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The Hidden Lives of Trees



From counting and learning to communicating and caring for each other, the secret lives of trees are wildly deep and complex.

“They can count, learn and remember; nurse sick neighbors; warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network known as the ‘Wood Wide Web’ – and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries by feeding them a sugar solution through their roots.”

These are just a few of the secrets that Peter Wohlleben, a German forest ranger and best-selling author, has learned about trees.

Upon coming across a duo of soaring beeches in the forest, Wohlleben, the author of the runaway hit book The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries From a Secret World, observes:

“These trees are friends. You see how the thick branches point away from each other? That’s so they don’t block their buddy’s light.”

“Sometimes,” he adds, “pairs like this are so interconnected at the roots that when one tree dies, the other one dies, too.”

For someone (me) who can’t help but to anthropomorphize trees, these words ring deep and true. And Wohlleben’s work could be changing the way we think about trees. Putting the German forest back in the spotlight, notes The New York Times, Wohlleben is making the case for a popular reimagination of trees – which the modern world seems to think of as “organic robots,” designed for little more than to supply us humans with oxygen and wood.

With a mix of scientific research and his own observations – the 51-year old Wohlleben studied forestry and has worked in the forest since 1987 – the man who speaks for the trees does so in decidedly anthropomorphic terms. Which has rankled some German biologists who question his use of language to describe life in the forest.

But Wohlleben says this is exactly the point. “I use a very human language. Scientific language removes all the emotion, and people don’t understand it anymore. When I say, ‘Trees suckle their children,’ everyone knows immediately what I mean.”

And while the book remains a runaway best-seller and is kindling, so to speak, a new appreciation of trees, Wohlleben’s hands-on work with trees themselves is nothing short of an inspiration.

After years working for the state forestry administration in Rhineland-Palatinate and then as a forester managing 3,000 acres of woods near Cologne, he began to understand that contemporary practices were not serving the trees, or those who depend on them, very well.

“By artificially spacing out trees, the plantation forests that make up most of Germany’s woods ensure that trees get more sunlight and grow faster,” notes The Times. “But, naturalists say, creating too much space between trees can disconnect them from their networks, stymieing some of their inborn resilience mechanisms.”

After researching alternative approaches to forestry he began implementing some revolutionary concepts – he replaced heavy machinery with horses, stopped using insecticides and let the woods become wilder. The forest went from loss to profit in two years.

But even with the successes the responsibility to the trees became a burden and he began to see a therapist to treat burnout and depression. “I kept thinking, ‘Ah! You only have 20 years, and you still have to accomplish this, and this, and that.’” But he learned to understand that he can’t do everything … but what he could do was write a book. And now even a tree-loving writer in New York City is singing the praises of a German forester and his profound understanding of the humble and majestic neighbors who we share this planet with.

As Dr. Seuss’ tree-loving Lorax says, “I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” And now trees have found another articulate spokesperson working in the German forest.

By Melissa Breyer / Treehugger

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Be flexible and adaptable like a tree in a storm.


Nothing can change if we are not prepared to be flexible and adaptable like a tree in a storm


When you change your point of view or alter your perception you also alter you frame of mind. Nothing can change if we are not prepared to be flexible and adaptable like a tree in a storm. We attract new options and answers the moment we modify the anchors (perceptions) that we deem nonnegotiable. How can we grow and evolve if we are not prepared to adjust our anchor ideas when new and updated information comes to hand? Our lives become sterile and stagnant when we go around with fixed ideas. This is how you bring about dramatic change in your relationships and your life. Many of us are not prepared to make any adjustments until something happens or get modified in our outer world that we deem advantageous. Waiting for something or someone to change, give in or up can become a painful experience. You can speed up your progress many times when you make your own adjustments and stop waiting and hoping for a miracle from your outside world. Fixed mindsets are responsible for the deadly similar experiences that seem to follow you around like a stray dog. 




Fixed mindsets are responsible for the deadly similar experiences that seem to follow you around like a stray dog.



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Both meditation/hypnosis can help you take control of your life



Quite often I am asked, “What’s the difference between meditation and hypnosis?” While meditation and hypnosis can be similar in terms of the process utilized to achieve a relaxed state of mind and body, they differ in terms of the outcome.

Meditation is used to quiet the mind while hypnosis is used to program the mind.

Meditation seeks to quiet the mind and helps create a blank slate where you can release all of your cares and concerns. Meditation helps you recharge and rejuvenate, and it helps you ease stress. Hypnosis does all of those things and it has an even greater purpose: To reprogram the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a very common state of mind

Hypnosis is a very common state of mind that you achieve every time you get lost in a thought or allow your mind to wander. You can also achieve a hypnotic-like state while driving, which is called highway hypnosis. Anyone who has ever missed an exit on the highway because their mind was lost in a thought will be familiar with this concept. Hypnosis works by helping you reprogram your self-sabotaging, self-defeating behaviors and thoughts that keep you from achieving your goals. Hypnosis is typically used to help people stop smoking or lose weight, but it can be utilized for virtually anything you want to either eliminate or improve upon.

Inner PeaceMost habits or mindsets can be overcome in as little as 21 to 30 days

Hypnosis helps you move beyond your conscious mind by helping you access the subconscious mind, which doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. Most thought processes and patterns can be overcome and changed, when given enough time and patience because most habits take around 21 to 30 days to overcome. Your subconscious mind is like a giant sponge that absorbs everything around it. These thoughts and images then become part of your belief system where they are sent out to the universe to become your new reality. In other words your thoughts create your reality.

Meditation offers a powerful reprieve from the world around us

Meditation on the other hand is a very powerful tool because it helps you turn your mind off and quiet your thoughts. Creativity and other kinds of processes flow much better in a relaxed state of mind. Meditation offers you a very powerful reprieve from the busy lives that we lead as well.

Perhaps at this point you’re wondering why you might choose one over another. There are some general rules of thumb you can use. If your goal is to simply relax and turn your mind off, meditation offers the perfect escape, similar to that of a mini-vacation for your mind. Hypnosis, on the other hand, is very useful if you are trying to overcome something you have been struggling with, such as smoking, weight loss or a fear.

Hypnosis and meditation use similar techniques to achieve the relaxation response

Both hypnosis and meditation use similar techniques to help you achieve a state of relaxation, but in a process like hypnosis, the hypnotist uses creative stories, metaphors and hypnotic suggestions to help you overcome your problems. Meditation, of course, is used to simply help you relax and ease off stress and tension. Most of us live in a world that is never silent; it is always moving, ebbing and flowing. We tend to use noise such as music or the radio to fill in the gaps of silence because silence somehow seems uncomfortable and unwanted. As a result, we are stressed out and feel pressure every moment of the day.

Both meditation and hypnosis can help you take control of your life

Meditation is an incredible tool that can help you in many ways. Just spending a few precious moments a day in silence while watching your breath can be a life-altering experience because it gives you time to reflect.

Hypnosis is an equally miraculous tool that will allow you to take control of those parts of your life that may appear to be beyond your control. This includes your habits and behaviors as well as the emotions, beliefs and feelings that are triggering those unwanted thoughts and actions. From quitting smoking, to losing weight, to managing situational stress, to overcoming fears, to setting goals for yourself, to improving academic and athletic performance, hypnosis can be used to improve virtually any aspect of your life.


By Michael Salerno / USA Today

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The Philosophy of Stoicism


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The pass code that will open many doors for you/solve most problems



We all hit a wall in our lives where we feel everything is just against us. We hammer on the door of opportunity until our knuckles are raw, but know one invite us in. The key to overcome the waves of panic and pain is to trust that things will turn out ok like they did so many times before. Think back how you worried about a wide range of stuff at school and how most of them never materialised as horrific as expected. Let your mind glide through the scrap heap periods in your life and recall how many of the biggest disasters turned out ok in the end. Recall the wonderful lessons you learned and how certain individuals revealed to you that the path forward would be much more productive and pleasant without them. The biggest mistake we make when we are confronted by serious challenges is to allow the perceived magnitude to paralyze us. We start thinking in panic stricken circles and allow our minds to bind us in a state of non-action. There is nothing more lethal than a state of non-action blended with a brew of stinking thinking. The way out of any problem situation begins with calm and deliberate action. Relax and then kick the door of opportunity down if they fail to open it for you. You do not have a financial problem. All you have is a shortfall on current available cash. Your cash flow can be remedied if you continue taking deliberate action. You need to write those letters and make those calls while you talk to as many people you can that can assist you. Non-action is the killer of dreams. Non-action and the waiting game destroys businesses, relationships and families. Your circumstances can change and solutions can come in the blink of an eye. The pass code that will open many doors for you and solve most problems is your attitude my friend.




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Look at stuff/people from many different perspectives. Nothing is as it seems.


There is a saying that ignorance is bliss. This might be true for some, but it is as far as I am concerned the root cause of most of our suffering, pain and anxiety. Accepting life, people, religion, politics, perceptions, choices, rules and laws at face value imprisoned the mind of mankind. Looking at anything in life from a single perspective is the lazy way out. Seeing and experiencing from a limited range of perspectives have shackled man almost since its inception. Primitive man could not read, write or decipher the range of threats that confronted them and were forced to turn to priests and other individuals for guidance. This disposition provided a wonderful opportunity for those that claimed that they understood to take over control of their followers minds. The initial flimsy net that these opportunists wove gradually grew stronger and more sophisticated.

You will later see how this initial ignorance created an ideal vehicle of enslavement for those in control. Mankind have been kept in a state of ignorance since the beginning of time by greedy power hungry individuals, groups and organizations. Primitive methods of pain, pleasure and hope were used to restrain the masses. Man experienced fleeting moments of pleasure while they blindly obeyed the “commands” of these controllers. Thousands of written laws, spiritual and otherwise came into being over the years. Those that remained subdued and subservient were praised and rewarded while anyone that questioned anything faced the intricate range of pain that these controllers could bring to bear on them. They were cruelly tortured in the dark ages when they questioned anything to do with religion or the state.

Mankind became the slaves of the controllers. They were carefully manipulated to let go of a fair percentage of their hard earned income. The state took their pound of flesh while the religious leaders demanded at least ten percent of all income earned as well. The system sucked in mankind to such an extent that only a handful of individuals over the years showed the courage to point out the deadly trap that we find ourselves in up to today. Do you grasp that the slaves of this system not only police the deadly system on behalf of the controllers, but breed their future slaves when they produce children? I can write a fairly substantial book on this subject matter, but believe that you can see what I am addressing in this document.

My plea is that everyone make it his or her business to get rid of the veil of ignorance that is responsible for most of their anxiety, pain and lack. You might have noticed that I post a very wide range of perceptions daily on an endless range of subjects. My motivation is that I want you to look at stuff from many different perspectives. Nothing is as it seems. I will continue to write on the endless range of methods used to keep us ignorant if I get a fairly acceptable responds on this post. 




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Your attitude towards life creates the type of life you lead.


Let us stop searching for answers and implement a few of the principles we already understand and know. Let us stop looking for new rules, laws and words of wisdom and start using the ones we already know, but never apply!




Author unknown


OVER SENSITIVE PEOPLE A PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE: One of the biggest flaws that we can ever display is that of over sensitivity. I cannot think of any other characteristic that is a bigger hindrance to harmony and progress than that of over-sensitivity.

When you are forced to interact or live with a person that are hypersensitive that constantly interpret things in a negative manner your life can become hell on earth. When a person filters everything that you say or do through some kind of “suspicion filtering” device it puts a serious damper on spontaneity and honesty. Interaction with such a person is usually tiring and quite an ordeal. I once watched a person in a movie that discovered that he strayed into a minefield and how he carefully inched forward with hesitant shuffles in an attempt to avoid being blasted to kingdom come. Beads of perspiration ran down his face and you could read the terror and fear etched in his eyes.

I sometimes are quite surprised when I see how people are forced to select their words with utmost care and choose the subjects that they discuss even more carefully in an attempt to avoid that their listener becomes upset or sulk for weeks. I always knew that each world uttered carry with it a “package” of energy or feelings that can influence a person in a negative or positive manner, but when you talk to sensitive individuals they seem to discover a negative “connotation” in most things you say. I am convinced that sensitive individuals live only half a life. They are so serious about life and their egos are so fragile that it prevents them from really enjoying life.

Have you ever seen an egg with a very thin shell and how the slightest bump could cause a major mess on the kitchen floor? Hypersensitive people suffer with this “soft shell syndrome” and do not only make their own life extremely unpleasant, but also contaminate the lives of everybody that are connected to them.

Your attitude towards life creates the type of life you lead. If you are a sensitive person with a fragile disposition you are making life, that is already taxing, problem filled and complicated even more unpredictable. People treat you with the mood you set. If you are a wife that falls apart every time that your husband shares the slightest problem with you, you are forcing him to hide and camouflage things that he would love to share with you.

Most people in relationships make a big thing of “honesty” in their relationship. They threaten to leave their partner if he or she shows the slightest tendency to hide or water down information that could impact on their relationship, but fail to understand that hysterical over-reaction and two week sulking spells does not exactly promote such honesty.

If you want to survive this thing called life you need to develop a thicker skin and a more mature attitude. You need to discover the humour and lighter side of problems, people and life in general if you want to live a life of relative fun and harmony. Stop going around like a cocked gun with a hair trigger and learn to let your hair down once in a while. There is a time for everything in life. There is a time to become focused and serious, but then there comes a time that you must allow the child in you to come out and play for a while.


BALANCE IS THE KEY: Let us be honest and agree that we are living in difficult and alarming times today. If you are disaster focused you can find reasons to slit your wrists within half and hour after you crawled out of bed each morning. Your attitude towards life decides the stage that you set for yourself and the people that play on your “game chart” of life.

Have you ever considered how other people view you or what “feelings” they get when they think of you?

We underestimate this “feelings” side of life to our own peril. If people experience a feeling of “what a pain in the back-side” when they think of you, you need to take stock of your general attitude towards life. The “feelings” that you activate in people could make you “popular or a lone wolf”, “poor or rich”, “a leader or follower” or “a friend or enemy”. We should often ask ourselves, “Will I one day be remembered as a warm, kind, empathetic and adult person or will people secretly rejoice when I die?

Just for a moment sit down and think of the “feelings” that you possibly generate in your wife or husband, lover, children, friends, strangers and with your associates at work. You might shrug your shoulders and say, “who cares?” but deep inside you know that you need people in your life if you want to live any type of meaningful life. People will form part of your game of life for as long as you exist and how they feel about you could make your life pleasant and successful or a tragedy and series of pathetic failures.

I know that many of the people that you live with or are forced to share your game of life with are not exactly easy to get along with. If you are a reactive person you will allow their negative attitudes to impact on you and to set the tone of your own reactions to them. Can you see how either your own attitude or the negative attitude of someone else can start a negative cycle that will gather momentum and a life of its own? Once this negative pattern is set it becomes very difficult to break such destructive habit patterns.


We all yearn for a fairly tranquil and predictable life and should work on our attitude and focus on life all the times if we want to make our journey on this planet fairly pleasant and productive. Bring humor and light compassion into your heart and watch how people change and embrace the “new” you. 



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