/constructive action.



It is wise not to allow your ego to deceive you into the over estimation of your own abilities, resources, progress or financial reach. When you fail to allocate the right value and weight to something or someone, you are setting yourself up for failure. It can be fatal or at lease disastrous to hope that, everything will turn out ok. We sometimes see great masters at work and think that their “faith” moved mountains for them. What we fail to understand is that these masters linked their faith to positive and sustain action. They do not wait for things to happen they make them happen. You can move a mountain, one bucket at a time. Many of us make the mistake
of thinking that all we need to do is to believe and wait. Success
comes to those that transform their faith into positive, sustained and
constructive action.



From my book The Hidden Treasure Within


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We have found the enemy and he is us.




The world that we created for ourselves to date is governed by the thought forms (beliefs) that others downloaded into our minds at an early age. Many of the beliefs that we cemented into place might have been defective when adopted, true or outright false. You have the ability to modify or even scrap any belief system that turn out to be defective. We are learning machines and get exposed to new information all the time. It stands to reason that our belief systems can become outdated rapidly if they are not “upgraded” periodically. Our belief systems are nothing more than concepts or perceptions. These concepts are “works in progress” and should never be cast in stone. As student at Earth School you have the obligation to expand and adjust your belief systems (perceptions) frequently. It is thus your duty as ruler of your world to work with up to date valid data. It will be silly to enforce belief systems on fellow players on your stage of life that is outdated or based on defective assumptions.




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You will sooner or later discover that blind faith cannot move mountains.




Everything in this dimension was created by words acted on. We use words to tell other’s the story of our life. We use words to identify, explain and express things. Can you think what the world would have looked life without these powerful instruments? We create pictures in the minds of those that we interact with my playing with words. We express our anger and joy with words when we feel discomfort or joy. We explain to our partner, friends and family what we expect from them and what we dislike about them. I think you will agree that words can be compared to the different colors used by an artist to shape and mould the subject that he is busy painting. 

Words have little meaning until they are plugged into the power of faith. It is only when we believe what was said or what we said that the words and the images depicted by them become engraved in our minds. Words and images that we judged as truth will remain unscathed and unaltered in the archives in our heads. The magic cement that locks in words, images and feelings in our heads is our faith in their validity. It is the words of those that “programmed” us that still today decide what type of dreams we dream while in earth dimension. We live by and are prepared to die for the words that we were taught while still a child. It is important to understand that we had very little control over the barrage of words that came our way in the early years of our lives. Many of these words were laced with strong emotions that varied from love to disgust. The moment we accepted what was said as truth they passed into our memory system. I mentioned several times earlier in this series that the biggest percentage of these words spoken was not based on truth or reality. They came from the lips of your programmers in rapid succession and convinced you that there is something seriously wrong with you.

Words fly over our heads or are simply ignored if they are not directed at us. It is only when the speaker grasp your attention that his/her words find a channel into your decoding system. The speaker must find the porthole into your decoding system if he/she wants to get your attention and create two way communication. It is only when you provide the speaker access that his words paint pictures that can influence you. The decoding system in your head is manned by your ego. Your ego will do its best to repel any words that my clash with any perceptions you formed earlier in life. This is why you often run into conflicts when you talk to individuals about politics and religion. Any words, even if they are expressed honestly charged with pure love will be repelled by the ego if they differ from its frame of reference. Your reference might be based on myths and half-truths and miles removed from reality, but your ego will still block or fight anything that failed the entrance code. This is the reason why it is so difficult for individuals to break free from the half-truths and lies that is keeping them incarcerated mentally. I want to repeat that it is your blind faith in the historical words expressed by your programmers that keep you bound mentally and spiritually.


It is blind faith in a program stored in your head by often incompetent and ignorant programmers that cause most of your painful experiences and moments. Take for example the concept of a God that resides billions of miles away in “heaven” that measures your every thought, mood and action. A God that will one day decide if you will be allowed to reside in one of his bliss filled mansions or condemn you to a place where you will we toasted forever. The above picture was programmed into many by enthusiastic religious programmers.

The moment you believed this story it infiltrated virtually everything you said or did. Your blind faith in this myth caused you untold anxiety and trepidation since you went to Sunday school the first time. You believed that God is judgmental and take nonsense from nobody. You tried hard to reach out to him, but found that your tendency to sin destroyed the bridge that connected you with him before the sin program was downloaded in your head.

Faith based on false data will never provide you with peace of mind. Only faith based on truth and reality can assist you to re-unite with the source that permeates everything. The truth that has been withheld from you by the gatekeeper in your head called the ego is directly responsible for your fumbling in the dark. The only way you can wake up from the nightmare that you currently live and attempt to survive in is to get rid of the defective lies that blinded you for far too long now. You will sooner or later discover that blind faith cannot move mountains.



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Your FEELINGS are your barometer that displays the quality of your current THOUGHTS/ACTION/REACTIONS.

Many of us live our lives on a “RESIST” mode. We allow ourselves to be pulled into an endless range of energy sapping mental and physical “FIGHTS” against hundreds of things, events, people and perceptions daily. 99% of our resistance can be traced to events (news, politics etc.) that we have no control over. When you RESIST you sustain and feed. When you LET GO you remove the POWER source that fuel your UNHAPPINESS.

Very people know that they are a POWERFUL MAGNET that is day and night ATTRACTING events, people, pain, pleasure, love, problems or solution into their SPACE. How you FEEL at any given moment indicates and reveals the QUALITY of the stuff you are currently ATTRACTING. Your FEELINGS are your barometer that displays the quality of your current THOUGHTS, ACTION and REACTIONS.


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The biggest obstacle that prevent many of us to become great in our job is procrastination.



The most difficult element of getting things done is not the actual action part of the project, but the resistance we experience that sabotage us and prevent us from taking decisive action. I once gave a lecture to a major corporation on self-management. The first words I used when I opened my lecture were that I suggest that they carefully listen to what I have to share with them because it is costing their company a fortune to hire me. I looked them in the eye and told them that their management hope that I will manage to motivate them into getting their backsides anchored on their chairs. I told them that their management convinced me that they are actually a powerful team that can produce outstanding outcomes when they become focused. I also told them that I am going to recommend that management only pay them for actual work done. This caused a real stir in my audience and even woke up those at the back of the auditorium. I explained to them that I invented a device that will register all their actual work activities as well as all their time wasting activities. This device will daily send a full report to the managing director’s office that will reveal not only actual work executed, but also the time wasted chatting to other staff about stuff unrelated to work issues, drinking tea, updating blogs or Face book etc. Each staff member will thus daily be credited with an actual net production delivered. I allowed my words to sink in for a while and then told them that they will thus be paid on the net balance of their productivity account monthly. The biggest obstacle that prevent many of us to become great in our job or for that matter anything else is procrastination. I want to repeat that we have to overcome our reluctance and resistance to take action.


Spend some time today and probe why you have this reluctance to take action. What is the cause of the resistance deep inside you that is preventing you from being the best you that you can ever be? Make a list of everything that comes to mind. Think it and then ink it. I will continue this series tomorrow.




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