You have ample opportunities at home/work to practice the art of detachment.




You will not jump into your vehicle and drive off with no destination in mind. Individuals that start pursuing the spiritual path often think that they will magically cross the bridge from the false external self to the perfect internal self in the blink of an eye the moment they wake up to the fact that they are and has always been the perfect self. This is a fallacy my friends. You have been acting and responding to the people and events in your life in a habitual way for as long as your dare to remember. You “spontaneously” reacted and responded to triggers from people and events without giving it much thought. Your whole life became a stimulus and response series of activities. It will thus be foolish to think that you will overnight overcome this entrenched mode of operation. Many new travellers on the spiritual path become despondent when they slip up and revert back to their old and unacceptable reaction patterns. These inherent tendencies are remnants of the ego driven external self that were conditioned to feel guilty and minimized when they fall short of their expectations (sinned). This is the gap that many religions exploited over the years. You were first conditioned to try and live a spiritual life via your false external self with little or no success.


You need a new mode of operation now that you know that you are not this imposter or false self. The first thing you need to do is to take a careful look at the characteristics that you will attempt to master. It is beneficial to identify these principles if you want to speed up the process and in time spend more and more time working from your perfect internal self. You get out of life what you put into it. You need to start sowing new seeds if you want to reap a rich spiritual and prosperous crop. You are going to strive to present a loving, caring, compassionate, understanding, productive, non-judgmental and persistent image under all conditions. You are not going to only allow these attributes to surface when it suits you or when people do or act as your ego based false self expected. You are going to display these attributes in the face of adversity, when people let you down, when you fail and even when someone you love deceived you.


It might seem like a tall order, but it is achievable because you are working from a new vantage point. Individuals on the spiritual path act in this manner not because they are afraid that they might be judged, condemned or minimized. They do what need to be done because they have had enough of the unstable and unrewarding life they led while they followed the instructions of the false outer self. They know that each adversity that they overcome and each trigger that they refrain from acting on will speed up their vibration ratio and assist them to evolve and grow.


I want to repeat that it might be testing initially, but you will if you continue to work on your goal of living the attributes depicted above soon find that you spend more and more time in the spiritual real self zone. Do not be discouraged when you periodically fall short of your goals. You are a student at earth school. No student gets an A+ every time he writes an examination. Learn from your mistakes and get back into the spiritual mode as soon as possible. There is no need to grovel or feel like a loser. You can never be a looser my friend. You are here to learn and to evolve.


The key and most important tool if you want to make fast and effective progress is the art of detachment. You need to master this art as soon as possible. You need to learn to detach when anyone that is working from his ego based outer self say or do something that is unacceptable to you. You historically duplicated such a person’s low frequency actions and reactions. You will not simply mentally detach when enticed by the ego outer self of anyone, but respond in an appropriate manner. Detachment also provides you with enough time to compose yourself if you for some reason allowed this person to trigger a negative and destructive reaction that your ego outer self historically used under such circumstances. Detach and let go my friend. Become like water. Become soft and flexible and most of all grasp that you are faced by this person’s ego outer self and not his inner self that are still asleep. You will soon discover that events and individuals that historically brought the worst out in you find it impossible to get you to respond in kind. You will experience compassion where you historically experience anger and rage. You will experience love and find it easy to forgive where you historically walked around with grudges and a bitter heart.


Things in your life will change for the better in all areas of your life. You will begin to notice things in people that you never noticed before. You will see that the anger and vindictiveness of a person has its foundation in a cesspool of fear. You will observe nature in a new light and begin to feel and experience the essence of God that is embedded in everything. You will gradually alter you view of God as some kind of super human with human characteristics. The thought that God is a vengeful, angry and judgemental entity that judge, condemn and punish people will be replaced with a new understanding of this force that permeates everything. It will astound you how the God perceptions of primitive man made its way through the ages until today. Your most important discover is will be that God is not up there somewhere billions of light years away while you, an invisible speck on planet earth are watched like a hawk to see if you manage your life in a manner that will earn you an entry  pass into a place called heaven when you die.


Your discovery that you are already like everything else part of the collective quantum sea that everything else is made of will change your perception of God forever. The idea that you are already immortal (perfect inner self) will fill you with feelings of love and wisdom. You are not in a race against time to find the right church and doctrine notwithstanding the endless interference of your own and other’s ego driven false selves and all the other survival requirements that you are faced with daily. You no longer search for God because you suddenly grasp that you are already one with this God force. You see your current body as a vehicle that you are using while at earth school and not an entity with a history that might get you into warm water or even worse when you die. It will excite you when you grasp that you like everything else within this force are continually evolving and growing. It will bring tears to your eyes when you grasp that this planet is also alive and an integral part of this force that fills the uncountable number of universes. You and mother earth is one. You can possibly now see that every tree, rock, blade of grass and living entity anywhere in the cosmos is one. Can you notice how this truth sets you free?


I am sure you can see that the benefits of this new lifestyle are endless. You will face each day with joy in your heart. You will look forward to the opportunities that each day will provide you to practice your newly found mode of operation. You will have ample opportunities at home or at work to practice detachment and wisdom. There will always be individuals that will test you to see if you are making progress. See individuals and events that historically upset or worried you as opportunities to apply your newly found life style. You will be amazed in a relative short period of time what progress you made and how much more peace of mind and happiness fill your days here at earth school.




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Most of our reactions are silly, a waste of time and meaningless.




When we detect something via one or more of our five senses “it is what it is” until we make up our mind what we are going to make of it and what we are going to do about it. Its status remains neutral until we “respond” to the event detected of that we possibly thought of.


Example – someone said something that and we proceed to lodge it in the “process pending” file in our subconscious computer. No rational and objective reaction can take place until we hit the process button. At this stage we only have unqualified raw data in our mental “in box”. We are most probably composed and don’t feel sad, angry, upset or rejected. We continue to sustain our “current” mood. It is only after we begin to process the input received that we detect a change in our mood. It is only after we filtered and judged the “input” that our brains release the appropriate chemical cocktail into our blood that it deem appropriate to the task at hand. This is when we begin to experience elation, anger, joy, sadness or frustration. We also then received a “spontaneously” action plan as part of the reaction protocol. Can you see that nothing happened until we pushed the process button? Let us look at a few examples of input that most of us experience often.


We are late for work. We think suddenly conclude that there is a conspiracy against us. We woke up to the fact that most robots are either out of commission or red.


Our partner makes a negative comment about a mistake that he/she perceived we made.


We receive a final request for payment of something we bought in a moment of possible “insanity”.


We read that there is a child dying of poor water quality in Africa every minute.


We hear on the news that our crime rate achieved new horrific record levels.


We see on the news that Malema outperformed himself at a political meeting with a new harebrain idea how even more funds can be extracted from those that he deem financially affluent.




ONE – Accept “what is”. Do not send the input for processing to the processing part of the mind.


TWO – Ensure that you fully understand the INPUT that you are confronted with. Ask question, and do proper research.


THREE – Now send this data to your conscious mind for processing.





What many of us fail to grasp is that there is no rule or valid reason to respond or react until you feel ready to deal with a task at hand. The best responds is often to not to do or say anything and remain detached emotionally. A series of out of order robots must be accepted as something that we can do absolutely nothing about. It will be silly and a total waste of energy to react like a mad man every time you are confronted with a red or defective robot. The outcome of such behaviour could produce a totally unacceptable outcome and can result in your getting arrested for road-rage. The same holds true with most of the examples that I provided earlier. Most of our reactions are silly, a waste of time and meaningless. We in a moment of insanity bought something that now put us under serious pressure. How will massive feeling a guilt, fear and anxiety make this problem go away?




Most of us have a tendency to write a whole script around everything unacceptable that we are faced with. We become the main actor on the stage in our heads. We to top it all also play the role of a victim in these dramas. Most problems that we are faced with can be resolved if we learn to cut out the drama part of our processing.




Accept what is – Don’t go into a “why me” mode. Don’t moan and fret while you think what could or should have been. Accept the current situations and deal with in when you are composed and have valid data to work with.


Accept that most of the stuff that we perceive as a crisis is silly and should not even be processed. Malema said something that you deem a threat. Understand that there is nothing you can do to modify or change what he said. All you are going to achieve is to mess up your blood pleasure and flirt with a heart attack.


Just observe what was said in a detached manner. Don’t make what was said good or bad or right or wrong. Become a dethatched observer and look at the whole silly game the same way you will observe a tree that you pass on your way home. All you see is a tree. You have no specific opinions about the tree. You allow the tree to enter your field of vision and allow it to leave your field of vision without thinking or making up stories about this tree. It is our reactions that provide the power to most of the stuff that we are faced with.


The earth will remain stable on it axis and the sky will not fall if you OBSERVE all input in a detached manner. Refrain from attaching any emotions good or bad to any input. You take back your power when you accept “what is” and stop processing every event as if your life depended on it. It is your ego that is causing most of the shit that you are faced with daily. Your ego must always react to everything and everyone. Your ego is the one that drag you through an endless range of unpleasant emotions and experienced daily.


The question that you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to win or do I want to be happy?” Allow yourself to float downstream. Stop swimming upstream in an attempt to pacify your ego’s desire to retain control or take control.


This does not mean that I expect you to become a bowl of jelly. I repeat that we must “accept what is and observe “what is” in an objective and relaxed manner without saying or doing the first thing that comes to mind. Only take action when you are composed and have solid and valid data to work with.




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Detachment is a powerful self-defence tool.


Power Tool: Recall this image and win! Detachment is a powerful self-defence tool. You must allow the poisonous comments, remarks, criticism and condemnation of others to flow past you like water rolls off a ducks back. If you experience pain or hurt after you tried to “detach” it indicates that you are still absorbing the criticism etc. with your mind and failed to apply real “non-action” and “detachment”. You must pull the plug on the source of discomfort. Nobody said anything until you respond to what was said. Nothing happened until you react to such event. Apply the law of detachment for one day and you will begin to understand that you have control over the impact of painful events in your life. Do not say or do the first thing that comes to mind. Let negative and destructive comments, reaction. choices and events slide off you. Do not absorb what was said or done by anyone. The worst choices we make can be traced to “spontaneous” contemplated reaction. Remember your ego is always ready to jump out of its box when triggered. You are not a coward when you call time out on your reactions. No problem or dispute was ever resolved in the heat of battle.    



rainduck-small.jpg image by drcolossus



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“101 Relationship Myths – How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness” New Daily Series – Part 25 – How is your “relationship” with yourself?




“101 Relationship Myths – How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness” New Daily Series – Part 24 – Be the partner you seek.







How is your “relationship” with yourself?


The only relationship that lasts your whole life and can never end is the relationship you have with yourself. Just think about it. It’s so obvious that many of us don’t notice it. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter where you are, no matter what time of day it is, you’re always with you! No matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of yourself! That’s why sometimes, like when I’m travelling, I find myself laughing and saying to myself: “Wherever I go – there I am!”

   The relationship you have with yourself is the only relationship you’re in that lasts your whole life. One could say you’re married to yourself and it’s not possible to get a divorce! You always go to bed with you and you always wake up with you. Whether you are alone or with other people, you’re always with you.

   You, you, you!

   But just how good is your relationship with yourself?

   If you looked at your relationship with yourself in the same way you look at your relationship with someone else – like with a partner or a good friend – well just how good would you say your relationship with yourself is? Do you enjoy your own company? Are you a good friend to yourself? Do you love and accept yourself the way you probably hope a partner or a good friend will love and accept you?

   Do you support yourself and respect yourself the way you probably want other people to support and respect you? Do you understand yourself and your thoughts and emotions? Do you understand and sympathize with the life you’ve had and the life you’re having right now? And how understanding are you when it comes to the challenges you are facing at the moment? And are you as faithful to yourself, your heart and dreams as you would probably want your partner to be towards you and your dreams? Can you honestly say to yourself that you will “have and hold yourself … for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health … that you will love and cherish yourself …” – for the rest of your life?

   So how good is your relationship with yourself?

   A good way to find out is to regularly spend some time alone with yourself in silence. All by yourself, in the silence. With no activity or talking. With no radio, music, books, magazines, television or computer to distract you. Just the two of you. You with you. Sitting in a chair, doing nothing. Just looking and feeling. In the silence. This moment. Who are you? What are your thoughts? How do you feel? How are you? Take the time to notice. Take the time to really be with you.

   If you don’t like being alone with yourself, why should anyone else?

   If you don’t have a good relationship with the person you are closer to than anyone else in life, the person you are always with, how can you have a good relationship with other people? If you don’t have a loving, accepting, supportive and understanding relationship with yourself, how can you have a loving, accepting, supportive and understanding relationship with other people? Or them with you? It simply can’t be done. Because the relationship you have with yourself – for better or for worse – is also the relationship you have with other people. The relationship you have with other people – for better or for worse – is also the relationship you have with yourself.















totalorgasmicbliss – tomorrow!

Enjoy your read – Rene



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You will discover that the most beautiful flower sometimes grow in the darkest mud.



We live in the ocean of life. This ocean is saturated with the life-force, energy and memories of every thought man ever dreamt. Your dreams yearn to solidify and come into form. Your dreams and thoughts want to teach you via your experiences. All dreams, negative or positive come into your life to teach you lessons. Your dreams do not want you to become a martyr or victim. Your dreams want you to become the perfect student that learns from all experiences, good or bad. The only way that understanding and wisdom can come into your life is when you get your conditioned mind filled to the brim with perceptions out of the way. You will find it exhilarating when you discover how much you learn and how quickly you grow when you begin to view every experience as a lesson to be learned.


We think that our perpetrators need to learn the lessons when they injure us with their deeds and tongues. Let them learn their own lessons. Be bold enough to see if you can uncover the lessons in your own adversities. You are the cause of everything that enters your tiny world. You place the orders and the universe delivers the goods. The amazing thing is that we will repeat the same painful experiences for decades and never attempt to uncover our lessons. Nothing is going to change until you change your thinking and dreaming. Your teacher is in you and will guide you to experience certain things until you learn your lesson. These teachings are not presented to you in a vindictive manner by your teacher. We are quick to look for the lessons that we hope others will learn when they hurt us, but never become still and ask what is there that we need to master.


Your teacher want to show you your true potential and how amazing you really are, but you turn a blind eye to his lectures and fail to see the hundreds of signs that he provides you with on any given day. You will also run into the teachers of those that you come in contact with. You might be at the receiving end of one of the lessons that they are teaching one of their students It is important to know that we often learn our most fruitful lessons while we participate in the actions and activities of others students of life. Wisdom is to learn from our lessons and to store our insights and wisdom in our experience bank. The fool is hammered by lessons everyday. He fails to gain insight or wisdom during the process and go around blaming everybody including God for his lack and self-made misery.

Let your life be your teacher and allow your teacher within to teach others by the good example that you set. Many of us want to go on crusades in an attempt to change the world. Our mission is not to change the physical world of illusion out there, but to create perfection in our internal world that is also an extension of God. A bird in a tree can teach you more about God than many hours of lectures based on dogma. Be gentle with others and remember that they are students just like you. They might not be at the same level than you currently and could learn valuable lessons by the way you conduct yourself. You must also be gentle and patient with yourself. The teacher in you does not expect you to get it right the first time, every time. The teacher in you will guide you in love and understanding.


There is no evil. Evil is just the starting point of a lesson unfolding. Evil thoughts dissipate in the light of patience and persistence. Love is the universal fuel that drives the universe. You will discover that the most beautiful flower sometimes grow in the darkest mud.





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The Two Words that will put you on the path to achieving your every goal and living the life of your dreams.



Stop lying to yourself. You can lie to anyone else in the world, but you can't lie to yourself.




In this article, I’m going to explain to you the two most important words to your development. Your development means achieving your goals and developing yourself in all areas of your life. You will benefit from these words by integrating them into your vocabulary and applying them.

The first word is “start”. To reach the end, you have to have a beginning. Start things up. Let me tell you something you probably already know but maybe hadn’t thought about really consciously until now. There is no perfect time to start something. So why wait? There’s no reason. Many people describe their goals as “When I…X” or “When X happens” where “X” is the condition they’re waiting on and will continue to wait on.

Just get up and running. If you want to do something well, it’s worth doing badly at first. It’s the way we all learn. My philosophy is to just start up and go for it. When I take one step, the next step will be revealed to me. Sure, I may not know what the heck I’m doing and yet I believe in myself enough to figure it out. If I don’t know what to do, I have the second most important word to lean on, which I’ll describe later in this article. Just take one step. Promise yourself to take one small action every day.

Again, there won’t be any perfect time. Shoot, I can wait years for the stars to align, for the ocean tide to be high, for my astrological sign to be aligned with the moons of Jupiter and so on and so forth until I get the right “sign” to begin. But meanwhile, I’m burning up my most precious commodity; my time.

When you burn up your time, it’s like you’re taking the present that the Universe/God/The Great Spirit is giving you and slapping it away. And you can never get it back. My point is to just start doing something. Do it badly if you must and just say, “Hey, I’m going to find out some of the ways this won’t work and when I run out of ways it won’t work, I’m going to succeed.” It’s true. Run out of ways NOT to succeed and you’re bound for success.

Think about something you do incredibly well now. This could be at your job, at home, with your hobby, with your family, or in sports. At some point in your past, you probably weren’t as good as you are now, are you? You may have even been downright rotten. What happened? You kept at it and you got better and now you’re successful at it. See friend, this part of the article is not groundbreaking. I’m just reminding you, “Hey, remember when you didn’t do something well but now you do? Well, anything you want to do well now but aren’t so red hot at is just the same experience repeated.”

You’ve got all the resources in you to do it. This is undeniably true. You’ve been less-than-excellent in the past and now you are excellent at something. You learned one skill which means you can do it again, now. And I do mean right now! Not tomorrow, not the next day. Now, now, now, now. You get the drift of what I’m saying, don’t you?




So after you get up and running, you may run into snags. Snags are obstacles you meet on your journey to success. Still, I commend you for using the first word “start” to get rolling. <Kent pauses to salute you!> Now here comes the second most important word to your personal development ever. Are you ready? It is “help”. Help, to me, is a near magical word. You can summon others to help you achieve what you want.

Ask for help early and often. For whatever you want to do, achieve, or solve, there is someone or something out there who not only knows how to help you but who WANTS to help you too! They may have already handled this challenge you’re facing. Stubborn pride cost me a lot because I wouldn’t ask for help from others in the past. I thought I had to do it all alone. Meanwhile, I wasted time fumbling around while another person could have immediately helped me.

Any worthwhile pursuit will have snags along the way. So get help when you find them. Defeat the snag and move on to bigger and better things. And when you get help, pass along your expertise too to others so that everyone benefits.


There you go. ‘Start’ and ‘help’ are the two words that will put you on the path to achieving your every goal and living the life of your dreams. Congratulations. As you imagine leading your dream lifestyle, you can picture it now so clearly, and tell yourself inside how great a job you did, as you feel wonderful with this powerful sense of achievement…you can remind yourself that you did it because you got started and you asked for help along the way.


By Kent Sayre,
Author of “Unstoppable Confidence”


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The sooner you face reality the quicker it will become nothing more than a faded memory. Denial keeps illusions alive.





Do not attempt to avoid the obvious. The less informed cannot accept or recognise the obvious. The wise man keeps his eyes unflinchingly focused on reality. He understands the utter waste of time, energy and money that living an illusion can bring about. The sooner you face reality the quicker it will become nothing more than a faded memory. Denial keeps illusions alive. 

The fool denies himself many things. He thinks that denying himself is brave or noble. Wisdom is to understand that it is foolish to take yourself out of the game. You need to make sure that the reasons why you are denying yourself certain things are founded on a solid foundation. Most acts of denial are based on rituals. A wise person is not the slave of his history. He came to the realisation that whatever happened in the past is history. Every moment is a new challenge.

The fool is so entangled mentally with the failures and mistakes that he made historically that he is unable to do his best in the current moment. Wisdom is to forget about your history and to accept that the state of your current world is the only reality you have. People from the outer world love using people’s history against them. They shackle them to their history and in this manner prevent them from making a success of the now.

All you need to do is master the art of needs identification if you want to make progress in life. If you discover a person’s burning desire, you have discovered the key to his mind. Assist such a person to make his dreams a reality and you will be richly rewarded. Help people to get what they want and they will usually feel obliged to return your favour.

Allow your imagination to run wild and free. Then harness your ideas and make them work for you. Remember what you visualise or worry about will become a reality. Thoughts are linked to feelings and emotions. Walk, talk and act like a champion if you want to become the best you can be. Become outcome focused. Make sure that you know what outcome you desire and then actively pursue this desired outcome. You cannot focus on your fears and expect to achieve your desired outcomes.

Do you want to own the magic key to success and problem solving? I am sure you do. The magic key that makes all your dreams a reality is decision making. Only when you decide to take, your first bold steps toward your desired outcome will your life start moving forward again. Denial keeps illusions alive.

Do not become involved in anything when expectations are unrealistically high. Such ventures, relationships or projects are bound to fail. Expectation built on a fantasy foundation is like slow working poison. Too high expectation is usually followed by disaster. Remember something for nothing is a fantasy and far removed from reality.

Do not lose heart if you feel that nobody believe in you. Your dreams will become a reality if you continue believing in yourself. If you live your life according to the perceptions that others have of you, you are doomed to failure. Enthusiasm and passion assists you to overcome serious obstacles and help you to make your dreams a reality. Enthusiasm is like a power additive that you add to your mission in life.

Follow your intuition, but retain your ability to think and act in a logical and constructive manner. Listen to your inner voice. It will tell you what needs to be done. We often worry about things that have a one in a million chance of becoming a reality. When you worry you lose your ability to hear what your inner voice has to say to you.

It becomes necessary to retrace your steps when you feel trapped in any situation. Go back to where everything started. See if you can identify when or where you stopped working in the reality mode and started focussing on an illusion. It is a total waste of time to spend your valuable energy on pursuing an illusion. It is time to run like the wind when the roof starts falling in on you.

The fool will wait and hope that the storm will pass and pay dearly for his inability to read the reality of the moment. There comes a time to retreat and run for your life and then there comes a time to stand firm and fight like a tiger. Logical thinking solves most problems. Once you take the emotion out of the equation progress will be made.

The fool is more interested in being right than in finding a solution to the problem. A cool head and some reality thinking provide you with the best options. Master the art of not engaging your mind with matters that do not concern you. How will sleepless nights, tossing and turning help the homeless? How will feelings of guilt put food on the table of the destitute? Make an active contribution or accept it as a part of the reality of life.

Most people attempt to project an image that they do not have any problem bonding with people notwithstanding their race, colour or position in life. The reality is that we naturally bond with those that we feel most comfortable with. Forced integration has not worked in the past and will not work in the future either. People must associate with individuals that they feel comfortable with notwithstanding their colour, creed or religion.

Most people start the game of life with naive enthusiasm. They dream how they are going to take the world by storm. As time slips by, they are forced to face the reality that very few of their dreams will actually materialise.



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