Do schools kill creativity?





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The world that you view through your five senses is just a mirror image of the mindset of the masses.





There is a wrong perception that you must go around with a saintly look on your face when your life begin to change because of your new insight and wisdom. Another wrong perception is that you must bite your tongue and clench your teeth when you feel one of your historical reactions are close to jump out of its box. You must not hold in or suppress negative and potentially destructive feelings or steel yourself to prevent a dramatic retaliation episode. This mode of operation will not last long before you blow your top like a volcano that erupts after a long dormant period. It is imperative that you simply stop reacting according to your old reaction patterns. You must not fight the feelings and emotions that rush in like a freight train. I want you to observe these feeling and just let go of them. Stop reacting like a child that wants to get even. The ego cannot act at a more mature manner than a child in its teens. We must remember that the ego is plugged into the reptilian brain cluster that served a purpose millions of years ago to help you to survive in a very hostile environment. The mode of operation at that time was attack, defend, kill or be eaten. This management style is now totally outdated and no longer serve any purpose. Simply stop reacting to the inflow of triggers from the visible world and from your thoughts. Events that trigger you can become wonderful opportunities for you to learn and to practice your new found focus on the game of life. You are at earth school and these are the opportunities for you to master a brand new set of skills. Earth zone is a training facility for those that want to increase their vibrations. You cannot repair the matrix of life. You cannot convert or force anyone to wake up and see things from your brand new perspective. Each soul that visit earth school must take personal responsibility to overcome the challenges and obstacles found in this dimension. You must also keep in mind that every soul is where they should be according to their level of evolution. Some might be new students that are still barbaric and primitive in their evolution and way of thinking. It will be futile to attempt to convert and attempt to change a person that is in a deep sleep like state. Will you expect a wild and starved hyena to behave like your faithful old pet that sleep with you on your bed? It is thus silly to react and duplicate the behaviour patterns of individuals that are still deeply entranced in the matrix. Can you now see why earth zone is still confronted daily with wars, terrorism, turmoil and unfair decisions? A big proportion of those that are currently at earth school are still primitive in their thoughts and feelings. I agree that the world collectively made massive progress, but there is still a long way to go. The world that you view through your five senses is just a mirror image of the mindset of the masses. The ongoing financial imbalances are a typical mirror image of the collective greed of the ego driven few that sit in power positions. The political intolerance displayed by many nations is a reflection of the mindset of their leaders. The social imbalances that we are faced with is another example how the collective ego still control society. Planet earth is still infested with billions of entities that are unable to grasp the long term disastrous outcomes that their actions and decision will have on mother earth. Can you see why it is silly to react or attempt to match the moods and reactions of those that you encounter daily? There is an invisible very destructive collective cluster of toxic thoughts and feelings that serve as their information source. Our reptilian brain cluster can only tap into this source because it matches the vibration level of the majority. The higher vibration frequencies are out of reach for those that still remain under the control of the collective ego. You will not put your hand in a red-hot oven. Why then attempt to match the destructive agenda that these individuals operate under? Just observe and then let go.


I suggest that you study the article today. There will be no need to bite your tongue or steel yourself in an attempt to remain detached. The wisdom of what you are working with will be of enough assistance to simply let go when triggered. No effort is needed. You can remain relaxed and composed in the face of any adversity if you understand the mechanics of the project that you are participating in. I will continue this series tomorrow.












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Our poor choices provide us opportunities to learn new skills. Nothing that happens to us is futile.





Every tree, rock or blade of grass vibrates at a unique frequency. Every animal and bird has a unique frequency vibration. It is like the bar codes you find on articles you buy. Every nation’s vibration and sound emission is unique and portrays the collective sound emitted by its population. You can hear these emissions and feel the vibrations that ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean when you become still and learn to listen with your spiritual ears. A completely new world opens up when you begin to understand this principle. You find yourself in a brand new dimension. Your new listening skills assist you to make better choices and reveal hidden motivators in others that you were never aware of before. You stop living your life on a reactive basis. You also begin to understand that the world is actually an illusion. Nothing is solid and real. The only reason why we can see and feel things is that their molecular vibrations slowed down enough to materialise as matter. A table of chair become visible and detectable because of their reduction in vibration speed. We create our own world and circumstances. We become what we think. Any thought incubated long enough in the subliminal dimension will materialise. That is the law of the universe. What you sow you reap and what you think becomes a reality in your life. You are a creator in your own right. What you now experience in your life is your own creations. Many of the unpleasant things and circumstances that we create for ourselves become part of our learning curve. Our poor choices provide us opportunities to learn new skills. Nothing that happens to us is futile. Embrace all opportunities to learn. Our mission on this plane is to learn and to grow. We will come back and do it all again until we get it right. Repeating experiences is not punishment by God, but wonderful opportunities to evolve spiritually. Most of us have a comfort zone that we developed around us. We endlessly go through the same rituals everyday. We are too afraid to venture outside our comfort zone’s boundaries. We say the same silly things and respond in the same manner. We dress, eat and interact with the same people endlessly. We fool ourselves with the idea that we are liberal and free. We are prisoners of our perceptions and rituals. We accept the things that fit our norm structure. We on the other hand, reject and judge anything or anyone that dare to suggest something different. We go through life with blinkers on. We yearn to experience the freedom of an eagle, but sustain our fear-filled rituals in our holding pens. We are too afraid to make any changes. We believe in the “better you know” philosophy. Years slip by unnoticed. We dream beautiful dreams, but allow our fear to keep us imprisoned in our worn out comfort zones. We think we know everything. We have opinions about life, death and God. We still burned individuals at the stake not so long ago that claimed that the world was not the centre of the universe. We killed the profits that came to bring us messages of hope and love. We have so much static and noise in our heads, produced by our second mind that we fail to hear the universal language that bind us all into a single unit. We separated God from our lives. We think that He is a male with a white beard that reside somewhere in heaven. Every religion on this planet thinks that they have sole ownership of God. They claim that we need to belong to their tribe, read their holy book and attend their services if we want to be “saved.” Become still and you will notice that God is everywhere. All you need to do is to grasp that you are not a sinner and that God is not at all interested in the mistakes you make. God knows that you are here to learn and do not expect perfection from you. You can learn from every person or event. You can learn about God from the ants or the majestic trees that decorate our planet. You must learn to look for God or his message in everything. We come face to face with God when we look at a tiny seed in the palm of our hand. You should contemplate the wisdom and miracle of this tiny computer driven factory programmed to activate and grow under certain conditions. We face challenges from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we drop back in bed at night. We can view these challenges as problems or opportunities. Our lessons come in many forms. It might come from an out of control family member, partner or a specific set of circumstances. We more often than not slip into a victim mentality when we run into adversity. You can spot the lesson in any adversity when you learn to pause before you act or react. The simple act of pausing to allow the adversity wave to break before we act or react is important. We regain our composure when we pause before we act or react. It provides us with the opportunity to spot the possible subliminal messages and lessons on offer. Anger directed at us might teach us that all stories have two sides. Financial pressure could have a lesson of discipline hidden at its core. You are a spiritual being that are busy having a human experience and not a human that are at the mercy of some fault finding God. You were not born in sin. God is love and compassion all rolled into one. He will never condemn you if you are slow at learning your lessons. God knows that you will one day wake up and return home like the prodigal son depicted in the Bible.




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Your circumstances can change and solutions can come in the blink of an eye.




We all hit a wall in our lives where we feel everything is just against us. We hammer on the door of opportunity until our knuckles are raw, but no one invite us in. The key to overcome the waves of panic and pain is to trust that things will turn out ok like they did so many times before. Think back how you worried about a wide range of stuff at school and how most of them never materialised as horrific as expected. Let your mind glide through the scrap heap periods in your life and recall how many of the biggest disasters turned out ok in the end. Recall the wonderful lessons you learned and how certain individuals revealed to you that the path forward would be much more productive and pleasant without them. The biggest mistake we make when we are confronted by serious challenges is to allow the perceived magnitude to paralyse us. We start thinking in panic stricken circles and allow our minds to bind us in a state of non-action. There is nothing more lethal than a state of non-action blended with a brew of stinking thinking. The way out of any problem situation begins with calm and deliberate action. Relax and then kick the doors of opportunity down if they fail to open it for you. You do not have a financial problem. All you have is a shortfall on current available cash. Your cash flow can be remedied if you continue taking deliberate action. You need to write those letters and make those calls while you talk to as many people you can that can assist you. Non-action is the killer of dreams. Non-action and the waiting game destroys businesses, relationships and families. Your circumstances can change and solutions can come in the blink of an eye. The pass code that will open many doors for you and solve most problems is your attitude my friend.




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Your outer self that you see in the mirror is made up out of your history/perceptions that you formed about yourself since early childhood.





The real you that resides in your core is loving, worthy, peaceful, limitless, inspired and indestructible. The real you operate through your outer core that is also called your outer self. Your outer self that you see in the mirror is made up out of your history and the perceptions that you formed about yourself since early childhood. The outer self (who you think you are) often feels no love, fearful, limited, restricted, ashamed, frustrated, unworthy, angry and lost. This is the reason why you often become disappointed. You have good intentions that emanate from your perfect self at your core, but your outer false self stifle your good intentions.  Your false self cannot perform at a better or higher level than the perceptions that it formed about who you are. Your false or outer self took over control soon after your arrival on this plane. Your outer self is an impostor and not who you are.


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How to Steal and Get Rich.






My eight year old daughter is crying right now. She’s trying to draw manga-style comic book figures. “The eyes look stupid!” she says, “and the arms look flimsy!” My oldest tries to calm her down, “Mollie, I’m three years older than you. Thats why my characters look so good,” she says, but somehow that doesn’t work and it doesn’t help when my oldest says, “Mollie, guess what, I finished drawing on the whole pad? Aren’t these pretty?”

I tell my youngest, “Mollie, look on the Internet and see how other artists do their eyes and arms. I bet there are some Manga artists who even have videos on how to do it.”

She says, “but that’s copying. I don’t want to copy. I refuse.”

Good Artists Copy. Great Artists Steal.

So I tell her my favorite quote from Picasso, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” And my oldest says, “that would mean HE stole.” And I tell her that’s right but still my youngest refuses to listen. She says, “I don’t want to copy. I want to do something completely original.” But that’s impossible. Just about every idea worked on now is a result of the following recursive formula:

NI(X) = NI(1) + NI(2 )+ NI(3)… + MI

Where “NI” = “new idea” and NI1, NI2, etc equals various new ideas as of yesterday. And “MI” which could be a tiny component of the whole equation, is “My improvement”. Which, again, might be minimal, or zero, at best.


Telescope. Galileo stole the telescope. He took the original invention by Hans Lippershey, made it a bit longer and more powerful and gets full credit 400 years later for the invention.

Telephone. Who invented the telephone? Well, Alexander Graham Bell of course? But only after the looked at the failed patent Antonio Meucci filed in 1874 (Meucci was too poor to send in the $10 patent charge. So…patent denied. Enter Bell).

Relativity. Einstein stole part of the theory of relativity from Poincare. Poincare published countless papers on relativity that Einstein had studied before his own first book on relativity. Einstein cited hundreds of sources but didn’t mention Poincare once. Do the research but there are several instances of direct plagiarism in his initial book on relativity.

Search. Google. Not quite a “steal” in the sense of the above but the entire concept of a “search engine” was dead and over by the time Google hit the scene. My little story on this: A company called “Oingo” came calling one of my partners one day in 2000 or 2001. I forget which year, that’s how little impact it made on me. They were working on some algorithm for matching ads with web pages on search engines, or something like that. They needed funding badly. We almost could’ve named our price. I said, because I was the resident genius, “No way. Isn’t the entire search engine business dead?” Somehow they survived, changed their name to Applied Semantics and were bought by a tiny search engine company with no revenues called Google. The Oingo algorithm became “Adsense” which accounts for 99% of Google’s revenues. The Applied Semantics deal would’ve been worth about $1bb – $2bb by now. Suffice to say, Google built on the backs of everyone from Lycos to Oingo to Altavista, etc.

Superman. “Captain Marvel”, which was first put out by Fawcett Comics in 1940 was of course a direct ripoff of “Superman” and yet became very successful.

And Superman himself may have been a plagiarism of sorts. 5 years before the first “Superman” came out, Jerry Siegel (Superman’s creator) reviewed the book “Gladiator” about a boy growing up in rural America who had super powers.

Siegel claimed in 1940 that Gladiator had not been an inspiration. He did not at that point note his 1932 review of the book.

Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson directly plagiarized John Locke when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. James Madison even admitted later: “The object was to assert, not to discover truths.”

Chess. Bobby Fischer learned Russian when he was 14 years old so he could steal ideas from the Russian chessplayers in the magazine “64”. He used those opening ideas to win the US Championship at the age of 15 in the mid 1950s.

Art. Roy Lichtenstein directly stole from the cartoon strip “True Romance” to repackage and then resell for (now) millions.

Star Wars. Whether you call it inspiration or plagiarism, George Lucas took ideas from everything from Taoism to Asimov’s Foundation series, to Joseph cambell, Greek Mythology, King Arthur, etc.

Vonnegut. Kurt Vonnegut said he “cheerfully ripped off” the plot of Brave New World for his novel, “Player Piano”- and Aldous Huxley, in turn, stole it from Eugene Zamatian’s We

Groupon and every other business. Almost all current successful internet businesses are the result of lifting (and improving) the ideas from past businesses. Groupon is a direct descendant of the failed Paul Allen company, Mercata (remember?). Facebook (remember Geocities? Or, heaven forbid, Tripod). And why didn’t the “World Wide Web Worm:” succeed (the first search engine that I can think of).

Comedy. In standup comedy, stealing (or improving on) routines has been common. Robin Williams was constantly accused of this early in his career and his reply was that he was so stream of consciousness he sometimes had no idea where the ideas were coming from (i.e., they were coming from his friends even minutes after their acts). Bill Cosby has admitted stealing some jokes from George Carlin, Rosie O’Donnell was known to borrow from Jerry Seinfeld early in their careers. Sam Kinison has accused Bill Hicks of joke thievery who, in turn, has accused Denis Leary of stealing parts of his routine.

3AM. I personally think Comedy Central’s show “Insomnia” is somewhat a ripoff of my III:am idea for HBO (particularly since I pitched the idea to Comedy Central first).

Unfortunately, stealing is not a shortcut to success. Stealing is THE ONLY PATH to success.

How do you steal? Try this.

1. Pick a field you are passionate about: whether its blogging, romance novel writing, comedy, internet entrepreneurship, art, cooking, cancer research, etc.

2. Read everything you can about the field. Here’s what you have to read minimally: At least the history of that field from 1800 on. Try to read at least 10 different sources on the history; All of the latest blogs in the field. Try to have 100 different sources here; All the basic techniques the current leading experts in the field use. Read all of their biographies or autobiographies.

3. Pick your five favorite sources in the field. For instance, if I wanted to write a novel: I’d pick my five favorite novelists. If I wanted to start a business in “local Internet” I’d pick my five favorite local Internet companies. If I wanted to blog, I’d pick my five favorite bloggers. If I wanted to be a management consultant, I’d steal directly from Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, etc.

4. Get one element that you like from each source. What element do you think stands out that makes them a success.

5. Add your own improvement. Or not. You can even start out with a direct copy and throw in your twist at the end.

6. Ignore all the haters. The more people hate you, the more money you will make. Trust me on that.

I’m hoping Mollie grows up and learns how to be just as good a thief as her dad.


By James Altucher


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The Science of Chance




Chance, risk, uncertainty, luck – call it what you will – affects every part of our lives.

And so when BBC Four commissioned our programme Tails You Win: The Science Of Chance there was a huge range of possible themes to explore, from gambling to natural disasters, extreme sports to collapsing economies, coincidences to lotteries.

We ended up touching on all of these since they all, at least to some extent, can be handled using numbers.

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