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Smile for a While – Having Fun.


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Sun Tzu – The Art of War.

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 Abraham Lincoln


What very few people fully understand is that they have been involved in an ongoing “power struggle” since the day of their birth. There always has been and there always will be people that play some kind of controlling role in your life.

A child is obviously virtually powerless when he is still young and dependent on his parents. Almost everything he does, gets involved in, wears, eats is decided by his parents. Because there is very little he can do about his disposition, he is forced to accept a submissive role until he finally one day is big and independent enough to leave home.

Children often feel that they will be “free” once they escape the enforced control of their parents, just to discover to their dismay that there will always be a range of people that will play or attempt to play a fairly dominant role in their lives. When a girl runs away from home to escape the claustrophobic control of her parents she often discovers that her boyfriend is even more controlling and demanding than her parents ever were.

When a boy enters the adult world he soon notices that his professor, boss or bank manager also has serious control over him. We will forever have people that are in power positions that “rule” or control certain areas of our lives. There are people that are appointed or gained a controlling position over us that are empowered to police all our actions.

These people are policemen, politicians or employers etc. A title, office or uniform provides them with power over us. A piece of paper, a certificate, skin colour, money or just being born in the right family gives certain people “power” over us. It should be obvious from the above that there are hundreds of people with real or artificial power positions that attempt to play a major role in your mental and physical freedom.

Most people under these circumstances tend to take on a submissive role and allow such people to dominate and intimidate them. The champions of life never bend their knee to nobody. They are strong and proud and never allow any person, notwithstanding his title, position, status or office to intimidate or dominate them. They remain strong and proud and never feel powerless in any situation.




I believe that you must remain strong and keep your dignity in tact notwithstanding your status in life. You do not need lots of money, rich parents or a uniform or certificate to retain your self-confidence. You can walk tall and keep your dignity in tact even when in the presence of kings.

You are the one that hands the power to people. If your knees buckle when you enter your bank manager’s office, you will be at his mercy. If you become clay when your lover, husband or boss talks to you, he or she will control you like a puppet on a string.

If you swoon, cringe; become agitated or uptight when you think of a certain person he or she has too much control and power over you. You must never allow any person or situation to hold an unfair advantage over you. If you are currently dominated by any person or party you are the one that empowered this person and you are the one that must dismantle or modify his or her power position.




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Nothing new can be achieved while you repeat the same old painful cycles.



Are you aware that you have thousands of dormant, but highly explosive reaction patterns that lurk in your mind? Every word that you ever read – heard or expressed carry with it a packages of reaction patterns. These words remain dormant until triggered. Less evolved and immature individuals tend to “spontaneously” react words, especially those that contain toxic memories. A single word can for example trigger a whole range of painful memories that in turn trigger a range of negative and destructive actions and reactions. Our reactions when one of our “hot buttons” is pushed can fluctuate between sadness and rage. Many that read this document or listen to one of my lectures on this subject find it astounding that we have such a massive volume of hibernating toxic capsules floating around somewhere in our heads. These capsules wake up instantaneously when triggered and could turn our world upside down. You will also notice that you sometimes show or experience no negative reactions on specific words that some years ago turned you into a raging bull. The reason for this lack of destructive reactions notwithstanding your historical bad memories can be ascribed to various factors. The first important reason can be because you forgave the individual that were originally responsible for the pain or anxiety that you experienced. The other reason can be that you decided to stop RESISTING the person or event and simply ignore the triggers that historically animated you and turned you into an out of control revenge seeker. Your act of pardoning the original culprit defused the toxicity that lurked in the bellies of any of the destructive memory capsules that you associated with this event. Let me give you an example. Your lover or wife ran away with the TV repair man. You were initially filled with rage and pain. You finally came to terms with what transpired and forgave this person. That would have been noble of you to act in this saintly manner and would have released the toxic charge that you associated with anyone with the same name or anything that reminded you of what transpired. Your act of forgiveness set you free. The other reason why you no longer experience discomfort can be because your wife or lover soon also left this man and now live with a guy in the Mediterranean that make cheap shoes from recycled motor vehicle tires that they sell to tourists on the beach. The bottom line is that you stopped RESISTING the toxicity released historically when this memory was triggered. The key to control and peace of mind is the art of DETACHMENT. It is a sure sign of maturity when you reach a point where you stop spontaneously jumping to conclusions or when you spontaneously do the first thing that comes to mind when triggered. It is impossible to hope that all the “hot buttons” lurking in your head will have such a happy ending. Most of these memories have been with you for many, many years. It will be silly to attempt to find a guru that can defuse all the sensitive word capsules that could trigger painful reactions in you. The solution is to STOP RESISTING anything that happened in the past that caused you discomfort. You need to learn how to manage your automatic reaction patterns and triggers. It is actually a simple process. You must STOP the spontaneous nonsense that you practise every time someone or something hit a hot button. See the flood of negative emotions that begin to flood your mind as an early alarm system. Then relax and become an observer that for a moment STUDY the data before you let it go. STOP RESISTING the flow of emotions. Let them flow around you like water. You will be astounded when you notice that no pain or discomfort appear when you refrain from playing the silly role that you always played when triggered historically.


I suggest you test this method today. See if you can cope without RESISTING and FIGHTING the toxic images and feelings that mystically appear every time they are triggered. OBSERVE the images and feelings for a few moments and then just let it go. Nothing new can be achieved while you repeat the same old painful cycles in your head. You are the power source of these destructive capsules that trigger periodically. You will discover that nothing happened and nothing was said until you act or react. Please re-read this document and read in the word “THOUGHT(S)” where I used WORD(S). The alarming aspect of the embedded “toxic hot buttons” described is that a simple THOUGHT or IMAGE can “trigger” these devastating mind viruses that always generate huge RESISTANCE in all your day-to-day activities.






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Your inner Peace doesn’t depend on other people’s opinion!


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Do Self-help Programs often Teach how to Manipulate People?


Dale Carnegie Training, the self-help program that’s shaped the lives of such people as Warren Buffett, Johnny Cash, and Emeril Lagasse, can claim an additional ardent disciple: Charles Manson.

In his new book, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson, author Jeff Guinn credits Carnegie training with transforming Manson from “a low-level pimp” to the “frighteningly effective sociopath” who created a cult of killers in the late 1960s.

Manson took classes in How to Win Friends and Influence People, based on Carnegie’s iconic book, while doing time for car theft in a California federal prison in 1957. “It was critical in shaping how he manipulated people,” says Guinn, noting that the young convict told people he’d enrolled to get strangers to open up to him.

Manson became especially obsessed with Chapter Seven, on how to get cooperation, and often practiced key lines in his cell, a former prison mate told Guinn. Carnegie’s advice—”Let the other fellow feel that the idea is his”—became vital in helping him recruit and control a band composed mostly of young women. Former “Family” members Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten (who was denied her 20th bid for parole last month) both say Manson mastered the technique: Not only did he often solicit and praise his followers’ advice, he was careful to frame every killing as a Family decision.

Jackie Kellso, who runs Dale Carnegie courses in New York, says, “it’s a very hard concept to understand.” The notion of letting others take credit for your ideas goes against what most people are taught, she explains, yet “it’s fundamental to being a good leader.”

Not that producing nimbler and more cunning criminals is the kind of success that boosts a global brand. Guinn says the Hauppage (N.Y.)-based company, which claims 8 million graduates, refused to help with his book. When contacted by Bloomberg Businessweek, a spokeswoman e-mailed a statement that “Dale Carnegie Training does not offer courses in prisons at this time” and focuses instead on working with “corporations, government agencies, individuals, and teams.”

The Dale Carnegie website lists the New York City Department of Corrections as a client, however, and prison clubs across the country have won accolades for helping inmates learn life skills. Chris Burke, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, also notes that its 119 facilities boast “a wide variety of training courses available to our inmates, including some locations that offer Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie.” The California state prison system in which the 78-year-old Manson is now incarcerated offers similar leadership training.

How people incorporate the lessons is up to them. As Carnegie himself wrote in his 1948 book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living: “Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars.” With Manson not eligible for parole until 2027, that’s the kind of positive attitude he might want to hone.


By Diane Brady / Bloomberg Businessweek


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