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And they said “Talk to us about sleep and dreams”.


Tonight nearly every single one of us will fall asleep and each and everyone who does so will dream. It’s an extraordinary world of pleasure and pain but why we dream is one of sciences great mysteries. It’s only now that science is beginning to reveal the bizarre complexities of this secret world. Much of what we thought we knew about dreams now appears to be wrong. This BBC documentary asks the question where do are dreams come from, what do they mean and do they have a purpose?



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We create the impression that we are happy/successful from behind our picket/barbed wired security fences.



a story behind each window



You should by now understand that each one of us has a unique RESISTANCE bubble or energy field that encase us like a glove. Many of us live and die within the perimeters of our RESISTANCE zone. The biggest percentage of us is so dedicated to maintain our zone of RESISTANCE that we hardly ever venture outside its perimeters. We sometimes during moments of courage pull up the heavy draw bridge of our fortress of RESISTANCE and venture into the unknown. Our visits to the unknown zone are usually fleeting. We rush back to the safety of our walls the moment we run into anyone that criticise, question or confront us with stuff that fail to match the blueprints in our perception archive. There comes a time when we feel that we must find a partner. We are then forced to venture out of our fortress. We begin our search for a suitable partner by matching the potential partner’s RESISTANCE against our own. We do our best to avoid bringing in a partner that might cause us discomfort. We reason that it will be very beneficial if we select a partner that closely matches the frequency of our own RESISTANCE level. That is why a partner with the same religious, political or race perceptions etc. is selected. We also know that there will be a gradual merging of the RESISTANCE levels of the partners. We try our level best to find a partner that will preferably enhance our own convictions and strengthen our RESISTANCE objectives. Our fear of the unknown immediately limits the number of potential partners that we have to choose from. When we find someone that we think will be a suitable partner we propose marriage. We then go through the prescribed rituals and gradually become a collective cluster of RESISTANCE. We then when appropriate procreate and begin to produce children. The children arrive in this dimension with no perceptions and no fears. They are free mentally. They are little spiritual bundles of joy that love unconditionally. Both partners soon realise that it is imperative that this new arrival are domesticated and taught how to become an acceptable member of the society that they live in. Can you see how the process of enslavement happened to you as well? This is how the never ending cycle of entrapment is sustained.


Look around you today and see how man has been reduced to entities that live in tiny boxes. Look at the endless rows of dwellings that go on for as far as the eye can see. Inside each of the dwellings (boxes) are living beings with hopes and dreams that are more often than not too afraid to attempt anything that might rock the boat or cause discomfort. We vigorously RESIST anything or anyone that dare to trespass into our space. We create the impression that we are happy and successful from behind our picket or barbed wired security fences. I will continue with this series tomorrow.





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I believe that life is only 10% what happens to me and 90% how I respond to it.





The biggest reason you don’t have the life you want is because you are focused on what you aren’t getting. You see only your lack of luck.


Successful people live life as they desire because they focus on what they are getting. These people see all their options, and when they receive the benefits from wisely acting on the options, everyone else calls them lucky.


It was Machiavelli who told us that success is 50% luck, and the rest is how we respond to that luck through cunning and bravura.


Personally I believe that life is only 10% what happens to me and 90% how I respond to it, but this goes way beyond seeing the glass half empty or half full. This is the difference between seeing the glass or dying of thirst.


Most people hold the belief that some are just born lucky and others are not. They believe somehow that “fate” decides the lucky.


The most interesting thing to me about the concept of luck is that the world’s biggest experts on the subject seem to be the ones who do not have it. The day I came to this realization was the day I realized the concept of luck was flawed.


Think of it like this. What if the biggest experts on financial investing were all bankrupt and the people with the most money had no idea how they did it? It would tell you that something else is going on that no one is seeing. This is how it is with luck.


Ask a lucky person why they are so lucky and the most popular answers will be either that they don’t know or that it’s because they expect good things to happen to them. The flaw in the logic of the second statement is simple. If you had been unusually lucky your entire life, would you not also start to expect it?


Ask a person who considers themselves unlucky about luck and expect everything from an emotional rant to a lengthy pseudo-scientific explanation based on something completely irrelevant like the day they were born on.


They will include that the “fact” (as they see it) that because their luck has been so bad for so long, it means that their luck has to be about to change for the better. Ask them about a person who is lucky and they will tell you that because they have been so lucky for so long, they should be careful because their luck is about to run out. None of this is necessarily true. I have known people who spend their entire lives falling on their face and I have known people who always land on their feet, no matter what happens. The key to what I am about to show you is in the last part of that sentence, “…no matter what happens.” This has nothing to do with luck. It’s pure science.


There was a very interesting study done on luck by Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire. He gave a newspaper to both a group of “lucky” and a group of “unlucky” people. Both groups were asked to look through the newspaper and tell him how many photographs it contained. On average, the unlucky people took about two minutes to count the photographs, whereas the lucky people took just seconds.


Why? Because the second page of the newspaper contained the message: “Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper.” This message took up half of the page and was written in type that was more than 2 inches high. It was staring everyone straight in the face, but the unlucky people tended to miss it and the lucky people tended to spot it followed by adjusting their actions based on what they found.


It’s not about luck. It’s about keeping your eyes open.


I am the type of person who is considered lucky. I learned how to be lucky. I interact with as many people as possible to create as many opportunities as I can for myself. I separate from the negative and pursue the positive in very creative ways. I know when to hold on to value that others don’t see and when to let go for something better that I usually find hiding right in front of my face. It’s not that I have better luck than other people; it’s that I can see things that others can’t.

By Drawk Kwast, Creator of The Alpha Male Lifestyle



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If you are a pompous judgemental fault finder, you will repel others and isolate yourself.




Humility is a powerful attribute to the wise. There is a defective perception that arrogance is a prerequisite for those that want to achieve success. A careful blend of humility and assertiveness will open the door to success. People are drawn to humane and fair behavior while they are repelled and repulsed by arrogance. The wise man mastered the art of getting people to do things because they want to and not have to do them.


I am sure that you know that the combination of certain chemicals can be lethal. When you combine certain chemicals, you can create a bomb that could cause serious damage. When you add your own, emotional responses to what someone else said you mix two very powerful and potentially explosive chemicals together. If you refrain from adding your own chemicals (emotional responses), no explosion is possible. You can only do this if you are strong and confident enough not to allow someone else to play you like a cheap piano. You may feel that this is not possible and that we have been wired to automatically react when we come under attack. We may have been “wired” to automatically respond when we feel threatened, but these circuits have been put in place when our ancestors still lived in caves.


I have seen thousands of people that are highly competent in what they do, but because of their inability to contemplate the influence they have on others they never achieve close to their real potential. Your ability to exert influence can be compared to an invisible field that envelops you. This force field can be charged in a negative or positive manner. It can make you or break you. You will pull in ongoing negative experiences while you go around with a negatively charged force field.


I would suggest that you start living your life in bite size chunks. Do not only set yourself long-term goals. The key to success is to set minor goals as well. When you set minor goals, you remain focused and enthusiastic. You must allow yourself the luxury of enjoying your minor successes as well. When you climb the mountain of life, the summit might seem a lifetime away, but when you focus on the small steps that you need to take, the task suddenly loses its enormity. You must never be so busy focusing on the summit that you fail to see the beauty around you.


If a man is good at what he does, everybody wants him to be his or her leader. Good workmanship is often far removed from real leadership. Promoting a good worker is sometimes the worst thing you can do. If you are doing well right now, why take on something that might not suit your style or level of competence?


If you are a pompous judgmental faultfinder, you will repel others and isolate yourself. The wise man makes it easy for others to be with him.


When you are forced to fight, fight to win. If you achieve victory by fighting dirty or by using lies and deceit you are not a winner or champion, but fraudster and coward.



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Your fear and doubt will dissolve like mist in the morning sun when you improve your ability to listen.





Listening transforms relationships. The ability to listen with our spiritual ears reveals what we have been unable to hear for the best part of our lives. Most of us are very selective in what we hear. We can only hear to the extent that we mastered our ego. Our ego or false self tuned our ability to hear down to its lowest level.

We fail to hear the words that are spoken by those that we interact with. We cannot hear the voice of God that fills the spaces between words and sentences. The real messages shared with us are subliminal and embedded in the fractions of silence that occupy the space between words and sentences.

We are so busy preparing our answers or judging what a person have to say that we hardly ever hear the lessons and lectures that God is sending us during these conversations. We hear the anger in a person’s voice, but the thought never cross our mind that it is really fear that is causing his or her barrage of words and accusations.

When we learn to listen, we become aware of the true message that a person want to share with us. The universal language works across all language barriers. You can understand the hidden messages transmitted if you get your judgmental mind out of the way.

You can listen to the cry of a fish eagle and will suddenly be able to understand his plight. You can listen to the waves and might discover that it tells you about its journeys down endless rivers for millions of years. You do not hear this language you feel it in your soul. Listen to the wind. It is an integral part of a very complicated system. A system that ensures sustained life on this planet.

When you really listen to your partner you might for the first time discover the pain and uncertainty that he dragged with him since early childhood.

Become still and get your false self out of the way. Your false self wants to keep you imprisoned in a state of illusion. You will peel away the layers of residue that blocked the perfect spirit at your core.

Listen to the wind, the songs of the whales and the conversations of the birds in your garden if you want to unite with your creator. Every grain of sand and every drop of rain has God embedded at its core.

You will for the first time hear the wonderful glory of God when you start listening with your spiritual ears. You can learn more from the sound of a thunder storm than you will learn from a guru that preach about a separate God that view mankind as useless sinners.

You will become aware of God’s voice when you stop taking yourself so serious. Become still, listen to the silence and allow the wondrous glory of God to fill your tired body and over burdened mind. Your fear and doubt will dissolve like mist in the morning sun.



(Extract from my book “The Treasure Within”


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