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Remote Viewing – Fact or Fiction?


Over the past 50 years, billions of dollars have been spent visiting our nearest neighbour in space, the moon. It’s the only extraterrestrial body humans have ever walked on. Besides the United States and Russia, Japan, China, India and the European Space Agency have all sent robotic spacecraft moon ward.


Probably the most prolific of these missions, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), is stockpiling close to 1 million pictures of the lunar surface that are so sharp, you could see a coffee table nestled among the boulders.


Astrobiologist and physicist Paul Davies recently said that LRO’s public-accessible photos should be perused by a citizen science program to look for any alien artifacts left on the moon.


But why bother? says a group of parapsychology sleuths who accuse NASA of hiding evidence of aliens on the lunar surface. Their wild tales sound like an amalgamation of Hollywood sci-fi movies: “Apollo 18,” “Minority Report” and “Alien.”


They say that a psychic technique called remote viewing allows people to take an armchair visit to other planets. The mind-travelers draw images of alien-looking things that are supposedly transmitted from a definitely out-of-body experience (potentially) millions of miles from Earth.


In the 1960s, when psychoactive drugs became widely popular, I assumed that claims of tripping to other worlds were purely imaginary. Consider this remote viewing experience reported in a discussion forum:


“…i relaxed in my chair, and pointed myself up there. I saw 6 or seven aliens looking right at me grinning and smiling. they had red eyes like the reddit alien but no antenna. As soon as I saw these creatures i immediately felt hurt …”


The roots of remote viewing can be traced to several U.S. Government sponsored parapsychology studies from the 1970s to 1990s. When funding was canceled in 1995, an executive summary concluded that the remote viewing test results were at best “vague and ambiguous.”


Government involvement (and gullibility) alone doesn’t legitimize what is clearly a pseudoscience that ranks alongside astrology, ghost hunting, and “telekinetic” spoon-bending.


As with any pseudoscience, there are no physical underpinnings to the outlandish claims of remote viewing. In other words, no natural particles or fields capable of carrying information into the human brain, independently from the five senses, have ever been quantitatively measured in a physics laboratory.


And, as is typical of a pseudoscience, remote viewing claims contradict fundamental physics such as the speed of light barrier and causality.


Censored Spaceship


But pseudoscience dies hard. A group called Transception Incorporated, self-described as an Austin, Texas based psychic R&D operation, sent a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden that nominates the Apollo 16 crew for the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.


But there are strings attached.


This is a very transparent quid pro quo because the medal is being recommended for astronauts John Young and Charles Duke allegedly coming upon an extraterrestrial “shipwreck” on the surface of the moon during their third lunar surface excursion on April 23, 1972. A prerequisite for the award is that the crew is “released from secrecy” about what they really saw on the moon.


A variety of “shipwreck elements” — described as “structures, people/aliens, biological technology, and their plight” — were reportedly seen through remote viewing by six experts at Transception.


The “wreckage” suspiciously looks a lot like just a big boulder, dubbed “house rock”. And, you’d expect to find big boulders on the edge of an impact crater.


The alleged crash site is pretty bland-looking for a purported disaster location. It’s like looking for a capsized cruise liner and just seeing a shoal of rocks.


If you listen to the audio transmission, the astronauts should get an Academy Award for acting instead — if the conspiracy theorists are right. The crew never says “holy cow! look at that spaceship!” Instead, they say, “look at the size of that rock!”


Besides the Apollo photos, you can easily go online and peruse LRO image of the Apollo 16 landing site and go looking for the alleged spaceship on the rim of North Ray Crater.

But wait! As is typical of any pseudoscience, when reality doesn’t fit the far-out claims, true believers turn to paranoid allegations of government cover-ups, monolithic global conspiracies and media censorship.


Supporters of the crashed spaceship tale say that NASA simply deleted the evidence from the Apollo 16 photos (and they would probably say the same for the LRO data). Because the Apollo images are recorded on photographic emulsion, not digital data, manipulating them would be no small trick.


Photo trickery allegations are a convenient back door for conspiracy buffs that is big enough to sail the Titanic through.


For any readers who think I’m being scientifically elitist, narrow-minded or protective, I’m presenting one simple challenge. Will somebody please remote view the icy dwarf planet Pluto for me from a close-up distance?


You must draw a map of both hemispheres that has detailed information about the coordinates and sizes of major features: impact basins, crater fields, ice flows, outcrops, tectonics rifts, cryovolcanoes, whatever — even crashed spaceships.


The best pictures of Pluto to date, from the Hubble Space Telescope, only show variations in color and reflectivity across Pluto’s surface, but not topography.


I’ll leave the details to the remote viewers, who by their claims can supposedly do a better job than Hubble or any other spacecraft. (But, still, no peeking at the Hubble pictures!)


And, in 2015 we will be able to validate — or invalidate — this remote sensing experiment by seeing real close up photos from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft as it zooms by Pluto at 36,000 miles per hour.


If your drawings match the New Horizons photo maps, then we could have saved ourselves $650 million and a 10-year cruise to the remote planet.


By Ray Villard / Source: Discovery News

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Espionage through Clairvoyance



During the Cold War, both the Soviets and the Americans were conducting some very unorthodox research in an effort to get the upper-hand on each other. 

Such research lead to programs like MKULTRA and the Stargate program in the United States.

Very little has been released about the Soviet’s parapsychology research, which they call Psychotronics

However, a report by Serge Kernbach at the Research Center of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science in Stuttgart, Germany sheds a great deal of light on the Soviet research.

His report includes a number of Russian technical reports that range from 1917 through 2003, which provides some insight into the type of research the Soviets were conducting.

Mind Control Experiments

Surprisingly enough, the report shows that the Soviet programs were very similar to the American programs, which focused on mind control, clairvoyance, and remote viewing among others. 

In this report, Kernbach states that this research was “related to the impact of weak and strong electromagnetic emission on biological objects, quantum entanglement in macroscopic systems, non-local signal transmission based on the Aharonov-Bohm effect, ’human operator’ phenomena, and others.”

In some cases, it seems that the Soviet research and then putting this research into use actually sparked a number of U.S. projects.

For example, the Soviets’ research into electromagnetic emission on biological objects was the direct reason that the U.S. conducted Project Pandora. Project Pandora was America’s research into the short-term and long-term effects of low intensity microwaves on living things.

America began conducting this research when they discovered that someone, more than likely the Soviets, was bombarding the U.S. embassy with low-intensity microwaves. 

The practice of pelting the U.S. embassy with low-intensity radiation was almost surely a result of the Soviet idea that the brain could receive high frequency electromagnetic waves.

Espionage through Clairvoyance

The Soviets not only researched the idea that this energy could effect the human mind, but also that this energy could also have an effect on other objects, as well. This belief had given rise to the idea of clairvoyance as an weapon of espionage.

Just as the Americans were implementing the Stargate program, the Soviets were studying clairvoyance and how remote viewing could be used to manipulate or even harness various “energies” to gather intelligence. 

Kernbach points to one of the Soviet documents that states that research focused on, “methods of obtaining timely information, other than the traditionally known.”

Even though this report shed a lot of light on the Soviet Psychotronic programs, the document is interestingly void of one important factor: the results of the research and experiments. The report contends that many of the experiments yielded positive results. 

Furthermore, the fact that the Soviets put some of the research into practice, such as the bombardment of the U.S. embassy with low-intensity microwaves, is evidence that some sort of positive result was returned from the experiments.

However, all documents containing details of the results remain largely classified. Additionally, any documentation that would indicate that this research has continued on after the Cold War is also unavailable.

There is no denying the fact that the Cold War sparked some of the most bizarre, and in some case most inhumane, experiments in science. 

There is also no denying the fact that there are probably much more about both programs that have yet to be released.

Nevertheless, from Kernbach’s report it is easy to ascertain that the Soviets were right on par with, or maybe even ahead of, the United States when it came to Parapsychology/ Psychotronic research. 

However, until more documentation about the Soviet Union’s Psychotronic program is released, we may never know what exactly that program entailed.


Source: Humans Are Free

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Mind Bending Books – Shift the Way You See The World

I’m often asked what my favorite books are — which ones impacted me the most and which ones I would recommend. And sure, I do have a list of personal growth books at the top of my head that shaped my view of the world.

But beyond the personal growth field, there are a several of books in science, sociology, and philosophy that have had an equally profound impact on me.

And today, I just wanted to share my top seven books in these fields that will help you better understand our role on this giant space-rock we call earth.

The books won’t just blow your mind – they will expand your mind to whole new levels and make you see the world in a very different way from politics, to ecology, to sex and religion.

Enjoy this list. I loved and enjoyed every single one of these books.

MindTrip Magazine1. A Short History of Nearly Everything

Do you recall your boring science textbooks in school?

Not likely. This book will change that for you. Bryson has taken his background in travelogue writing and merged it with science. His genuine curiosity for science includes an investigation of known and unknown scientific pioneers. And the best part: You’ll finally understand complex scientific subjects — from gravitational constants to the calculation of the Earth’s mass.

And you wouldn’t believe how brilliant minds across the ages came up with inventive ways to push science forward.

Key Insight: We are capable of doing and achieving many things, especially when we apply our minds to solve problems that are seemingly impossible.

Favorite Excerpt and “Why on Earth did I not learn this in School?” moment:

“Some scientists now think that there could be as much as 100 trillion tons of bacteria living beneath our feet in what are known as subsurface lithoautotrophic microbial ecosystems — SLiME for short. Thomas Gold of Cornell has estimated that if you took all the bacteria out of the Earth’s interior and dumped it on the surface, it would cover the planet to a depth of five feet. If the estimates are correct, there could be more life under the Earth than on top of it.”

MindTrip Magazine2. Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire

How do you explain biology? Two words: Evolutionary Psychology.

This book presents disturbing, yet fascinating insights on how evolution ensures our survival. One example: Evolution has leveled the playing field for men and women when it comes to mating. As the title suggests if you’re a beautiful couple, you’ve been hard wired through evolution to have a greater chance of producing daughters than sons. As a result, as evolution marches on, women are evolving to be more and more beautiful. And men more and more ambitious. You’ll have to read the excerpt below from the book to understand why.

Key Insight: Some facts are debatable. But these hypotheses could help you understand your life choices so far.

Favorite Excerpt:

“So physical attractiveness, while a universally positive quality, contributes even more to women’s reproductive success than to men’s. The new hypothesis would therefore predict that physically attractive parents should have more daughters than sons. Once again, this is indeed the case. Young Americans who are rated “very attractive” have a 44 percent chance of having a son for their first child (and thus a 56 percent chance of having a daughter). In contrast, everyone else has a 52 percent chance of having a son (and thus a 48 percent chance of having a daughter) for their first child. 21 Being “very attractive” increases the odds of having a daughter by 36 percent!”

MindTrip Magazine3. Sapiens

This book is eye-opening and one of the singular best books I have ever read on ANY subject.

There was a time when at least six different species of humans co-existed on earth. Every other species, except Homo Sapiens (our species of humans) became extinct. Learn how our Savannah-dwelling primate ancestors dominated the planet and paved the way to who we are today.

Key Insight: Regardless of color, ethnicity, and background, we have more commonalities than differences. But sadly, we’re also predictable apes governed by certain laws.

Favorite Excerpt: On the Religion of Consumerism.

“The capitalist and consumerist ethics are two sides of the same coin, a merger of two commandments. The supreme commandment of the rich is ‘Invest!’ The supreme commandment of the rest of us is ‘Buy!’ The capitalist–consumerist ethic is revolutionary in another respect.

“Most previous ethical systems presented people with a pretty tough deal. They were promised paradise, but only if they cultivated compassion and tolerance, overcame craving and anger, and restrained their selfish interests. This was too tough for most. The history of ethics is a sad tale of wonderful ideals that nobody can live up to. Most Christians did not imitate Christ, most Buddhists failed to follow Buddha, and most Confucians would have caused Confucius a temper tantrum.

In contrast, most people today successfully live up to the capitalist–consumerist ideal. The new ethic promises paradise on condition that the rich remain greedy and spend their time making more money and that the masses give free reign to their cravings and passions and buy more and more. This is the first religion in history whose followers actually do what they are asked to do. How though do we know that we’ll really get paradise in return? We’ve seen it on television.”

MindTrip Magazine4. The True Believer

Read this and you’ll understand how Brexit and Trumpism happened.

There are two historians to read to understand why Americans voted Trump. Plato and Eric Hoffer. Hoffer wrote this book in the early 1950s. He was a legend in his field and was even awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hoffer’s writing style is daring and observant. He is straightforward even when discussing sensitive topics. His insights are scary but with Trump, they came true.

Key Insight: We often make fun of the common denominators of countries. While they don’t represent the whole, they do represent the future as the excerpt below reveals.

Favorite Excerpts:

“There is a tendency to judge a race, a nation or any distinct group by its least worthy members. Though manifestly unfair, this tendency has some justification. For the character and destiny of a group are often determined by its inferior elements.

“The inert mass of a nation, for instance, is in its middle section. The decent, average people who do the nation’s work in cities and on the land are worked upon and shaped by minorities at both ends—the best and the worst.

“The superior individual, whether in politics, literature, science, commerce or industry, plays a large role in shaping a nation, but so do individuals at the other extreme—the failures, misfits, outcasts, criminals, and all those who have lost their footing, or never had one, in the ranks of respectable humanity. The game of history is usually played by the best and the worst over the heads of the majority in the middle.

“The reason that the inferior elements of a nation can exert a marked influence on its course is that they are wholly without reverence toward the present.

“They see their lives and the present as spoiled beyond remedy and they are ready to waste and wreck both: hence their recklessness and their will to chaos and anarchy. They also crave to dissolve their spoiled, meaningless selves in some soul-stirring spectacular communal undertaking—hence their proclivity for united action. Thus they are among the early recruits of revolutions, mass migrations and of religious, racial and chauvinist movements, and they imprint their mark upon these upheavals and movements which shape a nation’s character and history.”

MindTrip Magazine5. Abundance

The world is improving at an accelerated rate —and it’s getting better and better.abundance

Look past the depressing world headlines, and focus more on the successful trend lines. It’ll remind you of the positive human potential we have going forward. The media is mostly negative because our reptilian brains evolved to pay more attention to danger than happiness. So if you only read the newspapers, you’re likely to be more afraid and make dumb choices based on fear (especially in voting for politicians). But in reality, the world is getting safer and better at an exponential rate.

Key Insight: We need to teach our young ones, and our pessimistic selves, to not give up on the future.

Favorite Excerpts:

“The twentieth century, for example, witnessed both incredible advancement and unspeakable tragedy. The 1918 influenza epidemic killed fifty million people, World War II killed another sixty million. There were tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, even plagues of locust. Despite such unrest, this period also saw infant mortality decrease by 90 percent, maternal mortality decreased by 99 percent, and, overall, human lifespan increase by more than 100 percent.

“In the past two decades, the United States has experienced tremendous economic upheaval. Yet today, even the poorest Americans have access to a telephone, television, and a flush toiletthree luxuries that even the wealthiest couldn’t imagine at the turn of the last century. In fact, as will soon be clear, using almost any metric currently available, quality of life has improved more in the past century than ever before. So while there are likely to be plenty of rude, heartbreaking interruptions along the way, as this book will demonstrate, global living standards will continue to improve regardless of the horrors that dominate the headlines.”

MindTrip Magazine6. The Book On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

More philosophical than science, you’ll want to read this if you want to add a good dose of funny into your life.the book

The subject is almost unwritable but Watts successfully presents alternative views to the common problem of connecting to a personal identity. The book questions the hoax of the temporary roles we play in our lives and why we struggle to attain self-fulfillment.

Key Insight: We need new experiences instead of a new religion.

Favorite Excerpt:

“Irrevocable commitment to any religion is not only intellectual suicide; it is positive unfaith because it closes the mind to any new vision of the world. Faith is, above all, openness—an act of trust in the unknown.

“An ardent Jehovah’s Witness once tried to convince me that if there were a God of love, he would certainly provide mankind with a reliable and infallible textbook for the guidance of conduct. I replied that no considerate God would destroy the human mind by making it so rigid and unadaptable as to depend upon one book, the Bible, for all the answers. For the use of words, and thus of a book, is to point beyond themselves to a world of life and experience that is not mere words or even ideas. Just as money is not real, consumable wealth, books are not life. To idolize scriptures is like eating paper currency.

“Therefore The Book that I would like to slip to my children would itself be slippery. It would slip them into a new domain, not of ideas alone, but of experience and feeling. It would be a temporary medicine, not a diet; a point of departure, not a perpetual point of reference. They would read it and be done with it, for if it were well and clearly written they would not have to go back to it again and again for hidden meanings or for clarification of obscure doctrines.

We do not need a new religion or a new bible. We need a new experience—a new feeling of what it is to be ‘I.’”

MindTrip Magazine7. Death By Black Hole

This book acts as a portal to everything that enlightens and terrifies us about the universe.death by black hole

Try reading it in the great outdoors. You’ll be able to see that much clearly where your space is in the universe.

Key Insight: The journey of the mind teaches us how humans are emotionally fragile, perennially gullible, hopelessly ignorant masters of an insignificantly small speck in the cosmos.

Favorite Excerpts:

“We register the world’s stimuli in logarithmic rather than linear increments. For example, if you increase the energy of a sound’s volume by a factor of 10, your ears will judge this change to be rather small. Increase it by a factor of 2 and you will barely take notice.

“The same holds for our capacity to measure light. If you have ever viewed a total solar eclipse you may have noticed that the Sun’s disk must be at least 90 percent covered by the Moon before anybody comments that the sky has darkened. The stellar magnitude scale of brightness, the well-known acoustic decibel scale and the seismic scale for earthquake severity are each logarithmic, in part because of our biological propensity to see, hear, and feel the world that way.”


By Vishen Lakhiani / Mind Valley Academy

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Stop looking out there for power/liberation



I don’t think that there are any of you that read my blog that are ignorant about the extreme value of setting goals. Many of us read books or attended seminars on goal setting. Many tried this goal setting thing for a while and then gradually slowed down. Other in turn never even started setting goals. The main reason why we avoid goal setting is because we are afraid that we might fail or fall short of our expectations.  We worry what others may say or do when they notice that we failed or gave up on our dreams and desires. It is your false self that is the real coward here. Your false self is obsessed about what other may say or do or how you might be perceived by family and friends. It is easy to know what to do. It is however a totally different story when you KNOW what to do and you UNDERSTAND deep inside that it is vital that you to stop drifting through life like a leave swept along by a river. You yearn for love, acceptance, recognition, more money, status or success, but neglect the most vital tool available to you. You are your own worst enemy my friend. The false self do not have any hold over you. Your false self is nothing more than a cluster of perceptions in your head. You gave this culprit the power to run your life a long time ago. You gave your false self the power because you noticed that everybody else that worked with you while you were still young also handed over their passion and power to this useless imaginary entity in your head. It is imperative that you change your knowledge about the importance and purpose of goal setting into sustained action. You are like a person that got lost in a desert. You crawl through the hot boiling sand desperately looking for help and water. Look down my friend. You have a bottle of water on your belt. All you need to do is to grasp (understand) that this container holds what you need to survive. Stop looking out there for your source of power. Your perfect self is ready to assist you if you are brave enough to detach from the false self that is currently running your show.  Knowledge not acted on is useless. It is only when knowledge is applied diligently that huge changes rush into your life. Your false self is a passive coward while your perfect indestructible self will never let you down. 


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Ignorance is the biggest killer of dreams





How many of us fail to read the connection between the horrific negative impact that NON-ACTION and RESISTANCE play in our lives. Look around you and you will find that we abuse drugs; we daily eat the abuse and intimidation from lovers, family, so-called friends and the government. We allow the banks to use and abuse us. We end up in hospital with stress related illnesses. We pay gurus and religious leaders a fortune to say things that we hope will dull our pain and give us hope. Many of us are drinking as if they are going to take alcohol from the market. We today live in a society that is under financial pressure all the time. We work like crazy and even neglect our children in an attempt to survive one more month. Some of us are well qualified and experienced in our selected professions, but fail to get a job because of our skin colour and the toxic state of the economy world-wide. Everyone have a powerful voice inside them that can direct their lives on a moment to moment basis. This guide and wisdom source has been carefully polluted with many layers of conditioning and habits since early childhood. We are so busy running away mentally and physically that we fail to notice the little voice inside us that is well cocooned by an endless range of perceptions. We can explode this wall of RESISTANCE today if we are brave enough to admit that we have become slaves to the system. The little voice and brilliant genius in our hearts and minds tell us to go for gold and do what needs to be done, but we ignore these messages because we are shit scared to go up against the endless perceptions, rules and regulations that enclosed us in our cold little igloo. We more often than not know exactly what we need to do or what we should avoid, but do little or nothing while we helplessly hammer against the wall of RESISTANCE built with bricks of fear. A large percentage stopped attacking the wall of RESISTANCE and fall apart when confronted by challenges. These individuals either live in denial or justify their NON-ACTION with stupid excuses.


Spend some time today gathering information about the stuff that you know need to be completed that you have been postponing for far too long now. The wall of RESISTANCE consists out of thousands of bricks manufactured by ignorant individuals with no vision. Ignorance is the biggest killer of dreams. Knowledge shines a light into the dark places in our minds that we run away from. Information is your key to success and freedom.




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Do something constructive about things that you have control over.





You may ask, “What must I do when I am confronted with severe adversity and problems that seem insurmountable? What must I do when I tried my level best and I still failed miserably? We are often faced with circumstances that we have had very little control over. The biggest mistake that you can ever make is to immediately jump to the conclusion that you are punished by God because of something that you did somewhere in the past. It is also not that shady character Satan that is targeting you in an attempt to test if you are ready to join his team.

We are convinced from early childhood that we are usually responsible for the setbacks and failures that cross our path. I have interviewed women that have been brutally raped on their way from work that feel that it is some kind of sick test from God to see if they are still “heaven” material. You might feel that it is impossible that people in this day and age still think that way, but many do.

You will only learn to manage failure and setbacks if you accept that life is simply a process of cause and effect. There is no mystical force at work my friend. The key to problem and failure management is fairly simple. What happened to you might be real and very painful, but how you respond to such failure will decide the outcome of such setback.

I know it is difficult when your pain and disappointment is real to understand that you still hold the key to your recovery. You almost always have a choice. You can fall apart and play the role of a victim to perfection or you can decide that you are not going to allow this painful failure or problem to get you down permanently.

Please note that I do not claim that it will be easy, but want you to understand that you hold the key to recovery in your hands. You will shorten your recovery time tremendously if you can muster up the courage to get up when knocked down and come out fighting.



Sit down right now and make a list of all your problems, setbacks and failures that you feel is preventing you from being the success you know you can be. Make sure that your list is as comprehensive as possible.

Once you have your list, I want you to do the following. I want you to go through your list and see if you can identify the things that you feel is totally out of your control and that you can do very little about in the foreseeable future. Mark them with a ® in front of them. The ® is used to remind you of reality thinking. If you know that you will not be able to raise the million Rand you need to save your business, mark this problem with an ® and immediately stop bullshitting yourself that a fairy might drop in during the night and leave a cool million Rand next to your bed. The sooner you accept the inevitable that the problems and setbacks marked with ® is currently “unsolvable” the quicker you will come to term with the potential consequences. Rather face reality and focus on things that you can do something about than unrealistically clinging to fantasies.

Once you have illuminated the factual reality stuff you can begin to do something constructive about the rest of the items on your list. There is no purpose or logic in living in a fantasy zone. Once you have accepted the worst that can happen and you get busy with things that you can do something about your life will take on a new meaning. You can cry and feel sorry for yourselves all you like. You can continue to speculate what you or someone else could or should have done deep into the night, but when you wake up tired and depleted the next morning reality will still be there staring you in the face. When you accept, the inevitable it will bring closure to incomplete cycles and usually activate a wonderful feeling or relief in your heart and soul. Learn to face reality so you can spend more time doing something constructive about things that you have control over.



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Take nothing for granted. If you do you will do it at your peril


Assist people to achieve what they really desire if you want to make friends for life, become awfully rich or become very popular. Our expectation and hope drives us forward and helps us to overcome serious setbacks.


Attempt to make the right and best choice on a moment-to-moment basis. If you are going to wait for the perfect moment or until you have all the data, you might never make up your mind. Remember that your in-basket will still be full even on the day you die.


Attitude plays a vital role in everything you do. A poor attitude can never produce good results. A poor attitude is at the root of most failures. A poor attitude caused more marriages to fail and relationships to break down than all the other reasons put together.


Avoid head on confrontations or disputes if you can. There are usually no winners in such ego driven fights. The urge to win is sometimes so strong that it clouds our mind and judgment. An obsession by both parties to win usually lead to a major loss for at least one of the parties.


Avoid people that have the tendency to make their problem yours. By appearing helpless or lost, they con you into taking ownership of their problems. You are not a garbage truck that are contracted to remove everybody’s garbage (problems).


Avoid people that promise you the world, but do little. When you rely on an “empty promise” person, he will cause you endless problems. Good advice is to do things yourself if you want to make sure that they are taken care of.


Avoid saying things that could make people feel idiotic or inferior. It might give you a short-term ego boost, but in the long run, you will create an army of enemies that would love to even the score.


Avoid the misconception that people want to hear what is right and just. They want to be fed what they feel suits their current purpose. Give people what they want and you will be richly rewarded. When you help people to achieve their own objectives, they are usually more susceptible to yours.


Balance and decency is in during periods of success. When instant gratification becomes our main objective, we rapidly slide into the abyss of failure and discomfort. The wise man mastered the art of projecting himself into others’ shoes. When you act in a fair and responsible manner you enhance your chances of success many fold.


Be careful and remain grounded when you are faced with obsessive driven individuals. These individuals tend to exaggerate and amplify things in an attempt to buy your support. Certain politicians, clergy and conmen are experts at the art of mass hypnosis. When you are in the presence of passion driven individuals you need to question, probe and take nothing for granted. If you do you will do it at your peril.


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Dancing With The Elderly- A Hollywood Actress's Day Job

let the free birds fly

surviving creating instigating



AshiAkira's Blog

Just another site


Yes I cut Samson's hair, he was an asshole.

diary of a single mom in the south

my life, my love, my story

My Hong Kong Husband

Third culture wife: Polish girl married to a Hongkonger, fresh off the airplane in Ireland. AMWF, lifestyle, culture, food, Asian fashion and a little bit of Cantonese

Dean J. Baker - Poetry, and prose poems


Loving Without Boundaries

A Modern Look At Practicing Polyamory / Ethical Non-monogamy


Ramblings from a disturbed mind ©2013 Cho Wan Yau

Middle-Aged Martial Arts Mom

Loving a crippling compulsion....



Just me being curious

A blog of questions and few answers.

I Dont Want To Talk About It

The Ultimate Paradox: Depression in Sobriety

Shepherd Mulwanda

ICT Research Training and Consultancy,Agriculture for Youth Development.

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

White Shadows

Story of a white pearl that turned to ashes while waiting for a pheonix to be born inside her !

GIFT FROM THE HEART - Share and Care!

Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude towards all...... that there is!


Trying to make sense of turmoil

Dince's Chronicles

My Personal Blog

Awareness It Self

Quotes for spiritual enjoyment


Esoterically Eccentric

Doug Does Life

A Creative Monkey On How To Find Your Path In Life.

Never Quite Broken

What you did not build up, you cannot tear down.

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