Top 10 Psychological Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong.


Psychology as we know it is a relatively young science, but since its inception it has helped us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our interactions with the world.

Many psychological experiments have been valid and ethical, allowing researchers to make new treatments and therapies available, and giving other insights into our motivations and actions.

Sadly, others have ended up backfiring horribly — ruining lives and shaming the profession. Here are ten psychological experiments that spiraled out of control.

10. Stanford Prison Experiment

In 1971, social psychologist Philip Zimbardo set out to interrogate the ways in which people conform to social roles, using a group of male college students to take part in a two-week-long experiment in which they would live as prisoners and guards in a mock prison. However, having selected his test subjects, Zimbardo assigned them their roles without their knowledge, unexpectedly arresting the “prisoners” outside their own homes. The results were disturbing. Ordinary college students turned into viciously sadistic guards or spineless (and increasingly distraught) prisoners, becoming deeply enmeshed within the roles they were playing. After just six days, the distressing reality of this “prison” forced Zimbardo to prematurely end the experiment.

9. The Monster Study

In this study, conducted in 1939, 22 orphaned children, 10 with stutters, were separated equally into two groups: one with a speech therapist who conducted “positive” therapy by praising the children’s progress and fluency of speech; the other with a speech therapist who openly chastised the children for the slightest mistake. The results showed that the children who had received negative responses were badly affected in terms of their psychological health. Yet more bad news was to come as it was later revealed that some of the children who had previously been unaffected developed speech problems following the experiment. In 2007, six of the orphan children were awarded $925,000 in compensation for emotional damage that the six-month-study had left them with.


The CIA performed many unethical experiments into mind control and psychology under the banner of project MK-ULTRA during the 50s and 60s. Theodore Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber, is reported to have been a test subject in the CIA’s disturbing experiments, which may have contributed to his mental instability. In another case, the administration of LSD to US Army biological weapons expert Frank Olson is thought to have sparked a crisis of conscience, inspiring him to tell the world about his research. Instead, Olson is said to have committed suicide, jumping from a thirteenth-story hotel room window, although there is strong evidence that he was murdered. This doesn’t even touch on the long-term psychological damage other test subjects are likely to have suffered.

7. Elephant on LSD

In 1962, Warren Thomas, the director of Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City, injected an elephant named Tusko with 3,000 times the typical human dose of LSD. It was an attempt to make his mark on the scientific community by determining whether the drug could induce “musth” — the aggressiveness and high hormone levels that male elephants experience periodically. The only contribution Thomas made was to create a public relations disaster as Tusko died almost immediately after collapsing and going into convulsions.

6. Milgram Experiment

In 1963, in the wake of the atrocities of the Holocaust, Stanley Milgram set out to test the hypothesis that there was something special about the German people that had allowed them to participate in genocide. Under the pretense of an experiment into human learning, Milgram asked normal members of the public to ask questions to a man attached to an electric-shock generator and shock him in increasing measure when he answered incorrectly. The man was an actor, the shocks fake; but the participants didn’t know this. The terrifying part? People overwhelmingly obeyed the commands of the experimenter, even when the man screamed in apparent agony and begged for mercy. A little evil in all of us, perhaps?

5. Tony LaMadrid

Many medicated schizophrenics enrolled in a University of California study that required them to stop taking their medication in a program that started in 1983. The study was meant to give information that would allow doctors to better treat schizophrenia, but rather it messed up the lives of many of the test subjects, 90% of whom relapsed into episodes of mental illness. One participant, Tony LaMadrid, leaped to his death from a rooftop six years after first enrolling in the study.

4. Pit of Despair

Psychologist Harry Harlow was obsessed with the concept of love, but rather than writing poems or love songs, he performed sick, twisted experiments on monkeys during the 1970s. One of his experiments revolved around confining the monkeys in total isolation in an apparatus he called the “well of despair” (a featureless, empty chamber depriving the animal of any stimulus or socialization) — which resulted in his subjects going insane and even starving themselves to death in two cases. Harlow ignored the criticism of his colleagues, and is quoted as saying, “How could you love monkeys?” The last laugh was on him, however, as his horrific treatment of his subjects is acknowledged as being a driving force behind the development of the animal rights movement and the end of such cruel experiments.

3. The Third Wave

Running along a similar theme similar to the Milgram experiment, The Third Wave, carried out in 1967, was an experiment that set out to explore the ways in which even democratic societies can become infiltrated by the appeal of fascism. Using a class of high school students, the experimenter created a system whereby some students were considered members of a prestigious order. The students showed increased motivation to learn, yet, more worryingly, became eager to get on board with malevolent practices, such as excluding and ostracizing non-members from the class. Even more scarily, this behavior was gleefully continued outside of the classroom. After just four days, the experiment was considered to be slipping out of control and was ceased.

2. Homosexual Aversion Therapy

In the 1960s homosexuality was frequently depicted as a mental illness, with many individuals seeking (voluntarily or otherwise) a way to “cure” themselves of their sexual attraction to members of the same sex. Experimental therapies at the time included aversion therapy — where homosexual images were paired with such things as electric shocks and injections that caused vomiting. The thought was that the patient would associate pain with homosexuality. Rather than “curing” homosexuality, these experiments profoundly psychologically damaged the patients, with at least one man dying from the “treatment” he received, after he went into a coma.

1. David Reimer

In 1966, when David Reimer was 8 months old, his circumcision was botched and he lost his penis to burns. Psychologist John Money suggested that baby David be given a sex change. The parents agreed, but what they didn’t know was that Money secretly wanted to use David as part of an experiment to prove his views that gender identity was not inborn, but rather determined by nature and upbringing. David was renamed Brenda, surgically altered to have a vagina, and given hormonal supplements — but tragically the experiment backfired. “Brenda” acted like a stereotypical boy throughout childhood, and the Reimer family began to fall apart. At 14, Brenda was told the truth, and decided to go back to being David. He committed suicide at the age of 38.



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False tough girl bravado (put your invisible penis away) and be a real woman.


Living and expressing from the heart takes real bravery. It’s the place where you have to bury that false tough girl bravado (put your invisible penis away) and be a real woman (not just a female or a female with a tough attitude) but a woman. Real women live authentically. This is not to say the contrary is a fake woman however the contrary is a female living/thinking in a woman’s body but as a man.

For the past (we’ll say thousands of years) woman’s main fear has come from physical threat. Never so much so until modern times have women been so afraid of the person they look at in the mirror everyday in utter fear of how she truly feels. Expressing her truest self has become even more frightening than dealing with the thought of said feelings. Wait! Does this sound familiar? Kinda sounds like we’re talking about men…


You are constantly being bombarded with fear based statements, tactics, and marketing, every moment that you are in public, in the presence of media, or in the company of modernized women. It shapes your reality and defines your experiences. The truth is, none of it is real! It is all a magnetic energy field growing and attracting to itself more of the same. You “have to” buy this product, you “should” act this way as an independent woman “the financial sky is falling!” you “don’t” need a man in your life.

Nonsense! It’s simply not true…. and you KNOW it!

Sometimes you have to stand up, be bold, and say “ENOUGH already.” If you are like me, you sense that you are more than all of this hype. This feeling shows up as a nagging sense of dissatisfaction. It can feel exhausting, depressing or overwhelming. Bottom line, you simply KNOW something is not right. That knowing is your spirit talking to you. Reminding you WHO YOU ARE. You are not defined by your True Religion Jeans, acrylic french tip nails, LV bag, latest travels, or the degree you hold.

They are not WHO you are. You do not need things to feel good about yourself. You feel good about yourself and have things.

How do you feel good about yourself in the face of such loud noise?

You must allow your spirit to talk to you and you must learn to listen. When listening to your spirit you must be aware of what your heart feels. You are a beautiful, perfect, whole, creation of God. Everything you need is right inside you NOW. Your are just not paying attention. One of my mentors says, “You can pay attention, or you can pay with pain.” It appears that many people today are choosing the pain option. It does not have to continue. You can decide right now to stop the insanity and live from your heart and soul. Here are some tools to get you started.

1) Turn the TV OFF! Sure, you can watch the Bad News if you really must, or a most loved show, however be intentional about your choices. Mute the commercials! Don’t have it on because its quiet. It is the wrong background noise.

2) The background noise of truth comes from your silence. Invest time daily in listening to the pure source energy that is speaking to you.

3) Make every decision from your heart. Every one. If it is not coming from your heart, it’s coming from fear. Check in with your heart all day long!

4) Speak the truth about you… and you alone. If you experience conflict, talk about yourself, not the other person. Ask for what you need. Be honest and open. Give up the manipulation of other people. It weakens you, causing more weakness in the world. The weakness creates a mindset that is more open to fear.

5) Love everyone and everything just as they are. They too are perfect. Perfect where they are just as you are. They may be caught up in the illusion, however they are perfect, so love them.

6) Be grateful for the gifts you receive in the form of judgment. Any unloved behaviors you see in other people are actually unloved parts of you. They have expressed those behaviors to you, as a gift for you to heal yourself. Be grateful for their gift. Look at the things you don’t like that are happening in the world right now, and heal those things within you!

7) Seek refined levels of relating. Analytical responses to heart felt feelings usually cloud communication and confuse the receiver. Realize that in communicating as a feminine woman your goal is to bring yourself and the other person to the fullest potential of an outcome. Understanding is a major portion of refined levels of relating. Understanding does not mean you’ve analyzed the person therefore you understand them. Nor does it mean because you understand the other persons view point you agree with it. Understanding, meaning you get the way they experience their feeling and ideas and their life. Because they’ve expressed things to you and you’ve listened without your judgmental categorical labeling ear you understand. Simply by understanding, you can assist him in overcoming his hurdles, to a place of living from his heart as well. You’ve reache a refined levels of communication. This tool begin to flow on autopilot and before you know it the man that wouldn’t open up is sharing his most intimate thoughts and feelings.

8) When you feel something deep in your heart, in your discerned spirit hold on to it as tight as you possibly can and speak from there. Every-time you feel fear you know you’re moving in the wrong direction.




So why aren’t more of us in great relationships?


Well, in the very distant past (thousands of years ago and beyond), masculine and feminine roles were much simpler to identify and participate in. For example, the men would hunt, and the women would gather. Pretty simple. If you did your part and fulfilled your role, everything was status quo. In those days, with such clear differences between masculine and feminine, it’s safe to say that the natural magnetism between the sexes was much easier to see and feel.

But Dr. Alex tells Christian Carter of Catch Him and Keep Him that in recent years, the new roles of men and women have blurred the boundaries of masculinity and femininity. For example, many women find that taking on a more masculine, driven energy at work helps them achieve more, get praise, move up, etc…. which is great.

But if you come home and interact with a man when you’re still in that “masculine mode”, and he’s also a “masculine” type of man, it can create subtle or even intense conflict.

Remember, when Yin and Yang get together, there’s harmony. But when a woman comes home masculine (Yang), and she interacts with her masculine man (who is also Yang), you get two Yangs… and Dr. Alex says that almost always causes some disharmony and challenge.

Dr. Alex tells Christian Carter and the Catch Him and Keep Him subscribers that the key is to make a conscious choice of WHERE you use each kind of energy. For example, it’s great to be able to shift into a more directed, masculine energy at work… but when you come home, what’s really going to make you feel like a man is there for you and help him satisfy and fulfill you, is if you move into your feminine energy of feeling, sharing and connection.

Of course, a “masculine” single man is also going to feel more connected with you and feel comfortable getting close and affectionate with you when you shift back into your natural feminine energy and allow space for him to take on the more “masculine” role.

Allowing your femininity to express itself is a HUGE attraction turn-on for a man and the more you learn how to do this consciously, the more success you’re going to have at knowing how to draw a man into love and affection with you – and get him out of his head, his work, and all the distractions the world has for you both even when you’re together.



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The wall of RESISTANCE consists out of thousands of bricks manufactured by ignorant individuals with no vision.




How many of us fail to read the connection between the horrific negative impact that NON-ACTION and RESISTANCE play in our lives. Look around you and you will find that we abuse drugs; we daily eat the abuse and intimidation from lovers, family, so-called friends and the government. We allow the banks to use and abuse us. We end up in hospital with stress related illnesses. We pay gurus and religious leaders a fortune to say things that we hope will dull our pain and give us hope. Many of us are drinking as if they are going to take alcohol from the market. We today live in a society that is under financial pressure all the time. We work like crazy and even neglect our children in an attempt to survive one more month. Some of us are well qualified and experienced in our selected professions, but fail to get a job because of our skin colour and the toxic state of the economy world-wide. Everyone have a powerful voice inside them that can direct their lives on a moment to moment basis. This guide and wisdom source has been carefully polluted with many layers of conditioning and habits since early childhood. We are so busy running away mentally and physically that we fail to notice the little voice inside us that is well cocooned by an endless range of perceptions. We can explode this wall of RESISTANCE today if we are brave enough to admit that we have become slaves to the system. The little voice and brilliant genius in our hearts and minds tell us to go for gold and do what needs to be done, but we ignore these messages because we are shit scared to go up against the endless perceptions, rules and regulations that enclosed us in our cold little igloo. We more often than not know exactly what we need to do or what we should avoid, but do little or nothing while we helplessly hammer against the wall of RESISTANCE built with bricks of fear. A large percentage stopped attacking the wall of RESISTANCE and fall apart when confronted by challenges. These individuals either live in denial or justify their NON-ACTION with stupid excuses.


Spend some time today gathering information about the stuff that you know need to be completed that you have been postponing for far too long now. The wall of RESISTANCE consists out of thousands of bricks manufactured by ignorant individuals with no vision. Ignorance is the biggest killer of dreams. Knowledge shines a light into the dark places in our minds that we run away from. Information is your key to success and freedom. I will continue this series tomorrow.


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You cannot manage your life or a specific moment on MERIT while you remain in AUTO-PLAY.


If you ask me what is the biggest discovery that I made during my endless years of research on the reason why we fail I would boldly state the following:

It is a myth that we are the victims of our history. This myth tends to put us in a perpetual hypnotised, victim state. We walk, talk, act and react according to the filters that we look through while playing the game of life. Most of us are on auto-pilot and automatically act and react in the manner dictated to us according to our mindset on the matter at hand. We cringe and we cry or dance in elation according to the historical scripts that we adopted since early childhood. The world became our stage. We endlessly repeat our little dramas and hardly ever think that there might be better alternatives if we STOP for a moment and look at the CURRENT moment in an OBJECTIVE and COMPOSED manner.




They cannot spring to life without our activation. They cannot make us sad or depressed until we send the signal via our thoughts that trigger them to life. The amazing thing for many of us must be the ability of these historical pictures, when activated to force us to once more look at the blood, wounds and feelings of disaster that we experienced during the birth of these experiences. It is impossible to remain composed, in control or positive while we allow these strings of historical data to contaminate our CURRENT moments.

Did you know that time is an illusion. The only time that is REAL is this very MOMENT. Nothing that happened HISTORICALLY or that might happen in the FUTURE can contaminate your current moment without your permission. No horror movies can play on the screen of your mind until you upload a single or series of historical data packages from your sub-conscious minds. You cannot manage your life or a specific moment on MERIT while you remain in AUTO-PLAY. How can you be brave when you constantly allow your historical horror movies to scare the living shit out of you? It is a simple as that. You can never escape your current circumstances (financial, relationship etc.) while you continuously work with old and often outdated blueprints.

This nasty habit is causing billions to stagger out of bed each day and repeat the same old cycles and rituals like slaves. They dance the same old monotonous dance and hope that something or someone will bring some joy or luck into their grey and uninteresting lives. They yearn for love, friendship, joy, prosperity or success, but fail to understand that it is impossible to manifest anything that falls outside of our current or habitual mindsets.

You have something called will-power. You can take your power back today. You make hundred of choices every hour. You can decide that you are going to get off your chair or bed right now and confront each moment in an objective and positive manner. You can decide that acting like a puppet or a slave is no longer fun. You can kick adversity in the balls and challenge those that cause you discomfort to “bring it on”. Can you see that you can become objective, strong, loving and fun to be with if you stop the tendency to allow your history to dictate each and every moment in your life? You can become productive and efficient right now if you PAUSE for a moment before you act or react. The key is the choices you make. What you do, think or fail to do will manifest tomorrow, next week and next year.

Draw a line in the sand today, right now and take your power back. Be brave and make decisions even if the outcomes might not be what you anticipated. You can always make new decisions and make adjustments to your new flight plan. Decide today that you are going to LIVE until you DIE. It is easy when you understand that all you need to do is to manage your CURRENT MOMENT. 


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Power Tool: Recall this image the next time you jump to conclusions.


Power Tool: Recall this image the next time you jump to conclusions. We often only have a fraction of the facts of something that is bothering us, but make up a fully fledged horror story or drama in our heads. How many times have you not worried yourself sick about something that never happened or in the end fall far short of the disastrous story you made up?



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Ongoing Debate – The story of Adam and Eve was not always viewed as the fall of mankind.





One of the most psychologically flawed theological concepts held in the Christian Tradition is the concept of the Original Sin. We shall seek to demonstrate that this concept is merely a projection of our inability to rationalize our ideal of a perfect God of faith; with, our recognition of a seemingly flawed humanity. The concept of original sin, at its core, merely rationalizes man’s inhumanity toward man by placing the ultimate responsibility for our human failures in the hands of the first humans of consciousness. The Doctrine proclaims that from the moment of our conception we are stained by the sin of our first parents, and, until Baptism or faith washes the stain away (earned by the crucifixion of Christ on Calvary), there is an implied alienation from God.


From this religious dogma comes all sorts of theological arguments, which actually discourage us from a more perfect union with God, because they offer excuses for our failures and shortcomings. This ideal also implies that the world is less than perfect, because, in the sin of our first parents we were cast from a real paradise and relegated to this lesser existence of life that we now experience.


How often do we hear people give as an excuse for their shortcomings: “I’m only human”? This obviously implies that the human character is weak, and the flaws in that human character are a part of our basic nature, which Augustine stated was a result of the original sin. Indirectly, such ideas suggest that we are not truly responsible for our own actions. That, because of the so-called “weakness”, which we inherited from our first parents, goodness becomes the oddity for the human condition. Theology, and the literature based upon it, has perpetuated the idea of this stain for thousands of years in the doctrine of Original Sin.


Simply stated (different sects have varied forms of this premise): the doctrine states that because Adam and Eve disobeyed a command from God in the Garden of Eden that the whole human race inherits the stain of that transgression and its consequences of suffering, death, and a weakening of the human will. And despite the Redemption Doctrine, which states, that Jesus died and redeemed us for not only that transgression, but for all our transgressions, we still inherit the sin and need baptism or faith to share in that redemption. In other words, the redemption in reality is conditional.


While the concept of redemption is a section unto itself, we must touch upon it here because the concept of original sin is the cornerstone of the idea that we needed to be redeemed. Without the idea of original sin, there is no need for redemption, and without the redemption doctrine, there is no support for the original sin doctrine.


Ironically, it is the Redemption Doctrine, which demanded a rationalization, which lead to the Original Sin Doctrine in the minds of the early Christian Faith. The story of Adam and Eve was not always viewed as the fall of mankind. In fact, it was really an early church father, Augustine (354-430A.D.), who cemented together this idea of original sin and its implications upon Christianity for centuries to come.


Read the full presentation at the link below – powerful and thought provoking read!




To see human being as weak willed and cursed by their Creator, is in fact an insult to the Creative Force that endowed us with so much potential.

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The Two Words that will put you on the path to achieving your every goal and living the life of your dreams.

Stop lying to yourself. You can lie to anyone else in the world, but you can't lie to yourself.

In this article, I’m going to explain to you the two most important words to your development. Your development means achieving your goals and developing yourself in all areas of your life. You will benefit from these words by integrating them into your vocabulary and applying them.

The first word is “start”. To reach the end, you have to have a beginning. Start things up. Let me tell you something you probably already know but maybe hadn’t thought about really consciously until now. There is no perfect time to start something. So why wait? There’s no reason. Many people describe their goals as “When I…X” or “When X happens” where “X” is the condition they’re waiting on and will continue to wait on.

Just get up and running. If you want to do something well, it’s worth doing badly at first. It’s the way we all learn. My philosophy is to just start up and go for it. When I take one step, the next step will be revealed to me. Sure, I may not know what the heck I’m doing and yet I believe in myself enough to figure it out. If I don’t know what to do, I have the second most important word to lean on, which I’ll describe later in this article. Just take one step. Promise yourself to take one small action every day.

Again, there won’t be any perfect time. Shoot, I can wait years for the stars to align, for the ocean tide to be high, for my astrological sign to be aligned with the moons of Jupiter and so on and so forth until I get the right “sign” to begin. But meanwhile, I’m burning up my most precious commodity; my time.

When you burn up your time, it’s like you’re taking the present that the Universe/God/The Great Spirit is giving you and slapping it away. And you can never get it back. My point is to just start doing something. Do it badly if you must and just say, “Hey, I’m going to find out some of the ways this won’t work and when I run out of ways it won’t work, I’m going to succeed.” It’s true. Run out of ways NOT to succeed and you’re bound for success.

Think about something you do incredibly well now. This could be at your job, at home, with your hobby, with your family, or in sports. At some point in your past, you probably weren’t as good as you are now, are you? You may have even been downright rotten. What happened? You kept at it and you got better and now you’re successful at it. See friend, this part of the article is not groundbreaking. I’m just reminding you, “Hey, remember when you didn’t do something well but now you do? Well, anything you want to do well now but aren’t so red hot at is just the same experience repeated.”

You’ve got all the resources in you to do it. This is undeniably true. You’ve been less-than-excellent in the past and now you are excellent at something. You learned one skill which means you can do it again, now. And I do mean right now! Not tomorrow, not the next day. Now, now, now, now. You get the drift of what I’m saying, don’t you?



So after you get up and running, you may run into snags. Snags are obstacles you meet on your journey to success. Still, I commend you for using the first word “start” to get rolling. <Kent pauses to salute you!> Now here comes the second most important word to your personal development ever. Are you ready? It is “help”. Help, to me, is a near magical word. You can summon others to help you achieve what you want.

Ask for help early and often. For whatever you want to do, achieve, or solve, there is someone or something out there who not only knows how to help you but who WANTS to help you too! They may have already handled this challenge you’re facing. Stubborn pride cost me a lot because I wouldn’t ask for help from others in the past. I thought I had to do it all alone. Meanwhile, I wasted time fumbling around while another person could have immediately helped me.

Any worthwhile pursuit will have snags along the way. So get help when you find them. Defeat the snag and move on to bigger and better things. And when you get help, pass along your expertise too to others so that everyone benefits.


There you go. ‘Start’ and ‘help’ are the two words that will put you on the path to achieving your every goal and living the life of your dreams. Congratulations. As you imagine leading your dream lifestyle, you can picture it now so clearly, and tell yourself inside how great a job you did, as you feel wonderful with this powerful sense of achievement…you can remind yourself that you did it because you got started and you asked for help along the way.


By Kent Sayre,
Author of “Unstoppable Confidence”

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