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Wishing the Golden Lions the best for the final today! When you GO then GO BIG!

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There are some ways you can stop brain rot. – Brain rot is the result of an overdose of unnecessary/useless information.




Brain rot is the result of an overdose of unnecessary and useless information. If you have adopted a way of living which leads your brain to rot then the consequences will be visible in the near future, if they aren’t already. Expect your behavior and perception to worsen and the overall capacity of your mind to decrease. As your brain gets used to inactivity it will shut down whole neuron networks as they seem to be unused and therefore unnecessary.


There are some ways you can stop brain rot. The number one factor you have to limit is routine. Stop routine at all costs and by any means. You cannot imagine how much this action will benefit you.


Nowadays it is very difficult to stop routine as most jobs require from you to be there every day from 9 to 5. So in the ideal case you leave work at 5 o’clock (in my country this is very rare…) and you have 7-8 hours free time to do whatever you like.


First of all, turn off the TV and PC. Leave it off for the last one or two hours before going to bed. Don’t spend all of your free time in front of a monitor. A part from this, in case you watch too much TV, your brain stops working and transits to a passive mode. Television is full of crappy programs that fill your mind with useless and trashy information.


Instead of watching TV you can go out and run. Gymnastics and especially aerobics not only stop brain rot but are very effective, healthy and natural ways to expand your mind. Gymnastics improve your whole body, not only the brain.


Now if you feel that watching TV is what you like to do then do it, but don’t overdo it. Ok, watch your favorite series, as this entertains you, but you don’t have to watch the next crappy celebrity news show. Do something else which will keep your brain active. You can read a book for example which engages your imagination. Or you can read an interesting magazine.


I prefer to be outside most of the daytime. I like to get some friends and go out for a coffee. Many times we discuss life issues. Such discussions may lead you to realize things about your life, your personality, your ambitions and your attitude towards other people and your life. Most of my realizations have occurred during discussions with friends. I find this activity way more beneficial than staying home watching TV or playing video games. I do this only when I haven’t something better to do.

Other ways you can break routine:


  • Change the route you follow when you drive to work.

  • Change entertainment places. You don’t have to drink your beer to the same place every night.

  • Go excursions when you have the time (weekends?).

  • Do sports.

  • Acquire unusual experiences.

  • Find hobbies that interest you.

  • Don’t repeat the same activities, do something different.

  • Question everything you don’t know.

  • Change the position of your furniture.

  • Get close to the nature. Go hiking, rafting, camping etc.

  • Travel

  • Enrich your sexual life


The above are some ways you can break routine. If an activity does not interest you anymore, occurs always the same time and you do it without thinking of it then it has ended up a routine. If you cannot avoid this activity then change the way you do it. This will engage your brain to think and invent new ways to complete it. The idea behind stopping the brain rot is to stop inactivity. This will also slow down the aging process.


Generally, anything that engages your mind to think breaks routine. Enrich your life with activities you enjoy. You will also have a feeling of fulfillment like  that you don’t observe your life passing. Live your life now, not later!


By Socrates Chouridis




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LOVE alone cannot overcome inherent defective and contaminated CORE CAUSES.




Many of us frequently go through RELATIONSHIP problems or we would love to FIND a more satisfying relationship than our current existing relationship. We often enrol in relationship building programs, read books about relationship building, cry on family members shoulders, meditate under waterfalls and learn why the author claim that woman are from VENUS and men from MARS. All these efforts are usually to no avail. The reason why strategies and methods fail to produce sustained SUCCESSFUL outcomes is because we remain focused on the outcomes we desire and forget that the CORE CAUSES need to be addressed. This is the main reason why relationship repairs after ugly disputes that sometimes ended up in separations or divorce often soon return. All the good intentions in the world cannot be sustained until the CORE CAUSES are address and removed. LOVE alone cannot overcome inherent defective and contaminated CORE CAUSES. Relationships can only be repaired and sustained if both parties address and rectify the fundamental CORE CONTAMINATION that they import into their RELATIONSHIP.



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SUCCESS – It’s the fruit of our expansion/lack thereof—beyond ourselves and of the impact we’re having on the world.




Money is not the answer. That’s got to sound ironic coming from someone who believes whole-heartedly in the benefits of being rich. Forget about getting out of debt, paying bills, buying nice things, etc. That stuff’s great, but at the end of it all you’re not going to give a damn about your credit rating. Money’s the last thing on your mind in that moment, I would imagine.

Money can reduce the stress of living, but it can bring just as much if not more anxiety. I’ve gone through my cycles of accumulating and losing money, getting more and losing it again. The money wasn’t burning a hole in my pocket. I just had a big hole in my pocket and didn’t bother to sew it up. That hole represented something in my mental blueprint that kept me from being stable with money. There was nothing wrong with the money.

On the other hand, people without money often think if they just had enough to do this or that, then things would be better. While that may be true, what happens when the mind goes into ‘Only if …’ consistently? That’s exactly what you get … ‘only if.’

‘This will only happen if…’

All of a sudden nothing’s happening and you don’t even know or remember that rule you created. In business that thinking often translates into “It takes money to make money.” No! If you have money it can certainly grow more money, but it doesn’t take money to make money. It takes creativity to make money.

Throwing money at a problem is disaster! In business there’s no such thing as a money problem. That problem grew out of somewhere else. You want to fix the root of the problem. If you throw money at a business problem, you’ll have the same business problem for the rest of your life and no money. Creativity and knowledge are the answers, not money.

It’s also not logical to blame money for people’s shortcomings, or the world’s for that matter. Obviously there are people that are rich and greedy, but there are poor people who are greedy and there are middle class people who are greedy. There are rich, poor, and middle-class people who are generous. There are rich, poor and average income people who can be both generous and greedy, depending on the stress they’re going through at any given time.

To say rich people are greedy as a blanket statement is just as unfair as saying poor people are lazy. I’ve met many a hard-working poor person who just hadn’t yet turned the corner on working smarter instead of just harder.

Money can’t be the root of all evil. Envy, jealousy, and greed—all based on fear of not having or getting enough of something we want—pre-dated currency (think about the story of Cain and Able). It’s a part of what it means for us to be human.

If money isn’t the cause of all that’s wrong, it’s not going to be the cure either. It’s not the answer. It’s the fruit of our expansion—or lack thereof—beyond ourselves and of the impact we’re having on the world. What we choose to do with that is a result of who we choose to be, not because of money.


By T. Harv Eker,
Creator of
Secrets of a Spiritual Millionaire


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Please notice that the word “I feel” play a powerful role in what you deem important in your life.





When you ask most people what they think is most important in their lives they usually give the following type of answers. “I feel that my children or family is most important to me.” I feel that financial independence is most important to me.” I feel that my faith and religion is most important to me.” Please notice that the word “feel” plays a powerful role in what you deem important in your life.

We need success in selected areas of our lives to feel good about ourselves and worthy as a human being. Most of us feel that we are less worthy if we failed to achieve specific goals or objectives. Your goals in life are closely linked to the values you have. You feel valuable and worthy when you achieve success in what you deem as important in your life.

What people fail to understand is that it is not the respect and compassion that their children show them that make them feel good, but the feelings that these acts generate in them. (“I was a good parent.”) It is also not the lack of compassion, respect or love from their children that make them feel like failures, but the feelings that it leaves them with. (“I was a bad parent.”) It is thus our interpretation of specific events or behaviour that makes us feel good and successful or bad and like failures.


Everything we do in life is in pursuit of specific feelings that we crave for. We think that money will bring us happiness, peace of mind, respect or security. We see the money as the vehicle that will generate these feelings that we crave for. We also hope that the money will take away our fears. We hope that it will take away feelings such as uncertainty, unpredictability, anxiety and potential starvation.

Can you see how we strive for objectives that we hope will either generate feelings that we yearn for or remove feelings that we find very uncomfortable? It should be obvious to you that we are “feeling” driven. Most things we do and most things we think of is to either experience certain feelings or remove certain feelings that are causing us pain. When you accept this fact you can actually do something about it.


Our subconscious computer thus search for pleasure generating activities all the time and attempt to steer us away from activities that might cause us pain.



It is vitally important that you always make sure that the data that you work with is valid and accurate. You cannot let the bad feelings rush in if your child developed an unfair and inaccurate mindset about you as parent.

The moment you judge yourself by using somebody else’s value system, you are setting yourself up for pain. It will be unfair to experience pain, rejection, and feelings of failure if you did the best job possible under circumstances.

Never allow any person to randomly play with how you feel about yourself. Become objective and rational in what and who you allow to activate feelings in your mind. You always have the final say in what you are going to feel.


This might be a good time to think of people and situations that you allow to upset you. You might be unfair in expecting someone to provide you with certain feelings that you yearn for. You also make yourself extremely vulnerable if you live your life in a way where certain people or goals must make you feel good. It is possibly time that you take back control and stop allowing external sources or internal thoughts to govern your worthiness.




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Fu*k the SYSTEM – The world is evolving away from the top down often unfair society management systems.

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